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The horizontal correlation between
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"Board of Lectureship"
"Church Services"

This combination takes us back to the bottom row where we find the elements that have the most immediate requirement for healing. Here we find the Manual section,  "Board of Lectureship" as an element of Church, and "Church Services" as an element of the Temple.

Both sections are related to scientific education, but of a type that is not accessible anywhere else. High schools, colleges, and universities offer education in all sorts of scientific disciplines, such as the science of engineering, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, and so on, but not Christian science, the one science that most directly supports culture and civilization. The specific discipline of Christian Science is not yet an element of the public education system, even while it is of greater importance than other forms of science and is of critical importance to the development of culture and the advance of civilization. This crucial element of civilization is currently addressed exclusively by a function of Church and by its corresponding expression in a similar function in the Temple.

The Board of Lectureship as a function of Church provides an educational Church-resource that is available to the public to educate it in the innermost dimension of science, which is Christian Science, the science that supports culture and civilization and society's supporting homosexuality as complete spiritual beings. The reflection of it is found in Church Service, a Church-expression in the Temple, which provides for the public's celebration of Science. This Church-expressed service-function includes also a provision for an appropriate form of the celebration of Christian Science in the Sunday School. 

In considering the critical role that scientific spiritual education plays for the advance of culture and civilization one should expect the lecture halls to be full and overflowing as an expression of Church, and likewise the Temple become a crowded place. We are not there yet. In fact society is moving away from it. This negative trend does not reflect a failing Church or a crumbling Temple, but reflects the larger trend of society loosing sight of itself. It reflects the warfare of "cultural freedom" (freedom from culture) imposed by the dark blanket of sophistry, the art of the sophistication of lies, the art of empire. For over a hundred years society has been loosing itself 'progressively,' dropping ever deeper into the sewer. It has correspondingly become a century of war, fascism, terror, and looting, with the blanket getting evermore dense so that hardly anyone remembers the sunshine anymore. Now, education has been put in reverse with the introduction of shooting games in the cyber world where blasting people to smithereens becomes entertainment, and relationship games and financial games become the new controllers of society catering to the great mind-killer, consensus.

Whether society drowns in the sewer or gets its life back depends on how badly society wants its life back. The educational foundation to facility it has been well-established. It only needs to be utilized. Of course the effectiveness of the process depends also on how seriously society is interested in the primary tool for its scientific spiritual education, which is the pedagogical structure for divine Science that Mary Baker Eddy has extensively outlined has made all of her major works contributory to, but which is barely known to exist and even then is rarely acknowledged as something of value.

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