A life dedicated to celebrating God - Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) - Her concepts, her achievements, and her provision for the future, by Rolf Witzsche.


Celebrating Mary Baker Eddy
in her celebration of God 

We celebrate:

1.  That God is Life.

2.  That God is Love.

3.  That God is Truth.

4.  That God is Mind.

5.  That God is Spirit.

6.  That God is Soul.

7.  That God is Principle.

8. Aspects Not included in our celebration of God

9. Her place in today's world

10. Celebrating God in our Humanity - The Principle of Universal Love

11. The Christian Science Center



Timeline of Mary Baker Eddy and the development of her church

Mary Baker Eddy - Woman of Our Century

Is The Pastor Emeritus dead?

Photograph of Mary Baker Eddy - ca 1900


Mary Baker Eddy
Scientist and Christian Philosopher

  • Discoverer and Founder Of Christian Science

  • Author of the Christian Science Textbook

  • Pastor Emeritus of The First Church of Christ Scientist
    in Boston Massachusetts.

  • President of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College

  • Author of the Manual of the Mother Church

  • Founder of the Christian Science Monitor 

A presentation by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, 
researcher with a 60 years background
 in Christian Science.


Mary Baker Eddy is generally honoured around the world only for a few aspects of her achievements, most of which pertain to her titles. This is hardly sufficient to do justice to her, and to be just to ourselves. To celebrate her life involves a celebration of God in the tallest sense possible, on the basis of her leading edge discoveries. 

Mary Baker Eddy dedicated her life to the moral, spiritual, and scientific development of humanity and its mental healing. In the course if this pursuit she left us with a wealth of largely unknown achievements that may some day be counted among the tallest gifts ever presented to mankind. Still, with these achievements to her credit she does not place herself above humanity and out of reach, but presents herself as an exemplar of the potential for achievement that is native to every human being on this planet.

The potential that Mary Baker Eddy opened up for us to consciously celebrate God in our very being is worth a celebration of her life, including her own pioneering way of celebrating God. This is what is involved in celebrating her as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science?

Mary Baker Eddy's life was a celebration of God. Her pioneering discoveries are breakthrough achievements in their own right that we have cause to celebrate, but their root is in God. They represent a celebration of God, and as Mary Baker Eddy discovered, we have much to celebrate in the course of discovering the existence and the nature of God. We celebrate that on which all health and healing rests, on which civilization rests. But most of all, celebrating Mary Baker Eddy's achievements means that we celebrate God in a way no one has before her since the days of Christ Jesus.

Mary Baker Eddy is also known as The Pastor Emeritus of the Christian Science church, a title that is rarely acknowledged, less understood, and is quite often challenged in court. Thus, the question, is The Pastor Emeritus dead? Future ages will declare that The Pastor Emeritus is very much alive.

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