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painting comissioned by Mary Baker Eddy, dimension of Christian Science

 Christian Science: "...the final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing." - Mary Baker Eddy


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The science of nuclear physics tells us that there exists not a single speck of basic matter in the entire universe, so that all that exists is the construct of energy and forces, intelligently arranged into a vast array of expressions of Principle with a harmonizing Spirit of such perfection that it may be termed Love. If a single aspect of universal Principle was missing or counteracting, the universe would be an empty void. It would simply not exist. Intelligence and its Principle are one, and this one is God, reflected in the universe and man. Without the all-pervading Intelligence and its Spirit that is Love, the universe would exist. The cosmos would be a deep black emptiness symbolically represented by the black cross. And so would be our human world without Love and its light. Let's not bare this cross. Let's not live in a world without Love.

Healing is the process of recovering what has been carelessly put out of sight, that which is precious, is divine, and is so easily obscured by mistaken perceptions. Healing is a process of putting ourselves into the light of universal divine Love where we find the dimensions of our humanity and its divinity. The central cross represents the moral domain where we begin to explore the spiritual dimension towards an awareness and understanding of Truth. The pathway to Truth is Science. The crown represents divine Science. Its dimension (9x16) coincides with the pedagogical structure outlined by Mary Baker Eddy that is coincident with the biblical city foursquare from Revelation 21. Christian Science healing is a scientific process of bringing one face to face with the Truth that IS. Christian Science healing does not create health, but brings us home to the reality of our being where health is the immutable reflection of God's manifest in man.

Divine Truth, Love, Soul, are at the source of the light above the crown and above the frame of the painting above. There "Principle and its idea is one" and this one is God. This One is our Light, and is ours to take hold of in thought that it may enrich us with a brighter sense of the reality of our being. even as it surrounds us without end.

Christian Science taking hold of universal Love


Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of the science of "Christian Science," wrote in her textbook of it:


"The starting-point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all, and that there is no other might nor Mind, - that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle. (Science and Health: 275:6)

"God is Love. More than this we cannot ask, higher with cannot look, farther we cannot go. (Science and Health: 6:17)


Christian Science and Healing - Articles

Discovering Love

What is Christian Science?

Truth is knowable

The Scientific Method to KNOW Absolute Truth

From Shadows to Reality

Without Love the Universe Would Not Exist

Universal Love and Our 'Third Sex'

What is Spirituality? 
What Defines us a Human Being?

How can we develop
Our Spirituality?

Testimonials of Healing

Glossary definitions

Universal Love, 
Increasing the Efficacy 
of Christian Science Healing

Money and Mental Malpractice

How can the healing power of Christian Science
be increased?

Marriage and Sex

A Project for Moral Development

Christian Science versus War

War - Peace

The Christian Scientist (article)

The Church of Christ Scientist 

Endless Scientific and Spiritual Development

Morning Prayer with Hymns

crown in Divine Science from Christ and Christmas by Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy

Celebrating Mary Baker Eddy

Women of Our Century

Healing by Mary Baker Eddy

Christian Science History

Irregular Biography of Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy Library

The Christian Science Paradox

Comparison of Recognition

New CS Philosophies

Homer, Plato, Christ Jesus, and John

Christian Science Historic Perspective

The Christian Science Monitor

The symbolic designation CSD

A Lateral Lattice for Healing


Building a World Without
Poverty, Violence, and  War

how close are we?

Christian Science economics.

Are we coming of age?

Boundary Zone to Extinction


Sublime Science

Rudimental aspects of
 divine Science

Level 1 - Fundamental Aspects

Level 2 - Daily Bible Lessons
powerhouse for Christian Science healing

Level 3 - Global Partitioning

Rudimental structures of Divine Science

Hymns of Love, Truth, Soul and Prayer

Christian Science in Education

Intermediate aspects of
 divine Science

Comparing the Levels

Level 4 - Recapitulation, Adam, and Bible Lessons

Level 5 - Advanced Structures
The Christian Science Platform, the Church Manual, and mortal mind 

Sexuality in the Sublime

Natural Government 

Advanced aspects of
 divine Science

Level 6 - Glossary Structure

Level 6 - Global Interrelationships

What is in metaphor?

Level 7 - the degree CSD

Level 8 - The Science of Peace and Joy and Power

Healing the Collapsing Heart

The Power of Gratitude


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The cross and crown image is of a painting commissioned by Mary Baker Eddy of James F. Gilman, Artist, in the late 1890s for her illustrated poem Christ and Christmas

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