Black-Hole Ecliptic 2012 Apocalypse

Healing the world of science deception apocalyptic myths, specifically the December 21, 2012 Black-Hole gravitational ecliptic alignment theory. 


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The myth of 2012 Black-Hole gravitational ecliptic apocalypse theory

The theory assumes the existence of a super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, that is exerting a gravitational pull on all things in the galaxy. The black hole is also deemed rotating extremely fast in the form of flattened disk so that the bulk of its gravity is concentrated along a thin plane of the galactic ecliptic.  It is deemed that the solar system is passing through this gravitational plane in 2012, whereby the black hole's gravitational force on the Earth become vastly increased, causing enormously destructive earthquakes, tidal flooding, and volcanic eruptions - literally causing the end of the world as we know it. The scenario is based on the fact that on the winter solstice (December 21) in 2012, the Sun at dawn appears in a direct line between the Earth and the galactic center, point c. It is thereby deemed that the Earth is in this manner precisely aligned with the hyper-gravity band at the galactic ecliptic (the black hole equator).

The reality is far from it.

Our solar system is located approximately 28,000 light-years from the center of our galaxy. If a super massive black hole did exist at the center of the galaxy, for which there exists no evidence, it would have no has no effect on the earth across this huge distance. The Sun in comparison is only 9 light-minutes distant from the earth. Since the effect of gravity diminishes with the square of the distance, no amount of gravity would significantly affecting us across a space of 28,000 light-years. We are simply too far away for that. Nor is the solar system anywhere near the galactic ecliptic, and likely won't be for a very long time. The solar system at presently located roughly 20 light-years 'above' the plane of the galaxy and is moving away from it, rather than towards it. 

The apparent alignment of the Sun and Earth with the center of the galaxy exists only at the vantage point of observation, at a point in time at which the precession cycle of the spin-axis of the Earth has shifted the angle of observation for looking at the Sun at the sunrise on the day of the solstice. The Universe itself has not changed thereby. Only the relative point of observation has changed. 

The ecliptic of the solar system is offset by a tilt-angle of roughly 60 degrees relative to the plane of the galaxy. The Sun appears at different places at sunrise, so that it appear in opposition with the plane of the galaxy at different times, but with the location of spin-axis constantly changing in a circular precession around the geographic pole over the span of its 25,800-year precession cycle, the Sun appears to stand exactly opposite to the galactic center only once at the point of sunrise on the winter solstice, in this entire time span 25,800 years. Since this opposition is an significant identifiable reference point, the Mayan astronomers had deduced from observation when in the future this astronomical opposition would be observed, and had then based their entire calendar in relationship to this computed point in time, after which the next long cycle was deemed to begin. 

The selection of the cycle-point of the calendar is thereby essentially arbitrary. The Mayan observers, however, attributed a religious significance to placing their cycle-point at an astronomical event when the sun comes out of the dark rift and stands in opposition with the center of the galaxy. It was given the religious significance of a cyclical rebirth of mankind. Apart from this religious significance, the day of December 21, 2012, is the same as any other day, similar to the transition from December 31, to January 1 of the next year of our own calendar.

As with any religious event, far more significance has been attributed to this change from one time cycle to the next. Apocalyptic scenarios have been conjured up, and causes for them have been sought out that would fit the bill, for which the imagination was stretched a long way. Once scenario has it that on the day of the imaginary crossing of the plane of the galaxy the entire mantle of the Earth would slip on its molten core by which the northern and southern hemispheres would be rapidly transposed, together with the oceans and all. The kind of physical force that would be required to cause this would rip the Earth apart many times over. Such a force simply does not exist, which makes this scenario the mort impossible dream ever imagined. A similar 12-21, 2012 scenario of crossing the galactic plane imagines merely the sudden reversal of the magnetic field of the earth, with equally imaginary catastrophic consequences. But this too, is a dream, since the magnetic field of the Earth has a flipped many time in past with generally unnoticeable consequences, just as a magnetic field of the Sun flips in 11 years cycles (on average) in a routine fashion without major upsets in its dynamic operation.

The bottom line is, the Earth is perfectly safe in its position in the galaxy, and remains safe within its solar system that is but one of 200 to 400 billion other solar systems in a galaxy, which itself spans across a space that is more than 100,000 light years wide, as a spiral disk, and 1000 light years deep.. If the existence of our world was in danger by the onslaught of great cataclysmic forces extending from the center of our galaxy, our entire galaxy would be in danger by this force, and likewise every galaxy in the Universe. Obviously, such a force does not exist, nor has a black hole been observed at the center of the galaxy, or has been seen anywhere in the Universe. Black holes are theoretical constructs based on theories that have long been disproved, and have become superceded as relics of the past akin to the flat-earth perception.

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Healing the world of science deception apocalyptic myths, specifically the December 21, 2012 Black-Hole gravitational ecliptic alignment theory. 

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