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The Mayan calendar



Apocalypse Myth 2012 

The Mayan calendar spans a 3235-years timeframe that ends on December 21, 2012. This date marks the termination of final portion of the Mayan's great cycle that is keyed to a significant event in astronomical observation. The event occurs only once every 25,800 years, reflecting the precession cycle of the wobble of the Earth's  spin axis. The Mayan astronomers, based on long-term observations, using the winter solstice (December 21) as a reference point, recognized that the Sun at dawn on the day of the winter solstice appears slightly offset from the position observed on the year before. They calculated, based on their measured observations, that the Sun will appear in a direct line between the Earth and the galactic center, in a calculated galactic alignment, as it would be observed on the solstice-reference point in the year 2012. They used this rare occurrence of an apparent cosmic alignment (which doesn't happen astrophysically, but observationally), as a universal reference point in time to base their calendar on, and also their perception of the great cycles.

Since the Mayan ended their calendar at this reference point, it is deemed that its end-point marks the end of the world as we know it, or the end of time. Some see it ending in an apocalyptic collapse of civilization. Others see it as the turnover point towards a profound new spiritual era, reflected in evermore rapidly occurring humanist advances.

In terms of the astrophysical alignment of the Earth to the solar system, the date of December 21, 2012, or the year 2012 itself, has no special significance. The date is significant only to an observer who is standing on the ever-wobbling earth, looking at the universe. The observer sees a wobbling universe, rather than a wobbling platform of observation. These astronomical facts, however, appear to have been unknown more than 3000 years ago. The observed effects have thereby given rise to a wide range of religious and philosophic interpretations and prophesies, which are all essentially mythical in nature as they do not reflect actual astrophysical events, but merely shifting standpoints in observation.

Ironically, many people have become fascinated with mythical perceptions, especially doomsday prediction, to the point that a variety of scientific concepts have been invented to make the mythical appear rational.

The Black-Hole ecliptic 2012-apocalypse theory

The Planet-X (Nibiru) theory

Rather than writing off all the prophesies as fake, that warn of great dangers before us, or to declare them as pure fantasy, astrophysical science points to the known existence of great red-flag dangers to humanity living on this planet, dangers that have been known for a long time, but have been hidden for political purposes, since to confront the dangers, would require the global society to create the greatest productive renaissance the world has ever seen, that no empire would be able to exist in.  It is evidently for this purpose, to protect the existence of empire and its chokehold on mankind, that the apocalyptic fear mongering, based on pure mythology, is promoted and advanced on a wide front, to which the global warming mythology has been added in recent years, which clearly fits into this category of hyped up irrational myths.

The long-known red-flag danger to the continuity of civilization and the very existence of mankind is the potentially near transition of the Earth into the next glaciation cycle of the Pleistocene Ice Age that the Earth has been in for the last two million years. This factor does not need to be invented with mythologies. It is real, and it is vastly apocalyptic in nature if it is ignored. However, this is a factor that mankind well able to deal with, by building of technological infrastructures to protect its food supply from the looming Ice Age climate that would otherwise have consequences that few people on this planet would survive under. The various prophesied apocalypse scenarios in which civilization ends, have all come to the foreground during the current interglacial period that has spanned the last 12,800 years. The prophesies should be seen as warnings of a potential doom that can be avoided, rather than predictions of an unavoidable doom that demoralizes society and thereby prevents the actions to mobilize the resources to avoid the cataclysm that is ultimately not unnatural, but presents merely a larger challenge.

The 'modern' ice ages are well known cyclical astrophysical phenomena that by their repetitive nature are predicable, They are typically divided into 100,000-year periods of glaciation with temperature swings of 20 degrees (Celsius) below the current warm level of the Holocene interglacial climate in which new planet-wide open-air agriculture is possible, which typically lasts 12-13,000 years. What we call civilization has been developed almost exclusively during this 'brief' interglacial period that began with the end of the last ice age 12,800 years ago. All prophesies for a terminating apocalypse were developed during this period, foretelling the end of this period with great changes to come for what we call civilization, but which can be maintained with extraordinary technological, scientific, and industrial efforts.

It is also well known that the open-air agriculture that supplies our food is vulnerable to slightest climate changes. Whenever throughout the current warm climate the Earth has undergone short term periods of general climatic cooling of one single degree, major crop losses have occurred that have caused widespread death by starvation. A twenty degree cooling would be apocalyptic indeed, if no preparations were made for technologically protecting our agriculture. (It had been previously believed that ice age temperatures were merely 8-9 degrees colder than the present. Modern interpretation of ice-core data revised the estimate downward to as much as 20 degrees below the present.)

Of course, not all of the prophesies of old are prophesies of doom. Some of the prophesies also speak of the dawning of a new age of a more spiritual, humanist, and intellectually advanced humanity. An astrophysical potential for this to happen appears to be built into the processes that also cause the ice age calamity. Thereby, both the good and the bad of unprecedented proportions will likely occur together whereby both aspects of the ancient prophesies are fulfilled.

The dawn of human power occurred during the Pleistocene Ice Age. It is not unknown that significantly more intense cosmic radiation is the causative factor for the ice ages. It is also known that cosmic radiation exists of mainly of high-energy protons and some electrons, traveling near the speed of light, and that by them being as small as they are, and as fast, they typically fly clear through a person without colliding with any particles that make up the atoms of our anatomy. While they do not collide, being electrically charged, they do have an electromagnetic effect that may have a positive effect of the neurological development of the biological system that became the self-conscious humanity with great cognitive powers. It is known that near the end of the last Ice Age glaciation the cosmic radiation intensity was twice of what it is today. It may have been greater during the deeper parts of the ice age cycles, so that the very thing that caused the ice ages may have contributed the amazing development of life that we became the pinnacle of and look forward to vastly more to come.

So let's not cry over the ice ages and their challenges, but utilize the power we have to move with them and develop in their shadow to ever greater capacities, such as we cannot even dream of yet.

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Healing the world of  apocalypse myths, specifically the December 21, 2012 end-of-time and end-of-the-world mysticism  -  the road to this healing is furnished with free online novels and free audio books by Rolf A. F. Witzsche on the Principle of Universal Love. 

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