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Rolf A. F. Witzsche

A portion of the Capodimonte Deep Field - The European Space Agency

Entropy or Anti-Entropy
the MOST basic question
second to none


During the LaRouche Show - "The Second Law"

It was stated (Feb. 27, 2010) that the Second Law of Thermodynamics is an based on two critically dangerous axiomatic errors - 1. that the Universe and man is a closed system, and 2. that everything is subject to entropy by which the Universe is perceived as winding down towards a 'zero-energy' state. While this does not accord with the consensus in today's 'science' of astrophysics, it does accord however with the overwhelming evidence that the Universe itself is providing of itself. According to this evidence the Universe is not a closed system, but is "unbounded" as Einstein had put it, and is not winding down towards an entropic energy death, but is self-powering and expanding in all aspects, quantitatively and qualitatively.

The evidence is clearly visible

The evidence presents the anti-entropic nature of the Universe. It speaks of a universe in which everything is interconnected with vast plasma-electric power streams that are ultimately powered by the Universe itself. Plasma-electric currents are typically self-aligned into filaments of coaxial-type Birkeland currents. These Birkeland filaments are visible everywhere in the Universe as far distant as we care to look or are able to look. We find them pervading the galaxies, and we find them pervading the cosmos. There, we see entire galaxies strung out along filamentary lines, like beads on a thread, forming vast networks of strings of galaxies along these lines, as is shown above. The above picture is not an image of stars, but of galaxies organized along the plasma-electric currents that power them. 

The above picture is a portion of a larger picture of 35,000 interlinked galaxies, which itself is covering a mere 1 degree square portion of the view of the cosmos and comprises roughly 25% of what is named the "Capodimonte Deep Field". Click here for a larger view the Capodimonte Deep Field - a view of 35,000 galaxies.

The vast interconnecting plasma-electric filament lines that are visible everywhere, are also visible in extremely distant views across 500 million light-years and more. These self-organizing Birkeland currents, though vast in the cosmos, are easily replicated in the small in the laboratory. They are not unfamiliar to anyone. They are visible in the form of lightning strikes. They are even visible in children's toys, in the case of the plasma sphere. In the cosmos the Birkeland currents (named after the discoverer) obviously don't exist for entertainment purposes, but are the power-flows that power the Universe, in which the Universe unfolds, apparently without bounds and in an expanding and constructive mode, and anti-entropic mode.

The evidence that the Universe presents of itself is not that of a closed system, but one that is endlessly open and developing, and is not running down but is self-powering and expanding. The electric force, like gravity, is a force that has intergalactic reach, however its force is 39 orders of magnitude greater than that of gravity, and it diminishes linear with distance rather than with the square of the distance as does gravity. This quality makes the electric force the most far-reaching and powerful forces in the Universe, second only to the nuclear strong-force.

On the LaRouche show of Feb. 27, 2010, which was focused on exposing the axiomatic error inherent in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, it was stated that contrary to the widely accepted false assumptions misnamed law, the Universe, life, and man, are not merely "not entropic" but are actively "anti-entropic." Instead of winding down by their very nature, they are actively expanding in quantity, quality, and power, towards ever-higher levels of expression. This well-presented view is evidently correct, since all available evidence supports the anti-entropic perception of the Universe. 

However, this creates a paradox in as much as the nuclear-fusion power concept, that is presently being pursued intensively and by many people and institutions, runs contrary to the principle of "anti-entropy."

The fusion-power paradox

Nuclear-fusion power is based on the assumption that all aspects of the universe are basically closed system, such as our solar system which is deemed to exist isolated in space, and being powered by a self-consuming process by -- a fusion furnace operating inside the Sun, which is consuming its fuel and is thereby winding down towards an eventual heat-death and self-extinction. The very foundation of the fusion-powered Sun is an axiomatic error that is apparently intentionally built on the concept of entropy as a means for tying science into knots. It is a part of the Big Bang theory of the Universe, according to which the Universe was born and gained all of its energy in a giant explosion without having had a prior existence, and which is from the moment of its birth winding down and dissipating. The Big Bang theory was conjured up in the workshops of empire, evidently along the policy line of forcing the devolution of science as pioneered Paoplo Sarpi in an effort to save the existence of the system of empire, and as later carried forward by H.G. Wells and the Fabian society, though Wells felt the Fabiens were not radical enough in that direction. The Big Bang theory came out of this background, originating from the Royal Society. It emerged roughly coincidentally with the dawn of the unfolding evidence of the electric cosmology and its promise for infinite energy resources for mankind. (see: The Electric Universe ) The fusion-powered sun is an element of the Big Bang theory where everything is gravity bound and self-isolated, where the only ruling force is gravity, the weakest force in the Universe. In order to render this entropic concept to be acceptable, the concept of the fusion-powered Sun was invented, similar to the epicycles that astronomers like Ptolemy conjured up to make the visible evidence fit the axioms of an imposed theory.

Entropy is presently the mainstay of the existence of empire, forcing the devolution of everything that society depends on, including science, culture, economics, finance, politics, and so on. The fusion-Sun came out this background, but there exits no evidence for it. When the process that creates sunspots tears out a chunk of the photosphere, they layer below is darker (colder) not brighter as it should be if the Sun was heated from the inside. This is just one of many aspects of evidence that counter the fusion-Sun theory, which however is vehemently protected. The evidence is however consistent in every respect with electric cosmology that recognizes a surface heated Sun, powered in an electric arc-mode by the plasma-electric currents that pervade and power the Universe. Thus we have two models before us, an entropic model of a closed solar-system that defines a self-consuming fusion-powered Sun, and an anti-entropic model of an open solar-system that exists as a part of the Universe is powered by the power streams that power the Universe as a whole, every galaxy, and every star and sun within it.

Since according to all evidence that defines the anti-entropic model as real, the Universe has no need of a fusion-powered Sun, and of fusion power itself, so that a principle for the fusion-power concept does not really exist in the Universe. In fact, evidence for the opposite exits, of natural principles than inhibit fusion-powered energy production as protective measure against run-away fusion. Every fusion ignition that mankind has produced has blown itself out, from the hydrogen bomb to the reactor contained fusion. The general experience in nuclear-fusion development has been that we are running headlong against a natural principle that inhibits the process. The harder we push the process, the greater the problems become that loom before us. Indeed, why would the Universe have created a principle that reflects entropy, which runs contrary against its every nature that is anti-entropic?

If we stand back from the axioms that support nuclear fusion, we invariably ask ourselves the same question, who needs it? We don't have any need for it. We have vast energy resources for thorium fission power laying unused at our feet, with the same useful energy content (per ton) that the fusion fuel would offer. Why would we bother then with nuclear fusion? In fact by tying ourselves into knots over this issue, we blind ourselves to the infinite galactic energy resources that we have within our reach. With electric power-flows on the galactic scale, who needs nuclear fusion? (see: Absolute Power )

There exists no evidence for nuclear-fusion power being produced anywhere in the Universe, so why would we bother?  Evidently our doing so is the intention of those forces who have a sinister self-interest in keeping mankind small, impotent, tied into knots, and thereby self-defeating. These are the processes of empire, entropic processes.

The paradox of principle

We do run into a paradox when we aim to develop nuclear-fusion power that is an imaginary object of en entropic world-view, but for which evidently no principle exists in the Universe as it is not happening anywhere. The collective experience has been for almost the last 50 years, that the more the process is attempted the greater the problems become that pop into view, which altogether make it rather plain that practical and useful fusion-power cannot be achieved.

You may protest here, but the evidence against practical fusion-power is overwhelming. I have spent two months compiling the evidence, including the political dimension behind it. It you take care to examine the evidence you will most definitely agree that fusion-power has no future, and that it is not needed either when far better power options exist that are already developed, ready to be used, for which we have more fuel resources on hand than we can possibly use up until the next increment in power application is implemented.

There really exists no need to compromise on principle by speaking about an anti-entropic universe and resorting to a power-production process that has its origin in axioms of entropy. It is not possible to go into two directions at once. Mentally, to do this, amounts to an act of self-denial. The key for the advancement of civilization is not science itself, but a commitment to principle that directs science. This all by itself, closes the door to nuclear-fusion power development. No, saying this does not make me a traitor, but a liberator. The denial of principle is in itself entropic, condemning mankind to death like a wilting flower. Society's denial of nuclear fission power is one aspect of it's self-wilting. Trapping society into nuclear-fusion power development, that has no natural principle to stand on, and is correspondingly failing, is an another aspect of what looks like a two-pronged effort in the same direction, towards smallness and impotence. And why would we want fusion power anyway?

We dream of high-density power production. Fusion takes us into the opposite direction, to gargantuan infrastructures for puny returns, and even those become blocked by evermore barriers. In comparison with the size of the infrastructures that are proposed, windmills are more efficient. Ironically, what fusion power promises, fission power delivers, which is build on a natural principle.

We also dream of high-density power-flux when we speak of fusion power. Sure, fusions gives us immensely high temperatures and power-flux densities, but only for a few nanoseconds, and this comes with a neutron burst that exceeds that of fission reactors 100-fold in intensity, which closes the door on practical power systems. Ironically, all the high-energy and high temperature processes in the universe are not fusion powered, but are electrically powered. Electric power is evidently the most efficient power process, since the Universe defaults to it as the most efficient process available for large-scale action. We utilize a tiny bit of this efficiency with the electric arc furnace that can melt a 100 ton-charge of steel in an hour (tap to tap time).

We further dream of infinite power resources. In reality, the fusion-fuel resource, deuterium, is one of the most difficult to extract resource in terms of reduction efforts. While it is abundant in the sea, it is highly diluted, so that it takes the processing of nearly 700,000 tons of water to produce one ton of fusion fuel that is equal in usable energy-content to one ton of thorium, which can fuel a 1 GW reactor for a year. There are presently two million tons of thorium readily available in known deposits, without even looking very hard. These are in practice infinite power resources for the short duration that it will take until we learn to tap into the galactic power grid that's right at our doorstep.

So who needs fusion power? The Universe has no need for it. We have no need for it either. Only the masters of empire need it to tie us into knots with it. 

Click here for my study of the evidence

In order to get out of this trap we need to learn the principle of anti-entropy.

Science is not exempted from the question of "Entropy or Anti-Entropy"

Science exists for discovering universal principles, for understanding truth, and for applying them towards living efficiently. Since these can only be found in the realm of anti-entropy, science is bound to it. This does not mean that al the decades of research into nuclear fusion power has been in vain. To the contrary, the ever-increasing inability of science and technology to make nuclear-fusion power a practical and efficient reality highlights the vast 'distance' between concepts based on entropy and those based on anti-entropy. The discovery of this 'distance' is highly valuable, because fundamentally all the dangers and problems that beset civilization are reflective of the fundamental question of Entropy or Anti-Entropy. This question is at the center of everything. It is the central question in Shakespeare's Hamlet, illustrating the danger that an entropic-based society poses to itself. It is also the central question in Schiller's Don Carlos were betrayal upon betrayal happens for axioms of entropy with the corresponding results, while an anti-entropic should govern all actions. We need to focus on the underlying basic question, because betrayal and impotence have become the chief hallmark of our time, which are squarely rooted in entropy, often intentionally for a wide variety of reasons.

It is more efficient to stay away from denials of principle.

The development of fusion power is a denial of the principle of anti-entropy. The Universe is self-constructive, not self-destructive. The nuclear fusion that is known to occur on the Sun is occurring at the surface in the electric arc reaction zone, the photosphere. This appears to be not for power generation, but is instead a power-consuming fusion for the construction of atoms from the incoming plasma streams. The spectral detection of more than 60 elements in the photosphere testifies of this constructive fusion process, which might include the entire spectrum of elements. Mankind's science becomes useless in its pursuit if it aims into the contrary direction, away from where the principles of the universe are located. Science is ultimately a process of the discovery of the truth. Its progress stops when it no longer aims for the discovery of universal principles, which are inherently efficient, but aims to create its own principles at will. The ever-greater barriers that are encountered in fusion-power science, seem to tell us too, that were are looking in the wrong direction. Fusion-power has become an axiomatic obsession with a promise it cannot deliver, while efficient natural processes exist such as the LFTR (thorium fission) that do deliver those very promises, but which are ignored, mostly for political reasons.

The sooner that one steps away from the trap of surging 'forward' in the wrong direction, the sooner one's attention will become directed towards the development of the natural principles that lay at our feet, which offer a platform for freedom on the principle of anti-entropy. There are enough elegant principles available to power mankind's energy needs, and also space transportation such as with ion engines. There is enough known about these natural processes to start the application development right away, not fifty years from now. Our denial of the natural principle, in favor of unnatural pursuits, appears to be the biggest blocking factor we have standing against us. Sure, it is hard to step away from this error built on ancient axioms that are supported and hailed in consensus science that frequently serves political objectives contrary to what is essential for civilization. But with a right focus it is possible to do this. Indeed, if we ignore the natural efficient principles that inherently reflect the principle of anti-entropy, how can we ever hope to solve the political problems of our world that are essentially arbitrary axiomatic constructs without principle.

In time, we will likely get to the point of stepping away from the axiomatic pursuit of entropic concepts, as we really have no other option open. It just depends on if, and how soon, we wish to experience the freedom that comes with being true to universal principle, and for how long we remain victims of the destructive axiomatic games that are afoot in countless ways, and of falsely directed science. 

Let's move with the Universe that is anti-entropic in nature, and not against it

Since anti-entropy is the principle of the Universe, let's move with it. Anti-entropy is the principle for creating a renaissance. It is our efficient path to it. This, or course, means stepping away from anything rooted in the axioms of entropy, such as the Big-Bang Cosmology, the Fusion Sun, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Alternate Realities, and that we devote ourselves to building up the universe of our civilization with the power of our humanity that reflects the nature of the Universe - and this not a hundred years from now, but now. Each human being has the potential to come to this point now. In this potential we are rich. The principles of the Universe are our riches, and our humanity is defined by our acknowledging these principles in life, in culture, in science, in politics, and in economics.

Living Anti-entropically (part 1)

Living Anti-entropically (part 2)

Living Entropically 

Active Research in the political world operation entropy 

The key answer to the question of Entropy or Anti-Entropy

As we are standing at the threshold to a new era, the key answer to the question of Entropy or Anti-Entropy, in respect to nuclear-fusion energy, is not located in what we might have in half a century from now and may never attain, but is located in what we do have. Ironically, what we do have is infinitely richer than what we dream about as something we might have. Anti-Entropy begins with what is real to us at the starting gate, as a foundation for building on. 

For an energy policy, this anti-entropic hot start begins with the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR). We don't need to build uranium reactors in pressure vessels, which America can no longer build. Nor do we need to build uranium enrichments plants, or heavy water plants, and exotic fuel processing plants. All we need is salt, graphite, and thorium. We don't even need to go through a years-long certification process. LFTR has has been certified in its 5-year test run. 

The USA, all by itself, has over 900,000 tons of the thorium reactor fuel available in known and accessible deposits. Anti-entropy means that we move foreword with the strongest suit that we have for a rapid start to build a world that is orders of magnitude farther ahead than what we aim to rebuild. And the LFTR is also suited for mobile applications, ships, even trains. Here is an example of what we have presently at had to move forwards with on a platform of natural principles that have been discovered, and tested, and proven to work.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory reactor

Research during the 1970-76 timeframe resulted in a Molten Salt Reactor ( MSR) design which was was to be moderated by graphite with a 4 year replacement schedule, and a secondary coolant, with a peak operating temperature of 705 C.

This molten salt reactor offers many potential advantages: 

inherently safe design (safety by passive components and the strong negative temperature coefficient of reactivity)

using an abundant supply of Thorium to breed U-233 fuel.

much cleaner: the amount of waste fission products is 10 times less (per GWh) and requires containment for 100 times shorter time (300 years vs. tens of thousands of years)

can "burn" some problematic radioactive waste (with transuranic elements from traditional solid-fuel nuclear reactors)

possible even in small, even 2-8MW(th) or 1-3MW(electric). Submarine or aircraft size is possible

can react to load changes in less than 60 seconds (unlike "traditional" solid-fuel nuclear power plants)


Here are some more of  the technological advantages of LFTR (also known as MSR)

The advantages are cited by Weinberg and his associates at Oak Ridge National Laboratory:

It is safe to operate and maintain: Molten fluoride salts are mechanically and chemically stable at sea-level pressures at intense heats and radioactivity. Fluoride combines ionically with almost any transmutation product, keeping it out of circulation. Even radioactive noble gases  notably xenon-135, an important neutron absorber  come out in a predictable, containable place, where the fuel is coolest and most dispersed, namely the pump bowl. Even given an accident, dispersion into a biome is unlikely. The salts do not burn in air or water, and the fluoride salts of the actinides and radioactive fission products are generally not soluble in water.

There's no high pressure steam in the core, just low-pressure molten salt. This means that the MSR's core cannot have a steam explosion, and does not need the most expensive item in a light water reactor, a high-pressure steam vessel for the core. Instead, there is a vat and low-pressure pipes (for molten salt) constructed of thick sheet metal. The metal is an exotic nickel alloy that resists heat and corrosion, Hastelloy-N, but there is much less of it, and the thin metal is less expensive to form and weld.

The thorium breeder reactor uses low-energy thermal neutrons, similarly to light water reactors. It is therefore much safer than the touchy fast-neutron breeder reactors that the uranium-to-plutonium fuel cycle requires. The thorium fuel cycle therefore combines safe reactors, a long-term source of abundant fuel, and no need for expensive fuel-enrichment facilities.

The molten-salt-fueled reactor operates much hotter than LWR reactors, from 650 C in the tested MSR and related designs, and to as hot as 950 C in untested designs. Thus, very efficient Brayton cycle (gas turbine) generators are possible. The MSRE (experimental) already demonstrated operation at 650C, making the MSR the most advanced of the "generation IV reactors." The efficiency from high temperatures reduces fuel use, waste emission and the cost of auxiliary equipment (major capital expenses) by 50% or more.

MSRs work in small sizes, as well as large, so a utility could easily build several small reactors (say 100 MWe) from income, reducing interest expense and business risks.

Molten salt fuel reactors are not experimental. Several have been constructed and operated at 650 C temperatures for extended times, with simple, practical validated designs. There's no need for new science at all, and very little risk in engineering new, larger or modular designs.

In most new reactor designs, the longest-lead item is the safety testing of solid fuel elements. Fuel tests for a new reactor design usually must cover several three-year refueling cycles, and therefore take more than ten years. Since the MSR uses molten salts, the fuel has already been validated, and development can proceed more quickly.

The reactor, like all nuclear plants, has little effect on biomes. In particular, it uses only small amounts of land, relatively small amounts of construction, and the waste is separated from the biome, unlike both fossil and renewable energy projects.

(See: )

I think this will do as a starting commitment on the anti-entropic path

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