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Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Sake Bottles - melted  in the Hiroshima atomic blast
Photo by Hiromi Tsuchiya

Kyoto was also considered but its unrivalled beauty ruled it out.


The forcing of society to bend itself into submission

'Active research' is in progress when someone pokes you into the eye with a stick in order to watch you scream, and thus to study how the resulting reaction can be used against you. It is said that this research-process had been used in the Nazi-holocaust death camps, as when a mother and child were set up facing each other, each with a switch in hand to deliver an electric shock to the other on the command of a researcher. The researcher had a witch for each of them, with which to enforce their compliance in this totally unnatural environment. It is said that the process was typically continued until one had killed the other. That's the nature of 'active research.'

It appears that the Nazi's research results in the death camps were applied in the Jewish ghettos. It is said that the ghetto leaders were demanded by the Nazi SS, from time to time, to deliver a certain number of  people from their midst, to them, for execution, or they themselves would face execution. The evident result was that the people became small and complied. But not all complied. Underground forces developed in the ghettos that fought back. But those were too few. The uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto, the largest of them all, ended in April 1943. The ghetto was destroyed in reprisal. Over 50,000 were killed or deported. The uprising came ten years too late. The people had been too small when the critical moment was upon them as Hitler was raising his hand in 1933, at a time he could have been easily stopped, but was allowed to go on.

The Warsaw Ghetto in 1945

The tragedy actually should have been stopped in the 16th Century when the critical turning point was encountered. But it wasn't. It was allowed to fester and become a deadly 'disease.'

Operation Entropy

The turning point came when the Venetian Empire had defeated itself by fighting against the Golden Renaissance that had swept across Europe, rather than moving with it. The turning point came when Paolo Sarpi had a plan of how the collapsing system of empire could be rescued. He recognized that the freedom in society unfolds with cultural, scientific, and technological development, and that this unfolds naturally in society, but which no empire is able to survive under. He recognized that this development had swept across the north of Europe, flowing from the renaissance, and that if it wasn't resisted would overturn the very foundation of empire. Understanding this crisis for empire, he became a reformer of the thinking of society.  He recognized that if the natural development of society threatened the existence of empire, unnatural conditions need to be imposed on society that inhibit this development and drive it backwards, and make a people that stood tall by the renaissance, appear small in their own eyes.

It was likely for this reason that he directed the expansion of the Venetian Empire northward, into the Netherlands and England where the center of the humanist development had been located at the time. The takeover of the north became necessary to stop the development of freedom and for grinding civilization into the dust. This basic policy became later a core feature of the empire's protective Fabian Society, operating in the new empire in the north. The Fabian Society has named itself after the Roman general Quintus Maxiums Fabius who gained his fame from his policy of not confronting an enemy, but grinding his enemy into the ground by unnatural subversive means causing constant attrition. Fabious defeated the vastly superior forces of Hannibal that way. This method is evidently still a key component in the struggle of empire to maintain its existence, that has no natural foundation to stand on, but which aims to survive by pulling the world down around it.

The method for pulling the world down around it was developed long before the Fabian Society came into being. It was developed by a defrocked Venetian monk, Giamarria Ortes, who developed the carrying-capacity hoax, insisting that the world is fast getting too small for its growing population, suggesting the world population must be reduced by unnatural means like a herd of kettle is culled. This genocidal madness created a totally unnatural perception of mankind, dragging mankind down to the status of an animal without a creative mind, a profound spirit, and a productive capacity second to none. But the madness didn't happen by chance. Ortes' hoax that tore the face off mankind and ground it into dust had a purpose. The purpose can be recognized by the timing of Ortes' book on depopulation. The publication of the book coincided roughly with the adoption of the Federal Constitution of the USA, as an obvious attempt to undermine the recognition of what is most fundamentally human. 

Ortes' book cultured a lie that created an unnatural perception of mankind of itself, gradually grinding its renaissance spirit into dust. The British Empire's 'scribbler' parson Thomas Malthus plagiarized Ortes' lies, republished them in his book An Essay on the Principle of Population , and used the regurgitated lies of Ortes as a basis for justifying genocide against the poor. The book was created and published in parallel with the French Revolution, which of course was instigated by the British Empire that Malthus worked for. Genocide and rage and revolution became thereby intertwined. To advance population genocide at home, Malthus advocated for example, that housing should be made so unsanitary, for the poor that is, that people become sick and die at an early age.

 Charles Darwin was soon thereafter 'inspired' by Malthus and created a scientific envelop for Ortes' lies, which became known in modern times as "social Darwinism." This too, or course, happened in the service of empire. Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, then took the Ortes train of lies still further and created on its foundation the Eugenics theory that justified Hitler's elimination of the "useless eaters" as he defined the sick and the politically unwanted. Eventually the Fabian Society was built on this Ortes/Malthus/Darwin/Galton axis of evil. The revered author H. G. Wells loved the Fabian ideology of grinding society into dust, except he found the Fabians not radical enough. He gave high praise to Stalin for that. 

H. G. Wells was especially an anti-science disciple, as his novel, The Time Machine illustrates, regurgitating Sarpi's policy of grinding society down in its own mind, by inhibiting science. (see: The Challenge of Mind ). The devolution of culture and science is still a key element for the goal to protect and maintain empire that is ultimately impossible to achieve. However, while the devolution is accepted, society is in grave danger, as Hitler had demonstrated, and as the failure to deny such a man the grip on power, illustrates. Modern society is still stuck in this trap, that goes all the way to Sarpi and his social experiment. Only a few are currently willing to take action to break this long-standing trap.

An agent of empire - LaRouche's call for impeachment

The key here is not the impeachment of the President itself, who carries out policies of empire assigned to him. The key is to raise society's awareness of itself, its humanist culture, and its power to stand tall as human beings to protect itself. The key is to prevent the failure of society in 1933 of not blocking Hitler while there was still time, which from a point on could no longer be achieved as the tragedy of the Warsaw Ghetto illustrated.

'Passive research' is in progress when one amplifies the conditions that are naturally resulting in human development. Such research does not create unnatural conditions, but aims to discover the dynamics of the natural power of humanity to create and advance a civilization. The outcome of this research would be to discover the best methods for advancing education, art, culture, housing, transportation, energy production, health care, and scientific discoveries of the riches of the Universe and its harmonizing principles. In this research nothing is forced, so that the natural principles can be discovered in the unfolding dynamism of human creativity and productivity. This 'passive research' is the kind of research that aims to discover the best ways to enable a society to stand proud with humanity and tall with its creative power - not tall above others, but tall in cooperation with one another - in order to create together what no man can create alone, thereby supporting step by step the common aims of mankind and its quest for universal freedom.

The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor

The Principle of the Classical Tragedy

In every great classical tragedy, such as Shakespeare's Hamlet, the tragic figure is never the hero, who is typically is a fool who fails to act and save his nation in a crisis. Instead, the tragic figure in every real tragedy of momentous consequences is always society itself that fails to stand tall as human beings - that has allowed to condition itself to become small, impotent - thus become crushed by the forces it fails to prevent. A tragic society is a society that bends to the will of insanity. 

Edward Gordon Craig's stage design (1913) for act one, scene two of William Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Moscow Art Theatre

In the tragedy of his play Hamlet, Shakespeare employs both aspects of research - the 'active' dimension that creates unnatural conditions for the audience to deal with, while behind the scene it sets up the passive element. Since this passive dimension of natural humanist development had been lacking in his time, and society stood small at a small people, Shakespeare made sure that the audience would not leave the theatre without recognizing is failure in standing tall, thus to at least to some degree, to rouse itself to discover its native power as human beings that no empire in the world can equal, but which empire bids mankind to lay aside and place it in the courts of an elite, its kings and queens and princes, to whom it bows its head. 

Living Entropically 

The play, Hamlet, is believed to have been written between 1599 and 1601. This was the time when Paopo Sarpi reformed the Venetian Empire and gave it a more liberal and more deeply enslaving face. It was also the time when the Venetian Empire had spread its fungus to the Netherlands and began invading the thinking in England. This is the world that Shakespeare faced. His play, Hamlet, among other works has, was his answer to rouse a society to stand tall, in order to prevent it from becoming enslaved. 

History records that he appears to have had some effect, because it was in this timeframe that the republican underground movement began to develop that culminated in 1620 in the Mayflower's voyage that brought the first puritan settlers to the American shore, a people who refused bow their head, a people who put their life on the line for the freedom of standing tall. 

It appears that the masters of empire had also learned from Shakespeare. They found cover ways to cause a tall people to become small again, by forcing upon them unnatural conditions that would cause them to rip their own heart out, as in the Salem witch trials.


The tragic society is always a self-victimized society

A - The Salem Witch Trials

B - Target Roosevelt?

C - Hiroshima/Nagasaki

D - Target Mankind - 911

E - The Call to Stand Tall

A - The Salem Witch Trials

Baker, Joseph E., artist, ca. 1837-1914

Unlike the common perception, the Salem Massachusetts Witch Trials in 1692 were not an act of religious madness, though it was seen that way. It became a circus of madness by design in which 150 men and women were accused, tried, and jailed on the charge of witchcraft, and 14 women and 5 men were executed in Salem and one man was tortured to death. Some say that the madness was orchestrated for property gain, for which it may have been abused, but historic evidence suggests that it served a much more deeply reaching purpose, namely the self-disabling of society on behalf of the British Empire that saw a colony slipping from its grasp. 

The Massachusetts Bay Colony had established itself as freedom colony on the American shore, far from the rulers of empire. It had created its own laws, a revolutionary charter of freedoms that it fiery defended. It had created its own government, free and mandatory education, a high-level college, and even its own currency and credit creation for industrial development. It had built the world's first fully integrated ironworks that ranked among the best in the world. In short, it became a thorn in the eyes of empire. While it was originally established under a royal charter as a business enterprise. It became much more than that. It became the "city upon a hill" that had the eyes of the world fastened onto it. It became the republican model in the new world. It became so successful on its course that the ruling English King demanded have its charter returned. The king's agent who was sent to receive the charter was give a note of defiance instead and was sent home.

The Salem Witch Trial mania erupted against this background with children from ranking families making accusations against women that could be substantiated but could be dramatically played up to the hilt. And the farce worked. The republican development in Massachusetts stopped. The march towards humanist freedoms and universal development was halted. The noble ideas were trampled into the ground. Massachusetts became mentally crippled, from which it didn't free itself for over half a century. The independence drive in America didn't start in Massachusetts. It started in distant Virginia, in the home were a little boy, George, of the Washington family grew up.

The method of the covertly induced self-victimization of society with disabling insanity was utilized again and again. McCarthyism is an example, as are the Cold War, the global warming doctrine, AIDS,  the 911 terrorism, and so on. In each case society became self-victimized. The drivers were different in each case, but the effect was always the same, and remains that to the present day. This is also what empire finds its strength rooted in. The most tragic example of this type, and this one came out of the Cold War circus, is the self-victimizations of all of Europe that took decades of dehumanization to develop. It stands today as the European self-strangulation pact that began with the Maastricht Treaty, intensified by the Euro, intensified further by Lisbon Treaty. Behind the tragedy stands empire, but the tragedy itself was self-imposed. No one had forced the European Nations to write off their sovereignty and enslave themselves into the chains of empire. 

 The pathway to freedom, obviously, is an intelligent awareness of the truth. The above image is one of the symbols of LaRouche's fighting for the truth. And the next step on this road is for the nations to discover themselves and their humanity, and stand tall, knowing that the chains are self-imposed as empire has no power to impose anything. It an only suggests. While it has armies of agents and vast networks of media to carry its insanities and lies of impotence to inspire society, society can choose not to listen and step away, and thereby free itself from the consequences.

B - Target Roosevelt?

Churchill, F. D.Roosevelt, and Stalin, at Yalta Converence

How does one kill a giant, like Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, the tallest standing man in the world - of whom it was said, "Men will thank God on their knees a hundred years from now that Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the White House"* - a man who stood tall on the shoulders of the giants in American history - how does one kill such a man? (* The New York Times, 1945) Stalin had no interest in such a plot, knowing well that without Roosevelt's policies of support the Soviet Union would likely not have survived Hitler's Nazi machine. But the empire had such an interest. Roosevelt had threatened the system of empire with extinction in the postwar period. He said to Churchill in essence that this great sacrifice to defeat Nazism was not made so that empire could re-assert itself and run roughshod over the nations of the world. Empire would end. The nations would become free. (see: Elliot Roosevelt - As He Saw It)  In order to prevent Roosevelt's promise from being fulfilled, the masters of empire had a plan, a fiendishly, hellish, desperate plan . The plan was fully complete on the day the above picture was taken during the Yalta Conference in February 4-11, 1945. The plan was set in motion on the very day that Roosevelt was traveling from the conference to meet with other national leaders in the Mediterranean area. The first meeting would be on board of the USS Quincy on the Great Bitter Lake of the Suez Canal.

On the very next night the largest single bombing campaign in the history of the world was started against an undefended city that had no military value whatsoever, and which was chock full of refugees fleeing the war. It became an orgy of utter madness an inhumanity on a scale that defies the power of imagination. It started at 9:30 PM. In a span of 14 hours 773 of the RAF heavy Lancaster Bombers dropped dropped a mixture of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city, the Baroque jewel of Saxony. The explosives blew out the windows and roofs and the firebombs turned the aerated shells into furnaces that burned hotter than a steel furnace, resulting into firestorms that destroyed 39 square kilometers of the city center. It is unknown how many people died in the flames, since the hurricane-force winds that fed the fires sucked many into the inferno. It is said that over a quarter million bodies were counted, but considering the devastation and the throng of the refugees at the time, many of which had lived in the streets, the estimated death-toll of 500,000 seems reasonable, considering that the attacks were spaced out into four waves so that even the rescue operations were bombed. When the USAF participated in the end-phase of it, there was nothing left to bomb, but smoldering ruins.

After the bombing of Dresden

It has been said in the years that followed, that bombing had been carried out to impress Stalin, since the city had no military value and posed no military threat, considering too, that the war was essentially won at this stage. It is being said that the bombing was carried out to send Stalin a message, illustrating the shape of the New World Order to come, especially that resistance is futile. No doubt, Stalin got the message. But it is far more likely that the campaign was carried out to impress Roosevelt, a sensitive person with a republican spirit. Considering that the masters of empire had a long history in the art of psychological warfare, and considering the devastating effect that gross inhumanity has on sensitive persons, it is more likely that the psychological target was Roosevelt. He must have blamed himself for not having seen this coming, and not having prevented it. His last words before his death are said to have been, "Oh, what a terrible thing I have done!" Those words were subsequently, intentionally, misinterpreted. However those words of a dying man indicate what had torn him up deeply on the inside, and may have been the real cause for his soon to follow death. It takes a hard man not to be moved by such scenes of utter senseless inhumanity, and more so by the continuing madness of the fire bombing of Tokyo that followed ten days later and the huge bombing two weeks after that - the March 10 bombing of Tokyo in which 267,000 buildings were demolished, 100,000 killed, and 125,000 wounded - a madness of horror in which a quarter of the city was destroyed. No, Roosevelt was not a hard man. These were the things that can kill a man.

Tokyo, after the bombing of  March 10, 1945

When Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, the masters of empire had won. Before his body was even in the grave the entire postwar world was beginning to be turned upside down. The horrid scenes that had killed him would be repeated in countless different variations, again and again, beginning with Hiroshima, which became the crowing event of the New World Order.

More than the man himself had died on April 12 of that year. The real victim had been mankind, intentionally and by effect. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, their code names were "little boy" and "fat man," supposedly referring to Roosevelt and Churchill. In less than three months the tallest man in modern American history was reduced to "little boy" by the slander machine that ushered in the postwar tragedy in which the USA itself became the tragic victim. In the fires of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki burned the soul of America and much of the world with it. The man's great achievements that had made America great, his New Deal economics, his Four Freedoms, and his vast infrastructure development that turned the nation into the richest and most productive the world has ever seen, became forgotten and died on the dusty shelves of history denied.

Fontana Dam - built 1942-1945 by TVA

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, inaugurated on March 4, 1933, within the first 3 months of his administration signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act on May 18, 1933, that created the TVA - the nation's largest public power company, providing electric power to nearly 8.5 million customers in the Tennessee Valley. The TVA was designed to modernize the region, using experts and electricity to combat human and economic problems. It developed fertilizers, taught farmers ways to improve crop yields and helped replant forests, control forest fires, and improve habitat for fish and wildlife. The most dramatic change in Valley life came from TVA-generated electricity. Electric lights and modern home appliances made life easier and farms more productive. Electricity also drew industries into the region, providing desperately needed jobs. The TVA Act is just an example of the stage set by Roosevelt that uplifted the nation out of the deepest depression in its history to this time, to become the tallest standing, till the curtain fell.

C - Hiroshima/Nagasaki

Aerial photograph of Hiroshima by US Army - 
from the 80 kilometers away taken about 1 hour after the dropping.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945 was not a necessity of war. World War II had already been won by the Allied Forces. Months earlier Japan had offered its surrender through the Vatican. The islands were physically isolated by American Naval Forces. The war had ended. However, one element did not allow the war to be shut down. The atom bombs were not ready. The war was evidently prolonged until their fury could be demonstrated with the destruction of a living city. By August they were ready. President Roosevelt had been in the grave for over two months. The USA was no longer its own master by then. Under the rule of President Truman the USA had become a puppet of the British Empire, which Roosevelt had threatened with extinction once the war was over. With Roosevelt gone the masters of empire were in control again. For this the atomic bombing was needed. Empire has no power in itself. It has power only in a self-victimized world, a world in which society has made itself small.

On August 10, 1945, the day after the bombing of Nagasaki, Yosuke Yamahata began to photograph the devastation. 
His companions on the journey were a painter, Eiji Yamada, and a writer, Jun Higashi.

The target for this destruction was not Japan. The target was the whole of mankind, forcing mankind to tear its heart out, to become, to cower in fear and become the tragic victim that willingly lays its sovereignty and thereby its welfare at the feet of the masters of empire, the would-be global world government.  And mankind complied, and became small. The world became awash with pictures of tragedy and related stories in which society was forced to develop in its mind a sense of utter impotence that was cemented continuously for 50 years in what became the cold war. This cultivated impotence was needed to prevent a postwar renaissance from erupting that the forces of empire would not be able to withstand.

To the present day, the masters of empire have won. Almost the whole world lays now defeated, not defeated by force, but by self-victimization, by standing aside and giving empire free reign. 

It is possible, of course, for society to pull itself out of the scene of tragedy that our world has become, and cease to be the tragic figure in a play that is not even its own, and play its own role as a human society.

We will see the evidence for this process beginning, in the reorganization of the world without empire, without monetarism, with the nations standing tall once again, side be side, as sovereign nations bound to one another by the timeless human commitment to fulfill the common needs and aims of all mankind.

D - Target Mankind - 911


Early in 2001, shortly after the inauguration of the new President, Lyndon LaRouche had issued an urgent warning about, what he described as a rapidly unfolding "Guns Of August" situation, based on the new administration's policies that he saw were of a type that invariably lead to the collapse of the financial and economic system of the nation. He said then that under such circumstances the ruling masters of the financial empire typically demand war or the equivalent thereof, and that historically such wars are typically started in August. He missed the mark by only two weeks. the system was rapidly collapsing and the war came. It became a terror war. He was on a radio talk show in Saltlake City when the towers still stood clean and pristine. He was on the air when the terror began to unfold. His first comment was, the moment he heard of it, that now power on earth can do this to us, unless we stand our defenses down. The safeguards are too massive that a perpetrator would have to overcome, suggesting that however with high-leval aid from the inside anything is possible.


Some say that nothing short of a high-grade nuclear demolition explosive, eradicating the supporting core below it, could have brought the 130 story tower down so completely that the entire debris fitted into its basement cavity, with all the concrete 'vaporized' and spread over lower Manhattan. Nor could the multistory concrete building behind it have a crater blown out of it from the basement to the top without anything remaining in the cavity, except it was done with a nuclear explosive. Evidently the scene was not recognized initially for what it was, though the Internet was spinning vast numbers of conspiracy stories to explain the evidence of this terror event. And it was a terror event. Terror is needed to cause a society to become small and self-disabled. One of the tragedies that developed from this pursuit of the truth, was that it was evidently intended. The official conspiracy theory was so thin and so contradictory of the evidence that the entire world became involved in searching for the truth. Ironically, the more the truth became revealed the more terrifying the scene became. The more it became apparent that this was an inside job from start to finish, they question people had to ask themselves, if they can do this to their own people, what else will they do? Where is the limit once one crosses this threshold? The answer was given in less than two months when America's new wave of land wars in Asia began that would not have been possible without the 911 terror foundation that made the entire world become small, which allowed the wars to happen.

It appears in hindsight that the self-terrorizing of society didn't go deeply enough for the plans of the masters of empire, who alone had the resources to stand down the most sophisticated defense organization in the world, and carry out this 911 tragedy. Too many doubts apparently remained in too many minds that this project might yet have been done by a bunch of cave-dwelling religious fanatics in Afghanistan. It was likely for this reason - in case somebody didn't get the message - that a year later another nuclear terror event was stage in front of a nightclub in Bali on Oct 12, 2002, that killed many people and blew all the concrete off a reinforced floor fifty feet away, by the blast, as if a direct-contact military explosive had been used. This kind of demolition feat can only be accomplished with contact explosive or a high-intensity nuclear shockwave (see Bali 2002). 

Against the background of the Bali scene, the 911 scene took on a more awesome dimension, with a new shock value. And, as one would expect, five months after the Bali event, based on a huge package of lies, America's second land war in Asia was started. It was started against worldwide protest marches, and candle light vigils, and peace ralleys happening around the world, which now successfully overruled as unimportant. 

 The two wars of Asia that were started here grew bigger instead of smaller, are still ongoing with millions of corpses piling up on the ledgers. Those wars were evidently not designed to be won, as it has been said from from high place, but  would go on "for a hundred years."


The world of mankind, in which human beings once stood as tall and proud as the two World Trade towers had stood, who stood on the moon and surveyed the stars, suddenly stood no taller than the pile of rubble of the scene that had brought it to its knees. In all the years that followed mankind has not roused itself sufficiently to put the wars aside. To the contrary, torture has been added to the terror, and there are no protests anymore.


E - The Call to Stand Tall


Don Carlos might have been the son of Philip II of Spain. The German poet of freedom Friedrich Schiller created a five-act historical tragedy with a "Don Carlos" at the center of the plot, written between 1783 and 1787, the general timeframe in which the USA was established (between the Treaty of Paris and the ratification of the Constitution). 

Schiller's play is a tragedy that is superimposed with numerous levels of betrayal. It begin with the betrayal of Don Carlos's love of the French Elizabeth de Valois who was betrothed to him, but was given to his father instead as part of the peace treaty ending the Italian War of 1551-1559 between the Houses of Habsburg and Valois. In the play, Rodrigo, the Marquis of Posa is Don Carlos' best friend, soul-mate, and republican idealist, who in a speech to the king proclaims Schiller's belief in personal freedom and democracy. The king merely laughs. When Carlo confesses his lingering love to his friend, of the woman who is now the wife of his father, he urges him to devote himself instead to the cause of Flemish independence from Spanish oppression. The two men pledge friendship and devotion to liberty. However, when his friend Rodrigo speaks frankly to the king about his hopes for Flanders, the king Filippo, who was also a friend of Rodrigo, asks him to watch Carlo and the queen, whom he suspects. While the love affairs gets complicated, and the story is overlaid with the unrequited love by another who threatens revenge, they center of the play doesn't lay there.

The center of the play is staged in Act III when a crowd gathers to witness the execution of some people at the stake, apparently patriots of the Flemish cause. Don Carlos, who has long sought to free Flanders from the despotic grip of his father, the Kin,  leads a delegation of Flemish deputies who had come to plead for clemency for the condemned. As the King refuses Carlos draws his sword against the King. He has the support of the court standing behind him and the support of the people. He could have deposed the King over this issue. The power was on his side. The King calls for help but his guards would not attack Don Carlos. Here, at this critical moment, Carlos' friend Rodrigo intervenes and urges Carlos to surrender his sword. Reluctantly Carlos complies. 

The execution could no longer be stopped from this point on. The wood piles are lit, and the people of Flanders would not win their freedom. In the end the king lost both his son and Rodrigo, and as as everyone else became a victim of the grand betrayal by one single man. Under Philip's reign, Spain saw a fivefold increase in prices. Because of inflation and a high tax burden for Spanish manufacturers and merchants, Spanish industry was harmed and much of Spainís wealth was spent on imported manufactured goods by an opulent, status-oriented aristocracy and wars. Increasingly the country became dependent on the revenues flowing in from the mercantile empire in the Americas, leading to Spain's first bankruptcy (moratorium) in 1557 due to rising military costs. Dependence on sales taxes from Castile and the Netherlands, Spain's tax base, was too narrow to support Philip's plans. Philip became increasingly dependent on loans from foreign bankers, particularly in Genoa and Augsburg. By the end of his reign, interest payments on these loans alone accounted for 40% of state revenue. (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_II_of_Spain) Don Carlos, a frail person, may have died early of natural causes.

All of these factors may have a played a role in Schiller's famous plot of a grand tragedy caused by the betrayal of one man by another and the failure of society that stood idly aside to allow it to happen. In real terms it was the nation of Spain that was at stake when the wood pyre was lit that Carlos had aimed to prevent. Oh, yes, if Carlos had succeeded in deposing the king he would have married his beloved Elisabetta de Valois. But this was not a big enough issue for drawing his sword at the king. The issue was Flanders, the principle of humanity and justice. The issue was saving the nation. And this is still the issue today. Carlos, with no one supporting him became a small man and fell victim to the betrayal, thus it was society in its smallness by failing to stand against the betrayal that suffered the greatest tragedy, as we still have it happening today for the same reason. As Schiller had said, the great moment in history had found a little people. We are still at this point. Nothing has changed. The game of betrayal continues, and it goes deep on many fronts. Likewise, the betrayal is not done by the masters of empire directly, but by their agents, acting in the name of empire.

In his play Don Carlos, Friedrich Schiller presents us a mirror in which we can see ourselves in our own time. This powerful mirror may be the clearest mirror to date. It is irrational to say that this mirror had accomplished nothing. Within 80 years, five operas were created from the play, including the Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi in 1867, followed by a revised version by Verdi in 1884 (Don Carlo). It is irrational to assume that this mirroring story, being told and retold for well over 400 years before great audiences, had no no effect on the development of civilization. Who knows what the world would be like today if a Friedrich Schiller had not been alive in it, and likewise many others. And in this sense too, he sets a mirror before us, to judge ourselves, and to observe the extent of our own mark on the fabric of civilization. 

Fredrich von Schiller, poet of freedom
 restored lithograph, Library of Congress - Author Jos. Koehler, publisher

How far developed is our sensitivity to life, and to the great opportunities life sets before us? Shall it be said again, as in Schiller's time, that the great moments found a little people? Or shall it it be said of us that we have learned to stand tall?

The call to stand tall still speaks to us

Words are easily spoken. Deeds are harder, especially when the betrayal is deep and is veiled. The web of betrayal is often complicated, especially when science becomes hired as the betrayers, as in the global warming scam, or is betrayed itself against itself, such as in cases when dead-end pursuits are promoted on such a gigantic scale that they suck up the talents of mankind and its science-resources into useless games that are without benefits for society, which thereby cause a powerful devolution of real science and a betrayal of society.
(see more on this science issue).

The test for standing tall lies in the principles we pursue, each one of us, and the creative and productive power we win from it. The test for standing tall also lies in how much we love, and how we let this love become reflected in the pursuit of social justice, constitutional principles, social development, and cooperation with one another across all borders, to develop this planet into the richly human world that it has the potential to be. 

LaRouche youth Congressional Campaign

poster image of LaRouche's 4-Power Cooperation Proposal
of China, Russia, India, and the USA

The test for standing tall, in the current world is also determined by how tall we stand above empire, rather than below it - above private monetarism, instead of groveling like slaves below its thumb. This is the test for determining the gold in us, our riches, or by failing or our poverty - our freedom, or our slavery and subsequent death. 

Standing tall means that we choose to discover our humanity, and discover it as the tallest element in the Universe, and an element of great power and great value. On this platform civilization is secure. 

Living Anti-entropically (part 1)

Living Anti-entropically (part 2)



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