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About Cygni

The word cygnus is the Latin word for swan. Hans Christian Anderson wrote about a swan in his fable The Ugly Duckling, which grew into beautiful bird. The name Cygni has also been applied to a nearby solar system that is located eleven light years from earth and contains an earth-like planet. Cygni, has also another astrophysical meaning as the name of a super nova occurrence that became visible on earth in 1992. It is the authors hope that you will find all these elements reflected in the Cygni Communications' Web presentations. The presentations are focused on the four key elements of civilization: spirituality, science, economics, and politics - in which Love is our light, hope, power, and the foundation for our freedom and our riches. With these we can meet the great challenges of our modern time: The coming Ice Age in 30 years; the world-financial and economic collapse; the treat of nuclear war; and the imperial policies for world depopulation.

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And so the word Cygni points to a humanity that is of a higher order. Humanity is not a rock, an animal, or a bird. Unlike these, humanity has the capacity to control its destiny, uplift itself, enrich its world, and break through barriers towards an infinite future that is free of war, greed, hate, and poverty. It has the capacity to determine even its own characteristic and bring about enormous changes as the result of intelligent action. This potential is real and is developing with a profound breakthrough as an immanent potential to undue the failing systems of empire that are presently crushing humanity. 

The Cygni 'symbol' for communications is put forth in the hope that the world's failing systems may be dismantled judicially by humanity itself before the human world dies under the weight of empire or disintegrates in the chasm of the explosion of its insanity. Empire invariably ceases when a New Age of the Renaissance, a Renaissance of Intelligence happens, whereby a new era of civilization becomes born like a new star in the universe.

The name Cygni has been chosen to signify the phase shift that stands potentially before us towards a brand new future for all humanity that has the potential to be brighter than everything we have yet dared to imagine. 

Here the name Cygni becomes most meaningful. The Cygni is put forward in the form of novels and research books on the Principle of Universal Love and the long standing Principle of the General Welfare. It is presented in the form of free e-books novels, and online books designed for healing with  explorations of the principle of scientific mental healing that Mary Baker Eddy has pioneered from 1866 to 1910 and has termed Christian Science, which stood at the forefront of healing in the great period of relative peace in the world, that was its period.  Cygni also means poetry, stories, as well as peace research.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Statistics: The ring image shown above is of Nova Cygni, produced with the aid of the NASA Hubble Space Telescope (HST). The image shows a rapidly ballooning bubble of gas blasted off the exploding star. The shell surrounds Nova Cygni, which erupted on February 19, 1992. 

The HST image was taken in ultraviolet light with the European Space Agency's Faint Object Camera (FOC) on May 31, 1993, 467 days after the explosion. 

The ring is the edge of the expanding shell of hot gas which measures app. 37 billion miles across, or 400 times the diameter of the solar system. Nova Cygni is 10,430 light years distant, located in the summer constellation Cygnus.



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