2011 Empire War 

2011 - Enabling the Inevitable

Empire equals War

War is for maintaining the "Balance of Power"

"We are Empire - You are nothing"

That's the 'balance' of power
the  power for looting
 the reason for war

WAR has no other purpose
WAR is a feature of EMPIRE

Exploiting an UNEQUAL balance

An electric power-generating system uses an UNEQUAL balance of heat to drive the power generating system. The UNEQUAL balance is created between a heat source (a nuclear reactor) and a heat sink (the cooling tower). The unequal balance of heat enables the extraction of energy between the two poles in the form of mechanical work that is converted into electric power.

An empire functions in the same manner

In an empire loot-generating system, a vast UNEQUAL balance of potency is artificially created between the rulers of empire and the subjects within it. The unequal balance enables the extraction of society's work energy in the form of financial loot that is converted into wealth. 

An UNEQUAL balance utilizing nuclear energy

In an electric power-generating system the UNEQUAL balance of heat is forced by nuclear energy to become as great as possible, in order to maximize the power-generating potential.

An UNEQUAL balance forced by empire

In an empire loot-generating system the UNEQUAL balance of potency is likewise forced to be as great as possible, ideally with the force of war or the force of laws for 'legal thievery,' in order to maximize the loot-generating potential. 

Wars are instigated for this end whenever the 'legal thievery' fails. Whenever nations raise their head to climb out of poverty by means of their economic self-development, wars are quickly instigated to re-establish the needed poverty that maintains the UNEQUAL balance that the loot-generating system of empire depends on. The end result is a Dark Age.

Wars to create the unequal balance that looting depends on
They take on many forms 

The floating exchange rate system

The removal of the Bretton Woods fixed-exchange-rate system that had created a fair equal balance between the nation's currencies was a 'splendid victory' for empire in its war against society. With the global system for a fair equal balance removed, the door was opened for artificial inequalities to be created with lies and manipulations, with which the nations could be looted into poverty, and were massively looted to the point of collapsing entire regions into financial crises, such as the so-called Asian financial crisis.  The floating exchange rate system enables financial warfare of a global scale, to the point of economically collapsing entire continents.

The free trade system

Another type of war to create the UNEQUAL balance that looting depends on, became official known as the "free trade" system. It erased the balance of fairness in trade that had previously been established with trade tariffs to protect the local economies. The protection was no longer allowed, whereby vast inequalities were opened up that enabled looting operations on a massive scale - a scale so huge that the once most highly industrialized nations had their industries destroyed, and their national welfare collapsed under the thereby-enabled looting system, called 'free market practice."

The biofuels war

A third way to create an UNEQUAL balance of potency in the world is 'achieved' by means of creating artificial shortages, especially shortages of food that enables the speculative-market looting on an grandiose scale. The shortages are created in two ways. One method is to collapse a nation's self-sufficiency in food that forces them into the global market system where they get looting - selling their food cheaply into the market and buying other nation's products at market-inflated prices.  

Another method to create shortages was accomplished by simply 'burning' massive amounts of food. This is done by converting food into bio-fuels that are blended into the petroleum fuels (diluting them), to be subsequently burned in cars. The artificial shortages are presently killing an estimated 100 million people per year, silently and unseen by the the world, by means of the thereby forced starvation of people. The starvation death toll of 100 million per year may be conservative, considering that roughly 1 billion people who are forced into chronic starvation by the burning of food and forced underdevelopment, and another billion living in hunger.

starving girl
the face of E10

Note: The E10 rating of gasoline means that 10% of the fuel that you put into your tank is ethanol distilled from food, or agricultural products grown for biofuels that displace food production. The E10 rating means for the European Union that 15% of its agricultural land has been taken out of food production, designated for food to be burned, while in addition agricultural lands are sequestered for biofuels production from the poor nations of the world, primarily from nations in Africa. If 15% rate is applied worldwide in a world that was already running short of food before the biofuels project for burning food began, then the amount of food that is burned would normally feed a billion people. The comparison illustrates to some degree the vast extend of the silent holocaust that is now inflicted against mankind, mostly against children, which adds up to be the greatest holocaust of all times that pales the Nazi holocaust of 6 million killed in 6 years, into incognizance.

Unfortunately, the holocaust isn't allowed to stop at the current stage. Just to meet the EUís 10% target would require 17.5 million hectares for growing biofuels in developing countries. (see: Biofuels) But this target is low. The new target is now E15, a 50% increase in the burning of food, announced in the USA. The new E15 target has been approved by the EPA for vehicles newer and 2001. (See: E15 opposition) - Ethanol is corrosive to metals in the fuel system (voids some warrantees), and reduces engine performance, is costly to produce, is not a net producer of energy, but is highly efficient in producing genocide. (for more, see: Empire Religion - Biofuels Depopulation Genocide)

While the biofuels killing is going on by means of burning food, and the forced skyrocketing of food prices, global food aid has been slashed by almost 2/3rd, adding for fire to the silent holocaust of starvation.

World Food Aid Tonnage Decline, 1988-2009

Year -- Million Metric Tons of World Food Aid
1988 - 14.048
1993 - 16.909
1998 - 8.075
2003 - 9.815
2008 - 6.226
2009 - 5.482

The data are from the year-by-year table of the World Food Program (www.wfp.org) on its Quantity Reporting page.
See: World Food Aid Tonnage Drops Drastically Under Obama/London Regime

The war of unprotected globalism

A third way to create an unequal balance of potency in the world is 'achieved' by means of creating artificial shortages is by simply removing all legal safeguards again stealing, virtually legalizing fraud and thievery, and protecting the thievery with the force of law. It is called "financial globalism" and "derivatives trading" and "the contract" - but the goal is thievery and debt-building for imposing debt slavery with which to control the nations. 

The Glass Steagall Legislation that once safeguarded the USA against it being looted to the bone, has been taken down by traders on the take working from within, opening the door to a collapse of civilization in the USA that is rapidly destroying housing on a massive scale, and is also creating poverty, crime, hunger, unemployment, homelessness, impotence, and social insanity.

The shooting wars

If any nation aims to upset the artificially created unequal balance that the looting of empire depends on, a shooting war awaits them. For this the masters of empire create enemies for their targeted nation or society and then instigates war between them, whereby they destroy each other. The Vietnam War was created for this purpose in order to start the destruction of the USA, from which the USA has not recovered. President Kenney was killed to get the war started. Fighting communism was merely the watchword. Communism was the artificial enemy. President Kennedy's goal was to economically develop the world and to let the communist world join the development if they would so desire. He was killed to prevent this idea from becoming realized. He was shot dead, not by a lone assassin, but by the machine of empire that must maintain itself by preventing the development of an equal balance of wealth to develop in the world that would disable the looting machine.

Enemies are not natural, but are created

A system for creating enemies to instigate war between them for their mutual destruction has been developed in ancient times by ancient empires. It continues to be used. In modern time it has been used countless frequently by the masters of empire to prevent the economic development of nations. Europe was destroyed twice that way, in two world wars. And in the postwar period, in the shadow of the Cold War, many a nation was destroyed on the platform of artificially created enemies. Yugoslavia was destroyed that way, and Nicaragua, Panama, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, with the big remaining targets for destruction being Russia, China, India, and the USA. In the modern world Iran and North Korea are being set up as targets for the intentional destruction of Russia and China, and with them India that gets caught in the middle when the radioactive fallout hits it from both sides.

The drive for revolution, but is it?

When civilization fails and governments no longer supply food for the population and other necessities for living, the time for revolution begins. Sometimes the cause for revolution is simply suppression, but this happens rarely. The French Revolution started over food. The Russian October Revolution in 1917, too, started over food. Earlier in 1917 a revolution in Russia had toppled the Czar, but the new Provisional Government didn't respond to the people's need. The war had destroyed the economy, causing hunger everywhere. The government didn't know what to do solve either crisis. The lack of action gave Lenin an open door. He saw power laying on the street. He stepped up and took it. He promised to end the war and promised bread. No one opposed him. The people were tired and hungry. When the Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace (the seat of the Provisional Government) the defenders stood down. The Bolsheviks became the government. The civil war started later when the forces of empire tried to take the country back. The attempts to take the country back were repeated again and again.

Nevertheless the Russian revolutions cannot be counted as real revolutions, as they merely accomplished a change in government and not a fundamental change from an imperial system to a higher order system that would make the overturning revolutionary. Russia traded in its Czarist imperial system for an imperial system of a different color that had been engineered in London by the masters of empire and delivered to Russia with the names of Marx and Engels attached.

The French Revolution wasn't a real revolution either. It was hijacked before it even became a revolution. The popular discontent was guided from London under the direction of Jeremy Bentham whose writers workshops wrote the revolutionary speeches. But France was betrayed. Nothing revolutionary was allowed. The intellectual pioneers were systematically delivered to the guillotine in Jacobin terror operations with Napoleon extending the terror all across Europe in over twenty wars.

The American Revolution came closer to being a real revolution. It erupted from a war against empire and established and established a higher form of union than has ever before been seen on this planet, with a Constitution based on the Principle of the General Welfare and an economy based on the federal credit system instead of the private monetarism of empire. The American Revolution failed only on the point of its retaining the system of slavery and its focus on private property.

The only real revolution in history may have been the revolutionary uplift in thinking that caused the Peace of Westphalia. It shut down 80 years of war, the worst in history up to that time, and established peace in 1648 on the platform of the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. It created the only peace treaty in history that left no one vanquished, but lifted each of its partners to a higher sense of human worth. The peace that lasted for 50 years created a significant renaissance from which the intellectual pioneers emerged that created and supported the American Revolution.

Modern revolutions

When one hears revolutionary cries once again, cries for food, cries for justice, and so forth, like the 2011 'revolution' in Egypt that toppled the government, one wonders which model stands behind the revolution. Was it the Russian model? Was it a change in 'color' without a change in direction for the nation? Will the revolution create a higher-level platform like the American revolution had? Or will the revolution in Egypt follow the path of the French revolution that was betrayed before it was even started.

It is easy to shout the slogans of revolution, but much harder to establish a higher-level revolutionary platform to solve both the economic and political crisis that led to the uprising in Egypt. We see many uprisings now happening with great cries for food and justice since both are increasingly hard to find in affected regions. But one sees no extraordinary leadership for fundamental uplifting reforms standing behind the patriotic movements, and so, nothing will likely fundamentally change. A revolution happens when society uplifts itself to a higher self-perception and perception of worth, based on discovered universal principles. If this uplift doesn't stand behind the revolution, nothing becomes resolved and the political upset leads to chaos ad a new Dark Age. On this question hangs the survival of civilization in the current world. 

The end game

The time of the critical choices is upon us. The world of empire is breaking down. Its looting machine of private monetarism is bankrupt. Under such conditions empires typically look to war. The goal then is to create chaos and orgies of killing, in order for the masters of empire to be able to restage the world to their advantage in the background of the collapse of civilization. The choice must be to create a real revolution before the collapse of civilization happens. A real revolution means creating a New World before the Old World disintegrates. If the Old World falls apart and the New World has not been established as profound alternative, society ends up with No World at all, and thereby lacks the means to survive. This was Russia's failure and the French failure before it. Will be see the chaos of failure again? No one can tell what the answer will be, but the signs seem to suggest the the fight for a New world is far too weak, and hope far too distant.

The nature of civilization

Let us never forget that civilization is not a gift from heaven, but is created by mankind with profound discoveries, productive commitments, and is built on the Principle of the General Welfare, the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, and the Principle of universal Love.  Without this triad civilization is doomed; and inversely, with the triad upheld a New World is assured.


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