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The Moses Legends

painting of Moses by Rembrandt (1659)

The great Exodus and the Ten Commandments

We are told in the Bible of a great religious leader in early history, from a time long before written languages were in common use. He is named Moses, a type of spiritual leader, who like Abraham, has many tales written about him, which were evidently orally preserved in fireside chats before they were written down as a sort of historic fiction as such tales tend to become over the years of retelling the tales. 

The Moses legend is located far past the dawn of slavery in Egypt and appears to be directly related to the scourge of slavery that has soured the scene of civilization, destroyed empires, and still does linger in different forms to the very day. Scholars have located Moses into 14th to 13th Century timeframe, several centuries past the time when the House of Israel was welcomed in Egypt during a period of great famine in the land of Israel. The 'visitors' appear to have become intergraded into the Egyptian slavery system over time. Contrary to popular belief, slavery had not been a dominant feature in Egypt early times and seems to have been  rare prior to the New Kingdom (16th Century BC) - it was more a luxury and privilege for the ruling elite, though progressing over time. The enslavement of the Hebrews progressed likely in this context, until later, in the shadow of increasing wars, slavery became applied more universally. The great exodus of the Hebrews was likely associated with that, but it appears to have been organized by the Egyptians themselves, perhaps to both purge the land of slavery that has become a detriment to Egyptian Society and to preserve an early perceived highly spiritual monotheist concept that was fast becoming lost in Egypt that was increasing becoming imperial in nature. 

Here one can find a link between our modern messed up world and ancient Egypt. And the key might not have been slavery directly, but the circumcision, the sexual mutilation that seems to be associated with it, as the circumcision debilitates not only the normal sense of intimacy and community in the affected people, but also has a debilitating affect on the victim's cognitive mental powers as well as their sense of humanity. The effect of the circumcision seems to take the victim down to a lower mental strata of behavior. This puts a new light on the question of how the great exodus from Egypt may have come about in ancient times. 

It is suggested by researchers that Moses wasn't a Hebrew at all, but the actual son of Pharaoh Merenptah who had two sons, Seti 2, and Amenmesse the Biblical Moses. As the son of Pharaoh, Moses had been a member of the Egyptian scientific elite. It appears that the elite became increasingly afraid that the circumcision might become a danger to the scientific elite itself and a danger to Egypt and its advanced culture. Some of the observing elite might have noticed a marked reduction in the cognitive powers of the slaves, consequently, in order to prevent the 'disease' from spreading, they might have instigated a simple quarantine procedure. We are told that Moses led the slaves into the wilderness and kept them there until all those that came out of Egypt were dead. The Scriptures speak of a journey of thirty years in length to accomplish the purge. I real term this might have been a journey of just thirty days. Few people survive for long without food in a desert, and less so without water that probably wasn't easy to come by in the desert, even then.

The great exodus was then likely the first politically motivated holocaust in history. If we are trying to make sense of Stalin's holocaust in the Ukraine that wiped out the Christians at the hands of the circumcised, and likewise Hitler's holocaust that may have been a counter-holocaust in this context, then one  might well be wondering if the actual exodus story might not have occurred totally different in ever respect, especially since it happened long before a written language was in general use. If one looks at the medical research regarding the effects of the circumcision on people, serious questions come to the surface.

For one thing, circumcision is an act of torture. Even child circumcision is an act of child torture. It leaves a lifelong trail of post-dramatic stress in its wake. It also creates a tragic isolation of the offspring from its parents. What worse thing could anyone impose onto a baby in the very first week of its life then imposing the immense pain that is associated with the circumcision? Babies are often deemed to be too young for anesthesia, consequently they are operated on without it. It is deemed that babies are too young to feel pain. The opposite is true. They feel pain more intensely. The reason why they don't scream in pain is simple. They go into shock, into a coma, but this has lifelong consequences. In addition it demolishes the deep sense of intimacy the baby would normally feel towards its mother and later towards society. Instead of the natural closeness and comfort it now feels torture and the reliving of torture. And why shouldn't it feel the torture of this invasive process that is so severe that even expert surgical procedure in some cases has caused death? Also, in the few cases when anesthesia is used for the circumcision, the torture is still felt severely by an infant, because the anesthesia doesn't cover the weeks-long healing process.

The Post Dramatic Stress Disorders tend to become a lifelong burden with effects that are even now barely understood, and are said to include learning disabilities, helplessness, tendencies towards sado-masochistic behaviors, impotence, loss of trust, avoidance of intimacy due to fear, developing into rage, domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, suicide, and a vast range of psychosomatic disorders. These are only now becoming associated with Post Dramatic Stress Disorders and the sexual mutilation that caused it. Their symptoms are widely evident in all the circumcised cultures. And this takes us back to the later dynasties of the Egyptian pharaohs when the process appears to have been widely applied. 

The circumcision seems to have begun almost five millennia ago, maybe more. We find the circumcision process engraved on the wall of a deep underground cavern on the banks of the Nile near the great pyramids of Giza. We see two youths there standing naked before two squatting figures as their foreskins are cut with a bladed instrument. 

 History of male circumcision


The petroglyph offers no explanation at to why it was done, leaving the scene open to speculation. But we do see in the engravings that the victim is of a lower rank, wearing no head dress, which suggests that the circumcision was applied also to slaves, though it may have been at first applied to the priests as a kind of sanctity offering to their god, and might have also been applied to their servants or 'slaves.' Slavery was rare in Egypt in 2,400 BC. It was a kind of privilege the elite had acquired for itself. Also it was a far less radical type of slavery than it became later. It was of a 'soft' type in which the slaves themselves were able to own property. This is the kind of slavery that Abraham would have seen when he lived in Egypt in around 2,000 BC. The large-scale slavery with universal circumcision may not have actually occurred. Private ownership of slaves, captured in war and given by the king to their captor, certainly occurred at the beginning of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1550 - 1295 BC). Sales of slaves occurred in the Twenty-fifth Dynasty (732 - 656 BC), and contracts of servitude survive from the Twenty-sixth Dynasty (ca 672 - 525 BC) and from the reign of Darius. Apparently such a contract then required the consent of the slave. While the Old Testament recounts tales of slavery in Egypt - slave-dealers supposedly sold Joseph into bondage, after which the Hebrews suffered collective enslavement in Egypt prior to the Exodus - the historic validity of the Biblical accounts is questioned as no evidence has ever been found indicating the systematic enslavement of Jews. (see: slavery in antiquity)

It is equally difficult, if not impossible, to determine for what reason the circumcision was applied in Egypt. The standard reason, to inhibit masturbation, doesn't seem to apply. It is said that the God, Ahmen, the creator of the universe, found himself alone in the universe, so he masturbated himself and out spewed mankind. Also the creator God, Ahmen, is said to have masturbated himself into his mothers mouth each night (representing nightfall) and then was re-born of his own making each morning (sunrise). In this context masturbation, pederism, public sex, complete body shaving, and ritual circumcision were evidently de rigueur for the Egyptians of the day. It is not likely that the priests of Egypt were circumcised as a sacrifice, a forsaking of "sinful pleasures" as, the concept of sex as sin is not known to have been a part of the Egyptian religion. What is known is that the circumcised penis was a symbol of fertility, as can be seen in temple reliefs throughout Egypt. There existed a very early "God of Circumcision" whose job was to maintain the fertility of the Nile banks. The circumcision might have become a general religious ritual of a people identifying themselves with their god. (see: Ancient Egyptian Circumcision

It appears that the House of Israel came to Egypt for economic reasons around the 18th Century BC, with the Exodus taking place in the 13th Century BC. Little is known of their role during those five centuries. In is known however that slavery became more prevalent from the 16th Century on, which may have begun with contractual slavery. If the House of Israel had a history of the circumcision going back to the time of Abraham, the Hebrew people would likely have been thought after as 'better slaves' as the result of their long history of subjection to a debilitating conditioning. The slavery process, and the circumcision with it, might have become advanced along this line, but so would have also been the negative consequences.

The petroglyph suggests that the circumcision was applied to youths. In this case the cutting would have been imposed in their sexually active years when the loss would have been gravely felt. We are told by people who received the mutilation as grown men, that their experiences of the debilitation has been so devastating to them that they would give anything to have it reversed. They would even give away their house for it. Some say it's like living in a world without color. That is what the Egyptian slaves must also have experienced, as any male human being would. Consequently the circumcision might not have had the desired effect on the slavery process, creating 'better' slaves. 

While the circumcision may have disabled the people's intimacy with each other, within the slave society, which thereby kept the Principles of the General Welfare under wraps that is a detriment to slavery, the same effect may have also unlocked in the slaves undesirable qualities that results when a people's natural humanity is pushed out of the way in the process, which is evident throughout history to the present day in areas where the circumcision is highly prevalent or universal.

The masters of Egypt might have realized that the stability of their own society was put in danger by the consequences. They might have realized that slavery simply does not work, and that nothing can be done to make it work, as it causes more problems than it's worth, though they may not have recognized the reason for it.

On this basis one might suggest that the masters of Egypt had commanded the priesthood to fix the problem they created on this platform, and to somehow purge the land of the damaged people that have become increasingly a problem for them.  Merenptah's son, Amenmesse, might have been chosen by the priesthood to serve as an undercover agent, under the name Moses, to arrange a voluntary exodus that was intended as an expulsion of the circumcised and 'self-enslaved' from the land of Egypt. The expulsion might have been staged as a holocaust of annihilation in the wilderness of the Sinai Desert, in an attempt to purge the problem without the Egyptians having to spill a drop of blood themselves. The Egyptian society would have found the murdering of the slaves repulsive and might not even have survived it psychologically. As the Bible suggests, only a scant few of the exiting slaves come out of the exodus  alive. 

The Exodus route appears to have crossed the northern end of the Gulf of Suez and south along the western shores of the Sinai Peninsula to the mountainous region at its southern tip (Mt. Sinai) and north again along the eastern shore and further north to the Jordan River - the most exhausting route out of Egypt that is possible.

Of course, those few who survived might not have had any way of knowing why the exodus had failed, much less that it had been designed to fail. And so they asked themselves, had their God failed? They couldn't allow such a notion to develop. When a crisis on this scale happens a person's natural response, especially that of a leader, would be to create a cover-up story with a rational explanation that prevents people from going insane. It is well understood in modern time that if a huge problem for which no rational solution exists remains unresolved, it causes a deep mental regression in people's thinking that reverts the mind back to a state akin to infantile insanity. In order to prevent this as a natural response in society, a cover-up story was likely created that gave the holocaust a positive meaning, even a heroic meaning. Maybe it was in this context where the idea originally emerged that the Hebrews were God's chosen people; a treasured children under His care; a mighty people having God on their side, who successfully escaped the claws of the mightiest empire, impelled directly by the power of God that the empire stood powerless against. The cover-up story might have included in later years the notion that the circumcision, which they couldn't hide on themselves, was included into the cover-up story and was retroactively attributed to Abraham as the symbol of their treasured status with God, the symbol of their deliverance, rather than being a curse for which they were dispelled. And so, what had started as a curse, became retained as a part of religion in which the underling part of the curse remained unhealed.

We still practice the art of creating cover-up stories. The elite as become masters of this art in the modern world. In fact the cover-up story is now routinely built into politically risky processes. It is called plausible deniability. It has become an essential element of all false-flag operations. Nor are the modern cover-up stories designed anymore to hide the great tragedies. In fact the modern masters now artificially arrange great tragedies so that false stories can be built around them that have an even-more-devastating effect of people than the acts of terrorism. Terrorism is staged for the deep-cutting effects that the carefully spun cover-up stories have on society. 'In lies we trust,' is the new watchword. Lying has become a science. Hitler's holocaust was used for such an effect, if indeed it wasn't staged for the effect, without which it might not have been possible to confiscate large parts of Palestine to create the Jewish State in Palestine that had been promised under the Belfour Declaration. The masters of empire had long aimed to set up as a powder keg in the Middle East, for which they needed a cover story. The term, Middle East, is actually not a proper geographic term of reference, but is the long standing code name that is used in the geopolitical games of empire as pertaining to the region that is properly known as Southwest Asia. Cover-up stories are essential elements of these kinds of games.

Just look at the horrible things that were done by the circumcised society to the victims of the Deir Yassin holocaust in which a gang of the thugs entered the village Deir Yassin at night and systematically killed everyone, some in their bed and wherever they could find them. They killed them with knives, guns, or whatever, in an orgy of absolute barbarism that went on for hours until no one was left alive except a few men that were taken prisoners and paraded naked through the streets of Jerusalem, who were afterwards killed in quarry. The gang even dumped some of the dead into the village well, so that the well might be poisoned. Now try to make sense of this insanity. No normal human being would perpetrate such crimes against another human being. If one looks for the abnormality, it was the circumcision. In the years since the Deir Yassin type crimes became repeated in countless different ways with ever-greater intensity and terror throughout the still exploding holocaust in Palestine that has been spanning decades upon decades while every U.N. Resolution that aimed to stop the holocaust has been systematically ignored, so that even now the senseless killing goes on daily, often hourly, in a holocaust of unspeakable inhumanity that has nothing standing behind it other than the long-term accumulation of the debilitating consequences of the circumcision. Thus, the circumcision had linked itself to absolute fascism and a people's slavery to it. This pattern was also already apparent in the historic opposition against Christ Jesus by the same forces of the circumcision two millennia ago and his final persecution that ended with his death. The stories that are told of this opposition fits perfectly the psychological parameters that identify the circumcised cultures of today, by which the ancient and modern pattern are effectively linked to the same cause.

A lot of healing is needed in this regard.  The still ongoing slavery to insanity is destroying the very heart of civilization, as slavery of any type always does no matter what its form may take. And so I would say that the historians are wrong who suggest that the wealth of the USA was built on slavery. The reality is that slavery is one of the worst economic plunders a society can engage in, because it prevents the real development of the human being. It prevents the scientific, technological, and cultural development that powers an advanced civilization. Any society that engages in slavery, no matter of what type, is shooting itself in the foot. The real wealth of a society is the product of the productive powers of the individuals in society, and its increase by scientific, technological, and industrial means. Slavery prevents that. Slavery creates a poor society. Slavery is the modern tragedy still in far too many places in the world, such as in child slavery, and in the sweat shops, maliquadore, and the like, which all close the door to society's self-development.

The ancient Egyptians seemed to have recognized that slavery is a powerful economic deterrent. So they flushed the system in the hope to start a real type of economic development, which for Egypt came too late. At around 1,100 BC the decline of Egypt had begun. In 945 B.C. Egypt was conquered and ruled by a succession of different foreign powers. (see: Decline of the Egyptian Empire)

The idea of the Exodus as an expulsion may seem cruel, which the act undoubtedly was, but it would have made sense from the Egyptian perspective. It makes sense as a covert objective that was likely instigated by the circumcised factions of the priesthood itself, who had cut themselves off from their normal sense of humanity, who were by the circumcision conditioned to carry out such cruelty against their fellow human being beings. The exodus story appears to make sense in the context that the mass-expulsion as a process was being repeated again and again, such as with the founding of the State of Israel. In the wake of the terror of the Deir Yassin massacre 700,000 Palestinians fled their homes in sheer panic and have not been allowed to return, and those who remained, remain to the present day refugees in their own land and find themselves constantly under attack in a holocaust in which they and especially their children continue to be targeted. That's the mark of the circumcision. Its effect was cruel then, and still is.

These effects might have frightened even the Pharaoh at the time. The exodus expulsion might have been sparked by 'instabilities' of this type occurring already some 5000 years ago. We still see such 'instabilities' in almost all cultures that have a long-term history of the circumcision, which suggests a direct connection existing between the two. How else can one explain such bizarre horrors as we seem them still happening in some of the circumcised cultures, such as when a husband sets his wife and his three daughters on fire and burns them to death in what is called, an 'honor killing.' This happened in the modern world, not in ancient times. In such acts people are burnt to death by their closes family member, and for nothing more than their refusal to bow to the religious tradition, imposed marriages, and so forth. How can one speak of a normal humanity when 5,000 of these grizzly honor killings are perpetrated in a single country on a yearly basis? And here again, the only link that stands out is the circumcision. And those are probably still the mild cases. We see wars now being launched and entire countries being destroyed for the most insane reasons, and the trails always leads back to a circumcised culture or multiple cultures, which in many cases act as obedient slaves to empire.

Of course the Egyptian's response in expelling the circumcised was an extremely poor choice. It may have killed the kingdom's undesirables, but it didn't heal the 'disease' that the process had unleashed, which hasn't been healed to the present day. Expulsions of the circumcised have been tried since then, possibly more often than we know, in addition to efforts to eradicate the circumcised cultures directly, but nothing has been healed that way. It appears that the circumcised themselves have often been used as agents for genocide in imperial efforts to eradicate other cultures. Stalin, for example, is said to have used the circumcised within the Bolshevik movement to eradicate the Christian population in the Ukraine that had been unwilling to yield to the Soviet state slavery. It is said that Stalin then back-filled the void to as much as that was possible, with the circumcised that were expelled from various other regions of the Soviet Union in order that the Ukraine could be more easily controlled by being now run by the 'better slaves' as the Pharaoh's might have called the circumcised at one point before the Pharaohs discovered their folly. And as in Egypt, Stalin's project didn't work, did it, so that the gulag system had to be invented as some sort of replay of the Egyptian-type expulsion exodus. And this did solve the State problem either. It didn't heal anything. Hitler's holocaust might not actually been the fulfillment of the empire's requirement for a tragic victim that would be needed to fulfill the Belfour Declaration, but might have had a motive similar to that of the ancient Egyptian-type purge.

The separation of Pakistan from India may have been for a similar reason and may have been demanded by the Hindus as a means for protecting the Hindu population from the circumcised, rather than for the Muslim minority trying to protect itself against the Hindu. When one looks beneath the veil of this vast theatre of historic horror mysteries with the microscope of modern medical and psychological research a entirely different historic scene comes to light. And this new scene is much more frightening in terms of its extent and the difficulty in healing the scene. 

On the other hand it brings a new light to the modern scene of horrendous political, economic, financial, and strategic crises for which no healing is on the horizon either. With empire being totally founded on the background of the circumcision, the universally observed patterns that come with the circumcision are very much evident in the characteristics of the modern empire. The empire of the circumcised presents merely just another element of symptoms of the same unhealed problem. In real terms there appears to be only one empire in the world, the empire of the circumcised; the globalized universal empire that is centered in the 'City of London;' the empire that used to be called the British Empire though it originated in Venice, and before that in Rome and Babylon. Since the modern empire in now global in scope, it no longer calls itself by any name as all names would apply, seeing that almost all nations are now slaves to it. The evidence that we see today suggests that with the circumcision at its foundation the modern empire has become the kind of beast that the ancient Egyptians may have looked at with a sense of horror and taken steps to 'cleanse' itself of. 

Mankind still faces the same challenge, except on a vastly larger scale. However, the option to expel should no longer be on the table, and it should never have been on the table, ever. Expulsion has not worked and cannot work. Force does not cause healing. Force is recursive against itself. Force causes injury. Only intelligent development causes healing. The only option that remains is to actually heal mankind of the mutilation that it has tragically allowed to come upon itself, which hasn't been healed for five millennia. 
(Parts of the above text is taken from my novel, The Flat Earth Society, Chapter 4, the Uncircumcised Land)

Historically, when Pharaoh Merenptah died (app. 1203 BC) both his sons Seti 2 and Amenmesse (the Biblical Moses) contended for the throne. Amenmesse (Moses) is said to have founded the new Hebrew religion at app. 1200, based on the cult of Amun while demonizing the cult of Seth, which was embraced by his enemies. Pharaoh Setnakhte later expelled the Asiatics and founded the 20th Dynasty. 
(see: New Kingdom)

However, the arranged exodus might also have had a second hidden purpose.

Amun was originally a local god from Thebes of minor importance, his name in ancient Egypt meant "the hidden one"  He was regarded in Thebes among the gods of the creation of the world. His importance was magnified during the reign of the Thebean families of the New Kingdom. During the New Kingdom Amun was combined with the most important sun god Ra and became even more powerful. He was then renamed Amun-Ra.
From that time onwards, the worship surrounding Amun-Ra represented the most important theology in Egypt. This led to the development of an early form of monotheism, the other gods do no longer appear independent, but they all enter a constellation with the "one god", they became Angels. The only other god which retained his power was Osiris, Amun-Ra could not sneak into the realm of the underworld. (see: Amun)

The religion of the "the hidden one" Anum or "one god" that Moses represented, might have originated with the very early culture that came out of the last Ice Age, who appear to have been the builders of the three Great Pyramids of Giza at around 10,500 BC. While these pyramids are associated with the names of pharaohs of the 2,500 BC timeframe, they appear to have been built 8,000 years earlier. Their construction is of a quality that is far superior of the rest of the pyramids of the 2,500 BC timeframe. The great sphinx gives us a hint. If one rolls the clock backwards and recalculates the positions of the stars accordingly, something interesting happens around 12,500 years ago. At this time, Sphinx, carved into the bedrock in the shape of a lion, is perfectly aligned to face its own image, the constellation Leo, behind the Sun on the solstice. This alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years of the Earth's precession cycle. Many scholars now believe that the Giza Pyramids were constructed together at this early time fame 12,500 years ago by an ancient people of great cultural and scientific achievements who were referred to as god by the later cultures. 

The perception of a highly spiritually and intellectually developed culture coming out of the Ice Age corresponds with the growing recognition that increased cosmic radiation, which is several times more dense during the Ice Age,  corresponds with advances in biological and intellectual development. The effect is strong enough that it is also seen in corresponding pattern in modern time where outstanding achievement seem to have occurred primarily in times of higher density in cosmic radiation. 
(For more, see: Mankind: Children of the Universe

It might have been the cultural ideals descending from these early cultures, which were fast fading away in Egypt, that Moses might have tried to preserve by leading the Hebrews out of Egypt and using them as carriers for the ancients advanced spiritual ideology. The famous ten commandments evidently emerged from this background. Via the Exodus, the ancient's ideology would likely have been spread throughout the Fertile Crescent, including Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization that had a well developed culture by then. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers provided the perfect location for the peoples to settle. These two large rivers, running along side each other, spanning hundreds of miles provided ample resources for a sedentary civilization. Between these rivers and the Jordan River a crescent shaped landscape had developed in earlier times where the soil is fertile and deep. This area is generally known as the Fertile Crescent. Moses may have aimed to bring the ancients ideology into this region. He succeeded on this count, but failed in not recognizing that his chosen carriers also brought with them the disease of the circumcision.

The Fertile Crescent

What remained of the ideology in the form of the Ten Commandments is significant enough to be noted, even though the commandments had been perverted soon thereafter. It is also possible that the spiritual ideology of the early people that came out of the Ice Age era resettled not only along the Nile, but throughout the Fertile Crescent, in which the Hebrew culture developed, so that the ideology that became enshrined in the Ten Commandment was developed in Mesopotamia directly, instead of having been conveyed by Moses from Egypt. It is known that some of the early culture that came out of the Ice Age background had been seafaring cultures living in the coastal areas that became flooded when the melting ice caused sea levels to rise. Remains of flooded 'cities' have been found off the coast of India. Some appear to have settled in the Indus valley when agriculture became possible in the warming climate, who became the founders of the Harrapan civilization. Others may have resettled themselves in the Fertile Crescent when their previous world became flooded 14,000 years ago. Some evidently settled in the Nile region. The building of the Giza pyramids (in 10,500 BC) is attributed to them according to modern research.

See more at: The Rabbit Hole

The construction date of 12,500 years ago was pioneered by Belgian writer Robert Bauval and then further expounded in collaborative works with  Graham Hancock a British writer and journalist, the originator of the Orion Correlation Theory based on the proposition pyramids on the Giza plateau are (by design) correlated with the relative positions of the three stars in the constellation of Orion which make up Orion's Beltó as these stars appeared ca. 12,500 years ago - and likewise, the Great Sphinx and its lion-shape is maintained to be a definitive reference to the constellation of Leo. Furthermore, the orientation and dispositions of the Sphinx, the Giza pyramids and the Nile River relative to one another on the ground is put forward as an accurate reflection or "map" of the constellations of Leo, Orion (specifically, Orion's Belt) and the Milky Way respectively. 

Hankock writes we have demonstrated with a substantial body of evidence that the pattern of stars that is "frozen" on the ground at Giza in the form of the three pyramids and the Sphinx represents the disposition of the constellations of Orion and Leo as they looked at the moment of sunrise on the spring equinox during the astronomical "Age of Leo" (i.e., the epoch in which the Sun was "housed" by Leo on the spring equinox.)

 (see: Graham Hancock)

Many say that the technology to construct the pyramids was not available to people 12,500 years ago, but likewise the same is being said about NASA's moon landing. The fact is, no extraordinary technology would have been needed to build the pyramids. It would have been relatively easy to elevate the stones to any height up the 58% degree slope by means of a sled drawn by rope over a pulley, with the rope being pulled down by a company of men, leaning into spokes in the rope with their body weight, thereby literally walking the stone up with very little effort involved in the process. The bigger challenge involved would have been to cut the stones in the first place, especially granite, which cannot be split without iron tools. But this too should not have posed a challenge either, since iron meteorites are not uncommon, and the melting glaciers at the end of the Ice Age would likely have exposed some. Technologically, it would have bee immensely more difficult, if not impossible, to coordinate the building of the pyramids with the sky as it existed 8,000 years earlier, and why would they. It also unlikely that the mathematical knowledge still existed at this later time to precisely incorporate the Gold Mean Ratio into the design of the pyramids since this knowledge didn't 'exist' until fairly recently.

The intriguing part of the theory that the pyramids were build 12,500 years ago is that the astrophysical conditioning during the Ice Ages had enabled the development of a more cognitive society for which the reasons are only becoming recognized. The point is that the societies that are frequently termed the cradle of civilization, centered on the Indus, Messopotamia, and the Nile, where not startup societies, but highly developed, relocated societies with a highly advanced scientific and spiritual sense, which declined when the astrophysical conditioning subsided. The Ten Commandments that Moses became linked with (or what is left of them) might have originated in this early advanced culture that build the pyramids, and remains as a link to them together with the pyramids of course that are equally as profound and mysterious.

For more, see: The Pyramids and Cosmic Rays 
and also Mankind: Children of the Universe
 cosmic rays and mental development 


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