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2011 - Exploring the Inevitable Truth

Healing the Decalogue


Marriage is the principle for coming together,
 not for building boundaries

An exploration of the concept of marriage in the context of the Decalogue, and the Decalogue itself, from the novel, Discovering Love, Chapter 17

"Are you saying that marriage has nothing to do with the creating of boundaries and barriers, and shutting other people out, that would prevent that necessary celebration of the Sublime from unfolding?" I responded.

"The concept of shutting other people out, has never been a part of the celebration of the Sublime, Peter. You can't find a word of it even in the Decalogue. All that stuff of barriers and boundaries has been added later in the mutilated version of the Decalogue, the adulterated version that casts a veil over the Sublime," said Steve. "The evidence is quite clear in scriptural history. The veil that hides the Sublime appears throughout the adulterated version of the Decalogue. It is a politicized version that turned the Sublime, the 'essence of God,' the Principle of the Universe, upside down for imperial control. The resulting mutilation reshaped the Decalogue into an artificial imperial vertical construct of fantasy and insanity that ancient priests dreamed up and paraded before society as the Law of God, or Truth. The result became an adulterated version of the natural principles, a mutilated version, an arbitrary imposition, in which the original idea of honoring the bonds built in Love, which brings people closer together, is overturned and strangled. The resulting distortion, perhaps more than anything else, has changed the very concept of what adultery means. It's original meaning, appears to have signified the tragedy of adulterating a profound idea of universal Truth, such as the tragedy of overlaying the lateral model of human relationships with the contortions of the model of empire, the model of the sewer, the model of the black cross. That's what it means to adulterate a profound idea. In the real sense, Peter, the vast majority of the institutional marriages that we find today, are adulterous in themselves, by design, as they represent a perversion of the natural model of human relationships. Did you ever consider adultery in this sense? The adulterated marriage model doesn't honor the bonds forged in Love that unfold in the sphere of the Sublime. The adulterated model ties them into knots."

"But what does this mean to you, personally, right now, Steve?" I interjected.

"Steve leaned back into his chair in the study, opposite to me. "In this house there will be no adultery allowed in the highest sense."

He turned his head aside towards the stairs. "Isn't that so," he said to Ushi, who was coming up the stairs.

"Don't you think you have beat this subject to death," she said. "Is there anything left that you haven't said already before. Let's call it a night, gentlemen. It's late."

"No I was just getting to a vital point that changes almost everything," said Steve. "That's a point we hadn't touched on previously. So bear with me, please. We have a rare opportunity here to touch on something that is absolutely vital. My point is a challenge, really. The challenge is that the lateral model won't be diluted with hypocritical trash in this house. In the true marriage process, which enables people to live closer with one-another, whatever adulterates that idea is banned. Nothing is accepted that hinders the unfolding of Love and thereby corrupts, denies, obscures, or distorts the lateral reality of our being. That's crucial for tonight. Also the whole of civilization hangs on this thread of celebrating the Sublime versus strangling it. The strangling of a profound reality is basically what adultery really means. It means tearing down love with rape, dishonesty, exploitation, jealousy, domination, neglect, confinement, theft, hate, degradation, distrust, dishonor, vice, drunkenness, squandering, jealousy, and so forth. That's an example of adulterating the Sublime. It is an act of invading the Universe of Love with the sludge of the sewer, with elements that have an inhibiting effect on our being in Love. These adulterous elements drive a wedge between people. They have no place in the Sublime universal 'marriage' that brings people closer to one-another. That's what preventing adultery signifies in the scientific context. It signifies what is destroying or diminishing the face of Love. It won't happen here, Peter. None of it will happen here. Not here physically or in science. Of course we probably haven't fully discovered yet what the adulterating of the scientific process ultimately includes. And I might add that celebrating the Sublime is a scientific process. We have to become sensitive to the faintest degrading imposition that would close down our gateway to the Truth. We have to be like a tightrope walker crossing Niagara Falls, who needs to be sensitive to the slightest movements of the wind. Nothing must be allowed to stand that endangers in the slightest the Sublime in human relationships, or anything that degrades, and thereby hides our lateral relationship to one another as human beings. The lateral lattice is real The door is open. The challenge is to take the first step beyond the threshold."

"That looks almost like an impossible task." I interjected.

"No, Peter, we don't face an impossible task in preventing this kind of adultery," said Ushi. "This is so because the real task is to respond to the active Principle that defines the lateral model that is so natural that even the ancient societies were delighted with it and evidently celebrated it. The lateral nature of Principle makes sure by its own imperative that the 'sludge' of the 'sewer' stays in the sewer and doesn't enter the flow of Love in our relationships."

I had to laugh, because not a single one of the elements of the 'sludge' of the 'sewer' such as rape, dishonesty, exploitation, jealousy, domination, neglect, confinement, theft, hate, degradation, distrust, dishonor, vice, drunkenness, squandering, jealousy, etc., are commonly associated with the modern concept of adultery. It seemed that all of these were purposely left out of what is deemed adultery since they are elements that define the imperial vertical model of insanity that turned the Sublime upside down. I commented on that and added that the only thing that one isn't allowed to do under the old concept of adultery is to love another human being. "All the rest is OK," I said, still laughing.

Steve had to laugh, too. "Actually, this isn't a laughing matter," he said. He pointed out that by creating an extremely narrow image for the concept of adultery, especially one that has nothing to do with the original idea, the real meaning of the concept that stands in defense of the Sublime becomes lost. Thereby rape and other types of abuse are allowed to flourish in marriages. Steve said that it is a sad state indeed that all the abominations that the original concept appears to have been designed to prevent are now permitted in the small private sphere of society's marriages, and are often even desired. He gave examples of aspects of perversion that are tolerated and at times 'desired.' He mentioned marital rape, marital domination, spousal neglect, hate, degradation, violence, cruelty, theft, dishonor, and many more. "The only thing that you are not allowed to do under the grossly corrupted concept of adultery, that allows this sewer sludge to soil society, is to establish a bond in Love with another person that institutes real marriage, and brightens the world with a spark of the Sublime."

"The sewer sludge is OK for society," said Ushi. "Yes, Peter, that insanity would be laughable if it weren't so sad. Unfortunately that is the naked face of the imperial vertical system of insanity, where everything that is scientifically essential in civilization is turned upside down. Of course we see this reflected in the political world, from international looting to world wars. We see the abomination fully accepted in the economic domain, where the scene has become that of an orgy of economic rape. And why shouldn't it be rape when the platform of raping is firmly established at the grassroots level in the social domain by a mutilated sense of marriage, where rape is allowed?"

"Can you now see why the corrupted concept of adultery has been imposed?" said Steve. "It is designed to corrupt society at the grassroots level, never to elevate it there. It is designed to condition society for its compliance with external control, and to allow the same ownership-sanctioned cruelties that one finds in many marriages, to become carried out politically and economically on a massive scale. The only thing that's banned today in marriages, and in the political and economic world as well, is the Principle of Universal Love and the General Welfare Principle. These are banned. Everything else, which tramples on the Sublime, is apparently OK."

Steve laughed again and suggested that this is the reason why the West is crying, "Democracy! Democracy!" He said that the concept of democracy has been so intensely narrowed down and adulterated that it means nothing more than counting votes. "As long as you count votes, everything else is allowed." He said, that even stealing the votes is allowed. The rule of money makes the worst legal, such as the corruption of power, the self-prostitution of the leaders to the wealthy, the destruction of the economies and of justice, and the staging of wars. By the narrowing down of the definition of democracy, little remains of the original idea of democracy. Thus, the very concept of democracy as the rule of the people by the people and for the general welfare of the people, has become lost. Now we have democracies that are essentially imperial structures that enforce the looting of society and the murdering of its people by the force of adulterated laws. We need to get away from these corrupted, narrowed down definitions of every one of our vital concepts."

"Maybe that is what the ancients had in mind when they spoke about adultery," said Ushi. "The concept then became mutilated in the service of empire, and narrowed down to hide its real meaning."

Steve picked up the old leather bound German Bible again and looked at me without opening the book. "Should I break the honorable bond of Love, the gentle strands of Love that bind you and Ushi together?" he said quietly. "If I do, I break the commandment which urges us to honor such bonds, then I would be committing adultery. That's what it means not to adulterate, not to narrow down the Sublime and its manifest, not to dishonor the unfolding Love that binds us all together as human beings. That's what I meant, Peter, when I said earlier, we must be careful. If we screw up, we dishonor the Principle that is Love, without which the Universe would not exist. This is big."

Steve paused again. Then he suggested that the other commandments of the Decalogue, such as not to kill, not to steal, and not to tell an untruth to one-another with the intent to deceive, are all fundamental elements of civilization that need to be honored. He added, "and so is the commandment not to break whatever is honorable, such as the bond that Love has forged between people, which is a bond of the marriage of hearts. This is an imperative one, the one that one must never break."

He handed the old Bible to me and repeated that in the German translation the Decalogue instructs one never to break what is honorable. Steve said that this element of the Decalogue is just as much an essential element of civilization as are all the others. He said, the directive not to lie, steal, or kill are fundamental to civilization, but one needs to go beyond the fundamentals, to the higher levels and embrace the Sublime that builds our civilization, and uplifts us to were we begin to enrich and develop one-another. The demand for active steps includes a lot of elements that make us sensitive to one-another and ultimately defines us as human beings."

He suggested that those higher elements might be those that set us apart from every other living species on the planet. "Most animal species fulfill the directive not to kill one-another, not to steal from one-another, and not to deceive one-another. But at the higher levels we stand apart from the animal world as a higher species," said Steve. "The distinction begins as we embrace the Sublime, as we honor and enrich one-another's existence as a matter of Principle, when loving becomes an active process for exploring the Universe in order to discover principles that we can utilize to enrich our world for one-another. This active involvement with aspects of Principle, is what defines us as human beings. This is what creates our civilization, what defines our humanity."

Ushi said that all of this comes to light through bonds of Love that bind us to each other for the common welfare of us all.

"The recognition of the fundamental unity as an active principle is what the marriage process is built on," said Steve. "The key word here is 'active.' It brings to light a new concept, even for me. It is something I hadn't realized until now."

Steve pointed out that society's common notion about marriage, the one that allows Love to have a place only within tightly confined boundaries, is really a travesty of what fundamentally defines us as human beings. He said that we should therefore be careful not to regard the Decalogue as merely a collection of passive demands that instruct us never to do this and that. He said we must search for the active principles that will impel us to a higher-level thinking where these things that we shouldn't do don't exist anymore as an option. He suggested that our apathy in this regard, our failure to look for active, underlying principles, is one of the main reasons why the vital concepts of civilization have become narrowed down and become corrupted, for which our world is in such a mess and is collapsing.

Steve said, "In our narrowed down world, even the killing of human beings is presently accepted. It has become accepted for countless reasons that all fall outside of the narrow definition that we have created for the concept of the sanctity of human life. Theft, too, has been made universally legal in modern times, except for an extremely narrow range of circumstances. And being untruthful," Steve laughed, "has become so widely accepted today that the idea of Truth itself is being denied to exist. Truth is an active element of the Sublime. Truth and Principle is one. Principle is the key to action."

Steve also pointed out that the Decalogue defines a platform for active principles. "There is one fundamental principle that needs to be especially explored," he said. "It is only vaguely reflected in the Decalogue. It is the final commandment and the hardest one to deal with. It is the principle that puts one above coveting property. The Decalogue includes a directive against coveting property, especially one's neighbor's property. It is interesting that the list that defines property in the Decalogue includes one's neighbor's wife. This presents a paradox, and this paradox sets the stage for perceiving this directive correctly. It establishes a higher focus than the directive against stealing. "Indeed, why would the Decalogue focus on stealing twice?" said Steve.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, it doesn't address the issue of stealing twice," Steve continued. "The second focus makes perfect sense, if it is seen as an exclusive directive against coveting property. That's something more deeply rooted than stealing. The entire commandment stands almost as a dire warning for one not to go down this road and live on Property Lane, because as soon as one goes down this road, people do indeed become property. Thus, the commandment contains a solemn warning, as it lists a wife under the category of property. I see this commandment as a warning against the scourge of privatization. And what is the active principle that makes that impossible?"

I suggested to Steve that this particular commandment might be seen as a statement of principle that invalidates the very concept of privatized property, or owning property, as this denies the Principle of the General Welfare. A wife cannot be property. A wife is a person with the freedom to develop her potential for the greater welfare of mankind, as any other human being. The footsteps are secondary, but the principle isn't. The very thought that a person can be property, or that a wife can be property, is repulsive and dangerous. I suggested that this principle applies also to everything. If one lives on Property Lane, one destroys what defines our humanity. One destroys the Principle of Universal Love, by which we enrich one-another's existence as we develop one-another's potential. Living on Property Lane also destroys the Principle of the General Welfare, as it dims the light of Love. By this process, one destroys humanity as a bright, honorable, and spiritual species. The principle that is described by the commandment should snap us out of this trend and call us back to our senses to restore our humanity."

"Ushi is my wife," said Steve, "this is true, but she is no one's property. She lives her own life. People must get the idea out of their head that a person can be property, or that society can be an empire's zoo to be 'managed' at will. The whole notion of coveting property is fundamentally counterproductive to human development and the development of civilization. It is 'treason' against Principle no matter what type of property one would covet, whether it be money, land, businesses, an empire, a wife, and so on. The scene would become a disaster waiting to happen if the Principle of the General Welfare, or Universal Welfare, would not propel us in the opposite direction. That's why society should pull itself away from that. Of course that is extremely difficult, since we have been almost drowned in property related notions that an oligarchic hierarchical society depends on."

Steve suggested that Moses was evidently well aware of these dangerous axioms and their destructive effects, and of the essential nature of the opposite principles for elevating human existence.

Steve said that this point is so important that he must read the texts again, and this time in the original order. He also asked me to take note that the law of the Decalogue, where it is first presented in Scriptures, contains not a single cruel element. He asked me to take note that all the hype that defines a person as property, even a marriage property governed by rules against transgressing the property rights, and the imposition of the death penalty for that transgression, etc., is not found in the original text of the Decalogue, but is brought into the context of the Decalogue at a much later date in another book about Moses. Steve said that all the gory stuff begins to surface quite suddenly in the third book written about Moses, called Leviticus, the book of the laws of the priests, the book that is believed to have been authored by the priesthood itself, which of course used that mutilated law to dominate society.



Steve suggested that during the ensuing interval between the introduction of the Decalogue, and the time when it was turned upside down and the cruel law was put in its stead, the gentle law of the Decalogue had been turned into a political tool for the purpose of maintaining a hierarchical power structure. Steve said that this hierarchical power structure has no basis to exist, and would not have existed without the authoritative notion that legitimizes the ownership of people as property under the law of God. "The last commandment, therefore, which warns about coveting property, becomes tremendously important when it is scientifically understood," said Steve. He paused and turned to me. "Can you think of a better way for maintaining a hierarchy of power than to attribute the authorship of this hierarchy to God?" he said. "This ghastly trick includes all the distortions that the masters want to promote for their imperial purposes. I don't think one can sink any deeper into insanity than treating human beings as an acquirable property. When society turns itself into property, civilization ends. I can't think of anything worse. Can you?"

"No, I can't, Steve," I said. "However, it seems to me that Moses' moral law could not have been so radically abused and distorted by this kind of treachery that its underlying principles have become totally lost. The various aspects of Principle that the ancient pioneers had recognized and ascribed to Moses, obviously continue to exist to the present day regardless of the distortions. The power of Principle cannot be contained forever. No one can stay the imperative of Principle or obsolete its relevance to human living. That much I do understand," I said.

I told Steve about Erica. I told him that she was telling me that God's standard is Love. "One cannot escape that," I said to him. "One cannot pass it up when it touches one. One cannot change the fundamental reality of being. Still, I agree with you that one can easily get caught up in the fantasies of insanity. And that appears to be a hard one to get out of. Is that what you are saying about the Decalogue? You are saying that responding to reality cannot really be avoided, no matter how hard it seems, and won't be avoided when one understands the active principles that bring it to light? Are you saying that passive obedience affords no power? Are you suggesting then that society actually cannot avoid war in a passive manner, so that war can only be avoided with a strong focus on the active principle of peace? Are you saying that this is the only path on which war becomes impossible and then won't happen? Are you saying that anything less won't do? Is that what you are saying?"

Steve nodded. Then he began to smile. "Here is another surprise for you," he said. He took the old German Bible back from me and opened it. "Pay attention to the sequencing of the last five commandments," he said. "In their original sequence the commandments are arranged in the order of their difficulty and in the order of their severity in consequences."

Steve read them in the original sequence. The commandments counsel us not to kill, not to break what is honorable, not to steal, not to lie, and not to covet property. He said that I should pay attention to the active principles involved.

"Not to kill one-another is a basic element of civilization," said Steve. He placed the old Bible back onto the table next to his reading lamp as if he didn't need it anymore. "The principle that is involved in the directive not to kill, is to respect life. That is an active principle. Most people understand this principle. They understand that it is a basic element of civilization that one respects one-another's right to live." He said that we were fast moving away from this understanding in the political arena, but he also said that most people today still understand this principle to some degree. "It is generally recognized therefore to be fundamental to civilization," said Steve. "Not many people have difficulties with this. It is also by far the easiest requirement of the Decalogue to understand. For this reason, I am convinced, the masters of empire will ultimately fail in their depopulation drive," added Steve.

"The depopulation drive is becoming evermore insane," Ushi interjected. "I've been told by reliable inside sources that the masters of empire are already targeting the elderly, the chronically ill, and the disabled, even the potentially disabled, for elimination, like Hitler had done. There is also a policy developing to target babies under the global warming hoax, which are now termed a 'pollution,' for reasons that they are adding to the carbon 'burden' on the planet throughout their years of life. The masters of empire are working overtime to render the killing of human beings a virtue rather than a crime. But their game will fail. They are striking deep, at the root of human existence, even at Life itself, and the harder they strike, the more powerfully will their actions backfire. It appears that the more basic the aspects of Principle are, which they attack, the more powerfully they will act against themselves, towards their ultimate elimination. The masters of empire financed Hitler into power. Hitler is gone. The masters of empire are riding the same train, and will be next. That's why the depopulation drive will fail."

Steve nodded. He said that the next requirement of the Decalogue is a little more difficult, but is still one of the easy one's to understand. It is the requirement not to break what is honorable. "Most people have no difficulty in honoring the bonds of Love that bind people to one-another. They even celebrate these bonds with ceremonies, in spite of the fact that the concept has become adulterated and corrupted. In the natural setting, this requirement extends to all bonds of Love. That part is evidently more difficult to understand, but not too difficult so that it cannot be understood. People who scientifically understand the nature of the Universe have no problem with this. So you see, the original, universal marriage principle is not really that difficult to comprehend. As you can see, it is one of the easier ones. Its outcome is beautiful and enriching, and it provides great freedom."

Steve paused, and then said that the next commandment in turn, of the Decalogue, is quite a bit tougher, both to comprehend and to implement. "Not to steal from one-another is a tough assignment if it is to be a passive requirement. The entire world-financial system is presently built on the platform of stealing from one another. That is the only way possible for making money without producing anything of value for it. The commandment literally demands that society put its entire financial and economic system through bankruptcy reorganization, and gives up stealing for producing. While those steps cannot be avoided, the turnaround will likely not happen on a passive basis. Nothing will happen in this arena, until the underlying principle for this requirement is understood. Only then will things begin to move, and we might see this happening some day, Peter. In any case, it is inevitable to happen. Since an understanding of the underlying active principle is possible, the end-result is assured."

Steve repeated that the Decalogue should not be regarded as a collection of passive requirements. He explained that this change in focus changes everything. "It makes the passive, active, and in such a way that the directive not to steal is really the requirement to develop a deeply seated commitment to Principle. When this happens, not only will stealing become impossible, but the expression of Principle will envelop society. Love will then become the impetus for enriching the world and enriching one-another's life. The impetus for enriching one-another's existence always reflects an active principle. When it is understood, this principle for producing and creating a vast scene of good is unrelenting. That is what civilization is built on, even to the extent that all human needs are thereby met."

"Are you saying that this commandment not to steal actually promotes the Principle of Love-based Economics? Are you saying that this commandment's principle is overlaying in consciousness the imperial perversion misnamed economics, that is nothing more than greed-based fantasy?" I interjected. "Greed is a key element of the insanity that is presently ruling the world. Are you saying that without an active principle powering civilization, the rule of the day will always be a mad fantasy expressing insanity?"

Steve nodded and said that a lot of people have great difficulty with that. "They can't get themselves to accept the Principle of Love building a world without greed. They try to be honorable. They even try not to steal, but without the active impetus of Principle they find themselves caught up in the treadmill of financial stealing that has become one of the worst scourges in modern times, by which society itself is doomed."

Steve paused and then added, more softly spoken, "and still the principle that is involved in this commandment demands more than simply stepping away from stealing. It demands society's active commitment to enriching one-another. This unfolding action becomes expressed in developing one-another's cultural, scientific, and spiritual potential that is inherent in a human being. It includes the call for scientific development. When all of this happens in the light of an active understanding of this particular aspect of Principle, society will find itself rich and secure. If society fails in this, the stealing from one another throughout society will continue, until a total economic collapse occurs or a dawning understanding stops the trek to hell. In order to avoid the collapse, it will never be sufficient to try not to steal. The focus must be on the principle of wealth building, that is expressed in creating and producing, and on developing all the great qualities that make us uniquely human. If this development is blocked, what has society got left but to steal from one-another? In this case people steal from themselves, as they steal from the world. They are then preventing the great universal riches that might have been established. So you see, Peter, it is actually possible to transgress the law against stealing, without even laying a finger on another person's property. To block the development of civilization is an act of stealing from the future. All of this together makes the law of the Decalogue, not to steal, much more difficult to understand, and to fulfill."

"My experience has been that there are not many people in the world, who aim to enrich society right across the globe with universal economic development, on every level, and in every country," said Ushi. "I know a few people who qualify, but far too few. Most are committed to outright stealing, as Steve has said. They steal from one-another with trickery and cunning. The madness has become a worldwide epidemic all across the financial and legal arena, and not only there."

"The resulting degradation of our world and society has already brought such severe consequences, that the world's entire financial and economic structure is collapsing as we speak," said Steve. "The USA may not go under for decades yet. The giant is still strong. But the collapse process is under way."

Steve leaned forward and added quietly, "That is what I meant by society being doomed by its obsession with stealing from one another."

Steve paused after that and looked at me again, and smiled. "It gets tougher, still," he said. "Much more difficult than the commandment not to steal, is the next commandment in line, the commandment, not to lye to one-another. On the surface this appears to be a passive directive. It demands one not to tell an untruth with the intent to deceive. But this commandment too, reflects an active principle that takes us beyond the passive level. The commandment that demands one not to lye should be seen as an active requirement. The active requirement evidently is that one is honest with oneself. The principle includes scientific honesty. If one is honest with oneself about the worth and the beauty of a human being, as this is due to the tallest expression of life on the planet, then the unfolding respect for oneself and for one-another, automatically prevents one from ever intentionally deceiving another. It just wouldn't happen, because we would see each other from a higher standpoint that inspires honor, support, and respect."

Steve paused and sighed. "Unfortunately society is willing to regard itself as the private zoo of hidden imperial owners, who have appointed over them zoo-keepers. Society allows itself to be spoon-fed in this zoo, with a thick diet of lies that would make any self-respecting person gag and throw up, or revolt like children sometimes do who don't want to eat broccoli."

Steve shook his head. "Unfortunately, modern society is far from recognizing the true standard of its humanity. It has been dragged away from it to the point that it is no longer allowed to focus on Truth much less experience its essence."

"In Lies We Trust!" I interjected. "That's what the banners tell us that empire parades before us day after day in its war against mankind. Society lies to itself by living in this environment, rather than stepping out of it."

"Lies mean nothing to the inhabitants of the zoo," said Steve. "The zoo mentality has become what might be called, a 'privatized public mentality.' Society's mentality has been designed by the zookeepers, to be applied to the zoo, that is to force people to follow the script of what has been 'imposed' on them as public opinion. Outright lying to one-another has become a worldwide pandemic. People lye to their friends, their spouses, their neighbors, their peers, their governments, but mostly they lye to themselves. They thereby dishonor the very image of the human being in every case. This has horrendous consequences, Peter. Out of this dark background of lying to oneself about the nature of man, came the Eugenics theories that define certain people as scum. This is the idea that Adolf Hitler had been mobilized to accept for the purpose of doing away with the Jewish people and others who didn't fit into his new world. He no longer defined them as human beings, much less as the tallest expression of life on the planet. He defined them as 'useless eaters.' The empire's modern depopulation demands are built on the same types of lies and involve similar consequences. The lies all involve the same rejection of the fundamental principle that is reflected in the Decalogue with regard to lying. This means that we must honor every effort that is made by people to be honest with themselves. And I mean 'every' effort. Yours included. We have a long way to go, my friend, before society can even think about meeting this demanding directive to be truthful with oneself and others."

Steve paused again and grinned. He said that the next commandment is even harder to implement, saying that it is the hardest of them all. "That's the requirement not to covet property," said Steve. "This, too, must be seen as something far greater than just a passive requirement. Right now, the whole world is property oriented. The quest for property has fractured the whole human society with countless divisions for economic gain and controlling interests. We have fought wars for these objectives, and we are ready to do so again. We are even willing, in this quest, to risk the destruction of our entire world, including ourselves, in a holocaust of a nuclear war or something much worse. We are willing, and quite ready, to suffer all of this, but we are not willing at this time to deal with the root cause of this insane issue that we have offered our life to. Like the monkey in a Malaysian monkey trap, we are not willing to let go of the nut of the property mythology that stands behind the privatization processes of everything. In the name of the private property mythology, people cheat, lye, steal, kill, and enslave one-another. It is as if Moses understood the tragic outcome, should humanity go down the path of property lane, so that he warned urgently what would happen if we won't recognize the fundamental principle behind that commandment."

Steve laughed. "You realize of course that the priests who have perverted that law understood the principle well. They knew what they were doing. The way in which the doctored version is arranged we find the very next chapter dealing with rules and consequences related to property rights. The mutilated law establishes human slavery as a legitimate process. It regulates it. It legitimizes the killing of people in property oriented conflicts. It also introduces the infamous 'eye for an eye' concept, and the 'tit for tat' concept, that leads to endless cycles of war, retribution, and counter-retribution, which some day may kill us all. The corrupting appendix that highlights the property issues has been added to the mutilated Decalogue in such a manner that it makes a law out of a perversion. That's gross corruption. It, all by itself, should stand as a warning for humanity. If one opens Pandora's Box pertaining to property rights, the whole human scene is set up to disintegrate and collapse, just as it is in the process of doing right now. The only thing that the priests hadn't included in their corruption of the Decalogue, was a direct reference to nuclear war, and to war itself that is always drawn from property related issues. The New World Order is a quest for ruling the world to make the whole world the private property of empire, including mankind, who are reduced to act as slaves in it."

I smiled. "I suppose we can count ourselves lucky that it may not come to that," I said.

Steve looked at me with his penetrating look and shook his head. "Tell me," he said, "what is the active element of Principle for the commandment that counsels against coveting property? What fundamental principle counteracts the property mythology? What principle is being denied when people become captivated by this mythology? What principle do you know that can counteract the madness that is presently driving society towards its doom?" He looked at me. "What is that one aspect of Principle, Peter, which makes that quest impossible to succeed?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"You should know that," said Steve.

"The counteracting aspect of Principle has to be nothing less than the Principle of Universal Love and its expression as the General Welfare Principle," I said cautiously.

Steve nodded. "Our nation has been founded on these principles. They are the fundamental element of the Preamble of the US Federal Constitution. The Southern Confederacy changed that Preamble. It created its own version, where it replaced the 'right to pursue happiness' with 'the right to hold property.' With the stroke of a pen, one of the key-aspects of Principle that is reflected in the Decalogue was being denied. The driving force was the war of empire against mankind. The end result of this insanity was a civil war that destroyed the Confederacy."

"All of these principles remain to the present day to be implemented," said Ushi. "And since we can't accomplish much more tonight, we should stop," she added. "It is late."

"Let's not stop just yet," said Steve. "I'm coming to the point that counts in a big way. As I said before, our precious USA was founded on these principles. There were a few periods in our history when people actually implemented these principles, even if it was done only to some degree. My point is, that those were the richest periods for our nation. Right now all of these principles are completely rejected, though they should be the central element of our nation's policies. And that is really my point for tonight. The taller these principles are that we are facing to implement, and the more completely they are implemented, the richer the outcome is for individuals and for the nation. Let's not sacrifice anything at the altar of time and expediency. We need to come out of what is unfolding tonight with greater riches, greater security, and an active peace that can open a portal of light for the world."

Steve paused again.

Ushi sat down with us at the table instead of heading for the stairs.

Steve asked us how all this relates to us individually, that very night. He didn't wait for me to answer. He leaned across the small table in the study with his hands folded, looking at me over the top of his glasses. "We must make every possible effort to implement every single one of those directives," he said in answering his own question. "The principles that the directives represent provide us great riches and great freedoms," he said. "I intend to honor the bond of Love that has unfolded between the two of you, and I am sure so do you. In this we are secure. But is this enough. This first requirement was an easy and joyous one to fulfill, because I respect the honesty that stands behind it in your endeavor to enrich one-another. That's evident in your regard for one-another as beautiful human beings with a great potential for uplifting the world. So I must help you both. I must nurture that unfolding of Love in your life in any way I can. I must do this in order to help you realize its potential for the sake of us all. You are dealing with this concept now. I also respect that you are beginning to understand that the only thing that is left for us all to do, is to bring to each other our Love with which to enrich one-another's existence."

Steve turned to me while he spoke. "So you see, the Decalogue that you spoke of so contemptuously, Peter, impedes nothing that would open the door to a more joyous existence with great freedoms. In fact it inspires it to happen. It is an active demand. It demands it. But is this enough?"

Steve paused and smiled. "All these elements put together," he continued, "bring us closer to experiencing the Sublime. Moses' Decalogue really is a part of the gateway to the Sublime. If it is scientifically understood, it furnishes a gateway to incredible freedoms and riches. It appears that Moses, or whoever might have authored the Decalogue, had understood to some degree these important scientific principles, which sadly, society no longer understands, or doesn't want to understand, as it has been taught the opposite for centuries. This means that we have some specific work to do to let go of all the false dogmas and axioms that we have been preached for centuries."

"The scientific recognition of Truth causes us to let go of the old as we rebuild our lives on a new foundation," said Ushi.

"All scientific discoveries are rooted in Truth," said Steve.

"This makes the process quite demanding," I interjected. "No wonder the masters of empire keep screaming, 'there is no Truth.' They deny Science, consequently everything becomes reduced to be just opinion. They open the door to freedom, but behind the door stands impotence."

"You bet Science is demanding, Pete. It is not an easy matter for one to give up all of ones long cherished notions if the active principles behind that demand are not scientifically understood. Then the tendency is that one would rather not venture into the unknown, like Shakespeare's pathetic Hamlet did. Wisdom, however, demands that one face the reality of the fundamental principles that one can't avoid without dire consequences. This is what we are committed to in this house. This is what tonight is all about, scary as it may be."

Steve went back to the bookshelf and exchanged the German Bible for another old English one. He handed it to me. "Read Matthew 22:36," he said.

The text that I read describes Christ Jesus' reply to a lawyer's question. He asked, which is the greatest commandment in the law. Christ Jesus' answer was that one should be in Love with God, with Love itself, and this with all the intimacy that we find in Soul, acknowledged in Mind, and that one include ones neighbors in this loving and oneself.

"The point is," said Steve, "that ultimately one has no choice in the matter. One really has no choice except to value the human being, including oneself, and all, as the tallest expression of Life on the planet, as the very image of God so to speak. We have no choice, because that's the reality of being in Science. To do anything less in practice would be dishonest, hypocritical, and dangerous."

I raised my hand.

"The requirement has nothing to do with religion," said Steve. "It is a requirement that is reflected in all the principles that elevate society. It is also fundamental to all prophesy, even to forecasting our future in terms of human development or disintegration. Right now, we are drifting towards economic disintegration and nuclear war. There is no willingness to deal with one-another as human beings according to the principles of civilization."


Steve took the old Bible and put it back to its place on the bookshelf. He returned with another, very old, leather bound book. "This one is only a hundred years old," he said. "It was written near the end of America's renaissance." He handed the book to me. It was Mary's book that he had kept earlier on the balcony. I remembered the title. The title was printed in golden letters: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, President of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College and Pastor Emeritus of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.

"The title isn't important for now," said Steve. He began to grin. "I have a surprise for you," he said. "Turn to page number two, and read the last of the marginal headings."

Wow! There it was in print what Erica had talked about. I read the marginal heading, "God's standard. God is Love."

"Read what it says half way down the paragraph," Steve suggested.

I read, "Do we expect to change perfection? Shall we plead for more at the open fount, which is pouring forth more than we accept?"

"That open fount is Love," said Steve. "God's standard is Love. Without the harmonizing Spirit of Love the Universe would not exist. Obviously, this is not the shallow kind of love that is emotional. The harmonizing effect of Love is both essential and powerful. All the difficult commandments are like that, when they are understood scientifically. They are fulfilled by the Principle of Universal Love that is an element of the all-encompassing one Principle that is reflected in the Universe, and in us. Does this answer you question that you had asked me earlier?"

Steve took the book back from me, without further comments. He returned it to its place on the shelf, while I pondered over what I had just read. I placed, what he had said, in conjunction with his invitation for me to spend the night in his home, in his own bed, together with his wife, - enveloped in Love, which he said is pouring forth more than we accept! Was he saying that conventional wisdom is not looking high enough, far enough, and enables our hopes to be not tall enough?

"Are you saying that the distorted, politicized Decalogue will not keep humanity forever tied to its distorted notions?" I asked. "Are you saying that it is possible for a person to step beyond the fantasies of insanity at the moment that the individual recognizes the fraud, and begins to understand in science the real principles involved? Are you saying that a breakout is possible instantly, and is inevitable universally? Are you saying that this breakout can be intelligently and scientifically advanced?"

Steve said yes, but shook his head. "What you are saying is correct, Pete, but you are still not looking far enough. I am certain that when the Principle of Universal Love becomes more fully understood, which moves us to enriching one-another's existence, as it unfolds in our hearts, we will experience it as a powerful force that can change the world in every single aspect that has become destructive. And we can go beyond anything that existed before. We can go right to the heart of the harmonizing freedom that is already established in Love, and claim our liberty. The footsteps have all been laid out in the pathway of Science. Of course it will be challenging to take those steps, but we can take them, and we will take them, when we understand the principles and utilize them to enrich our life. Perhaps we may not change the whole world instantly that way, but we can certainly change our immediate world in this house right now, tonight. And we are doing this. We should celebrate this breakthrough. We have much to celebrate."

Steve paused for a moment, than he went on. "If the Principle of Universal Love had been understood by humanity at the time when this book was written that you just read from, World War I would have been avoided, and World War II would not have been thought off," he said. "Then a hundred million people that have been killed, and many of them horribly, would have remained alive and productive, and would have continued enriching civilization. It is our challenge to take on the responsibility to do this now in the larger world, in order to prevent far worse tragedies from happening that are already looming on the horizon. We must achieve the necessary breakthrough, step by step, if need be, but we must achieve it, because it is the only option we have for staying alive in a nuclear and biologically armed world."

Steve stood up and went back to the bookcase.

"How can this be done?" I said in amazement. "Don't you expect too much?"

"I give you one year to find the answer," Steve said from the far side of the room where he had placed the book back and now searched for something else.

"We have come full circle," said Ushi. "We began with the question, can the Universe exist without Love. And we've come back to that."

"No, we have begun to answer Peter's question, what is the Principle of Universal Love?" said Steve.

"I think this will do us for one night," I interjected.

Steve turned to Ushi. "It's time then for the celebration to begin."

He came back with still another book in his hand and motioned us to follow him downstairs.

He told me on the stairs that he had recently found a great treasure at one of the flea markets. The way he was holding the book, it was obvious what he referred to. The book was another very old leather bound volume.

"Let me read to you from the American Declaration of Independence," he said, as we were seated downstairs near the open window with the cool air blowing in from the park. "Keep in mind the isolating models that turn people into servants to the deepest depth of their being. This is what this declaration counteracts. Also keep in mind the principles that we have just discussed. If you do this, then you may begin to understand what civilization is founded on, as it has been celebrated in countless ways, specifically with the founding of the New America. Benjamin Franklin, an outstanding scientist who has contributed more to the founding of America than we may know, is said to have been the primary author of the American Declaration of Independence. I regard the Declaration as a new kind of Decalogue. Benjamin Franklin was a true scientist, like you and I. He was always searching for elements of Truth. With his Declaration of Independence he rammed a knife into the heart of society's oligarchic zoo mentality. He challenged not just the British Empire, nor did he merely challenge the legitimacy of the oligarchic zoo altogether, he challenged the whole of human society the world over to celebrate itself as human beings. You will be amazed what Franklin had urged society to comprehend. Keep in mind that America was largely a society of farmers at the time. And yes, they did comprehend what he said. They acknowledge something profound about themselves. The kind of development in thinking that stood behind the Declaration of Independence may have uplifted everyone's thinking, reaching to the deepest depths. What they understood of it was enough for them to stand their ground, and defeat the mightiest military force on the planet, the force of an empire that commanded near infinite resources. They faced that force in a spirit of celebration of something greater than themselves."

Ushi was pouring us all a cup of coffee, while Steve was searching through the book.

I was puzzled by what he might have meant when he said, that it reached to the deepest depth of their thinking?" Did he mean with this that it reached to the deepest depth of their identity as human beings? Was this not the same identity that was also reflected in my honesty towards Ushi, and myself, as Ushi had already recognized on the beach, or my feelings towards others, or everything together?

While Steve searched through the book, I dared to ask what the focus would be. He shook his head. Then, he asked whether I thought it possible for one to acknowledge oneself honestly without violating the distorted marriage model of the third book of Moses, the book of the politicized law, the adulterated or mutilated law that the priesthood had created, the law that sets up boundaries and penalties.

I said no, and suggested to Steve that the devotion by humanity, to fit itself into that narrow mold must have caused incalculable damage to its development.

Steve shook his head. He suggested that an honest person invariably breaks such a law, because that law is not based on reality. He suggested that Christ Jesus understood this, and that this understanding gave him the assurance of success in his case of defending the adulterous woman. He said to the people that whosoever had not invalidated the false law in their own conscience, that is, who had not felt the substance of the Principle of Universal Love in their own heart - that is whoever had not felt the Principle that is reflected in our humanity even to some degree - should be the first to throw a stone.

Steve pointed out that in real terms it wasn't the woman who was on trial in this case, whom Christ Jesus was demanded to judge. "This must have been plain to him," said Steve. "It was the Principle of Universal Love, represented by the model of the lateral lattice, that had been on trial in this case. That is what he had to uphold," said Steve emphatically. "Obviously, he understood that a human being, from the deepest depth of our common humanity, has no choice but to uphold the most basic universal principle that is rooted in every human being's very Soul. He understood the lateral model. Thus he celebrated all the way through the trial. He evidently knew that all he had to do was ask each one of the accusers to be honest with themselves. He was evidently certain that their honesty with themselves exempted everyone from the fascist duty that the corrupted law had imposed, that of stoning the woman to death. With that he won. No one picked up a stone."

At this point Steve had found what he was looking for. He opened the book to the American Declaration of Independence. He read it slowly and solemnly. "This is a great text for starting a celebration of Principle," he said. He stood up to read:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Steve looked up and grinned. "Now listen to this," he said and read on.

"...To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. However!" Steve raised his hand at this point. "When any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Steve closed the book and looked at me with his large brown eyes.

"The time has come, Peter, to allow yourself to be honest in your loving. The time has come to celebrate the Sublime that includes in itself the whole of our universal humanity."

He was looking at Ushi also, as he spoke. "There is honor in that, and security, because the honesty in Love involves taking responsibility to cause no harm."

I said something to the effect that this night would be long remembered, even if it stopped right now.

Steve grinned and said that the best part hasn't even begun. "A principle is of no value, unless it is translated into life to the fullest extent to which one dares to explore it. That's where its power unfolds, and with it the peace and joy it holds for us all."

(from the novel, Discovering Love, Chapter 17)



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