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The Divine Creation Myth

Giza Pyramids - Credit Eduard Spelterini 18521931 - cropped from a larger image

The scientific culture of the ages

Creation myths have typically developed in oral traditions. They are the most common form of myth found in human culture. The creation myth is usually regarded as conveying some profound truths, although not necessarily in a historical or literal sense as they attempt to explain how the world was formed and humanity originated. Countless such myths abound. Mostly they are connected with various types of deities and are wrapped up in religious dogmas. The Christian Bible presents two such myths that are totally contrasting in nature. Their vast difference suggests their origin being located in different timeframes and different backgrounds. The first myth in Genesis 1 is of a vastly more scientific spiritual quality than the general Hebrew perceptions that the Bible conveys that its origin may go much farther back in time, possibly to the age of the building of the Great Pyramids of Giza, which appear to have been an age of a highly developed intellect, with a root in cosmic forces..

The pyramids and cosmic rays appear to be linked. The pyramids might not have been built without this linkage to cosmic forces. Contrary to theories of Egyptology the Giza pyramids were built 12,500 years ago, or earlier and were appropriated by the kings for whom they are named. Celestial evidence suggests that the 10,500 BC timeframe-theory is a more likely one than the consensus one upheld in Egyptology. History is all too often bent to meet political and social requirements. The fact is, theories related to their origin is all that we've got, because they were built before written languages were in use on this planet. Consequently that nothing was written down. No inscriptions were found in the pyramid chamber. No names were chiseled in stone. No faces were carved into the walls at even the most prominent places. All the stone faces remained pristine, blank, and unmarred. The only thing that was cast in stone is that the three pyramids in their layout and height match precisely the layout and the brightness of the stars of Orion's belt, and that the sphinx would face it own image behind the Sun on the winter solstice 12,500 years in the past. The pyramids were evidently built by a highly advanced scientific culture. Their alignment to the celestial coordinates of the Great Pyramid remains to the present day the most precise in the world, and its height to base ratio precisely corresponds with the golden mean ratio that was not officially known (or rediscovered) until modern time. 
(for more: See: The Pyramids and Cosmic Rays, and Mankind: Children of the Universe

It is highly likely that the first creation myth that opens the Bible originated with the extremely scientifically advanced early culture that had built the pyramids. The first Biblical creation story presents a platform of progressive universal unfolding, not in religious terms, but in spiritually expanding terms that puts the dawn of mankind at the end of a profound progression that is not found in any other creation myth known to me and is far in advance of everything that follows. 

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What follows in time over the millennia reflects the patterns of a mentally diminished, if not degraded society, 10,000 years down the line. How much of the perception of the early scientific culture had remained until some of it became written down in cuneiform script that may have existed as early as 3,300 BC, or in ancient Egyptian script is not known. 



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