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2011 - Exploring the Inevitable Truth

Burning Food

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Twilight of Civilization

Historically, starvation has been used as a death sentence. From the beginning of civilization to the Middle Ages, people were immured, or walled in, and would die for want of food. Today 'chronic starvation' affects about 925 (2010) million people, or about 14 % of the world population, which is for many a death sentence. This does not include another billion or so who are undernourished, due to lack of adequate food. Imposing genocide has become the new religion.

(ref: Starvation)

How long will she live?
Will she see adulthood?
Will she see old age?
She lives sentenced to death - London-imposed
as does much of the whole of mankind
in various ways
we've become executioners
of our
by design
justified with fraud

Starvation has become the modern face of 'civilization', 
artificially imposed by policy.
 How many die in silence, unseen, unheard of? 
Does anybody know? 
The dying don't stage demonstrations.

European land use for biolfuels adds up to 17,5 Mio ha out of 113.8 - a 15% ration for biofuels use. If this figure was projected worldwide for a population of 6.7 billion people, the biofuels' share of 15% could have produces food for one billion people. On the global scale the ratio is much lower than the EU-imposed quota, so that the land use for biofuels' would only have, realistically, produced enough food to nourish app.200 million people. With this amount of food products being burnt, 925 million of the poorest in the world are being forced into chronic starvation with another billion going hungry.

This resulting silent death toll - imposed by the biofuels holocaust - claims at the very minimum 100 million lives per year who die with a whimper, unrecognized, uncounted, their names never recorded. Officially every year 15 million children die of hunger. This appears to be just the tip of the iceberg, not counting the rest of the age groups.

The silent holocaust that everyone in the western world has a hand in, who pulls up to a gas pump or rides a bus - who thereby signs the death warrant for 100 million people per year - far supercedes the Nazi holocaust of 6 million over 6 years. 

And the wave of death is rising as the biofuels ratio that is mandated by law is increasing. It started at E5 (5% of fuel produced from food products). Then it became E10. Now (in 2011) it stands at E15. In order to meet these enormous increased evermore vast tracts of land are taken out of food production, exacerbating landlessness everywhere in the Third World, and of course also hunger and starvation.

 ActionAid reports that in just five African countries 1.1 million hectares have been given over to industrial biofuels for export; while 1.4 million ha were taken over simultaneously to produce food for export, and this on a continent that has one of the largest ratio of the population starving.  

As biofuels displace food from agricultural land also in developed countries, and as the rich countries run out of water for agriculture (biofuel production requires enormous water resources), food production is increasingly outsourced to cheap land available in poor countries, while the thereby created artificial shortages are driving up the world food price, which hits the poor countries even harder. Food and fuel are competing everywhere for land. EU companies have already acquired or requested at least five million hectares of land for industrial biofuels in developing countries. Just to meet the EUís ten percent target would require 17.5 million hectares for growing biofuels in developing countries. (ref: Biofuels)

The bottom line is that biofuels are one of the leading engines for genocide, but not the only ones. 

The quest for worldwide genocide, which the Nazis had pioneered on a very small scale, became increasingly put onto the agenda by the masters of the current world empire from the 1950s on when Bertrand Russell complained that wars are "disappointing" in that they don't kill enough people, even big wars, who was suggesting back in the 50s that more efficient means should be devised to get rid on the unwanted that the empire deems to be excess population, or over-population. 

Towards this end the religion of environmentalism has been pressed into service, especially the (non-existing) global warming (promoted as a hoax), which many tens of thousands of scientists have protested against repeatedly for the past twenty years and have put their name down in protest. The biofuels madness that borders on fraud is just a component of the global warming hoax, as is the forced underdevelopment of much of the world in the name of preventing carbon (CO2) emissions, even while the world is presently CO2-starved.  (CO2 is the gas of life - when CO2 levels are doubled, plant growth increases 50% - and there is no global warming - semitropical Mexico lost 600,000 acres of irrigated corn crop due to freezing in Feb. 2011)

Let me present here a part of my novel Coffee, Sex, and Biscuits, Chapter 19, part 2, written in 2009, that deal briefly with this issue. Since then conditions became worse.


Yegor turned to Rita. "Tell Peter about the civilization in your novel, which escaped by a great tragedy on the platform of an understood fundamental principle," he says to her.

"It is a science fiction story of an advanced civilization that was threatened to be invaded by a powerful force for the purpose of enslaving it," says Rita without standing up. "The marauding space invaders where feared throughout their region of the galaxy."

"Let me guess," I interrupted her. "The threatened civilization had built itself a large stock of nuclear weaponry, a small fraction of which could eradicate the threatening force, but the people also realized that they couldn't apply this option as they felt that resorting to killing for any cause would destroy the very foundation of their civilization that had been founded on a platform of enriching life, not destroying life. A friend from Leipzig had told me of such a story."

"Then she probably read my book," says Rita. "The book is known in a few intellectual circles. Leipzig is not unknown as a leading intellectual center. The University of Leipzig was among the first to stand up in the fight against the Global Warming fraud. The Leipzig Declaration had been supported with signatures of over a hundred professional climatologists, standing in opposition to the fraud. It was designed to stop the escalating Global Warming fraud at the Kyoto conference. The declaration didn't even get onto the agenda to be heard. The conference was designed as a fraud itself, for the betrayal of mankind. My novel had been written long before this time. It describes the principle that prohibits tragedy. I do not know if this principle was understood in Leipzig at the time. The power of a principle lies in a people's recognition of it. In my novel the recognition of an imperative principle prevented a great tragedy. The same potential exists today and for all times to come." Rita leans back into her chair and folds her hands over her head. She looks towards the fireplace where the fire had almost gone out. She stands up and puts a new log on.

"My friend who told me the story from your book about the civilization that refused to defend itself with the use of violence had hailed this civilization as being extremely wise," I say to Rita. "She said that Germany had been unwise and had yielded to violence, and was consequently destroyed thereby. She said that Germany didn't loose World War II because of strategic errors, of which there might have been a few. She said the Germany lost the war because of its 'healthcare' policy that was centered on killing people, the T4 policy as it was known for the address where it was administered from, Tiergarden Strasse 4. It was a policy that weighed the life of a person against the cost of maintaining that life. If death was the less costly option, it became a factor in the cost management accounting. The T4 program started with emptying the old age care facilities and other long-term care institutions. The determining factor of whether treatment as delivered or denied was something as crude as statistical analysis, not a medical evaluation. Hitler had penned his own personal, and secret, authorization for the program under the title 'The Destruction of Lives Unworthy of Life:' An American version of the T4 program is now on the books. It is designed to be implemented by the creation of an all-powerful Private Health Board of 'experts' that operates above the Congress and the Senate. It may be called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness. It is designed to act without political interference as a purely corporate structure in the manner in which the private Federal Reserve operates in the monetary system. In other words the system has the right to kill you, and you have no right to fight back. Your entire medical history, dental history, financial history, educational history, political history, religious history, military service history, and of course your age, and so on, will be fed into an automated evaluation system that crunches the numbers and comes up with a Life-Worth index factor for you that you won't be able to challenge, or might not even have the right to know what the factor is. In the world of supranational corporatism the meaning of civil rights no longer applies. This resulting, computer generated Life-Worth factor will then be used to determine if a person qualifies for certain treatments, or whether the treatments, including life-critical treatments, will be withheld, such as for AIDS. If for example the system determines that a person's Life-Worth factor is too low relative to the cost of the treatment, as in the case of AIDS, or in the case of an elderly person with a chronic disability, that persons in these cases might fall into a category where the law requires that their case be 'closed.' If the treatment is denied, the verdict is death. It probably won't take long on this road to hell until death becomes mandatory by euthanasia. Or it might be suggested as a choice to end the suffering for which treatment is denied. The law for creating this hell has already been prepared. It will likely be introduced as a 5000 page document just a few days before Congress breaks for vacation, to be voted on as an emergency measure, stealthily covered over with glossy lies and a whole lot of perks attached. One of the perks is that the government will extend medical insurance coverage to the 50 million Americans that are presently not insured, but with no increase in budget provisions. In fact, several hundred billion dollar budget cuts are promised as another one of the perks."

"In other words they are making healthcare universal, but they make it so deadly that nobody will want to use it," interjects Galina. "If you go this route, why does anybody even bother to conduct research for finding a cure for some of the difficult diseases, like AIDS? But isn't this genocide? Without treatment AIDS proliferates like wildfire, doesn't it? Is this what they want?"

I raise my hand. I hadn't finished. "My friend from Germany told me the story of her younger sister who had developed merely a headache," I continue my little speech quietly. "This happened near the end of the Hitler era. Her parents had taken the little girl to the city hospital as any parent would have done under the circumstances. It may have been late in the evening when the headache became severe. The child was kept there overnight. When the parents came visiting the next day the girl's expression was a blank. She didn't smile. She couldn't even recognize her parents anymore. Two days later she was dead. A kind doctor took her father aside and explained that it was all for the better. He said that she had a brain tissue infection that might cause complications in the future. He said that they responded as the law requires in such uncertain cases with a potential future liability. The doctor confided to her dad that they had 'pulled the spinal chord,' or something like that, which caused her to gently go to sleep. They called it, closing the case. My friend, who is her sister, said that she realized many years later that this type of policy was the reason why Germany lost everything. It wasn't the war, then. The war wouldn't have happened. It was the pollution of the culture of the nation with murderous violence against the most precious a society has, which destroyed this once greatest nation in Europe."

"I can't imagine what it must have been like in those days," interjects Galina again. "What must it have been like for the population not to be able to go to a doctor for treatment of an illness without wondering if the doctor will kill them instead of treating them?"

"Isn't that how they treated babies with deformities," says Rita. "I understand that they gassed the deformed babies to death as soon as they were born, so that they wouldn't become a liability. Of course the elderly and chronically ill were already a liability. I believe many had their case closed likewise. I believe Hitler emptied the nursery homes. But where do these kinds of ideologies come from? They are rooted in empire. Hitler was an empire man, financed and trained by the masters of empire."

"Welcome to the new American healthcare policy," I say quietly. "This is the future, and maybe your future too if this trend is allowed. Welcome to the new American Holocaust. Hitler's T4 policy is slated to become law in America. They will set up a Federal-Reserve-type institution that operates above the government and administers the plan, which all doctors and hospitals must comply with. This is how the system is designed to work. Those who comply 'well' will then be rewarded with bonuses. I guess the bonuses will be determined by the death rate that reduces the expenditures in the system. And my friends, this is not something to come. It is here. Some people really do call the plan 'the American Holocaust plan.' They call it that even before it becomes law in the summer."

"Then you better not go to the doctor anymore unless you have a death wish," says Rita.

"This isn't what my friend meant when she said that Hitler's healthcare policy destroyed Germany," I reply. "Her reasons were different. They reflected what you wrote in your book about the society that refused to consider violence, even to defend itself, as doing so would destroy them from within. She reasoned that this is what Hitler's plan had done. I suspect that this plan was foisted on Hitler from deep within the empire that had 'hired' Hitler as their stooge. Hitler's plan reflected the ideology of empire that sees the human population as a liability to the imperial plan for world control. Even to this very day the plan of empire is to kill four to five billion people. They call the plan 'demographic adjustment.' This is the background that Hitler came from. And that is where the critical factor lies. The only real wealth that any society has its is people. Everything that is produced in the world, is produced by the creative and productive power of the human being. The human being is society's greatest asset. It is a wealth-creating engine, and the only real wealth-creating engine that exists or will ever exist. Anything that has value, or ever had value, has gained its value from that. For a society to develop and flourish, the creative potential of the human being needs to be developed to the utmost, rather than be destroyed. Only the masters of empire would want to see it destroyed. In order to maximize the creative potential education needs to be developed towards the learning of the process of making discoveries. Science needs to be advanced, healthcare needs to be maximized, quality housing and cultural living needs to be created. If all of this is maximized, the creative potential of a nation's economy can be multiplied 10,000-fold. With this productive power established all around the world, who then needs to make war to blunder other people? Hitler went to war, because he was hired by empire, through their stooges and philosophers, to throw away what the German nation had. He threw everything away that was of value. Germany had the finest culture in Europe, the most-skilled workforce, the most powerful industry, the most advanced scientific cadre, and the best engineers. This is what Hitler destroyed from within. Germany was defeated by his policy before it even went to war. Hitler didn't know what a human being is, but society didn't know this either, or else it would have blocked the destruction of it. Hitler didn't see the human being as creators of new and powerful worlds. His little pea-sized head was so small that he could only see mankind as a liability where in truth the greatest wealth lay before him. The creative potential of the human being is so powerful that in spite of all the wars and destruction the empires have heaped on mankind over time, the world population has grown a thousand-fold since the end of the last Ice Age, and this might only be a hundredth of its real potential. Mankind has been betrayed by Hitler. Science has been betrayed. Intelligence has been betrayed. And now we are back to this again in America. What destroyed Germany is about to become law in the USA."

"The world cannot survive in an environment of betrayal," says Vadik.

"Of course it can't," I reply. "This is the reason why the same policy is now foisted on America from the same deep well of poison at the heart of empire. Our President has become the new Hitler, the new little stooge who dances to the old tune with the same resolve as Hitler had done. The goal is to destroy America at the heart, just as Germany had been destroyed. This is what the new law will accomplish. For starters it makes every medical doctor in America a potential criminal as defined under the Nuremberg Statute, and potentially subject for prosecution with the death penalty in the wings. At the Nuremberg trial the Nazi doctors were convicted and hung for the crime of their action that caused death, or as they should have known, would cause death. This law, which is deemed as basic as civilization, applies precisely to potentially every doctor in the USA under the new American healthcare policy, who is required under this policy to withhold available treatment as a cost-saving measure. When the Nazi doctors defended themselves by saying that they only followed orders, the judges pointed out that as human beings they had a human obligation to refuse those orders. On this ground their guilt was upheld, just as it might become the case again in the future trials of American doctors who are presently becoming trapped into the same situation."

"Don't forget the Congressmen and Senators who vote for the Law," says Yegor, interrupting me. "Their names should be recorded for future Nuremberg prosecutions. Whoever votes for this bill commits a crime by intention, and not only against society, but also against the doctors. In Hitler's world the doctors were required by law to issue fake death certificates when death was caused by intention. We will see the same again in the modern world. I cannot imagine that under the new circumstances doctors will be allowed to note on their death certificates that a person's death was caused by denial of treatment. They will be required to commit fraud. And to make it easier for them to hide the crime of the system, the fraud will likely be built into the death codes. The new law should be called, 'Criminality Made Easy.' Whoever votes for this law should have his commitment to the legalization of crime recorded. The Nuremberg judges still speak to us all and for all times to come when they concluded that individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience -- who therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring."

Yegor motions me to continue. "On this platform," I say quietly and with a sense of awe, "almost the entire world stands guilty of a grave failure in that the world stands idly by and allows such laws that result in mass-death to be even voted on, and allows Presidents and Kings who promote these laws to remain in power. Vast crimes are being committed today against mankind, of which the whole world stands accused and condemned under the Nuremberg Statute. With the Nuremberg trials a new era should have begun. The worldwide policy of empire for 'demographic adjustments' to eliminate four-fifths of mankind, also called 'depopulation,' should have prompted the immediate arrest and prosecution of the source of this policy of intention. But instead the world shrugs, even while these arrogant demands for global genocide are repeated again and again like a broken record."

I turn to Rita. "I think the Nuremberg judges have put on record as a universal human law what you have imagined as a platform for reaction by a highly advanced society in your novel. I also think that every human being knows that the Nuremberg platform is a critical one for human survival, as it points to the very heart of what and who we are, and defends it from destruction. I cry therefore for mankind that after more than half a century of living with the Nuremberg platform in its background, mankind has not found the wisdom or the courage to implement it, but cowers like slaves with bent knees and bowed heads at the altar of empire. LaRouche stands apart from this crowd, with a few associates. He has become an American 'institution' synonymous with the fight to save civilization from the total collapse that it is heading for. He is the only institution that I know in America that is fighting on every level to block the Hitler-Bill from becoming law. He is fighting it with everything he's got, just as he fought to protect the nation when the financial system began to disintegrate in the summer of 2007. He fought for the protection of the homeowners that were in trouble because of the financial collapse. He also fought for the protection of the banks that society depends on for its day to day operation. He fought for the protection of both, and thereby for the protection of the nation, with his proposed Homeowner and Bank Protection Act. Had society joined his fight on a broad front, many millions of home-evictions would have been avoided and the $16 trillion bank-bailout swindle would not have been heaped upon the nation. That's the face of the consequence when society shrugs. Years earlier, LaRouche fought to save the American automobile industry when it became apparent that the industry was in trouble for the lack of sales. He fought to have laws enacted to convert the unused industrial capacity of the auto sector to the building of advanced infrastructures that the nation badly needed even then; which had been successfully done during World War II. Of course as we all know, society shrugged at the proposal. Now the industry is dead. The jobs are gone. The facilities have been largely scrapped. The skilled workforce has been kicked out, and even their pensions are now being stolen by the financial vultures, while the infrastructures work remains undone. This is how a nation dies. Now the new healthcare plan threatens to take their life under the old Hitler song, of lives being unworthy of life. LaRouche says, the puck stops here. He draws the line. He says to empire, 'you cannot pass.' He demands the resignation of the entire cabal of the President's advisors, and failing that, the impeachment of the President. The Hitler-Doctrine shall NOT become our law, he says to whoever will listen. But will he succeed? Few people are fighting with him. By and large, however, society appears committed to its self-betrayal and to letting the law proceed as planned. Indeed, is anybody here willing to put his all into this fight?"

"The world cannot survive in this environment of self-betrayal," says Vadik again while I return to my seat. "Even science is being betrayed while the world shrugs. The method that is being used for this is the same method that the Venetian Empire had used to destroy the Renaissance. The Venetian Empire caused the Renaissance to betray itself."

"Are you surprised by what you see happening?" Rita interjected. "You have all read my book. I wrote the book on this subject almost thirty years ago, haven't I? I wrote then that the real beginning for anything is the intention behind it. Everything that we talked about here today takes us back to the year when the American Constitution was enacted as the foundation of an intended New Renaissance in America. America took itself outside the sphere of Empire and dared to do this on a foundation that promised a New Renaissance in the world that threatened the empire's very existence. In this context the masters of the oligarchy hired one of their scribblers to launch an offensive against the threatening new Renaissance. He launched his assault in the very same year in which the American Constitution was enacted. The hired scribbler stood up and blew his devils trumpet. He published a devilish book on population that very year, in which he compared mankind to cattle that outgrow their pasture. He argued for culling the herd, meaning human depopulation. He didn't argue that the purpose for the depopulation was to protect empire from the advancing human spirit. He evidently knew that mankind is not a herd of cattle, since the founding of the USA was proof of that. He sang the depopulation song for the masters of empire, which makes it a virtue to kill human beings. This is the poison pill that destroys a human culture and civilization. The masters of empire saw themselves so severely threatened by the human spirit in those days, that many a hired hand would blow their devil's trumpet, demanding depopulation. The name of the stooge who created the trumpet is Giammaria Ortes. A long list of names, of the later virtuoso of this trumpet, now graces the halls of infamy. The first was Thomas Malthus, the conceptual architect of the British Poor Laws and the Work Houses. Charles Darwin blew the devil's trumpet next, proclaiming that mankind is not only basically an animal, but is a freak resulting from an accident. Out of it came the dog-eat-dog world of social Darwinism. Life thereby becomes a battle in which the strongest win and the rest die, justifying violence with the biggest guns. Then Charles' cousin, Francis Galton took up the depopulation trumpet and played on it the Eugenics song that justified the eradication of entire groups of unwanted populations. Adolf Hitler loved this song. Only the masters of empire thought that the song wasn't radical enough. And so they hired the famous pacifist of empire, Bertrand Russell, who took up the trumpet and blew it louder than anyone had dared before. He blew it so enormously that it caused the earth to shake, but nobody took him seriously. He said that wars don't kill enough people, even big wars. He suggested that a biological holocaust should be unleashed, once in every generation, to keep mankind small and impotent. He soon started to play duets with other 'leaders' playing the same trumpet. One was a certain prince of high standing in empire, who put himself on record as one who would love to become incarnated as a particularly deadly virus to be able to facilitate a big splash in the depopulation arena. His goal was to kill mankind back to less than two billion people living on the planet. Others like him, wanted more radical actions. As the implementation became more intensely pursued, the lyrics of the song were changed. The terms, 'depopulation' and 'genocide' became unpopular, and were replaced with the term, 'demographic adjustment' and 'sustainability.' The now cherished biological holocaust concept was further implemented by a famous knighted agent of empire working out of the Brown House in Washington. It is rare that the American White House lives up to its intended color. Brown is its default color. Brown is the color that was made infamous in Nazi Germany as the color of fascism. One day society will elect human beings to that office again who will turn the house white again. The knighted agent of empire launched a project from the Brown House in a year in American history that may be termed the 'epicenter' for many holocausts that were started for depopulation. Under an official American policy, he sounded his own trumpet for genocide in the world. His policy, that became official policy, targeted more than a dozen third world nations for 'population reduction' under the excuse of preserving their natural resources. AIDS emerged from this background four years later. It first hit the homosexual community in America, and a year later the heterosexual community in Africa. It expanded from there to become a worldwide phenomenon. The official story is that AIDS came from a green monkey living in Africa. Evidence suggests however that the green monkey had a human name, and most likely a close tie to the Brown House. Since the trumpet blast was for depopulation, as spelled out in the document of intention, the curbing of the spread of AIDS was not allowed. On this stage AIDS became an American Holocaust, one of the smaller American holocausts that is barely exceeding 35 million deaths worldwide thus far. From the same 'epicenter' in time, the mid 1970s, where AIDS came from, the depopulation trumpet was sounded in many different directions. It blew up a huge storm with the DDT ban. The trumpet blast stopped the eradication of malaria in its tracks. Malaria had nearly been eliminated as a pandemic disease. Thus the DDT ban unleashed the biggest American Holocaust of all times. It tallies up into the hundreds of millions of deaths worldwide. From the same epicenter the trumpet also sounded for a number of lesser Holocausts, such as when the trumpet blew for the scientific fraud of manmade global warming for which food is now massively been burned and beef production halted while hundreds of millions don't have enough to eat and tens of millions of people are staving to death every year. Another trumpet blast demanded the takedown of the economic system with free trade, and the takedown of healthcare with corporatism. All of these are genocidal projects by intention, orchestrated in America from the empire's Brown House and from its own Brown District, termed the City of London. So you see my friends, the tragedies that we have talked about have a long history, and they won't be healed it without a complete unraveling of that entire history. This means that we will have to first inspire mankind to bury the trumpet and gain itself a full appreciation of what a human being is."

"Rita is right," says Yegor when Rita stopped speaking. "Every global problem that we have talked about has an underlying purpose that is centered on killing people. All the hidden roads of intention lead to that. The wrecking of America, Africa, China, India, and Russia too, ultimately has this one goal. This adds up to a grand betrayal of mankind. The footsteps are fraud, and the cover up is fraud. What hurts me personally, is that science is dragged into this sewer of empire where it is pressed into service to support this fraud. It renders the image of a scientist as a criminal. And the crime is not minuscule. What Rita referred to the as 'lesser' holocausts, coming out of the sewer, are actually far bigger than they appear to be. She listed the global warming doctrine as one of those 'lesser' holocaust crimes. This may not be so. The thrust of the crime in all of its many dimensions is focused on reducing the world food supply in an already starving world, thereby imposing genocide. Look at the world grain supply with a harvest of two billion tones per year. 60 percent of that is consumed as food, 36 percent as feed, and the rest is burned as fuel. While the use of grain for food and feed increases by roughly 1 percent per year, the burning of it as fuel is growing by over 20 percent per year. And this is big. Converting food to Ethanol jumped in the USA from 1.6 billion gallons in 2001, to 9 billion gallons in 2008. This is huge. The American Ethanol production amounts to more than half of the world-production of 17 billion gallons. And here is where the tragedy unfolds. It takes 20 million hectares of farmland to produce the feedstock. This vast acreage would normally produce food for 40 million people. This is how much food is now being burned every year. This also means that 40 million people are killed per year in the ethanol holocaust. If the burnt food was available, it would likely prevent the death of a large chunk of the over 900 million people worldwide that are presently subjected to 'chronic' starvation. That's how ethanol spells genocide. Rita should list the term, Ethanol, in her book as the new name for holocaust. And what does the world get out of this food-burning process, other than a huge genocide? It gets a motor fuel that is only 61% as efficient as gasoline and releases large quantities of ozone, a serious air pollutant, and also releases formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, peroxyacyl nitrates, plus benzene and butadiene, which are all carcinogens. It also causes internal stress-corrosion cracking in metals. Failures are known to have occurred in as little as 50 hours on pumps with a 2000-hour life expectancy. And worst of all, it takes 30% to 60% more energy input to produce the Ethanol than it gives back. This built-in inefficiency in the system translates into a whopping energy-loss of 161 billion kilowatt/hours, the equivalent of the power output of 18 to 19 nuclear power complexes with a gigawatt capacity each, or the burning of 50 million tons of coal. Considering the huge energy loss in the system from seed time to the finished product; and the enormous water requirement for the distillation process that's in the range of 2.5 trillion gallons of water, which is taken out of the agricultural use; and all the dangerous pollution added to the equation; the only objective that is evident for the entire process, is to facilitate genocide on a vast and ever widening scale that pales the Nazi holocaust into insignificance. The large scale burning of food in a starving world adds up to a holocaust of gruesome, and cold and deliberate intention, even while it increases the fossil fuel pollution. Of course the deaths by starvation that happens quietly in the background all over the world is not tallied up, just as the death toll of the Nazi holocaust was never really tallied up. The Nazi holocaust is estimated at 6 million deaths over six years. The ethanol holocaust, in comparison, imposes 40 million deaths per year without an end in sight, which has started from small beginnings going back thirty years, increasing year after year. Added to this holocaust that all by itself pails the combined fatalities of all the wars in history, we must now add the additional deaths that result from the burning of food for biodiesel fuel. Here the figures are somewhat smaller, a third in total volume, while their impact is still worse. Biodiesel from sunflower oil requires 118% more energy input than it gives back, or 27% for diesel from soybeans, while both require a much larger acreage of farmland per gallon to produce. And the resulting fuel itself is 11% less efficient than real diesel. In addition, biodiesel produces just as much CO2 as any other carbon based fuel, while the production process generates Glycerin, an alcohol compound that has some secondary uses, but is expensive and complicated to clean, which has also now flooded the market. It appears that the only thing that biodiesel does well, is kill people by massively burning the already insufficient world food supply, adding another 15 millions deaths per year to the biofuels-holocaust. We need to regard these figures as a yardstick with which to get a sense of the genocidal intention behind the imperial healthcare reform policy that is now being promoted in America and is already law in Britain. Killing people has become big business on a wide horizon, with large segments of society supporting it."

"If you think that this horrendous holocaust that we have just talked about, is big, then think again my friends," I interject, standing up to emphasize the point. "The total collapse of the American dollar that the masters of empire are now trying to engineer, which the USA, Russia, and China have been coerced into supporting, will cause a global economic collapse on a scale that is unimaginable, resulting in a holocaust so huge that it pails everything we have talked bout. The masters have been crying for years that they want four to five billion people eliminated. When the dollar gets wiped out, the resulting chaos and economic disintegration might get them their wish fulfilled. The world is hanging on the thin thread right now. The thread is the U.S. dollar. If the thread is cut, the free-fall of everything cannot be avoided. That is what the masters are counting on, which they have lobbied the whole world to commit itself to. Our own country, lead by a bunch of idiots, is presently leading this charge to hell. Stupidly Russia and China, and a bunch of other nations around the world, have allowed themselves to be coerced to follow the American charge of the idiot brigade which they will not survive. Then, death by starvation, will be written in big capital letters, globally."

"A you saying that the whole of mankind has become criminally genocidal by supporting this insanity?" interjects Yegor. "LaRouche's warning has been heard throughout the world that dropping the dollar at this stage will drive the world to hell. This means that the Nuremberg criterion applies here too, that they knew or should have known, that their action impose death upon large masses of people. The same applies to the biofuel holocaust that presently kills upwards to 55 million people a year. It is well known throughout society that taking tens of millions of hectares of farmland away from the food production process in an already starving world has genocidal consequences. The United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization admits that ten million people are starving to death each year, which appears to be a gross understatement, but which is not surprising for an organization that supports the biofuel holocaust. Still, the FAO cannot hide the fact that over 900 million people are presently subjected to 'chronic starvation,' which it admits to, even while it allows the biofuel holocaust to go on. Considering that these facts are common knowledge, I have to say that people know, or should know, that every time they drive up to a gas pump and fill up their tank with food-diluted gasoline, they become involved in a sequence of actions that result in the death of their fellow human beings as surely as if they would stick a knife into their belly and watch them die. But does the Nuremberg Statute that renders these actions a crime against humanity, still apply? If the standard penalty would be applied in this case, society would be forced to execute itself or imprison itself, by which the law would impose a greater crime."

"The law exists for two purposes," I interject. "One purpose is the protection of society, and the other purpose is to heal its failing in such matters that lead up to a crime. I think the decisive factor here, is the factor of intention. Was Shakespeare's Hamlet a criminal? His uncle had murdered his father, married his mother, and raised himself up as king, thereby depriving Hamlet of his rightful place. His uncle thereby made himself a criminal by intention and should have been arrested by Hamlet to undo the criminality. But Hamlet was a little man, unsure of himself. He understood his task but lacked the humanist commitment to carry it out. Was he a criminal then by intention, even considering that through his inaction the entire nation became defeated by an invading force, as no one in court had cared to defend that nation against? I would say that he was not a criminal by intention, but a fool, even though he caused the nation to be defeated by his inaction. He was a man who was a mouse. As I said before, the tragic figure was society, which had stood idly on the sideline and allowed the whole mess to become possible by being indifferent to the principles on which its welfare depends. Society should have forced the arrest of the uncle and the removal of Hamlet as an executor of its affairs, for reasons of his incompetence. This is Shakespeare's healing message. Who heeds this healing message today? The masters of empire have raised themselves up as kings to rule the world, proclaiming loud and clear that the world has cancer and that is cancer is man; and that therefore four fifth of mankind must die to clear the slate so that mankind will never ever threaten the existence of empire in the future. The intention, here, is genocide; self-proclaimed by the criminal itself. The criminal is empire. The holocaust is its mark. Today's governments are fools, worth than what Shakespeare had been able to imagine for Hamlet, but they can't escape the fate of fools as Shakespeare had correctly identified, and neither can society. The weight of tragedy, of course, always falls onto society. While an individual may fail, society as a whole should not fail. Society should act according to the logic that Shakespeare hints at in Hamlet. In the real world society should have forced the arrest of empire, the holocaust-criminal, so self-defined by its own stated intention. Society should also have forced the removal of the executors of its affairs who became not only incompetent, but who also corrupted themselves. This has never affectivity happened to my knowledge. I know of no case in American history in which society asserted its authority over the 600 servants it hired to transact its affairs, and fired them for reasons of incompetence, though it had ample reasons for doing so. Thus, throughout its history society sat idly back and allowed its destiny to be determined as if it was a rock in the field. The fate of a rock is determined by the forces acting upon it, such as the Sun, the rain, and the wind. But a human being is not a rock. Mankind is a society of highly intelligent beings with the capacity to direct its destiny, and command the forces that would act on it. Here is where the current failure lies. I do not believe that society hails the criminal process of the biofuel holocaust. It just sees itself as being impotent to overrule the forces that impose the madness that acts upon it. Society sees itself as mice rather than as human beings. Society lacks the advanced awareness of itself that Rita has described in her book for a society that is aware that the slightest act of killing would destroy it from within, even for the noblest seeming excuse, as for self-defense. If this awareness did exist in society, the biofuel holocaust would end. The biofuel issue would bring the government down, to be replaced with a sane one, and it would bring the rule of empire to an end on this planet. Thus, the core of the matter is the moral healing of society on the platform of the Principle of the General Welfare, which covers the whole of mankind. And deep inside this core we find the issue of intimacy located, of human beings acknowledging one-another as human beings. We are failing ourselves on this issue. For this reason the biofuel holocaust is allowed to proceed as any other holocaust in history was allowed to proceed. We look the dying into the eye, as it were, who we condemn to death and say to them, sorry for the inconvenience, but we are mere mice not men, we have to let the winds blow as they wish, rather than commanding the winds to cease. This covers everything that we have talked about so far. Whatever starvation and death by starvation that we see in the world, is the result of this deep failure, rather than being a technical issue. Technologically the potential exists for mankind to double its food supply with ease."

"So you agree that starvation isn't the result of world population growth," says Galina. "The world population growth is slowing down anyway. While the world's farm sector must feed an additional 70 million people every year, good weather or bad, we have resources within us to meet this need many times over. In fact, the population growth is the result of forced underdevelopment. In primitive cultures a growing population is needed to support the aging members of society, because manual labor is the chief economic power in a primitive society. In a developed society this pattern no longer applies as the economic power is derived from mechanization, energy applications, and industrial production. In the developed world a single farmer typically produces 20,000 quintals of farm products, but they are the minority among the world's farmers, amounting to less than 3%."

Galina stops, searching through her papers. "Here it is," she says. "The FAO figures for 2002 tell us that out of the total number of 1.34 billion farmers on our planet, only 26.7 million use tractors. These modern, mechanized farmers produce a yield up to 20,000 quintals per hectare. The next largest group of farmers, which are less developed, a group of 400 million farmers, use oxen and horses in a primitive type agriculture, operating without the use of irrigation, fertilizers, and scientific seed selection. Their labor yields dramatically less, typically only 100 to 500 quintals per hectare per harvest. The remaining farmers, and that adds up to nearly 1 billion people of the poorest of the poor, labor with their bare hands with a pitiful yield of around 10 quintals. This means that the vast majority of the farmers on this planet produce 2,000 times less then what their potential would be in modern mechanized scientific farming. This inequity is what drives both the population growth and the starvation. Population growth is necessary when manual labor powers the economy. If the presently primitive agriculture was allow to become developed to modern standards, the world food supply could be increased ten-fold with ease, and millions would become freed up for other, equally productive occupations. It would break the cycle of poverty. So, the problem doesn't lie with the earth being too small. It lies with our hearts being too small. The problem started with forced underdevelopment, and it now continues on with the wrecking of existing production. All of this is imposed by the imperial forces that claim to own the world. While the world population will likely continue to expand as any facet of life typically does, the normal food production dynamic would take care of mankind's increased needs with ease, and with potential to spare. But in the now disabled world the picture is dramatically screwed up. In this now largely disabled world the biofuel ravishing becomes genocidal, and this, apparently, is the intention behind it, because the biofuels provide no form of real benefit to society of any, kind and never will. The entire biofuel system is a fraud, because it is scientifically impossible for it to be ever efficient. The Sun's power-flux density is too low for biofuels to be effective as a energy source. The Sun's power-flux density is only 1.4 kilowatts per square meter, of which plants typically utilize only two tenth of one percent, or two one-thousandth. This adds up to 3 watts, which is less than the power of a flashlight. The world is apparently kept underdeveloped on all fronts in order for the holocaust effect to become possible, which the masters of empire intend to create. The entire biofuels swindle would have no effect if mankind would be allowed to develop."

"Let's face it," says Yegor. "Biofuels are not an alternate energy source. They are an energy drain. They don't reduce pollution. They increase it. They don't reduce most nations' dependence on imported oil. They increase it. Ethanol is the biggest scam there is, short of the climate change scam itself that it is a part of. Ethanol is an energy hog by its very nature. At the end of the fermentation stage the producers end up with a 'soup' that is 92% water and 8% ethanol. The separation of the two to a 99.5% purity, usually by distillation, and other separation processes, takes a lot of energy. Many argue that production efficiency has been improved over the years to even show a gain, some put the gain as high as 30%, while it appears more likely that the stated gain is realized only by accounting tricks, rather than the physical reality. If you add up all the energy costs, including drying the seeds, tilling the soil, planting the seeds, producing fertilizer, applying the fertilizer, powering an irrigation system, harvesting the crop, transporting it, grinding it up for processing, obtaining huge quantities of water for the fermentation, producing steam, fermenting the mixture, distilling it, typically three times, then dehydrating the product, extracting the waste water, and disposing of the waste -- if one adds all these energy costs together -- one comes up with an energy-input cost of 6,597 kilo-calories per liter of ethanol that has an energy content of only 5,130 kilo-calories, for an overall energy loss of 1,467 kilo-calories. The figures are those of a modern ethanol plant, processing corn, operating in 2004. I see no energy gain being possible in this system, or else it would have been realized after more than 20 years of development. All I see is accounting tricks to hide the truth. But even if miraculously a 30% gain was realized right across the board in all the ethanol plants in the USA, the current American production of 9 billion gallons per year would amount to only an equivalent yield of 3 billion gallons of ethanol with an energy content equal to 1.8 billion gallons of gasoline, which amounts to just slightly over 1% of the annual U.S. gasoline consumption of 140 billion gallons. This additional 1% miracle is certainly not sufficient a cause for which to burn the food yield of 10 billion hectares that could feed 20 million people, while 900 million people are forced to live in chronic starvation around the world. Thus, the synonyms for ethanol are: crime, holocaust, and starvation. If society was serious about alternate energy production it would develop nuclear power for generating hydrogen fuels. If the USA wanted to replace its entire gasoline consumption with hydrogen fuels it would be able to do this with as few as 600 nuclear reactors of a gigawatts each. In order to achieve the same with ethanol, if the 30% gain should miraculously be possible, an area 100 times larger than the entire arable land of the world would be needed, and it would need to be planted in corn, while the whole of mankind would be starving to death." Yegor starts to laugh. "That's how insane this thing is," he adds. "And in spite of it all, we can't escape the need anyway, to develop nuclear power for further expansion. It is insane to burn the valuable resource that petroleum is. We should be building 10,000 to 20,000 new nuclear reactors as an open door to the future. But that's not on the agenda. Instead we are burning the future of our posterity. That's the real significance of what I see happening today."

"There is no need for anyone to be starving," Galina continues her presentation. "Mankind would easily be capable of doubling its food production without even trying very hard, should it be permitted to develop its potential, rather than waste it. The great stumbling block is, that mankind can't get the 'permit' to develop itself. Development isn't allowed anymore. Under the world trade rules imposed by empire, the nation must sell their food on the world market and buy it back from the market at prices that make a huge profit for the masters of empire. Agricultural development and food self-sufficiency fall by the wayside under this system and are replaced with poverty and food-genocide. I would suggest that the top price for excellence in holocaustism should be awarded to the IMF and WTO, which are both agents of empire, whose silent genocide has evidently killed already more people on this planet than the genocidal DDT ban. Their policy is the same as that which starved millions to death in Ireland and during the colonial days in India. Their 'successes' put Hitler to shame as but an amateur. Their efforts are especially hard felt in the areas of the main population growth, which is concentrated in the Indian subcontinent and in sub-Saharan Africa, where now most of the world's hungry people live, where also economic development has been wrecked by imperial imposition and continues to be wrecked evermore under the global warming hoax that demands of a starving world, 'NO Development!' These ever-widening demands include shutting down water development for irrigation, fuel use for mechanization, fertilizers for soil replenishment, mechanization for efficient soil utilization and harvesting. In this context of forced underdevelopment they demand the elimination of the people's most efficient food source, the vital ruminant livestock, such as cows, sheep, and goats, that can convert open range roughage into edible forms of protein. There is a move on now to get these vital animals in the poor country's food chain carbon-taxed out of existence under the excuse that their double-stomach digestive system, which enables them to live on otherwise useless roughage, is said to produce global warming greenhouse gases. With a $500 tax per head of cattle, as is now imposed in New Zealand, and is fast becoming typical for all the empire-owned countries like the European Union, and the USA, affordable beef and sheep production goes out of the window by being priced out of the market in comparison with products from Argentina that doesn't impose such a tax insanity."

"Beef is what's for dinner, and will remain that," says Vadik. "My studies indicate that this will not likely change unless a country decides to shoot itself into the foot. The human being needs animal proteins to exist. No other food source contains all the essential amino acids which the human body cannot produce itself. If these are not ingested, death by slow starvation follows. A full vegetarian, who shuns all animal products, doesn't live very long. A partial meat/egg/fish diet is therefore an essential element for human existence. The world is far away from creating a universally available vegetable diet that contains all the amino acids we need and in their correct balance as we get them from animal proteins. However, beef itself doesn't play as big a role in this as most people think. In fact, the global beef production won't likely increase from the present level, whether the global-warming town criers vilify the cow and the sheep for their stomach gases, or not. By crying as they do, they only shoot down their own credibility. Overgrazing is presently taking the biggest toll on beef production, while the grain-feeding of cattle is an inefficient way to convert grain into protein. With cattle in feedlots, it takes roughly 7 to 8 kilograms of grain to produce a single kilogram of increased animal weight. That's inefficient. Pork is more efficient. The figure here is close to 4 kilograms of grain, per kilogram of a pig's weight increase. For poultry the figure is even better. It is just over 2 kilograms for the same weight increase, and for farmed fish it is even less than that. This tells me that if the global warming fraudsters should become miraculously successful at eradicating the world's entire beef production, which amounts to 57 million kilograms of meat per year; and the world's sheep and goat production, which amounts to a mere 11 million kilograms; they would only reduce the global animal protein production by 16%. The rest comes from pork, poultry, eggs, and fish. Of course the global shutdown of the beef production will never happen, since the methane from the stomachs of cows and goats have absolutely no effect on the global climate where 97% of the Earth's greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor. This resulting futility for their effort might however explain why the masters of the global warming hoax are fighting so hard against expanding the worldwide water use for irrigation, especially water derived from nuclear power desalinated seawater. Over 250 million tons of our animal proteins come from grain-fed sources. For much of that irrigation is a big factor."

"Actually the biggest single part of the world's animal proteins that are eaten comes form the ocean fishery," says Yelena. The ocean fishery provides 95 million of the over 400 million tons of animal products we consume each year. Of course, the ocean fishery industry is also being targeted, rather than being supported with large-scale management projects. Surprisingly, global egg production clocks in at just a pinch below the amount of global beef production, which stands at 56 million tons."

"This ratio is about to change," interjects Galina. "Eggs, fish, and poultry is where we see the big increases, that are already ranging upwards to 4%. A single modern farmer can produce sufficient pork and chicken for 5,000 persons with 100 hectares of farmland, of the 20 million hectares that are presently wasted. He would grow 60 hectares with cereals, 20 hectares with peas and 20 hectares with rapeseed. The 60 hectares of cereals produce 432 tones of wheat, the 20 hectares produce 94 tons of peas and the 20 hectares of rapeseed produce 62 tons of rapeseed, transformed into 35 tons of cattle cake and 27 tons of oil. The well proportioned mixture of wheat, peas and rapeseed, turned into 'cattle cake' can feed 82,000 chickens and 1,800 pigs for a full year. This adds up to 123 tons of poultry meat and 150 tons of pork, enough to meet the meat requirement for 5,000 people for a full year. And it can all be produced by only one single farmer with just 100 hectares of efficiently used land. This is where the big development potential lies at the moment, with a potential that lends itself well for indoor food production in an Ice Age world."

"Did you know that a full vegetarian diet is environmentally 'expensive,'" adds Galina. "A person who slowly withers away on such a diet nevertheless requires a large range of exotic vegetation to exist on, from beans, to lentils, and so on, which require a much larger land area to be grown, due to their lower production yield. It is far more efficient for feeding a population from a given land area to include the animals in the food production chain. Anybody who doesn't go this route in a starving world is insane."

"This knowledge is all ready and available," Rita interjects. "No miracles are required to get us through the next Ice Age cycle."


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