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The Abraham Legends

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We are told in the Bible of a patriarch of very early history, from a time long before written languages were in common use. He is named Abraham, a type of spiritual leader who has many tales written about him, which were evidently orally preserved in fireside chats before they were written down as a sort of historic fiction as such tales tend to become over the years of retelling the tales. One such tale is about Abraham being warned by God of the impending destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities of the plains, for their legendary evil, probably in sexual abuse and so forth. 

In the tale the destruction of the cities was said to be assured by God, unless they would repent of their evil ways. But they would not repent, and so they were destroyed. 

The way the cities were destroyed, as described in the Bible, suggest that a horrendous cataclysmic event had occurred of far greater magnitude than even a major seismic event. In the way it is described several hundred years later, the event appears to have been an astrophysical electric discharge event that may have excavated a deep scar in the Dead Sea basin, or parts of it, and appears have eradicated the named cities within the event region.

Modern research suggests that the Grand Canyon in Arizona was carved out in a similar event, but on a much larger scale, for which, like for the Grand Canyon on Mars, no evidence exists that it was caused by water erosion.

The Grand Canyon from space. Credit: Rick Searfoss, retired Space Shuttle commander

Water does not flow up over a mountain range nor does it run sideways along sloping terrain, so all theoretical models that insist on water erosion, are flawed. Perhaps the most significant challenge to the water erosion theories is the disappearance of almost 1300 cubic kilometers of material that is supposed to have been washed downstream. There exists no large delta at the outflow of the Colorado River containing the debris.

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Abraham's connection with a cataclysmic event of this kind of nature, though much smaller in scale, appears in the Bible in close proximity with another story of a related event that Abraham was a part of. 

In the related story Abraham received the command from God to inflict the circumcision on himself and on all his men and children.
We are told in the Bible stories that Abraham had lived in Egypt for a time. This would have been in the 2,000 BC timeframe. It is known from a petroglyph that the circumcision was already inflicted onto slaves for several hundred years in Egypt, prior to Abraham's time. 

Found in an Egyptian tomb built for Ankhmabor in Saqqara and dating to around 2400 B.C.

It is reasonable to assume that Abraham commanded the circumcision of all his people in the shadow of the cataclysmic event, to humble himself and his people before God, perhaps out of fear. Remembering the slaves of Egypt, the self-inflicting of the circumcision would likely have been seen as a deeply humbling response by Abraham, in rendering himself and his people as being lowly in status, as lowly as a slave, before God, especially considering the magnitude of the circumstances in the shadow of a great cataclysm. Nor would anyone likely be allowed to regress from this humbling that thereby became a tradition and eventually an ethnic symbol. Babylon had most likely been almost completely circumcised by the time Isaiah referred to it 1,300 years later as the star that fell from grace and became Satan, referring to the effect of the circumcision in terms of its deeply debilitating impact on a people's culture.
The history related to the timeframe of the Abraham Legends remains shrouded in mystery, though a written language, the Sumerian archaic cuneiform script, had existed in Mesopotamia as far back as 3,000 BC, but which was long forgotten at the time of the Abraham Legends. It is thought that the first consonantal alphabetic writing appeared around 2,000 BC in Egypt, created by the Egyptians, as a form of language developed for Semitic slaves. Some of that may have filtered back into Mesopotamia in some form, as the New Sumerian written language that developed towards the 1,700 BC timeframe in which the Abraham legends were likely preserved. This happened after a considerable time of oral preservation, which is reflected in the nature of the stories, so that by the telling and retelling over time, many aspects of the stories became evidently fictionalized for the desired dramatic effects, and for the imperative of tribal or ethnic politics. The real historic reason for the circumcision, that the Legend tell us was imposed by Abraham, will evidently remain forever a mystery and therefore open to speculation and historic theories. Theology is by its nature largely theoretical. While the origin of the circumcision in Semitic culture remains theoretical, with a high probability that it was connected with a cataclysmic event, the circumcision itself is not fictional.
The circumcision is mutilation, an amputation, and so, the effects are correspondingly deep. It was said by one of the few who subjected themselves to the circumcision later in life, who have experienced the difference, that living with the circumcision is comparable to living in a world without color. However, here the tragedy only begins. Modern research, that is still only in the beginning stage, presents some rather surprising discoveries of deep-reaching and often hidden effects. The effects are said to include learning disabilities, helplessness, tendencies towards sado-masochistic behaviors, impotence, loss of trust, avoidance of intimacy due to fear, developing into rage, domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, suicide, and a vast range of other psychosomatic disorders that are only now becoming associated with the Post Dramatic Stress Disorders caused by the sexual mutilation that is most often imposed on children.
While the circumcised wear no badge, the long-term victims are recognized by researchers to generally suffer from what some call, "culturally inherited mass psychological disorders." The victims are recognized by typically having a grandiose sense of self-importance; by being preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideals of love; and by believing that they are unique and "special" above all other people, cultures and races. They are recognized by seeking excessive admiration with a strong sense of entitlement - but even as they almost demand this slavish attention, they are interpersonally exploitative and lack empathy to the point of being arrogant and haughty in their behaviors and attitudes.
It appears that the diminished sexual sensitivity, which the victims are rarely aware of, inhibits the normal deep social bonds and social trust, and the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual mind. The bottom line is, that any society that imposes this tragedy on its people is destroying itself from within. It thereby becomes a failing society to a degree that remains yet to be fully recognized and has the potential to be extensive. (for more see: The Circumcision)
In later life, the diminished sexual sensitivity leads to further debilitations in the social context as it inhibits the normal deep-reaching social bonds, and social trust, that would normally be developing between children and parents, and between one another, which normally has an impact on the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual mind. The diminished in sexual intimacy becomes reflected in diminished social intimacy that is reflected in all other related areas as well, such as the intimate sense of a nation, or the process of an intimately cooperative economy. When this normally widely expanding intimacy becomes cut away, relationships become hard and hollow. The national identity becomes artificially forged. The death penalty begins to reign. Economics becomes replaced with stealing. That is where we are today. Any society that imposes this tragedy on its people on a national scale, or universal religious scale, is destroying itself from within.
But why would anyone intentionally rip into the integrity of the human system that has been developing and self-developing over millions of years across twenty ice ages with an 'economic' strength that has enabled mankind to overcome the greatest obstacles that the natural world has imposed. The tempering with the integrity of this highly successful system is evidently not done for the purpose of improving it, but to subdue it for social, political, and economic control. This tampering appears to take us back almost to the very beginning of the recorded history of civilization.
Of course, if the goal of rulers is to impose domination, via a process that forces a society into slavish obedience, the circumcision is the most perfect pathway to get there. It is a power-tool for ending universal loving, which Genesis 34 seems to document as a recognized effect. And it is deeply cutting, and has become widely spread. The circumcision has become so widespread that the sexual mutilation, or amputation as some call it, has presently disabled, or otherwise deeply victimized, more than 750 million men and over 120 million women, worldwide, affecting possibly as many families by marriage, thereby directly affecting a third of mankind, and indirectly entire countries and large portions of entire continents. This is how we have become a fallen world, and America has become a fallen society.
It would be surprising if the modern rulers of empire wouldn't impose this time-honored social demolition process on modern society, especially in America, since they have been trying to destroy the USA as the greatest threat to empire from the very day the USA was formed. So, should one be surprised that circumcision in America has become increasingly universal in the postwar period, to the point that it is barely optional anymore? No one should be surprised. Should one be surprised that now 100 million American men have already been sexually mutilated? With the empire bearing down on America, this is not surprising. Should one be surprised that in some cases the saturation has reached over 90%? No surprises here! The effects are clearly visible. We see America's industries destroyed, while nobody stops the still ongoing process. We see millions thrown out of their homes while the leaders protect the system that tears the social and economic fabric apart. It appears that any atrocity is now possible in the name of private profit or private property, no matter who is hurt, and virtually no one protests. There are no strong protests, because most people don't feel themselves as being a part of a nation anymore. The connecting intimacy is gone. The American society sees its Constitution torn to shreds and trillions poured into war to destroy foreign nations, while nobody holds the criminals accountable. The American people have become isolated from their humanity and their sense of society. It seems the reason why the rule by terror is so effective in America, may be that it reawakens the dramatic terror of the circumcision. America now sees its soldiers coming home from war so deeply physically and psychologically disabled that more veterans commit suicide at home than are killed on the battlefield. None of these are normal symptoms, but they are symptoms of a mutilated society subjected to war, the very symptoms the masters of empire desire.
The reason why the effects of the circumcision are so dramatically visible in the USA, appears to be due to the stark contrast between its debilitation in modern time and the nation's historic success when the USA illustrated to the world what a normal society is able to accomplish. America was once the bastion of freedom, the technological innovator, the economic pioneer, the moral giant that stood against slavery, the champion for the general welfare. Having been there, the loss of that great achievement is more visible than if it had never been seen what a normal human society can accomplish. Thus, America too, would be called by Isaiah as the Morning Star that fell from heaven.
Many other societies did not have the kind of history of humanist achievement that the USA has had in its days of greatness. In Judaism the circumcision became a religious command in distant ages already, which thereby has assured the near 100% compliance that has become this society's norm for extremely long periods by now. With this in mind, should the world be surprised that Judaism has had a rocky past with its people becoming victims of persecution for countless reasons, and is now being the master thereof itself, though it rarely has been a champion for economic development. Judaism, of course, is loved in the halls of empire, if indeed it didn't become the driving force of empire itself, and at the same time also its victim.
What then did Isaiah see, when he saw in Babylon a fallen society, that inspired his saying about the fallen Morning Star, or in Latin, Lucifer? He saw the dramatic effect of the collapse of a society's civilization in the shadow of the circumcision, which must have been seen as so dramatic, comparatively, in ancient society, that the myth developed that a war had broken out in heaven in which some angels rebelled against the good and became evil, whereby evil became an eternal quality, though cast out from heaven onto the Earth, existing there for eternity or till God would become victorious over it, meaning that pain would no longer be needed to inspire man's faith in God. According to this tragic myth, the greatest of the rebelling angels became Satan, also called Lucifer in some scripts.
(note: Some of the above text is taken from my novel, Seashores and Sand - Chapter 9, The Byzantine Speech)

The deeply debilitating consequences of the circumcision are only coming to the surface through modern research methods. But the effects appear to have been known even then, which the writer of the Jacob story took great pains to illustrate in Genesis 34, perhaps as a warning, or perhaps to illustrate the tragedy. According to the story Jacob was a rat. He cheated his brother, deceived his father, conspired with his mother, and when the mess he created for himself he fled, instead of facing what he has done. He fled to his mother's brother, Laban, who cheated him in return. He worked seven years for Laban's younger daughter, but on his wedding day was given the older daughter instead. So, he worked for another years to obtain the younger also. And before returning home, he cheated Laban also, by which he acquired great riches in livestock.

The Old Testament consists of a collection of writings believed to have been composed at various times from the 12th to the 2nd century BC, while Jacob is dated to the 18th and 19th Century BC, pointing to a 600-year gap from the historic event until the story was written down. In six hundred years of oral transmission, with the story being told an retold in fireside chats,  the end result that was written down, including Abraham's story, is evidently pure historic fiction. The writers at the time probably had little more than fragments to work with, and perhaps also contradictory and vastly exaggerated fragments at that. This means it is essentially historic fiction what some of the world's largest religious groups are based on. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, all trace their origin back to Abraham. It may be for this link that 500 million of Islamic men are currently sexually mutilated.

It may be from this background that the second creation myth in the Bible, the Adam and Eve myth, was drawn. Adam was ashamed. A mutilated man might have been so even then. Also there is a lot of deception indicated in the story. The way the Jacob story was written, suggests that it might been intended to inspire a healing. On his way home, after Jacob had burnt all the bridges behind him, he got word that his bother whom he had cheated, from who he had fled, was on his way to intercept him with 200 men.

Jacob was stuck. He couldn't go back, no could he go forward. In this crisis he struggled with himself, perhaps for the first time in his life, struggling with a angel as it were - struggling with the profound question of what a human being is and what human existence is all about. We are told that he won this struggle and was given a new name in honor of his victory, the name Israel. When he finally met his brother he was able to kiss him, and say to him that he has seen his face as if it was the face of God. This healing remains yet to become universal. The writer of the Jacob story evidently recognized that this kind of healing - built on the Principle of Universal Love - would have be wrought universally for peace to be won. In this manner, the fictional story of the biblical Jacob may be telling us more than the actual story might have, as it now includes profound elements that society had evidently struggled with during the hundreds of years till the story was written down. 

Peter Paul Rubens, The Reconciliation of Jacob and Esau, 1624.

The story of Moses and the great Exodus from Egypt also falls into the same category, though much closer to the 12th Century BC when the earliest biblical writings were produced.

What really happened in those early times before history could be recorded is left wide open to the imagination, reflecting the perception of the time in the eyes of the writer or artist as in the painting above. The only aspect that appears relatively certain that the circumcision didn't originate with Abraham. A petroglyph of the circumcision being applied to what appears to be a slave, was found in Egypt, which was determined to be from a time predating Abraham by roughly five centuries. It is almost certain that in the shadow of a great cataclysmic natural event a strong leader with a profound religious conviction would have emerged to guide the people of this region and this time past the tragedy and to a new identity as a chosen people, chosen to survive.

It is far less certain, of course, that the nature of the cataclysmic event was electric in nature, but it is relatively certain that such events did occur, of which the Grand Canyon in Arizona is merely an extreme example. A lesser example is found in Canada in the Lake of the Woods where apparent electric arc discharges produced three overlapping circular craters that are nearly identical in their pattern than some of the concave circulars shaping of the terrain at the edge of the Grand Canyon, shown above.


There are two contending hypotheses about the origin of the low elevation of the Dead Sea. The older hypothesis is that it lies in a true rift zone, an extension of the Red Sea Rift, or even of the Great Rift Valley of eastern Africa. A more recent hypothesis is that the Dead Sea basin is a consequence of a "step-over" discontinuity along the Dead Sea Transform, creating an extension of the crust with consequent subsidence.

Around three million years ago, what is now the valley of the Jordan River, Dead Sea, and Wadi Arabah was repeatedly inundated by waters from the Mediterranean Sea. The waters formed in a narrow, crooked bay which was connected to the sea through what is now the Jezreel Valley. The floods of the valley came and went depending on long scale climate change. The lake that occupied the Dead Sea Rift, named "Lake Sodom", deposited beds of salt that eventually became 3 km (1.9 mi) thick.

Approximately two million years ago, the land between the Rift Valley and the Mediterranean Sea rose to such an extent that the ocean could no longer flood the area. Thus, the long bay became a lake.

The first such prehistoric lake is named "Lake Gomorrah." Lake Gomorrah was a freshwater or brackish lake that extended at least 80 km (50 mi) south of the current southern end of the Dead Sea and 100 km (62 mi) north, well above the present Hula Depression. As the climate became more arid, Lake Gomorrah shrank and became saltier. The large, saltwater predecessor of the Dead Sea is called "Lake Lisan."

From 70,000 to 12,000 years ago, the lake level was 100 m (328 ft) to 250 m (820 ft) higher than its current level. This lake, called "Lake Lisan", fluctuated dramatically, rising to its highest level around 26,000 years ago, indicating a very wet climate in the Near East. Around 10,000 years ago, the lake level dropped dramatically, probably to levels even lower than today. During the last several thousand years, the lake has fluctuated approximately 400 m (1,310 ft), with some significant drops and rises. Current theories as to the cause of this dramatic drop in levels rule out volcanic activity; therefore, it may have been a seismic event. (see: Dead Sea)

It is certainly possible that the unusual and "dramatic drop" could have resulted from an electric discharge event, since some of the relevant features are visible in the surrounding terrain.

Dead Sea

It is further interesting to note that the Dead Sea is located at roughly the same latitude than the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which puts it into the same general region where NASA has located two major electric current bands in the ionosphere encircling the Earth.

Major electric events are known to have occurred within the solar system - leaving not only a vast sea of craters on planets, with sharp ridges and flat bottoms that defy the earlier meteorite theory - but also present evidence of gigantic scars of evident electric events, such as Valles Marineris on mars: 

The Grand Canyon of Mars. 

This is the largest known canyon in the Solar System named Valles Marineris. It extends over 3,000 kilometers, spans as much as 600 kilometers across, and cuts as much as 8 kilometers deep. In comparison, the Earth's Grand Canyon in Arizona is small, a mere 800 kilometers in length and 30 kilometers across, and cuts a mere 1.8 kilometers deep.  And it too is located near the planet's equator where the high-current plasma appear to be concentrated. 

If the biblical timing is correct, the Dead Sea event occurred still within the interglacial optimum period when the electric-energy density within the solar system would have been correspondingly high. The probability is therefore extremely high that a simple astrophysical event in the Dead Sea region has caused a psychological shock in the relevant society that gave rise to a deep cutting religious mysticism that has overshadowed spiritual realism and proliferated in countless forms, and left scars on the face of civilization that have not been healed to the present day. The close to a billion sexually mutilated people living in the world today and the wide range of social and political consequences spanning across numerous cultures with deep divisions, are evidently but a part of the scars that remain yet to be healed. An exploration of their origin may be a vital factor in the healing process.




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