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2011 - Enabling the Forbidden

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The political barrier

The political barrier is formidable as the physical evidence is increasingly obscured by the constant barrage of lies that are spewed out on the subject of the fusion-powered Sun, from the centers of empire. The whole world has been made to believe in the mythology of the fusion-powered Sun. But why is this the case? The reason is that the masters of empire who aim to control the whole world want to keep society impotent. An impotent people are easier to exploit. Thus, they aim to render society impotent. One way to do this is by promoting a world-view that is built on entropy. The masters created the Big Bang Cosmology for this. By this theory the Universe is deemed to have been born in a bang and began expanding outward from the point of its explosion. From this point on it become immediately self-consuming, by which the Universe is therefore doomed to end. And so the saying goes that all good things are, by the very nature of the Universe, doomed to end, whereby poverty, impotence, and decay can be recognized in society's 'managed' thinking as something normal and natural. The model of the fusion-powered Sun was built on this grand fairy tale of universal entropy. Our solar system is thereby described as a closed system that exist isolated by itself in royal isolation from the rest of the galaxy, with its own sun at the center of it as its life-giving power source. And for a source for its power, nuclear fusion was imagined. All of this makes a nice-sounding fairy tale alright, which the imperial science masters tell mankind over and over to put it asleep with, like children are put to sleep with bedtime stories that are typically fairy tales.

And that's what the fusion Sun story is. It's one of these stories. It has put society asleep indeed. Modern society is sleep walking, and is falling off the cliff, again and again, while trying endlessly to make fusion energy a productive system. And as society fails, the masters cheer. They want us to fail. They want to tie us into knots. They do not want to see us developing ourselves. They want to force mankind into the fate of entropy and accept the notion of natural diminishment. That's what nuclear-fusion power appears to be really is all about. It causes society to waste its talents by tying it to a dead-end game. More in the subject of evading reality and blocking the truth, below:

Experiencing the Truth

The political games that are designed to force mankind's research into dead-end pursuits, are only a part of the problem. The fusion-power game within those games, has so far been a powerful blocking factor that blinds society to the available resources at hand. The fusion-power dead end game has become a giant that blocks the free-flowing development of mankind. We've been saying to one-another, 'hold everything until fusion-power is ready,' because then we will have endless energy for unlimited development. And so we tie ourselves into knots over something that will never become practical, while the practical options that are actually more powerful and efficient, are left by untouched by the wayside.

Thus the masters of empire laugh at us, as we lock ourselves in to a box and squirm, researching nuclear-fusion power, laboring endlessly to achieve the impossible while we ignore the riches we have at hand, such as thorium nuclear power, and beyond that, electric power drawn from space that is the active energy source that powers the Universe, the Sun, and which also surrounds our planet orbiting the Sun.


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