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galaxy M104 - flush with power - NASA

We live in a sea of infinite power 
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2011 - Enabling the Inevitable


The paradox of nuclear-fusion power

We end up with a curious situation here. We face a neutron-damage problem that is so severe that researchers look to the moon for a fuel that promises to be neutron free, but which takes so much energy to fuse that a practical power plant is even farther out of reach than the stuff from the moon itself is, that is supposed to power it. With all this considered, we end up with a paradox. The paradox is that we aim for something that has no equivalent in the Universe, which only major miracles could achieve, while we don't bother to utilize the resources that we have already at hand, which actually deliver the very thing that fusion power promises, but cannot give us. This resource that we have, is thorium nuclear-fission power. The technology was developed in the 1950s, but was shelved since it didn't produce anything useful for making atom bombs with.

Another paradox is that nuclear-fusion power isn't happening anywhere in the universe, while it has become an obsession with researchers on Earth. If it is not happening in the Universe, doesn't this mean that it doesn't exist as an option for us either? Indeed, why would it be happening in the Universe if it isn't needed there? Why would the Universe resort to nuclear-fusion power when it is flush with power? Its power systems are the most efficient that exist. They are electric, which makes them the most efficient power systems imaginable? 

The image above is an image of a high-powered galaxy, surrounded by vast electric power streams that illumine not only its stars but surrounds the galaxy itself with a visible halo. The image, as a model, illustrates the nature of our solar system with the Sun at the center and the halo being the heliosphere. With the Earth's orbit being close to the Sun, we are literally afloat in th electric power streams that light up the Sun. Shouldn't we avail ourselves of this power?

 The existence of vast electric power streams throughout the cosmos is evident by the stars and galaxies being strung along filamentary lines like beads on a string. This feature (also faintly seen above) is common throughout the Universe. That the Earth is surrounded by electric power existing in plasma is space was proved by the NASA tether experiment in 1996. The Space Shuttle Columbia had deployed a 12-mile long experimental tether into orbit. The experiment was to attempt to generate electricity by utilizing Earth's magnetic field. But the tether broke. The nature of the break indicated that the conductor of the tether was burned electrically when the insulating material failed and the conductor became exposed to the electric energy is space.

One of the characteristics of the Universe is that it always utilizes the most efficient principles for any given purpose. Nuclear-fusion power falls way outside of this category. 

In fact, all experience has shown that the Universe has carefully devised protective principles to prevent its atoms from fusing together, even in high-power environments. All of the nuclear-fusion experiments that are being pursued are attempts, not to utilize natural universal principles, but to overpower the barriers the Universe has set up for its self-protection.

If the Universe has no provision for nuclear-fusion power, but has set up protective barriers against it, why would we waste any effort with it, in developing it? Our experience has already been amply clear that attempting nuclear-fusion power is useless for all practical purposes. The resulting tragedy is, in pursuing this course, such as by focusing our efforts on this useless pursuit, that we tend to close our eyes to the powerful principles that we do have at hand to meet our needs. Instead of keeping ourselves tied into knots for a hundred years, hoping against all odds that nuclear-fusion power might yet succeed, shouldn't we rather utilize what we've got within reach that promises infinite energy, as it pervades the Universe in which we live?

 What we have at hand is so big that we don't need anything more. Why would we pursue lesser options in dead-end pursuits?


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