2011 nuclear fusion power delusion

the king of universal entropy

nuclear fusion is not an energy producer
it is an energy consumer
it can't power the Sun
if it did, it would consume the Sun

Two opposites, each claiming the name of science
the fusion universe of universal entropy
 or the electric universe of anti-entropy

We live in a world of two opposite perceptions of reality, each wearing the mantle of science, while truth is singular - reality is singular. Who then owns the truth? The answer to this question, more than any other factor, determines the future of mankind. It shapes the way we face the future, and ourselves, and the way we shape our economy.

The fusion universe of universal entropy

The concept of nuclear fusion power is the offshoot of a perception of the universe in which the principle of universal gravity is the only ruling force. It is deemed to be the sole cause for the existence of stars and planets and the galaxies in which they exist. It is also deemed to be the sole cause for all the energy produced in the universe. For the lack of any other recognized cause for the production of energy in a gravity-only universe, it is deemed that nuclear fusion is the only energy source that powers the universe - nuclear fusion ignited by an immense heat and pressure induced by the principle of universal gravity in the massive conglomerations of matter that thereby become stars, like the Sun of our solar system. 

Universal gravity - the force by which physical masses have a hold on each other - is recognized in physics as one of 4 fundamental forces that make up our physical universe, alongside the electromagnetic force, the nuclear strong force, and the nuclear weak force. 

See: The four fundamental forces - by HyperPhysics

The tragic irony of our time is that the entire universe in all its cosmic aspects are deemed to be governed by the absolute weakest force in the universe, the force of gravity, while the strongest universal force with an infinite range - which is 36 orders of magnitude stronger, is totally ignored, and is even denied to be a factor.

In order to interpret the observed evidence in the universe on the basis of the gravity-only model, a number of fudge factors, such as dark matter, black holes, super-massive neutron stars, etc., including the Big Bang theory, had to be invented to make the evidence match the model. And for the lack of any other possible explanation on the basis of the gravity-only model the theory of the nuclear-fusion powered sun had to be invented too. The practice of inventing fudge factors to make a theory match the evidence has a long history that goes back more than 2,000 years all the way to Ptolemy who invented the imaginary epicycle and equant to explain the observed chrematistics of the orbits of the planets.

See: Epicycles

But is the gravity-only perception of the universe correct that ignores the strongest universal force with an infinite range - which is 36 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity? A number of scientific pioneers have answered NO to this question and included the electromagnetic force into their perception of the universe. With this answer the science of the Electric Cosmology was born. This actually happened long before the Big Bang theory was invented, perhaps as a counter-model.

The gravity-only perception of the universe is entropic for the simple reason that it requires for the theory to work, the model of the nuclear-fusion powered sun - an energy engine that contains its own fuel and is thereby self-consuming, or energy entropic.

The electric universe of anti-entropy

In the electric universe nothing is self-consuming or entropic. In this universe every sun is electrically powered by vast electric power streams that pervade the cosmos and power the universe. In the electric universe theory the once deemed empty spaces of the cosmos are recognized as a teeming sea of basic plasma particles that carry an electric charge and are set into motion both electromagnetically and by gravity as these particles have a mass. In this perception of the universe every sun is understood as being electrically powered, in an electric arc process, by its gravitational and electric attraction of the electric plasma streams that thereby power it. Here, nothing contains its own fuel, nothing is self-consuming, in a universe that is by this process self-expanding, both physically and qualitatively.

See: Free Energy and The Electric Universe

The conflict is over what is real

The conflict between the two opposite sciences is not really a scientific conflict, but a political one where truth is not a factor. The entropic cosmology of the gravity-only universe and the fusion sun to power it, is a concept that is heavily promoted by the political masters of empire who need to enthrone the concept of entropy as a natural reality, because the system of empire is intrinsically entropic. The system of empire does not create and produce anything of substance, but is focused on stealing and looting whereby it is collapsing the world economically (and itself with it). Its platform of private monetarist economics is an entropic platform. The system of empire cannot be redeemed from this platform, because that is what is nature is. For this reason it must promote the concept of entropy as something natural, and everything associated with it, such as the gravity-only cosmology and its theory of the nuclear-fusion powered sun, and as of late the so-called science of nuclear-fusion power systems.

Once the masters of empire drop their promotion of entropy, the very system of empire will collapse and vanish and mankind will be on a path of infinite development with infinite energy resources at its hand. (See: Free Energy and Industrial Revolution )

The evidence for the electric cosmology is actually quite overwhelming so that it may not remain hidden for very much longer as the truth is self-evident, whereby the inevitable becomes enabled.

2011 - Enabling the Inevitable

What do we see as evidence? It is easy to see that our Sun is electrically powered from the outside in an arc-mode fashion; powered by the electric interaction that takes place in the photosphere as is seen in the top-of-the page photograph of the sun with the x-ray images included. The bright spots (above) are hot spots of intense electric activity, while below the surface the Sun is dark.

no fusion furnace lurks inside the Sun

If nuclear fusion would power the Sun, the sunspots would be brighter spots on the surface of the Sun, instead of the darker spots that we all see, that are almost black in comparison. This means that if the top layer of the sun was removed, in which the electric arc process takes place, the sun would appear no brighter than the moon. Such is the evidence is in sunspots. More of it exists in many other forms. The evidence tells us that the Universe offers mankind boundless electric energy that is surrounding the Earth as it powers the Sun. 

Our solar system - see a bigger version of it.

Since the Sun is attracting vast electric energy streams by which it is powered, and the Earth orbiting in close proximity, the Earth is afloat in a fairly dense form of this electric energy that is powering the Sun. Great efforts are made to blind mankind against this self-evident reality. 

One of these efforts in blinding mankind against the infinite power resource it has at hand, is made in the form of promoting the development of nuclear fusion as a technology to give mankind an alternate source of infinite energy, but which cannot be realized since it isn't really happening in the universe, as indeed the universe has no need for it. Thus, the king of entropy - nuclear fusion power - is hailed today and like many a king, consumes society's talents and resources for which it gets nothing in return since nuclear-fusion power doesn't 'fly' - elephants simply don't fly.

Why Don't Elephants Fly?

Well elephants don't fly, because there exists no natural principle in the Universe that would enable them to fly. Some people may dilute themselves, thinking that with a bit of personal effort they just might be able to fly like the proverbial elephants. They might run off a cliff flopping their ears. But this process can only get them killed as they crash into the ground below. Real elephants of curse don't do this or ever would. If they did, and they could try this forever, they would crash every time, because the process simply wouldn't work. If a process isn't supported by universal principles, it doesn't work. The dream of nuclear fusion power falls into this category.

I, personally, have never seen an elephant try to fly by running off a cliff. Elephants tend to be too smart to be suicidal. But is mankind different? 

Yes we seem to be different. We get an idea and then follow it through. We have made enormous progress that way. We have developed technological means to fly, and fly around the world, even to the moon and back. We have also explored nuclear-fusion power. We have created marvels along the way. We have heated plasma to several hundred million degrees to get its atoms to fuse. We even succeeded a tiny bit. We've spent decades of intense efforts in trying to make nuclear-fusion power to work. But here we fail. There appears to be is no practical application possible, for the nuclear-fusion power dream, that will work. The harder we push, the bigger the barriers become. 

Our experience in trying to get nuclear-fusion power to work has been not much different than that of an elephant trying to fly. The evident reason for our failure is that no natural principle exists in the Universe for nuclear fusion to produce power. The Universe does not need such a process. It is flush with power, which is electric in nature, and it uses this power to light up the stars and the galaxies. It also uses it to fuse plasma into atoms for constructive purposes.

While it is probably self-evident to an elephant that it will never be able to fly, it is not so self-evident that the concept of nuclear-fusion power process has no principle standing behind it that would enable us to succeed. Not realizing this basic fact we try, and try, and try again, and keep on running off the cliff. We have done this for years and decades, because on one had the evidence isn't as clear in this case that no natural principle exists that would enable nuclear-fusion power to become possible, while on the other hand the masters of entropy cry and point to the Sun saying "see there, nuclear fusion is possible, just try harder, devote more resources, keep yourself blind to reality, and tie yourself into knots as we would have you to do. 

And so, obediently, mankind pursues a dream that can never come true.

Nuclear fusion power is entropic - it is a dream like entropic economy that can never work no matter hard we wish it to work.

Here are the reasons why nuclear fusion power does not work

Nuclear-fusion power, a dead-end pursuit

Six strikes against nuclear-fusion power

The political driver for dead-end fusion-power

Nuclear-fusion experiments - NIF, ITER

The nuclear-fusion energy is destructive

The paradox of the nuclear-fusion fuel

The paradox of nuclear-fusion power

MSR/LFTR Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor

We have no need for nuclear fusion power

 We have more efficient power systems already developed for which we have vast amounts of fuel on hand, more than we can ever use. One of these is Thorium fission power.

Thorium fission power, when it is produced in a molten salt reactor (MSR) - also called the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) - offers us nearly the same usable energy-density per ton of fuel as the nuclear-fusion fuel would offer if the process could be made to work. 

While nuclear-fusion power is immensely difficult and expensive to produce, and the nuclear-fusion fuel requires major energy investments for it to be produced, the Molten Salt Thorium Reactor is inexpensive, is scalable, produces less radioactive 'waste,' and the fuel is cheap and plentifully available. The USA all by itself has 900,000 tons of thorium sitting on the ground. It only takes 650 kg of thorium to power a 1-gigawatt reactor for a year. Every coal-fired power plant throws more than 10-times as much energy away in its ash pile, in the form of thorium, than it produces in power by burning the coal.

Ironically, none of this vast energy-rich resource is presently being used, while instead mankind is dreaming exotic dreams of nuclear fusion that is not happening anywhere in the Universe naturally, nor will likely will never become a reality on earth. The harder science is pushing at the frontier, the ever-greater barriers become that are discovered to stand against it. 

Mankind's aiming to produce nuclear-fusion power for which no universal principle exists is synonymous with getting elephants to fly.

What is worth than getting elephants to fly?

The worst of it is the waste of resources that the effort requires. By being locked into the dream of nuclear-fusion power, mankind locks itself into the mythological dream of a fusion powered Sun that is no only consuming its development, but is thereby also blinding it against the electric power streams that power the galaxies, our Sun, which surround us just as they pervade the universe. Thus by becoming tied into knots over this dream, we literally starve ourselves to death in a world of plenty, believing ourselves to be impotent. 

The Universe offers us infinite energy resources, but we say, nay. We say, we live in an entropic universe that is gradually consuming itself and winding itself down to zero, including the resources that we have on earth. We are literally fighting a war against our highest self-interest by promoting nuclear-fusion power as a panacea that causes us to close our eyes to what we have before us. 

We are playing a game that the masters of empire want us to play, a game of self-deception, a dead-end game that consumes our scientific resources and produces nothing in the end. We hail the gigantic fusion machines that we have built - our toys that we are playing with, like the NIF and the ITER, but we are not playing with power, because we play those games outside of the parameters of the Universe.

It appears that in real terms the sky is no limit for us if we but utilize the principles that the Universe itself is utilizing. These principles promise us infinite energy resources if we care to tap into them, that exist all around us in the form of plasma-electric power that pervades our galaxy and the Universe, and powers every sun, including our own Sun.


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