2011 Ice Age renaissance  

2011 - Enabling the Inevitable

Ice Age Renaissance

by Stephen Hudson


When the snow no longer melts, and great ice sheets cover much of the Northern Hemisphere, the corresponding loss of agriculture can be replaced with technological infrastructures that enable the production of greater resources with less effort  than we currently allow ourselves to have.



The coming Ice Age Renaissance

This means that nuclear war and economic collapse are not the only existential dangers society is facing. In fact, nuclear war is the least of these dangers. It is known where the tens of thousands of nuclear bombs are located, which can be destroyed in a week should mankind decide to do this. Likewise can economic collapse be halted in short order, when mankind decides to eliminate the system of empire, which is the cause for it, and rebuild its firewalls against imperial looting, such as the Glass Steagall legislation that the USA had once established, which has been scrapped. All of these manmade existential dangers can be overcome with 'ease' when the decision is made to do so. However, the existential challenge that the next Ice Age glaciation cycles imposes cannot be so easily brushed aside as the global agriculture that is mankind's prime food resource, which is depended on the warm interglacial climate that we presently enjoy, which becomes largely disabled thereby. 

Our food resource is presently near 100% vulnerable to the coming deep freeze of the next glaciation cycle that promises a potentially 10-times deeper cooling than was experienced during the last Little Ice Age. As the transition unfolds the world's entire northern agriculture is threatened to become totally disabled. This includes Canada, most of Russia, large parts of China, most of Europe, and the northern parts of the USA, if not all of it. How would the nations then feed themselves when all the northern agriculture becomes collectively disabled on a massive scale, right around the world, by the coming climate transition that is potentially near? 

Agriculture is where our food comes from. Nearly the entire agriculture that we presently depend on, which became enabled by the warm interglacial period that is about to become disabled. Mankind emerged from the last Ice Age glaciation cycles with a one to ten million world population, and this after over two million years of its existence. This minuscule population that came out of the last Ice Age hints at the limiting effect that Ice Age Challenge imposes when agriculture is not possible, or in modern terms is not protected by shifting it into the tropics and later into indoor facilities.

The more one looks at the Ice Age Challenge, the scarier the picture becomes. The Polish professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, (M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection in Warsaw) suggests in his paper "The Ice Age Is Coming" (published in the 2003 Winter Edition of 21st Century Science and Technology) that the transition to the next glaciation cycle is already overdue by half a percent. Which means that it may not be far off.  Zbigniew Jaworowski quotes some scientists' projections that we might still have 50 to 150 years left of the present warm climate, while the transition period itself is deemed to be short, in the range of 1-50 years in duration. He suggest that the transition might begin any time and without warning. 


All of this stands, of course, in total contradiction to the global warming doctrine that was concocted in 1974, at the very time when the scientific community was concerned about the needed preparation for the coming Ice Age transition. The timing of the global warming hoax, to counter the scientific concerns, makes the global warming hoax stand out like a smoke screen intended to hide the potentially near start of the next glaciation cycle for which a New Economic and Technological Renaissance is absolutely required, with which to create the economic, scientific, and technological power to protect mankind's existence against the coming cold climate, by protecting its food resources.

That's our present situation. Even if the slightest chance did exists that a new glaciation cycle is near, the protection of the global food resources should have been topmost on the global agenda, with the full involvement of all nations. But as things stand right now, considering the historic evidence on hand, the observed shrinking of the heliosphere, the measured cooling of the planet, and so on, we appear to be far past the "slightest" stage. We are facing instead a high probability for a near-term transition, so that the nature of the Ice Age Challenge has thereby become of utmost importance to all mankind, whether this is recognized or not, because if mankind fails itself at this critical stage, by not protecting its food resources against the coming cold, it will be hit with the greatest existential cataclysm ever, that it may not recover from for a long time.

All of this means that we, mankind, are presently challenged as never before to enable our native humanity, and our potential to be the creators and producers to snub the coming Ice Age by creating infrastructures for agriculture that the deepest Ice Age cannot touch, enabling in the process the greatest industrial revolution and renaissance that has ever been seen on the planet, with the mythologies of empire buried deep beneath the snow.


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