2011 Ice Age Moral Imperative  

2011 - Enabling the Inevitable

The moral imperative for the next

Ice Age

    When the snow no longer melts and the remaining northern regions get cold, where will we grow our food?

Food production will likely cease above the 30th parallel when glaciation conditions set in and summer sea ice reaches as far south as Los Angeles. This could happen soon and without warning. Since most of the world's food is grown in the affected area, large-scale infrastructures for agriculture must be created that are out of reach of the coming cold climate. Large and rapid fluctuations might be experienced in the transition zone that could disable a most of the global food supply almost simultaneously around the world. If mankind enters this zone unprepared, a huge portion of the world population would be doomed thereby, since it takes decades to create alternate agricultural infrastructures on the needed scale. 

At at current time no preparations are being made. The current political climate does not allow large scale developments to take place, especially in a world asleep that is dreaming of global warming. Waking up therefore, and beginning the preparations now, even if we can't see the transition happening yet, becomes a moral imperative of the highest urgency, because it is simply not morally justifiable to gamble with the future existence of much of mankind.

The moral imperative

A great chorus of prophets are crying today, who haven't fallen asleep dreaming, of global warming. Some of the prophet scientists are predicting that the current interglacial warm climate will last for another 10,000 years, or 1,000 years, but will it. Other scientists predict that may have still 100 years left, or 50 years. Given the distant nature of the galactic dynamics that are not mechanistically predictable, anyone of the predicting prophets might be right, and their predictions would all accord with statistical perception of some sort that the end is near, based on historic pattern. Unfortunately, these patterns are not precisely repetitive as far too many factors enter the scene. Nor is it predictable how fast the transition will unfold, and how massive the transition fluctuations will become. Some Greenland ice core samples indicate that large fluctuations have occurred during the previous transition zone to glaciation conditions.

What is predictable only, and this with great certainty, is that the global agriculture will take a massive hit when the Ice Age climate begins to unfold in a big way, and that society cannot survive without food. Correspondingly massive protective preparations are therefore called for to be implemented as fast and as efficiently as possible. This is what an intelligently designed NAWAPA project could enable. And even this is not even on the agenda as a moral imperative has no weight in the political arena.

Large-scale tropical floating agriculture, that could be a part of a developing NAWAPA project, would most certainly save Canada in a big way, as Canada would thereby have a presence established for its future needs and the infrastructures in operation in the tropical waters hopefully before its own agriculture becomes disabled by the impending Ice Age climate, for which the transition may have already begun. 

Responding to the potential for the near return of the Ice Age, and this actively in the largest manner possible, therefore becomes a moral issue, because no one can justify to risk the slightest gambling with the very existence of much of mankind by delaying what must ultimately be accomplished.

This may be a hard task to fulfill, but so what? Has it become too expensive for mankind to remain alive? If we answer no, then we better change the world, and start with ending the age of empire. In the shadow of empire mankind has no future.

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