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2011 - Revealing the Inevitable

Ice Age vs Global Warming

Plato (pointing up to heavenly things)
 and Aristotle (gesturing down to Earth). 
From Raphael, The School of Athens (1509)

The is no global warming consensus in the scientific community


Mass Protest by the Scientific Community against the dogma of manmade global warming

The Global Warming Dogma was invented in 1974 in the background of the increasing concern in the scientific community of the necessary steps to protect mankind and its food production in the face of the near return of the the Ice Age glaciation cycle that brought long periods of deep cooling to our planet during which enormous ice sheets had covered much of the Northern Hemisphere periodically during the last two million years.  The Global Warming Hoax was invented to squash this concern in the scientific community and to redirect it into the opposite direction by means of an imposed dogma.

Together with the scientific truth, the massive protestants against the dogma of false assumptions by the scientific community have also been hidden, and deemed no to exist. One of the lies is that is projected in the media regarding global warming, is that the general scientific community supports the manmade global warming doctrine. Nothing could be further from the fact. Major petition projects have been launched, some as far back as 15 years ago, by the international scientific community. And those have all been massive protests. 

The Heidelberg Appeal - by 4000 signators (1992)

The Leipzig Declaration - by 110 actual front-line climate specialists (1997)

The Oregon Petition Project - by 17,000 signators (1998)

60 Prominent Scientists came forward in 2006 to question the so-called "consensus" that the Earth faces a "climate emergency." They call on Prime Minister Harper to open Kyoto to debate, to revisit the science of global warming.

In a U.S. Senate Report: (2007) over 400 statement of prominent scientists are presented, disputing in writing the manmade global warming claims.

In 2008 a new Oregon Petition Project was launched that gathered 31,000 protest signatures, with their names all published on the internet.

For more details see: Worldwide Climate Change Opposition

While the global warming doctrine that is still ruling the world today, does not prove or disprove that the next transition is near to the ever-recurring Ice Age glaciation cycles that have been the norm for the two million years of the current Ice Age Epoch, the Pleistocene Epoch, the global warming doctrine appears to be nevertheless clearly intended to prevent mankind's logical response to what lays on the horizon for its near future. On this platform the greatest-ever genocide is being set up for the global population to become collapsed to very low levels, which the masters of empire have stated on many occasions is their wish and intention to attain. During the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference the travesty of radical 'population reduction' has been sited in many different forms as a necessity under the global warming doctrine. (See: 2009 CCC)

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