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global warming hoax
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Hockey stick or hockey league?

    The false interpretation of ice core samples
has been called

The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time


No manmade global warming 

Oh, if we only could cause global warming! The next Ice Age glaciation cycle would then be avoided. 

Unfortunately we don't have that capability, and may not have it for a long time to come. 

That the global warming dogma is politically motivated is evident in its timing. It was engineered at a time when the scientific community became concerned about the potential impact of the next Ice Age glaciation cycle that is on the near horizon. In typical empire fashion the concern was turned upside down and the science skewed to support the perversion of reality. The evident reason is, to prevent the occurrence of a powerful new renaissance that the system of empire would not survive, which would be erupting with mankind's effort to create the necessary infrastructures to protect its global civilization in the upcoming ice age climate. 

Another evident reason is, which is located in its timing, is the empire's long-standing drive for depopulation (mass-genocide) that aims to recreate the 'golden age' of feudalism for the masters of empire to remain secure in. This link is suggested by the coincidence of the forging of the global warming dogma in parallel with the 1974 U.S. NSSM200 dogma that defines Third World population growth a national security threat, on the basis that the developing countries would be using up their natural resources that masters claim must be preserved for the empire's future requirement. 

In this platform the global warming dogma has been deployed since 1974 to prevent economic development throughout the world and inflict genocide by 'natural means' such as forced underdevelopment, resulting in murderous poverty, and outright genocide, for which the global warming dogma now enforces the greatest holocaust against mankind of all times, on a scale that renders the Nazi holocaust insignificant in comparison. 

The global warming holocaust is 'accomplished' by massively burning food in a starving world. It is carried out through the bio-fuels hoax that demand agricultural products to be converted to ethanol and bio-diesel fuel to be burned in cars and trucks. The current global acreage that is devoted to this scheme would normally provide food for 100 million people. With app. 1.2 billion people living in chronic starvation according to figures published by the UN, a 100 million yearly silently imposed deaths are probably occurring, which eerily matches the amount of food being burnt. 

Considering that bio-fuels, when honestly judged, provide no economic and environmental benefits and do in fact increase pollution, their prime objective is evidently genocide. This underlying intention renders a society that subscribes to this travesty, murderers by intent, and more so in consideration that no true scientific evidence exists for the doctrine of manmade global warming that is riddled with massive fakery, such as by the false interpretation of ice core data.

In deep ice core strata trapped gases a crystallized under pressure. When the samples are drilled out of the ice sheets the gases expand and escape through micro fissures so that the deeper layer samples indicate lower historic concentrations giving the appearance that the dawn of the industrial era caused massive CO2 increases. This error has been recognized a long time ago, but is conveniently ignored for political objectives. Alternate methods for determining the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere indicate that prior to the industrial revolution the CO2 concentration in the air was roughly the same as it is today.

The Polish Professor Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski refers to the fakery of the claim that CO2 increased during the industrial revolution The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time. From hands-on experience in excavating ice core samples from glaciers on six continents in his fifty-year career as a scientific researcher he detailed how the false evidence is obtained and even warned the US government in  his 2004, in a letter to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

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