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Free Electric Energy

Bands of plasma currents

inexhaustible, self-renewing, non-polluting, galactic electricity

The power that also powers the Sun

The energy the powers the Universe is electric in nature
it lights up every sun in every galaxy
it will also light up our world

for an infinite future

It has long been understood that all magnetic phenomena in the Universe have an electric cause. Wherever see magnetic forces expressed, we observe the effects of flowing electric currents. And those we do observe everywhere in the Universe.

Magnetism is the evidence of the electric force in motion. No other source of magnetism exists. In some cases magnetism appears to us as if it was its own phenomenon, as for example when metals become magnetized. This, however, merely indicates that the electron movements in the atomic shells of the metals have been externally aligned into coherent patterns of movement that specific metals are able to retain by the nature of their molecular structures. And so, even here, the basic reality of physics remains the same that all forms of magnetism are result of electric action, or simply put, electric energy in motion. The Earth's magnetic field is evidence of vast amounts of electric energy in motion. The same holds true for the Sun on a larger scale, and for every other sun in every galaxy in the the Universe, and for all the galaxies themselves. The evidence that we see, tells us that the Universe is electrically powered, as is the Sun. If the Sun was heated from within the sunspots would be bright not dark, as they expose the layers below the photosphere.

While magnetism itself cannot be seen, nor the electric energy in motion that causes it, magnetism can be observed by its effects, such as the string-like twisted plasma streams at the edge of sunspot which can be reproduced in laboratory experiments. While electric-sun model is controversial and no electricity is deemed to exist in space, the evidence that we can find in countless different forms thought the universe speak volumes to the contrary. Still, when evidence does not agree with mainstream science, it is conveniently ignored in the defense of established doctrine.

"Expressions of surprise and puzzlement are commonplace at new discoveries in astrophysics and the detailed sunspot photos provide their share. It is because accepted theories have proven to be spectacularly non-predictive. It is a clear signal for independent minds that an opportunity exists to clear up mysteries that have dogged our finest scientists for most of the 20th century.

"As Fred Hoyle long ago pointed out; the Sun does not conform to the expected behavior of an internally heated ball of gas, simply radiating its energy into space. Instead, its behavior at every level is complex and baffling. Nowhere is it more mysterious than in a sunspot. So, without any direct evidence that the thermonuclear powered model of the Sun is correct, and with strong evidence against it, we should begin by heeding Descartes advice and doubt it. Unfortunately it is a difficult path to take because science is a powerfully consensual organization. Yet it is consensus, or general agreement, that can delay new ideas for centuries and sometimes, millennia."
See: 30 November 2002 Sunspot Mysteries by Wallas Thornhill

With an open eye and mind strong electric currents be observed by countless related effects, as in the case of electromagnetic radiation which our senses recognize as light. In galactic environments of high electric density, the electric environment becomes 'visible' in numerous different ways.



What is generally deemed empty space is teeming with the basic building blocks that atoms are made of, called electrons and protons. The protons are 100,000 times smaller than an atom, and an electron is a 1000 times smaller than that. They are too small to be seen, yet they carry an electric charge. The entire mass of the Universe is located in these particles. In our terrestrial world they are bound up into atomic structures in a complementary fashion that renders the atomic structures electrically neutral. However, in interstellar space, and in intergalactic space, the particles exist in their primitive state, an unbound state, called the plasma state. With the particles existing in an unbound state the entire environment becomes thereby electrically active. It is understood that 99.999% of the mass of the universe exists in this unbound state that is electrically active. 

Since these particles all have mass, they are attracted by gravity to every sun and planet in every galaxy, and in the larger context by the galaxies themselves. The picture of the above galaxy illustrates the process. The above picture can also be seen as a model for our solar system, with the Sun at the center, rather than the galactic core. The illustrated model indicates that our sun is electrically powered. The model also indicates that the Earth, orbiting the Sun in a relatively close orbit, is located in a relatively high-density plasma environment, which the Earth likewise attracts. While the Sun is ablaze with its attracted electric energy, in a type of continuous electric arc process, our tiny planet, the Earth, experiences similar electric phenomena, though of a much lesser intensity, in the form of the occasional lightning bolts. 

When the density of the attracted electric plasma reaches a high enough level, around a Sun or a planet, or everywhere else in general, charge separation occurs where the plasma is divided into a double layer sheath. This phenomenon occurs around the Sun at the level of the chromosphere.  On Earth it occurs in the ionosphere. The flow of large electric currents have been observed there. The image at the top of the page was created by NASA. It is a composite image of electric plasma currents observed in the ionosphere. Since these high-density electric currents evidently do exist, since they were detected, and exists strong enough to be 'visible' from space, it stands to reason that the utilization of these immensely large electric energy-fields will in due course be enabled with the appropriate accessing technology, whereby mankind's 'puny' energy needs would be amply met in perpetuity.

Similar plasma bands, above and below the equator, are also recognizable when the Sun is looked at in the x-ray band, which is often dotted with bright x-ray emitting patches (not sunspots), but which park the primary sunspot bands.


It is in two bands, one above and one below the equator, where the major electro-magnetic action takes place.

NASA - Solar Dynamics Observatory


The great plasma loops that occur on the Sun are often simply called magnetic loops, but for magnetism to occur electric currents need to flowing, which renders the solar prominences primarily electric phenomena. The similarity of the solar-prominence loops with the electric arc produced by opening a switch of a 500 KV transmission line, suggests that the solar loops result from interrupted current flows within the photosphere. In a high voltage switch yard such arcs are normally prevented. The picture shows the result when the prevention fails. The high-voltage electric current created itself a plasma path to bypass the interruption, to maintain the current flow. The solar prominences seem to be caused by disruptions of the current flow in the photosphere, or deficiencies in its conductivity, or localized excessive currents being induced.

The above photo by Bert Hickman is a part of video of a test at the the 500 kV Eldorado Substation near Boulder City, Nevada. See: Electrical Overload and also TESLAMANIA 


The similarity between the electro-magnetic bands around the Earth and around the Sun suggests that the same electric principle is involved in both cases. The occurrence of prominences within these bands, or to and from these bands, suggests that both the Earth and the Sun have similar electric structures in the form of two high density equatorial current bands. The really big prominences appear to originate primarily from these two high intensity plasma bands.

NASA - seen from Skylab

Some of these prominences reach a height of 150,000 kilometers, many times larger than the Earth, in huge flows of electric energy moving in the plasma, which pale our terrestrial energy system into insignificance. While the energy bands in our ionosphere are far weaker due to the smaller size of our planet, vaset power-flows appear to be available to us, nevertheless.


Considering the dynamics involved in the process, mankind would gain itself a near-infinite and self-renewing energy source by utilizing the galactic, electric energy resources that are within reach. The benefits will be most likely on a scale that far exceeds our presently brightest dreams for an energy-rich future. And this future will thereby be ours in perpetuity. On the scene of the Universe in action, nothing is entropic and running down.

The fusion-sun theory is entropic

The concept of a fusion-powered sun, and a fusion powered universe, is the king of entropy. The concept is a part of the gravity-only theory of the universe, where gravity rules and nothing else does. In this concept of the universe, which is the standard concept today, every sun is deemed to be a gravity-compressed, gravity ignited, nuclear fusion furnace in the sky, with no other connection to the universe than by gravity. This concept renders the entire universe as entropic - slowly burning itself out as each sun is consuming its fuel. It is evident that this concept is false, because in real terms the Universe is expanding, and is not only expanding in size, but also in complexity and creativity. The only cosmology that fits the actual observed evidence is the electric cosmology and its concept of the electric powered sun for which no fuel gets used up to power it and to power the universe, where everything is powered by electric energy. In this recognized immense galactic power-grid plenty enough electric energy is available on hand to also fulfill mankind's rather modest energy needs for the endless development of mankind. In real terms mankind is an anti-entropic species. It is not winding down, but expanding, especially in quality, with ever-greater potentials. It is appropriate therefore that its energy needs be met with an anti-entropic resource.

There are three types of energy systems operating in the universe, the entropic, non-entropic, and anti-entropic system. 

The entropic system is one where energy gets used up towards the zero state where everything stops, such as when your gas tank runs dry. 

The non-entropic system is one that keeps operating at a steady state in perpetuity, exemplified by the humble hydrogen atom that is a dynamic system of electric forces that keep its electron in motion 'forever', by which the atom exists.

The anti-entropic system is one that becomes more powerful the more it is operating. The universe is an example of this kind of system. A human economy, based on this principle, is another example.

The shift from entropy to anti-entropy remains yet to be enacted on the universal scale in the human world, including in the sciences, in order to get us away from a the current entropic cosmology and its reflection in an entropic universal platform for economics and culture where everything is winding down towards collapse. The shift hast to happen for mankind to see itself, its economy, and its world, as an anti-entropic system. This shift is becoming evermore urgent today, for only an electric powered world, with electricity drawn from an infinite galactic source, will raise the economic platform in the world to such height of productivity and expanding productive power that would enable us to meet the vast challenges that loom on the horizon with the near return of the Ice Age when new forms of agriculture will be required, such as indoor agriculture on a global scale, or agriculture placed onto floating platforms in the tropical oceans. We should be on the road towards an anti-entropic renaissance right now.

Ultimately mankind will go the anti-entropic route, for no other option truly exists. But why should we wait for future ages to accomplish what we have the capacity to accomplish right now, and create a renaissance with it on which the return of the ice age will have no effect. Galactic electricity, which is free and inexhaustible, can give us access to this future and enable it in real physical and cultural terms.

There exists plenty of evidence that the promise by the Universe for free-energy in perpetuity, is real.

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Infinite free electric energy promises us the potential for an economic revolution with a quality of civilization that we probably haven't dreamed of so far, since we tend to keep our mental horizons small and limited. However a breakout becomes enabled when the encumberments are cast aside, which, typically serve imperial objectives. 

With the breakout a new dawn is about to begin that enables mankind to step away from the tragedies of the past, which in the same process enables an infinite future for all mankind.

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