2011 free electric energy - globular clusters part 3 

2011 - Enabling the Inevitable

No more epicycles!

Ptolemaic elements

Truth is knowable

It took mankind 1,700 years to overcome the Ptolemaic plunder

Ptolemy was no fool. 

Ptolemy devised an ingenious system of astronomy, the epicycle - a circle riding on a circle - to explain the observed variations in speed and direction of the apparent motion of the Moon, Sun, and planets. His plunder was that he 'listened' to the religiously imposed notion that with the Earth being corrupt, the heaven must therefore be perfect, so that all movements in the heavens must follow the path of circles that are perfect geometric constructs. In order to make the theory (based on circles) match the observed reality, Ptolemy created the epicycle. This became the basis for astronomy for 1,700 years. Of course no one could explain what would cause a planet to orbit around an imaginary point in space that would itself be following a circular path around another imaginary point half way between the Earth and still another imaginary point that he called an equant. This concept, miraculously, came so close to explain the observed motions that it was accepted as the law of the universe until Johannes Kepler put it all aside and discovered in the planetary motions an interplay of mass and gravity. It was Kepler, preceding Newton, who discovered the principle of gravity and its laws. From this time on, the Ptolemaic epicycles ruled no longer in astronomy. All of our modern space flight calculations are still based on Kepler's discovery.

The age of the 'epicycles' is not over

Epicycles of a different sort rule astronomy today. Just as once the perfect circle ruled in the heavens as king for the basic laws, so today, the notion is king that everything in the cosmos exists as the result of the force gravity and mass. In order to make the observed evidence fit this new basic notion, a wide range of modern epicycles have been created, such a black holes, dark matter, big bang explosions, and of course also the nuclear fusion powered sun. All of these are needed to make the evidence fit the theory. But as in the days of Ptolemy the evidence still doesn't quite fit, in spite of all the fudge factor 'epicycles.' 

For example, the sun doesn't cooperate. Nobody can answer the question then, when asked, how it it can be that sunspots, which reveal the lower layers of the sun after an explosive mass ejection, show lower layers darker, not brighter as the should be if the sun was powered from the inside by nuclear fusion. Nor can anyone explain how it is possible in a gravity only universe that the solar-wind particles speed up to millions of kilometers per hour, after they are ejected from the solar surface, and how this acceleration happens against the force of gravity that should slow it down. In such cases the 'epicycles' in the theory of the gravity-only universe break down, while the troubling evidence is easily explained in electric cosmology.

Also, the gravity-only theory cannot explain why we see the string-like alignment of stars, and galaxies, and entire clusters of galaxies, like so many beads on a string. If gravity was the only ruling factor in the cosmos, this should not happen. No reasons exists in the gravity-only universe for such phenomena to occur, much less on any scale, from the smallest to the largest.

Strings of stars (in a globular cluster - M47) *

Strings of galaxies (in a galaxy cluster - aco3341) *

Strings of galaxy clusters (in our local super cluster - Virgo)

Strings of superclusters of galaxies (the local ones)

Arrays of strings of super clusters in the observable cosmos
 which much more laying beyond the boundary of the observable.

The phenomenon of string-like cosmic structures is observable everywhere and on all levels

The universally observable phenomenon of string-like formation is an enigma in the gravity-only entropic universe of fusion powered, isolated stars and suns, but in the electric universe such phenomena are not only expected, but one would be surprised if they didn't exist. Thus, in the real universe the epicycles of the gravity-only theories break down.

Truth is knowable!

Click here to take a look at the larger views of both, the vast strings of galaxies in the the Capodimonte Deep Field (a composite image of 35,000 galaxies), and the similar strings of stars in a high resolution image of a portion of the M4 Globular Cluster by NASA's Hubble space telescope. Truth is knowable.

We could look at the blow cutout images of the M4 Globular Cluster (A) and of the Capodimonte Deep Field (B) and note with our eyes the plainly visible string formations of planets and galaxies, respectively, and say to ourselves, "so what?"

     (A - stars)  (B - galaxies)

We can also look at what we see with the mind's eye and see in between the spaces of the strings the electric power-stream that form the stings, which themselves are invisible to the camera in most cases, and also to the eye. When we begin to see with the mind's eye, we see principles in action reflected in the thing that they physical eye observes. By seeing with the mind's eye, truth becomes knowable, and this truth, in the cases above, reflects itself in countless arenas, including the way we look at our own local sun. There, with the mind's eye, we see in our Sun a star that is electrically powered with the same power steams that we see with the mind's eye in the larger scenes above.

A cropped view of the solar system - See a larger view

When we see with the mind's eye, we also see that our planet Earth, orbiting in close proximity to our electrically powered sun, is afloat in the concentrated electric power-streams that light up our sun, which we then see as also being available to us for the taking to supply our rather modest energy needs (in galactic terms). 

By looking at our world with the mind's eye, truth becomes knowable, whereby a more truthful perception of our world and our universe, and with it of our future, unfolds.

Truth vs. Epicycles

There are countless cases apparent where the 'epicycles' break down that uphold the mindlessly imposed gravity-only perception of the universe. On this basis of seeing with the mind's eye all the fudge-factor break down, including the numerous 'epicycles' that have been invented to justify imperial monetarism. The truth is knowable! 

On the galactic scale, dark matter, black holes, neutron stars, the Big Bang birth of the universe, and so on, which have all been invented as fudge factors to conjure up the needed mass that makes gravitational models workable, will fall away as nonsense when seen against the background of truth that is seen with the mind's eye beholding the universe. Some of the 'blind' theories even have it that a black hole resides at the center of every galaxy that gives it the needed gravitational force that holds it together. These invented 'epicycles' of course are necessary when the electromagnetic force of the universe, which is in reality more than 36 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity and doesn't diminish with the square of the distance, is deemed not to exist, or is deemed not to be a factor. Thus, seeing the truth (with the mind's eye) opens the scene to a whole new world that had not been beheld before with the vision shackled by mental blindness.

What does this say about education?

We live in a world in which truth is discarded as a factor. Countless diplomas are issued to students that prove that they have learned efficiently how the universe does NOT operate. Would one cite their "learned ignorance" then as an authority for how to look at the world, as Nicolas of Cusa has termed the religious playing with epicycles? Learned ignorance has become one the failures of the modern educational system that no longer teaches the art of making discoveries of fundamental universal principles, but has instead become a form of politically correct obedience training.

With the advent of the Internet some of the obedience training is bypassed, and invitations for discoveries are extended once again, though still faint in their extent. One such case, related to the electric cosmology is the website, "Thunderbolts" (http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/00archive.htm) where people share their discoveries related to the electric universe. A similar case for economics and related politics is the LPAC website (The LaRouche Political Action Committee - www.larouchepac.com) where pioneering concepts of economics are presented.     

As for the electric cosmology, all that we really have available for us to go by is the visible evidence that modern instrumentation presents to us, such as what we find on the NASA and related websites. That's also all that anyone else has. So it becomes a question of interpretation. The gravity-only cosmology interprets the evidence one one way, and adjust the theory with the inclusion of 'epicycles.' This is what is being taught in the schools. This does not mean that advanced concepts of the electric cosmology that conform more closely to the evidence, are irrational, simply because the schools issue no diplomas for anything outside of their own politically imposed perceptions, whereby the diplomas become little more than club-membership cards. The science of the electric cosmology exists outside of this sphere that is paid for by the structures of empire and serves their need. In fact, the science of the electric cosmology counters the structures of empire, for which it has become slandered for its entire existence. Nevertheless some progress has been made. 

There was a time when people would have been prosecuted (and probably were) for suggesting that our Sun is the central stillness in solar system, instead of the God-created Earth being at the center, that all the heavens orbit around. Ptolemy might have been in trouble had he raised his voice against that silly notion.

We, today, are far past this stage of small-minded perceptions, but we still cling to a lot of similar, politically imposed concepts, such as the gravity imposed entropy of everything, which keeps the mind closed to the realization of the potential we have at hand, such as the utilization of the vast electric energy resources that the universe has in store for us and has placed within our grasp.

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