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2011 - Enabling the Inevitable

Electric Energy 
is driving the galaxies

Galaxy - M51 - NASA - Hubble Heritage Image

Apocalypse NO! 

The Milky-Way Galaxy is a flat disc of 200 billion stars.

The flat structure of our galaxy has been seen with the eye for millennia, but it has never been seen until recently that the flat nature of the galactic disk is electro-magnetically aligned. This has only been theorized quite recently. 

The model for the electric alignment of planets into a solar ecliptic plain, or of stars into a galactic ecliptic plain, was first developed more than 200 years ago by Sweden's Hannes Olof Alfven - the pioneer explorer of cosmic plasma physics. 

NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has unveiled evidence for Alfven's theory

The evidence has previously been 'unseen.' Only by looking beyond the visible light a plasma structure has been observed centered in the Milky Way. The image below is a composite reconstruction of what is seen in x-ray and gamma-ray light. Here we see a feature of the electric phenomena unfolding that powers the galaxy itself, the kind of structure that Alfven had recognized must exist for a galaxy to function. The now observed structure spans 50,000 light-years. It extends perpendicular to the galactic plane. The conventional gravitational model for a galaxy cannot explain the observed phenomenon, but on the electric model it has long been understood that such a phenomenon must exist, even before it became visible. With advanced instrumentation we are now able to see visually what Alfven had only been able to see as a theoretical construct.

artistic rendering by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Still, something will likely never become visible. Wherever electric currents flow, magnetic fields develop. It is not possible for magnetism to exist without electric currents flowing. Magnetism is the result of electric currents. No other source for it exists, nor is it possible for it not to exist. A circular magnetic field is always generated perpendicular to the current flow as the illustration below indicates. (The mirroring visible above, is omitted in the illustration below.)

The connectional illustration of the electric galactic model shows two perpendicular sets of electric and magnetic fields that naturally interact with each other. The interaction of these fields apparently causes the center portion of the galaxy to rotate around its center and wind itself up, probably by the z-pinch principle. There is no indication that the stars within a galaxy orbit around the galactic center. The entire notion of orbits is not applicable to the structure of a galaxy. Gravity that diminishes with the square of the distance cannot be its the motivating force. The electric force alone causes the movements of the stars in a galaxy. The electric force is more than 36 orders of magnitude stronger and diminishes only in a linear manner with distance. In addition, when magnetically confined into Birkeland currents, electric energy movements become possible over infinite distances, and so they do occur.

The spiral arms of galaxies become a part of the long-distance circuits of intergalactic electric energy flows, as shown in the example below. 

Hubble Heritage - Galaxy pair NGC5257 and NCG5258

The galactic center is formed by the self-winding characteristic of extreme z-pinch nodes in electric plasma. There, at the highest electric density region, created by the z-pinch principle, the star formation takes place. As the star-density is increasing the spiral expands outward. The expansion is not powered by mass/gravity interaction as we find it manifest in the orbits of planets around a sun. Instead, the galactic spiral expands by the Lorentz force of electromagnetic interaction, which keeps the spiral arms magnetically separated.

The spiral feature of galaxies would have never developed if the stars would have been launched into a gravity bound orbit as in our solar system where every star orbits at a different speed. In our solar system where the orbital velocity of the stars is gravitationally determined the mean orbital velocity differs between the inner and outer planets by a factor of 10 (the outer orbit being the slowest). See Planetary Data (source and more detail)

The apocalyptic myth of the Density Wave

In order to explain the phenomenon of a stable galactic spiral in a universe that is motivated exclusively by gravity - as no other force is deemed to exist in the today's boxed-in perception of consensus academia - the mythological concept of the Density Wave has been invented. 

The density wave is a mythological concept of a galaxy that is deemed to have a super-dense black hole at the center around which the stars are imagined to orbit in elliptical patters, and the patterns of movement are such that they are deemed to come closer together in some areas by reasons of their internal resonance, whereby they create the appearance of spirals. The above image illustrates that the density-wave theory is a self-evident myth as no form of orbital dynamics can produce density wave patterns that match those that are visually observed in the universe.

Based on the myth of the density-wave model, it is further deemed that the stars orbit into and out of the spiraling density waves as they orbit around the central galactic black hole. This highly imaginative and obviously purely speculative concept has become the current doctrine in consensus academia that denies the existence of anything but gravity. A vast array of apocalyptic predictions has been built onto this mythological platform, such as increased earthquakes, natural disasters, mass-extinction prediction, and so on, ranging from the 2012 apocalyticism to the 62 million year cycle extinction apocalyticism.

Of course the density wave doctrine is the only explanation possible on the platform of the assumption that gravity is the only motivating force in the universe, and that the electric force that is more that 36 orders of magnitude stronger and has an infinite range, does not exist in cosmic space at all. The resulting 'small minded' perception renders the density wave mythological in nature, because it is a known scientific fact that more than 99% of the mass in the universe exists in the plasma form - existing as unbound protons and electrons, and partly bound structures called ions, all of which carry an electric charge that is expressed according to the principles of the electric and magnetic force. When 99% of the forces of the Universe become omitted from consideration under the weight of a doctrine that intentionally keeps reality out of the picture and science confined thereby to myths for political objectives, then the outcome is necessarily mythological in nature, a structure of doctrines born by speculation for which no proof is possible.

See: The Density Wave vs Electric Cycles - science boxed in by a myth

Real science is simple, because no mythology is needed
no black holes, no density waves, no apocalypse

Since reality cannot really be avoided by those with open eyes and minds, the real nature of the universe is becoming increasingly recognized. With advanced observations enabled by modern instruments for observation, the old mythological perceptions are gradually fading into the dust of history like worn out fads that are fast loosing credibility. For example, it has been previously believed that our Milky Way Galaxy has 4 or 5 spiral arms. However, new observations indicate that our galaxy is not an exception, but is an ordinary, densely populated, barred spiral galaxy as shown in an artists perception below. 

In real science that accepts the existence of the electric force, the spiral form of a galaxy is not the kind of enigma that it is under the gravity-galaxy mythology, but is the natural outcome of electric principles. No black holes are needed, nor dark matter and dark energy. 

The bar-shaped structure at the center of a barred galaxy defies the principle of gravitational structures, but has correlatives in the very small in the form of a type of nebula that is visible in many forms of symmetric bar-like structures, like the one shown below. 

In the gravity-only cosmology where the electric force is banned from consideration, a nebula is regarded as the outcome of a star explosion resulting from a super nova. However, explosions typically produce concentric wave patterns, not the kind shown above, which is a classical pattern of the electric z-pinch principle that can be reproduced on the very small scale in laboratory experiments.

It has been recognized long ago that expressions of the principles of the electric force expressed in cosmic plasma phenomena are scaleable. The apply essentially the same at the small scale as on the gigantic, whereby cosmic phenomena can be reproduced in the small in the lab, and thereby be understood in the gigantic.

One might see our Milky Way Galaxy as an unfolding structure at a stage in-between the simple barred galaxy above NGC1300, and the more 'mature' Whirlpool Galaxy (repeated) below. 

The point that galaxies are electric-magnetically organized structures is evident when the M51 Galaxy (Messier 51) is seen in the wider perspective.

See Galaxy - M51

The wider view shows the a galaxy is itself a part of a much larger intergalactically connected electric current structure. The photographs are rare that show the spiral arms as integrated interconnecting electric channels, but they are critical for understanding the nature of a galaxy. The electric current that flows in Birkeland filaments through intergalactic space flows through the galaxies along their spiral arms to the galactic center where the z-pinch concentrates  the galactic current to such high density that star-creation takes place. But like a flowing river the electric current doesn't stop. The z-pinch phenomenon is a magnetic effect of dynamically flowing electric currents. The electric current keeps flowing through the galactic center and continues on via the opposite spiral arm back out of the galaxy to the next z-pinch structure - this being the next galaxy in line.

The external connection of the electric plasma currents that flow in and out of a galaxy through its spiral arms is rarely visible since the electric density diminishes when the cross section is increasing at the edge of the galaxy. But in some rare cases the interconnecting current between galaxies remains strong enough to be visible. 

Hubble Heritage - Galaxy ARP 87

The twisting wind-up effect of the spiral is inherent in the magnetic properties of high-density plasma currents. The twisting is routinely replicated in the lab, and to great extremes, in an instrument called the plasma focus device. 

The above presented images suggest that a galaxy is a self-winding spiral of Birkeland currents that its spiral arms separated by the Lorentz force. The separating force results from the counter-directional current flow in adjacent arms of a galaxy - one arm facilitating the current inflow, the other arm the current outflow. In its dynamic functioning, the spiral galaxy comes to light as a z-pinch structure winding itself around its z-pinch focus node with the arms magnetically separated by counter-directional currents resulting from the in-flowing and out flowing electric movement. 

Thus, the separation of the spiral arms is not caused by a kinetic force phenomenon, but by a simple phenomenon that is easily demonstrated at the high-school level of experimental physics. When an electric current flows in two parallel wires in the same direction, the wires become magnetically attracted to one-another by the so-called Lorenz force. 

The Lorentz force attraction phenomenon underlies the z-pinch principle. An electric plasma can be seen as a multitude of parallel wires. When an electric current flows through plasma, the electric current becomes increasingly concentrated to an ever smaller cross section by the Lorentz force, until a shock point is reached. In a galaxy the shock-point becomes the galactic center. 

The Lorentz force also becomes applicable for the opposite result where it causes the repulsion of conductors of electric currents with opposite directional flows. This repelling force between counter-directional currents is the evident principle that keeps the arms of the galaxies spaced apart from each other. This effect can be replicated in a simple desk-top electric experiment. No faith in mythologies is needed to support the concept.

The consensus of faith in mythologies 

To date most galactic models interpret what we see expressed in galaxies by what is known for gravitational models. While these principles are easily observed in the small domain of a solar system where gravity is a locally extending factor, the logical extension of the observation onto the galactic platform (where evidently totally different principles are involved) results in false perceptions that are pure speculation and requires an act of faith to be accepted. And this speculation is easily done. For example, we speculate from observations of tiny movements within a galaxy and deduce from that what the whole might be like. On such a basis it is being said that our solar system orbits the galactic center at a rate of one revolution in 250 million years. We are dealing with observation here of movements that are observed only for short periods in the range of a few years that are mathematically projected forward on the basis of a platform of assumption that is rooted in the false perception of the principles involved. The mathematically computed result, based on false premises, then becomes paraded as fact. Thus, in real terms, most of what we say we 'know' is mere speculation. The speculation becomes reduced somewhat when it becomes possible to replicate in the laboratory a few of the principles that are observed in the large, such as the z-pinch principle and the Birkeland current principle. However it is hard to let go of old knowledge, so that from the mixture of old knowledge and new observations a whole rash of apocalyptic myths have been imagined up.

Some myths myth have become increasingly scientific in their appearance, such as the Galactic Density Wave myth. There is much talk heard in modern time about our solar systems "orbiting" the galactic center as if galaxies were operating by the same principle as solar systems do. Since they evidently don't, fudge factors are introduced. While the planets in a solar system are essentially gravitationally bound into near circular elliptic orbits, which results from gravity that is reaching far enough to order planetary structures. But on the galactic scale where the distances are vast, gravity is too minuscule. Thus the forces that act on stars must logically be of a different nature since gravity doesn't have a far-enough reaching effect.  The electric forces, however, have that kind of an affect. However, those forces have different characteristics. The characteristic of the electric forces in plasma has been well defined by Kristian Birkeland. They have become generally known as the Birkeland current chrematistics. And like Birkeland had done, we can explore them in the lab and replicate with experiments that phenomena that are visible on the galactic scale. No leap of faith is necessary, as is required by the Galactic Density Wave theory.

On the galactic scale, gravitational principles no longer apply. To be able the vision compliance hyper-phenomena are conjured up. Super massive black holes are imagined to reside at the center of galaxies with a gravity so great that it extends beyond 50,000 light years to the edge of a galaxy in spite of the fact that gravity diminishes with the square of the distance. The result comes to light as mathematical fairy tales the people accept on faith for the lack of an understanding of the principle involved, by which the concept would be understood as impossible. A lot of such fairy tales are presented to society in modern times form global warming to the end-of-the-word mysticism.

The black-hole gravity center that would keep a galaxy orbiting around its center does not really exist. It exists only in the dreams of mythologies. This leaves only the electric force as a determinant for what happens within the structure of galaxies, which, organized in plasma currents reflects the Birkeland principles. 

The principles that Kristian Olaf Birkeland (13 December 1867 – 15 June 1917) discovered are verifiable principles of electric current phenomena that magnetically confine and twist an electric current in plasma. Plasma in space is an excellent conductor of electricity, as good as copper, especially when it is magnetically self-confined, by which electric currents can move easily across infinite distances between galaxies and extend in networks across the cosmos.

Birkeland current


Since principle of the Birkeland current also applies to the arms of a galaxy it is highly likely that the stars in the arms of a galaxy are drawn into tight circular patterns around the axis of the galactic arms similar to the above illustration. It is easy then, for such circular movements within the arms to be mistakenly interpreted as indications of orbits extending around the galaxy, or stars 'bouncing' up and down above and below the galactic ecliptic. Many myths are built on such projection that are built on false conclusions about observed phenomena. 

The visual evidence in the Hubble images presented above suggest that the galactic spiral doesn't actually 'spin' or is rotating in its entirety. The images tell us instead that only its center rotates slightly over the space of billions of years as the spiral winds itself up with the z-pinch force. As the spiral becomes more dense with increasing star formation in the high-density region near the center, the spiral arms increase in length and expand outward under the separating pressure of the Lorentz force. (Gravity has nothing to do with any of these actions.)

However, the spiral arms appear to be not as circular as the theoretical model would suggest, since the galactic disk appears be far too thin (for the Milky Way a 100:1 ratio of length to thickness is being suggested). Such appearances can be deceptive. The image below shows the visible core of the inflowing and out flowing electric currents to be much wider, with the 'invisible' portion that is faintly visible as surrounding haze is nearly half as wide as the galaxy is long.

Galaxy NGC5866 - NASA Hubble Heritage

If we look beyond the visible spectrum of light and look to powerfully active galaxies it becomes evident that the galactic plane is for more than just a thin disk of stars, but is a maze of electricity filaments that are extending far above and below the galactic plane, which keeps the star fields in the spiral arms electrostatically compressed from both sides into a narrow band, deep within the compressing haze of electrostatic fields and electric current flows.

Galaxy M82 -  NASA Hubble Heritage

This is in essence what NASA saw when it looked at our galaxy with its new Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. The image shown below shows an immensely energetic structure of electric interaction becomes visible in gamma-ray band, which of course is surrounded by other structures that become visible only in other light-bands as the above example shows for Galaxy M82. 

artistic rendering by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

In the immensely energetic surrounding electric halo numerous globular star clusters are located, both above and below the galactic disk of stars, which by their electric connection become an integral part of the galaxy though the appear to be remote from it when seem in the visible light spectrum in which the weak electric currents in plasma are rarely visible.


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Another point here is that all galaxies remain interconnected. Their spiral arms do not orbit, they 'cannot' since they are a part of an intergalactic circuit which must remain forever intact to power the galaxy and the stars within. The concept of a 'spinning' galaxy is thereby pure science-mythology fantasy.  

Hubble Heritage

That the galaxies are electrically interconnected is evident in the image above where it glows in visible light. It is also evident in the image below (a tiny portion of galaxy cluster ACO 3341) where we see galaxies electro-magnetically aligned into filamentary strings. This feature of filamentary strings applies to planets and galaxies alike. These string-like structures are visible throughout the cosmos, while the electric currents that make up the filaments are rarely strong enough to be visible..

For more evidence Click here to view the Capodimonte Deep Field - a view of 35,000 galaxies including also a similar view of the M4 globular star cluster that is part of our Milky Way Galaxy -  Also see the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, a field of 10,000 galaxies.


The electric story of the galaxy does not end here.

Long-term observations indicate that the climate on earth is affected by 140-150 million-year cycles. Since it has been well established that climate variations follow changes in cosmic-ray density that reflect correspond to changes in electric flux density, no rational theory exists from a mechanistic standpoint to link the 150 million years cycle to the supposed 250 million year rotation of the galaxy. However, considering that all the galaxies are electrically interconnected, 150 million year resonance cycles in electric intensity, and therefore in cosmic-ray density, are well within the range of possibilities. 

Whatever cyclical fluctuations occur within these filamentary electric currents (Birkeland Currents) tend to affect the electric activity within the galaxies that lay within these streams. The 150-my climate cycles that have been observed on earth are evidently located in the vastly dynamic cycles of the cosmos itself that affect everything, including our climate on the Earth.

see: Geologic Temperature Record


While the 150 million year cycle is superimposed with a 62 million year cycle that appears to be related to dynamics of the galaxy itself, the 150 million year cycle is clearly visible in the above chart, adding one more proof that the galaxies are electrically powered, externally interconnected.

The greatest irony of our time

The electric nature of the galaxy suggests to that we have a vast resource of electric energy available for free at our doorstep that can be utilized by mankind on earth to meet its rather (comparatively) meager needs. The electric nature of the galaxy gives us also the great climate cycles resulting from long-range electric resonances. Our understanding of the electric nature of the galaxy becomes critical for these two reasons. It lays infinite electric energy resources at our feet for the taking. It also warns us that we are in a critical ice age environment that mankind must respond to in an intelligent manner to protect its food resources. Only once before in geologic time did the 150 million year cycle and the 62 million year cycle come together with a deep low simultaneously, which is further modulated with a 100,000 year cycle that is also at a critical point. The combined effect of the three factors could wipe out the majority of the global food supply which is grown in the very areas that are affected by the upcoming renewed glaciation to which we may be already in boundary zone. The solar output is getting weaker in the high-end spectrum. The solar winds are less dense, The solar heliosphere has been progressively shrinking over the last 50 years, with an corresponding increase in cosmic ray-density and the resulting increase in cloud formation and colder climates globally. The warning bells are ringing. Ironically nobody is interested, because consensus-science dictates that electric factors do not exist. Thus the scientific community is chasing ghost apocalypses based on mythological assumption while the most critical development in mankind's history, and most immediate one before us, gets swept under the rug as it falls outside the box of consensus, and the electric energy resources that could help mankind to restage its food resources into protected environments remains unutilized.

The above long-term climate cycles, which are related to electric cycles, are also factors that determine the cosmic-ray flux on our planet, and with it the evolutionary progression in terms of new species and new generations of species, including the emergence of mankind. 

See: Mankind: Children of the Universe -  cosmic rays and mental development
Also see: Galactic driven terrestrial evolution

Apocalypse NO!

No apocalypse is impending for the people on the Earth, only the tragedies that are allowed by stupidity. When the big 2011 earthquake struck Japan a rash of predictions were served up of an apocalyptic cycle of immanent increases in catastrophes happening that is supposedly rooted in the nature of the Milky Way Galaxy and our solar system's relationship to it, including earthquakes, extinction events, geomagnetic field reversal, and other events that are simply summed up under the term "Galactic Crisis." 

For evidence an observed sharp increase in earthquakes is cited. The increase is taken as evidence for a supposed rise in apocalyptic forces, coincident with perceived historic extinction cycles that are deemed to occur in 62 million year intervals, which are all blamed on the galaxy. 

Given the enormously long timescale involved it seems illogical to suggest that a short term increase over a mere decade of anything can be linked to a 62 million year cycle. This doesn't mean that a short term increase in earthquakes did not take place. The increase is real. From the year 2000 up to the present (05-2011) the number of earthquakes has dramatically increased is some parts of the world by a factor of between 14 up to 72 over the historic average. A 72-fold increase in the number of increases is a huge jump indeed, with most of the really big earthquakes in recent time occurring within this narrow timeframe. But can the galaxy be blamed for what is suddenly happening on the Earth?

When people fish for evidence (and not only scientists) they tend to pin the blame on solar and galactic factors. Naturally, in the course of this trend the truth drifts far into the background. Nevertheless something did occur that caused the increase? Thus, considering the magnitude of the energy levels involved, people as themselves what else than galactic factors have the energy and force to make the Earth ring? 

The general failure to answer this question leaves the door open to apocalyptic mythologies. This doesn't mean that the question is hard to answer. One only needs to look at the timeframe when the upswing began, which can be traced back to 1998, which was followed by an additional upswing in 2007. If one looks for what changes were made on Earth within these time references the answer becomes rather obvious. The year 1998 was the year when America's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) was brought on line, and 2007 was the year in which it was upgraded to 5.1 gigawatts of effective radiated power. 

The project is designed to pulse-heat the ionosphere in the region of the polar electrojet to interrupt its current flow in order to cause an electric shock front that reverberates throughout the ionosphere and becomes induced into the lithosphere in such long waves as resonate in the lithosphere. The project was designed for the purpose of subterranean mammography that is deemed necessary to detect and pinpoint the locations of underground military installations worldwide. It shouldn't surprise anyone that a project of this nature that is designed to shock the ionosphere in order to project its power into the lithosphere the rattle the Earth to reveal its hidden cavities has a secondary effect on the tectonic structures in which the earthquake stresses occur. Nor should it surprise anyone that another jump in the number of earthquakes occurred when the power of this system was increased in 2007. This doesn't mean than an apocalypse is coming and the earthquake ring of fire is about to explode. It means in the over-all sense that a lot of built up stresses have been more gradually reduced in smaller steps than normally would have occurred. The tectonic pressures can be reduced that way, preventing larger quakes in the future. The worst danger lies in regions where no quakes have happened for a long time, where the tectonic stresses build up enormously.
HAARP abuse of the ionosphere??

While it will likely never be possible to eliminate earthquakes from this planet, it is certainly possible to create a surefire warning system and respond to it by evacuating the endangered region. The human damage resulting from the recent big earthquakes could have been totally avoided, but the potential to do this was simply ignored, just as the early warning signs of the impending ice age transition to the next glaciation cycle are being ignored. It is easier to spin fancy fairy tales and hide the inconvenient truths that can save thousands of lives in the case of pre-earthquake evacuations, and can prevent the potential extinction of mankind in the wake of the next glaciation that will eradicates a large portion of the world's agriculture if no alternatives are created. No one can live without food, nor can the present population survive when a sudden cooling collectively disables much of the food production arena in the Northern Hemisphere.

When tragedies are allowed to happen by not responding with the means we have to avoid them, we cannot call the result an an apocalypse. It needs then be called stupidity, though the outcome may be the same. An apocalypse is a catastrophic happening that is unavoidable, against which mankind stands helpless. No such thing is presently on the horizon and won't be for the foreseeable future, either originating from the Sun of from the galaxy. To speak of a potential apocalypse in our time is sheer mythology. The only thing that we can see happening in the galaxy, and is knowable in terms of observed long-tern cycles, is a ongoing increasing 'quiet' of reduced electric density, resulting in reduced solar activity, colder climates, slightly increased cosmic-ray density, and so on, none of which can be interpreted as apocalyptic in any way. If one cares to honestly explore the history of our planet the conclusion that presents itself that the Earth is presently more secure for all forms of life than it has been for nearly its entire existence.
The Origin of the Solar System - solar capture

The question of the Earth's magnetic field reversal

Does it point to an apocalypse? Can we see in terms of a galactic crisis?

While no one can foretell the future, and too little is known about what actually causes the Earth magnetic field, no reason is evident for which to speak in terms of a crisis and an apocalypse. All we know for certain, is that the Earth's magnetic field is electric in nature. Magnet fields result from flowing electric currents. Nothing else causes magnetic fields. While little is known about the magnetic reversal of the Sun, it is known with great certainty that the reversal always occurs in the maximum region of the solar cycle which corresponds with the maximum electric intensity that is powering the Sun. The solar maximum corresponds with the Sun's maximum output in the high power spectrum (UV and gamma-ray bands) which varies by a factor of 20 between the solar maximum and minimum.
Explore solar cycles

It is during the high-intensity time when the magnetic reversals happen. We are presently at the low end of both of the long-term galactic electric energy cycles (the 62 million year cycle and the 144 million year cycle). This has put the Earth into a low, and still decreasing, electric intensity timeframe that began with the dawn of the Pleistocene ice age epoch roughly two million years ago. Coincident with the continuing reduction in the electric density within our galaxy, the Earth's magnetic polarity has remained stable for the last 750,000 years and will likely remain so for another few million years until the deep low of the two long galactic electric density (intensity) cycles is coming to an end. Apocalyptic predictions are certainly not justified in this context for several million years to come.

Even in the general context apocalyptic predictions resulting from the Earth's magnetic reversal are not justified. No evidence exists that suggest that extinction events or great natural disasters coincide with historic magnetic reversals. 
See: geomagnetic reversal

In some periods frequent reversals have occurred, up to a dozen in a million-year timeframe, while the great historic extinction events occurred many tens of millions of years apart. Apocalyptic fears for magnetic reversal in the current timeframe, and consequences thereof, are simply not justified. 

The ONLY real danger

The only real danger to mankind in the present timeframe is located in the impending next glaciation cycle that, according to the many warning bells already ringing, we may be in the transition zone towards, with the transition being near. But this too isn't an apocalyptic prediction since we have the capacity to deal with the consequences if we care to do so, in order to avoid an extinction event that would then be caused by stupidity.


When apocalyptic fantasies are dreamed up

In such a case one needs to look at the tip of one's own finger to see where it is pointing. The galaxy is not to blame.

The bottom line is, that the immense electric effects that we observe throughout the solar system that order its functioning, all point to an amazingly powerful electric energy environment surrounding our planet. While we lack the technology to date to tap into the galactic electric energy, nor have the intention to develop the technology, our growing knowledge of it seems to have brought us to a near breakout point in scientific achievement that will invariably enable us to get the needed technological development started, and also that will be able with it to restructure the world to meet the impending ice age challenge by creating a powerful new technological, economic, and scientific renaissance by which the impending return of the ice age will have no effect on human living. 
See: 2011 - Ice Age and Renaissance


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