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Map of the Tōhoku earthquake and aftershocks

the cycles of tears - who or what caused them?

The Tokyo 2011 Earthquake

A 9.0-magnitude (MW) megathrust earthquake occurred on 11 March 2011 at 14:46 JST in the western Pacific Ocean, 130 kilometers (81 mi) east of Sendai, Honshu, Japan, lasting approximately six minutes. Its epicenter was 373 km (232 mi) from Tokyo, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA). The main earthquake was preceded by a number of large foreshocks, and multiple aftershocks were reported afterwards. The first major foreshock was a 7.2 MW event on 9 March, approximately 40 km (25 mi) from the 11 March quake, with another three on the same day in excess of 6.0 MW. Following the quake, a 7.0 MW aftershock was reported at 15:06 JST, followed by a 7.4 at 15:15 JST and a 7.2 at 15:26 JST. Over five hundred aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or greater have occurred since the initial quake. 

The earthquake triggered extremely destructive tsunami waves of up to 10 meters (33 ft) that struck Japan minutes after the quake, in some cases traveling up to 10 km (6 mi) inland, with smaller waves reaching many other countries after several hours. Tsunami warnings were issued and evacuations ordered along Japan's Pacific coast and at least 20 other countries, including the entire Pacific coast of North America and South America.

Estimates of the Tōhoku earthquake's magnitude make it the most powerful known earthquake to hit Japan, and one of the five most powerful earthquakes in the world overall since modern record-keeping began in 1900. The earthquake moved Honshu 2.4 m (7.9 ft) east and shifted the Earth on its axis by almost 10 cm (3.9 in).

The Japanese National Police Agency has officially confirmed 6,911 deaths, 2,611 injured, and 10,692 people missing across seventeen prefectures, as well as over 100,000 buildings damaged or destroyed. The earthquake and tsunami caused extensive and severe structural damage in Japan, including heavy damage to roads and railways as well as fires in many areas, and a dam collapse. Around 4.4 million households in northeastern Japan were left without electricity and 1.5 million without water. Many electrical generators were taken down, and at least three nuclear reactors suffered explosions due to hydrogen build-up within their outer containment buildings. According to reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency, containment at each of the radioactive cores is intact and no meltdowns have occurred. Residents within a 20 km (12 mi) radius of the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and a 10 km (6 mi) radius of the Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant were evacuated.

Early estimates placed insured losses from the earthquake alone at US$14.5 to $34.6 billion. The Bank of Japan offered ¥15 trillion (US$183 billion) to the banking system on 14 March 2011 in an effort to normalize market conditions. Some analysts are predicting that the total recovery costs could reach ¥10 trillion ($122 billion)
(for more details and references see: 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami )

Earthquake dynamics

Since the 2011 quake was the biggest earthquake to hit Japan since record keeping began, many questions were raised as to what triggered it. These questions are not unfounded. In fact, they are of critical significance, because there are vast differences in the dynamics involved between natural tectonic triggering by the grinding forces of the Earth's tectonic plates against each other, and external triggering. The natural triggering tends to be localized to points of the greatest stress, whereby the stress relief tends to occur in small steps spread over longer periods. When external factors cause the triggering, the triggering effect occurs simultaneously across a wide area whereby the dynamic factors become immensely multiplied and huge tectonic movements result. But is there another factor involved?

Earthquakes increased 68-fold in Japan since the year 2000 in comparison with the historic average. While the historic average may be low for the lack of accurate recoding in historic time, a sharp increase in earthquake activity has nevertheless been recorded for the Japanese area. How is it possible that the number of occurrence has suddenly taken the sharp upturn that has been recorded? Was a military intervention involved as the rumor mill has been suggesting since the upturn first began? The sharp upturn was noted in many parts of the world.
See: HAARP abuse of the ionosphere?

The first cause that typically comes to mind in the search for external factors is the effect that the Sun has on the Earth by the effects of its electric interaction with the Earth in the form of solar flairs or other forms of Coronal Mass Ejections. One such solar event occurred prior to the big 2011 earthquake in Japan. 

On March 7 a large solar fair of M3 magnitude erupted on the Sun that was accelerated towards the Earth up to a speed of 2,200 km/sec. On March 9th, Earth-orbiting satellites detected another X1.5-class explosion from the behemoth sunspot 1166 around 23:23 UT that had produced the M3 flair. However, the M3 solar flair wasn't directly flowing towards the Earth, but merely grazed it. It reached the Earth on March 10 at 06:30 UT (Universal Time) or 00:30 Central Standard Time in the US. As it grazed the Earth it caused Aurora effects that could be seen as far south as Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan in the USA. (See: NASA - Auroras Invade the US ) However, this solar disturbance arrived too late to have triggered the Japan earthquake since the first foreshock, a 7.2 magnitude shock, had already occurred by then.

The first foreshock happened on March 9, at a great depth, some 32 km deep inside the Earth, with another three on the same day in excess of 6.0 in magnitude.  Altogether over 600 aftershocks at a magnitude of 4.5 or greater have occurred since the initial quake. United States Geological Survey (USGS) director Marcia McNutt explained that aftershocks, according to Omori's Law, might continue for years, and will taper off in time.
see: 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami  

The big Japan earthquake occurred two days after the first foreshock, and an entire day after the solar flair (the CMS) had grazed the Earth, and even then, when the solar flair hit the Earth, Japan was on the opposite side of the planet turning away from the Sun. 

The chance for the great earthquake to have been triggered by a solar flair, and so long delayed, appears to be rather minuscule, especially considering that the actual triggering of the chain of the shocks had happened deep under the sea, which electrostatic disturbances cannot penetrate, and also considering that the main shock was preceded by a 7.2 magnitude foreshock that happened even deeper, at a depth of 32 km, far beyond the reach of electrostatic effects, and that the chain events began on March 9, long before the solar flair grazed the Earth. All of this considered seems to take the solar connection for the earthquake far outside the realm of potential causes. But does it really? - SEE: HAARP abuse of the ionosphere?? 

The statistical numbers, without a deeper understanding of the dynamics involved, likewise seem to confirm that the Sun had nothing to do with the Japan earthquake, since the Sun had not been extraordinarily active during the timeframe from the year 2000 onward when the sharp increase in the number of earthquakes began. If anything, the solar-activity cycles have been gradually weakening.

The Moon, too, doesn't really enter this picture. While the Moon causes gravitational tidal action on earth that produces far greater mechanical stress effects on the dynamics of our planet than a solar flair ever would, the moon hasn't changed either dramatically during the last decade when the sharp upturn in earthquake activity began. If these factors are blamed for the Japan earthquake, the blame is laid without cause. Nor exists there a history of such a cause. In the case of the Haiti quake in 2010, no solar action whatsoever preceded it. A solar flair did occur sometime after the quake, but resulting effects never precede their pause. It just doesn't happen.

This means that one has apparently no reason at all to blame the Sun or the Moon for the big 2011 earthquake in Japan. So what then could have caused the sharp upturn in the number of earthquakes that Japan and other areas in the world have been experiencing?

The likely cause for external triggering would have to be one that began in the year 2000 when the sharp upturn started. One of the prime candidate for this coincidence is the HAARP project of the US Navy and US Air Force that began operation on 1998 as a research project aimed at finding efficient means by which the immense power of the Earth's ionosphere can be utilized for military objectives. The acronym, HAARP, stands for High-frequency, Active Auroral Research Project. The project is build on a platform of focused heating of the ionosphere for communications enhancement, missile defense, weather modification, and by means of pulsed heating to create Ultra Low Frequency shockwaves that enter the Earth and can be utilized for subterranean mammography to locate underground military installations. This particular feature has been often blamed for the cause for earthquakes, with numerous conspiracy theories built around it based on numerous types of observations. The following are two examples.

The controversial HAARP effect

It may also be called, electromagnetic resonance triggering. In a video dating back some years, that is now widely circulating on the Internet (see updated version: Japan), produced by Benjamin Fulford the case of a geologist is cited, using low-power radio waves beamed into the ground for the purpose of observing resonant responses. The frequency of the responses revealed the nature of the underlying strata, for the detection of oil-bearing areas. A number of oil fields were discovered with this minutely invasive method, utilizing a radio transmitter of only 30 watts of power. On this basis Mr. Fulford asks what the response would be from resonant strata when the radio signal induced came from high-powered sources, such as the HAARP facility that is able to heat-modulate the ionosphere to use its enormous electric density to create high-power long-wave electromagnetic waves for induction into the ground.

Benjamin Fulford is the son of a Canadian ambassador whose childhood was split between Ottawa and various Latin American countries, now living in Japan. (see: Benjamin Fulford)

The HAARP facility (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Projected - operated by the US Air Force and Navy) was designed for deeply invasive resonant purposes to enable underground mammography for the detection of deeply buried military instillations. 

Other HAARP objectives are to induce sprite-type effects to form plasma balls or related phenomena for the deflection or destruction of hostile ICBM nuclear weapons.  The HAARP project is also tasked to research the potential use of the ionosphere modulation for weather control for military purposes.

The HAARP concept originated with the U.S. SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) project for missile defense at the height of the Cold War. It appears to be the only concept that was kept alive after the SDI was cancelled. It became active in 1996 and was upgraded to 3.6 MW in March of 2006.

There are presently several HAARP type machines operating, 1 in Alaska (HAARP) - The second facility in Alaska, HIPAS (High Power Auroral Stimulation) has been shut down in spring 2010; 1 in Puerto Rico (ARECIBO), 1 in Russia (SURA), 1 in Norway (EISCAT), HISCAT (International Radio Observatory still in the connectional stage,) in Sweden, and one afloat in the Pacific related to the HAARP missile defense mission.  

What makes these ionospheric heaters so useful is that they consist of phased arrays. A phased array is a grid of antennas whose phases (timing) and amplitudes are individually adjustable. This means a great variety of different combinations can be tried out, synthesizing new and complex total wave forms. Phasing allows the output to be pointed in different directions without having to move the antennas themselves.... And so phased arrays can be used to generate an entirely different type of radiation, one that cannot be detected with standard EM-measuring instruments...  HAARP-like technologies are active on a level superseding those of regular electromagnetism, and that this is what HAARP and its sister facilities are really being used for. It is nothing the public knows about or can comprehend because this technology uses an expanded kind of physics of which only a small and sterilized subset comprises mainstream college textbooks. But it can be figured out if you have a physics background and study the implications and applications of force-free potential fields.
 (See an overview of HAARP-type facilities
also see an example of physics related to force-free potential fields.
" The Sun–Earth Connection near Solar Minimum - Nonlinear Force-Free and Potential-Field Models of Active-Region and Global Coronal Fields during the Whole Heliosphere Interval"


Benjamin Fulford states in his video about the 2009 earthquake in Japan that his interest in the HAARP project was roused when he was told in an interview in 2009 with a high-level Japanese official that Japan has been threatened with an earthquake machine if certain financial actions were not taken. He stated that the quake then indeed happened two days later, after the threat was confirmed to him. From this point he began to pay attention. He shows evidence in his video regarding the 2009 quakes (August 9, and 10) of colored pattern in the clouds above the quake zone, immediately prior to one of the events. These same colored pattern would be seen again in other places immediately prior to the eruption of huge earthquakes, and HAARP related events, which he points out are all closely timed to world-critical political events.  


The Japan 2011 earthquake connection

Perhaps remembering the above-mentioned video, a researcher in Japan writes about the 2011 earthquake in Japan:

My first reaction was to check the University of Tokyo’s HAARP induction magnetometer to see if HAARP was fired up around the time of the quake. Sure enough, following a week of electromagnetic silence, HAARP was turned on at approximately 0:00 hours 9 March, 2011 UTC and has been going strong since. Here is the data for the last 36 hours: 

For the past week prior to the quake, HAARP has been turned off with the induction magnetometer looking something like this everyday:


(See: Source)

 See: the full 5 days of magnetometer readings

(More related to HAARP - *1  - *2)

The case of the HAARP

HAARP is designed to manipulated the ionosphere, forcing unnatural conditions (active vs. passive research) in order to explore how the 'squirming' of the ionosphere under unnatural conditions can be used for military applications, both defensively and offensively. In doing so, HAARP is playing with a hugely powerful force that is fed directly with the electric energy streams from the galaxy and the Sun. The ionosphere is the Earth's interface with space. It is a shell of electrons that begins as low as 50 km altitude and extends to the edge of space, typically in the 450 km range but can reach as high as 1,000 km, depending on the time of day. It electron density varies from ten thousand to a million electrons per cubic centimeters. The high electron density causes radio waves to be reflected that enables global radio communications in certain frequency ranges. It is also extremely 'hot' in the upper reaches with temperatures in the 1,000 degree range. Anyone playing with this highly charged and temperature sensitive region of our planet is controlling very large forces with 'little' energy required to control them. This feature makes the 'weaponizing' of the ionosphere ideal for military application, which began in concept during the SDI days.

The selective heating of the ionosphere is an ideal method to create ultra-long wavelength signals, which is critical for submarine communications. "The US Navy systems broadcast in the ELF range from 40 to 50 Hz and 70 to 80 Hz, but mostly around 76 Hz. The Soviet system actually operated down in the ULF range at the first Schumann Resonance of 8 Hz. It turns out, the lower in frequency the transmission, the deeper in the ocean the signals can be received... by using shortwave signals to reach up and jiggle the auroral electrojet at a ULF/ELF frequency, then the whole electrojet becomes a 10,000 mile ULF antenna -- and its not in anybody's backyard. With such a large antenna the frequency could go all the way down to the Alfven Frequency of 0.9 Hz and the Navy could talk to even deeper boats." (see: THE UNAUTHORIZED HISTORY OF HAARP)

There are two different electrojets in the ionosphere: those above the magnetic equator (the equatorial electrojet), and those near the Northern and Southern Polar Circles (the Auroral Electrojets). (see: Electrojet) The Northern Polar Electroject is roughly the size of the Arctic Circle offset by 11 degree from the geographic pole towards Canada. When the ionospheric conductivity in the electrojet is periodically perturbed using amplitude-modulated radiation from the HAARP HF transmitter the conductivity perturbations lead to perturbations to the natural flow of electrojet current in the lower ionosphere, resulting in ELF/VLF radiation at the modulation frequency. Measurements of the radiation, along with analytic and numerical models, suggest that a vertical loop with a scale size of 10 km is the dominant current structure excited during the experiments. (See: DSpace@MIT) With water being a conductor of the ELF/VLF Alfven waves, which submarine communication seems to confirm, the Pacific Basin would be the prime recipient. This is what we see it reflected in the earthquake pattern.

NASA "Blue Marble" Satellite image by NASA

The Alfvén wave, named after Hannes Alfvén, is a type of magnetohydrodynamic wave that is a low-frequency travelling oscillation of the ions and the magnetic field. The ion mass density provides the inertia and the magnetic field line tension provides the restoring force. (see: Alfven wave) The heating of ions by Alfven waves is of great importance in astrophysical and magnetically controlled laboratory plasmas. But they also propagate deep inside the Earth.

However, there exists another potential path for low frequency wave propagation, which is by concentric induction. The Northern Electrojet and the Equatorial Electrojets are an interconnected concentric system with roughly, if not exactly, the same resonant frequency. This means the low frequency modulation of the Northern Electrojet by 'pulsed' heating that is causing flow-disruptions to create extra-long waves at extra low frequencies (ELF), reflects itself in secondary modulations in the Equatorial Electrojet since both systems are a part of a single the ionosphere. 

With both electrojets being centered on the magnetic pole that is tilted 11 degrees southward towards Canada, the entire structure is by the same token tilted northward in the Asia region. In addition, the Equatorial Electrojet is separated into two parallel bands as 'photographed' by NASA.

Plasma bands - Credit: NASA/University of California, Berkeley. - also The Interconnected Sun Part One

The band is divided into four sections marked by high intensity node points. It is interesting to note that a node point of the southern band is located right over Indonesia where 43 earthquakes occurred since the HAARP project was started in 1998, and that the corresponding node point of the northern ban is located over the East China Sea, just south of Japan where likewise a sharp increase in earthquakes occurred during the HAARP period. As NASA shows in the illustration above, a high-intensity field surrounds these high-intensity node points. It should also be noted that the immensely destructive and deadly 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China occurred within the high intensity field created by the two Electrojet node points.  

see: Earthquake

Against this background, known or unknown at the time, the HAARP tests began in 1998 and continue to the very day in spite of the sharp increase in the earthquake activity in this region, which some conspiracy theorists suggest is intentional as the resulting pattern fits the historic intentions of the rulers of empires. 

The sharp upturn in the earthquake occurrences in the Asian region began after 1998 when the HAARP system was activated and low frequency research was started to explore possible military applications of the ionosphere by means of manipulation the immense energy flows that occur in the Earth's ionosphere. The existence of large electric power-streams was known, with the Earth, the Sun, and the solar system being recognized as a part of a larger galactic electric system. 

1994-6: Testing of first-stage HAARP (euphemistically named High frequency Active Auroral Research Program) equipment continues, although funding was frozen.
1996: HAARP planners to test the earth-penetrating tomography applications by modulating the electrojet at Extremely Low Frequencies
1998: Projected date for fully-operating HAARP system.

The HAARP system, which began operation in 1998 is not alone in the field, but is just one of many systems that blast energy into the ionosphere to manipulate it in numerous ways (for active research) with HISCAT (International Radio Observatory,) in Sweden being the latest entry.

Worldwide HAARP-type facilities

The above link provides a list of the HAARP-type facilities, but not all are powerfully invasive as the HAARP facility is.

A researcher's analysis of the HAARP

        Among the Ionospheric Heater devices, if we skip the UCLA device, HIPAS, as being too small and not really in the business of modulating the Auroral Jet, then that leaves 3 possible sources. HISCAT, with 350 MW is the largest, then comes HAARP at 110 MW and then there is EISCAT with 48 MW. The HISCAT facility in Sweden looks like a good candidate except for one problem, its still in the conceptual stage and hasn’t been built yet. And a lot of the parts for HISCAT will be made out of refurbished parts from EISCAT. So we can exclude HISCAT, and that leaves us with two possible sources for the mysterious 0.9 Hz ULF wave, HAARP and EISCAT. Are we ready to flip a coin and guess which one? Not yet.

     EISCAT (European Incoherent SCATter) facility is co-jointly operated by geophysical research councils in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Their primary focus is using a radar scatter device to map the auroral region, but they do have an ionospheric heater to assist the radar. Their ionospheric heater device is very similar to HAARP’s. It has multiple transmitters, uses multiple crossed dipole antennas, but it does have far fewer transmitters and dipoles than HAARP.

     Like HAARP the EISCAT transmitters can work over a large range from 3.85 to 8 MHz. But EISCAT only uses the assigned frequencies of 4.04, 4.544, 4.9128, 5.423, 6.77, 6.96, 7.1, 7.953 MHz. But before you rush over to your receiver and try to tune them in, you need to remember, if you are in the US, and since Norway is around the other side of the planet, and the only possible short wave radio path is over the pole. And during the summer the north pole its always sunny, especially this time of year when we have the midnight sun. That means there is no way to use F layer shortwave skip to receive the EISCAT signals.

      If you want to tune them in to find out if they are modulating their transmitters with ULF waves you need to wait until it is dark both in the US and Norway and that only occurs during November, December and January. But, not to worry. Unlike HAARP which is very secretive, the EISCAT group is very academic, open and cooperative. You can actually write to them, maybe even e-mail them and ask, “Hey, you guys sending out 0.9 Hz pc1 Alfven frequencies on your transmissions?” And they would probably write back, “Nope, not us.”

     Well, without any further evidence, its time to flip the coin. Is it HAARP or EISCAT? And every time I flip the coin it keeps coming up HAARPS.



     Since the early days of radio, in the age of Nikolai Tesla, it has been known the earth has a natural electromagnetic resonance. If a radio signal is sent out from point A it will then travel around to the opposite side of the planet, the antipode at point B, and then continue to travel around back to point A. If a new signal is sent at the same time the first signal arrives back, then the two will add together and seem to resonate constructively.

      To calculate that resonant frequency is simple. Take the speed of the radio waves (speed of light), and divide by the distance traveled (circumference of the earth). Then 186,000 mi/s divided by 24,000 mi results in 7.75 /s or about 8 Hz. This is called the first Schumann Resonance of the earth. It is assumed radio static from large lightning discharges follow this pattern and can be heard on a ULF radio receiver as overlapping random ringing damped waves at 8 Hz.

     If you take your receiver and tune below the Schumann Resonance down to about 0.9 or 1 Hz you will hear static from yet another resonant source. The cause of this Alfven Resonance is a complete mystery. It would imply there is some other path radio waves can follow which has a round trip path 8 times the size of the earth. Or it may mean there is a medium through which the radio waves travel which is 8 times slower than the speed of light. It might mean a combination of the two. It can only be a change in the speed of light or a longer distance traveled. As yet no one knows.

     When radio waves or light rays travel through water or glass they are slowed down to about 3/4 the speed of light. This accounts for the bending of light at air/water interfaces or by prisms. If radio waves travel through ionized gas they also are slowed down depending on the “plasma frequency” which is a function of the temperature, density and the species of ions which make up the plasma. If radio waves travel through the rocks of the earth they too are slowed down depending on the density and make-up of the rock. As a result there are primarily three schools of thought about the source of the Alfven Resonance. These are: (1) magnetospheric, (2) ionospheric and (3) lithospheric interactions with radio waves.

     Many of the members of the Elfrad group would fit into the third lithospheric group. The theory is, stresses in deep rocks in the lithoshpere created by seismic or magmatic activity can cause piezo-electric signals which radiate from the source, but due to some resonance of the rock and the distance between the crust and mantle, the signals are strongest at the resonance point which might be the Alfven Frequency. As a result the Alfven Resonance may not be due to radio waves in the air, but is actually coming from the earth due to random seismic activity around the planet. This area of study has been pursued for over 20 years, as yet, there are many indications but no clear proof has come forth.... Continued..., see: HAARP isn't Lonely




The earthquake pattern of the 'really big' quakes.

December 26, 2004

Sumatra, Indonesia

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake


March 28, 2005

Sumatra, Indonesia

2005 Sumatra earthquake


September 12, 2007

Sumatra, Indonesia

2007 Sumatra earthquakes


February 27, 2010

Maule, Chile

2010 Chile earthquake


March 11, 2011

Tōhoku region, Japan

2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami


 See: List of earthquakes

The comparison of the earthquake numbers before and after HAARP is even more striking.

The Japan earthquakes from 684-2011



Name of quake

0684-11-29 November 29, 684

8.0–8.4 (unknown scale)

Hakuko Nankai earthquake

0745-06-05 June 5, 745

7.9 Ms

occurred at Minoh

0869-07-13 July 13, 869

8.3 M

869 Sanriku earthquake and tsunami

1293-05-27 May 27, 1293


1293 Kamakura earthquake

1361-08-03 August 3, 1361

8.25~8.5 M

Shōhei earthquake

1586-01-18 January 18, 1586

7.8 (unknown scale)

Tensho or Ise Bay earthquake

1703-12-31 December 31, 1703

8 ML

1703 Genroku earthquake

1707-10-28 October 28, 1707

8.6 ML

1707 Hōei earthquake

1854-12-23 December 23, 1854

8.4 ML

1854 Ansei-Tōkai earthquake

1854-12-24 December 24, 1854

8.4 ML

1854 Ansei-Nankai earthquake

1855-11-11 November 11, 1855

6.9 ML

1855 Ansei Edo earthquake

1858-04-09 April 9, 1858


Hietsu Earthquake

1891-10-28 October 28, 1891

8.0 ML

Mino-Owari Earthquake

1894-06-20 June 20, 1894

6.6 ML

Meiji Tokyo Earthquake

1896-06-15 June 15, 1896

8.5 ML

1896 Meiji-Sanriku earthquake

1923-09-01 September 1, 1923

8.3 ML

1923 Great Kantō earthquake

1927-03-27 March 27, 1927

7.6 ML

1927 Kita Tango Earthquake

1933-03-02 March 2, 1933

8.4 Mw

1933 Sanriku earthquake

1943-09-10 September 10, 1943

7.2 ML

1943 Tottori earthquake

1945-01-13 January 13, 1945


1945 Mikawa earthquake

1946-12-20 December 20, 1946

8.1 Mw

1946 Nankaidō earthquake


1948-06-28 June 28, 1948

7.1 Mw

1948 Fukui earthquake


1964-06-16 June 16, 1964

7.6 Mw

1964 Niigata earthquake


1968-05-16 May 16, 1968

8.2 Mw

1968 earthquake


1978-06-12 June 12, 1978

7.7 Ms

1978 Miyagi earthquake


1995-01-17 January 17, 1995

6.8 Mw

Great Hanshin Earthquake


1998-05-04 May 4, 1998

7.5 Mw

1998 Ryukyu Islands earthquake


2004-10-23 October 23, 2004

6.9 Mw

2004 Chūetsu earthquake


2005-03-20 March 20, 2005

7.0 Mw

2005 Fukuoka earthquake


2005-08-16 August 16, 2005

7.2 Mw

2005 Miyagi earthquake


2006-11-15 November 15, 2006

8.3 Mw

2006 Kuril Islands earthquake


2007-01-13 January 13, 2007

8.1 Mw

2007 Kuril Islands earthquake


2007-03-25 March 25, 2007

6.9 Mw

Noto Peninsula Earthquake


2007-07-16 July 16, 2007

6.6 Mw

Chūetsu Offshore Earthquake


2008-06-14 June 14, 2008

6.9 Mw

2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku earthquake


2009-08-09 August 9, 2009

6.9-7.1 Mw

2009 Izu Islands earthquake


2009-08-11 August 11, 2009

6.5-6.6 Mw

Tokai Area Earthquake


2010-02-26 February 26, 2010

7.0 Mw

Ryūkyū Islands earthquake


2010-12-21 December 21, 2010

7.4 Mw

Bonin Islands earthquake


2011-03-09 March 9, 2011

7.2 Mw

2011 Tōhoku earthquake foreshock


2011-03-11 March 11, 2011
05:46:23 UTC (14:46 JST)

9.0 Mw

2011 Tōhoku earthquake


2011-03-11 March 11, 2011
06:25:50 UTC

7.1 Mw

2011 Tōhoku earthquake aftershock


Japan earthquakes summarized:

20 quakes in 1261 years from 684 to 1945 - white
6 quakes in 45 years since the nuclear age began, bomb testing and bombing - pink
4 quakes in 7 years since HAARP became active (1998) - brown
9 quakes in 5 years since HAARP was upgraded in March 2006 - yellow
3 quakes in 2011 (in the 2-day period between the foreshock and aftershock of the 2011 quake. In this period HAARP is shown active, see above) - green
See: Japan earthquakes

For Indonesia the contrast is more dramatic:

11 earthquake occurred in 199 years from 1797 to 1996
43 occurred in 10 years (2000-2010) of the period when HAARP was active.
See: Indonesia earthquakes

China has a similar history

20 occurred in 700 years (1290-19960
9 occurred in 10 years in the HAARP period.
See: China earthquakes

A similar pattern is noticeable for Iran

23 quakes occurred in 1142 years (856-1998)
9 occurred in 8 years (2002-2010) when HAARP was active.
See: Iran earthquakes

Haiti is interesting

4 quakes occurred in 195 years (1751-1946)
1 big one (a 7.0) in 2010 with 33 aftershocks in the 5.0-5.9 range
See: Haiti earthquakes
See: Global list of earthquakes -  note: some of the deep historic data may be low do to the lack of accurate data in distant historic times.

No sharp increase for volcanos

While many volcanoes erupted in the post 2000 timeframe the same sharp increase that is seen in earthquakes after the startup pf HAARP is not apparent in the number of volcanic eruptions.

See list of volcanic eruptions

 The lack of the corresponding increase suggests that the sharp increase in the number of earthquakes in the last decade was not caused by increased tectonic actions, but were triggered by external causes.  For example, in the HAARP decade (2000-pesent) when Indonesia suffered 43 earthquakes, only six of its 34 major volcanoes erupted, which does not amount to a dramatic increase above average.

see: List of volcanoes in Indonesia

For China the number of eruptions in the HAARP decade is zero. For Japan, the numbers are equally low. Only 13 of its 134 volcanoes reputed in the last decade. See: List of volcanoes in Japan

If one rules out solar activity as a cause for the dramatic increase in the number of earthquakes, for which no corresponding increase in volcanic ativity is evident, and no other direct coincidence appears to exist, and considering further that the solar activity cycles were less intensive during the HAARP period and are continuing this trend, the HAARP type activity remains as the sole potential cause for the dramatic increase. For this potential cause three major high-powered ionosphere manipulation projects are operating on two continents half a world apart, HAARP in Alaska (since 1998), and EISCAT in Norway (since 1992), and Russia's SURA facility (since 1981) - the three giants of the ionospheric heater facilities.

NASA - blue marble image

Still, we may be seeing only half of the process if we keep our focus fixed onto ionosphere heater projects for modulating low-frequency shock waves into the auroral electrojet for the purpose of creating Alfven Waves for purposes of underwater radio communication and underground mammography. While the phenomenon of Alfven Waves is poorly understood, a school of thought on the subject attributes the phenomenon at least in part to underground flows of electric currents. Evidence of the existence of such currents is found in the often observed lightning strikes originating from intensely erupting volcanoes. "Lightning discharges in the atmosphere are familiar, but what about the ones underground?" asks a writer in a paper on underground electric currents. He continues:

Large "telluric currents" have been found circulating through Earth's crust because our magnetic field induces current flow in conductive strata. Thousands of amperes flow beneath the surface, varying according to conductivity. Since the Sun can affect Earth's magnetic field through geomagnetic storms, fluctuations in telluric currents can occur when there is an increase in sunspots or solar flares, because they create oscillations in the ionosphere.

Sometimes earthquakes can produce flashes of light and other luminous events, as well. Ball lightning has been reported accompanying earthquakes, as have bright, colorful cloud-like formations floating in the sky above the fractured strata. It is not surprising that glow discharges occur before and after earthquakes: compressing quartz creates a flow of electric current. That is one reason why radio noise can be detected coming from areas under extreme stress. Is that stress only due to compression?...

Quartz reacts to stress by producing electricity, but when electric current flows through quartz it vibrates with a frequency coincident with the watts of power supplied to it.... As the ionosphere is charged up by solar flares, opposite charge is attracted to subterranean magma. Electric currents in plasma pinch down into filaments and form double layers. Electromagnetic forces between current filaments and between double layers can cause sudden pressure variations.

Electromagnetic forces between current filaments and between double layers can cause sudden pressure variations.... If earthquakes are underground lightning bolts, then perhaps seismic waves are the thunderclaps. In that case, it seems likely that the majority of energy release during an earthquake is not from the fracturing and movement of rock strata, but is the result of electrical energy detonating within the matrix.
See: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

If the electric stress pattern described above are further agitated with a wave pattern that is symbiotic with the resonant frequency of the electric strata, the stresses may indeed break the continuity and cause underground electric shock explosions. It may well be that the strangely colored clouds that are sometimes seen before major earthquakes are not HAARP induced phenomena as has been often suggested, but are the result of underground electric fields building up towards a major underground electric explosion. This does not mean that the entire process is not stimulated and set in motion by shockwaves that are artificially induced into the ionosphere system, especially when the shockwaves are charge coupled to the Equatorial Electrojets that have z-pinch nodes located right above sensitive strata, or are located near such z-pinch nodes. Z-pinch nodes are areas where plasma currents are magnetically self-confined, resulting in high-density concentrations.

If the entire Equatorial Electrojet, slightly over 40,000 km in length, was used as a half-wave antenna it would be able to transmit an ELF field at slightly under 3 Herz. Sub-harmonics from that might indeed be able to stimulate a 0.9 Herz Alfven Wave under ground. In order for this to happen an efficient electromagnetic coupling between the pulsed Auroral Electrojet and Equatorial Electrojets would have to happen. The evidence that such a process is taking place is found in the sharp and massive increase in earthquake activity in Canada and the USA, - a 14-fold increase from the time on that the HAARP project came into operation.

Canada and the USA exposed

However, South Asia is not the only arena that is endangered by the HAARP facilities. We see similar sharp increases in the USA, Canada, and also the USA.

by Stanford

With the Northern Polar Electrojet being modulated from Alaska on one side and Norway and Russia on the other side, it would be surprising if we didn't see a sharp increase in earthquake occurrences in both Canada and the USA. 

Well, this is exactly what we are seeing. For the USA, 47 earthquakes were listed for the 337-year period from 1663 to 2000, while 22 were listed for the ten years of the HAARP decade (a 16-fold increase). For Canada the figures are lower in total, but in same ratio: 20 earthquakes occurred in the same 337-year period, and ten during the 10 years of the HAARP decade (a 16-fold increase).

Global plate motions

The case of California

California is especially interesting for its second sharp increase in earthquake activity beginning in 2010. (Times are UCT and local)


October 16



Hector Mine



December 22



San Simeon




September 28






June 12






June 16






October 30 (Local)
October 31 (UTC)



Alum Rock



July 29



Chino Hills



May 17 (Local)
May 18 (UTC)






January 9 (Local)
January 10 (UTC)



offshore Humboldt County



February 4



offshore Humboldt County



March 16



Pico Rivera



April 4



northern Baja California




June 14 (local)
June 15 (UTC)






July 7



Borrego Springs



January 7



San Jose California



January 12



San Juan Bautista


See: List of California earthquakes

All of the above listed 16 earthquakes fall within the 12-year operational time of the HAARP (preceded by 44 going back to 1680). The sharp upturn in 2010 follows the upturn of the HAARP operational status after its major upgrade from 2007 onward.

The HAARP upgrade 2007


After the construction of the upgraded instrument, called the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) war complete in 2007, further work required to validate the system for technical performance and for compliance with signal purity and safety requirements required by regulatory agencies. This evaluation began during March 2007. From this time on the second big increase in quakes began, including some of biggest and deadliest in recent time.
See: HAARP Facility Status

The 2007 completion increased the facility to its original design.

HAARP comparison

The HAARP site has been constructed in three distinct phases:

1. The Developmental Prototype (DP) had 18 antenna elements, organized in three columns by six rows. It was fed with a total of 360 kilowatts (kW) combined transmitter output power. The DP transmitted just enough power for the most basic of ionospheric testing.

2. The Filled Developmental Prototype (FDP) had 48 antenna units arrayed in six columns by eight rows, with 960 kW of transmitter power. It was fairly comparable to other ionospheric heating facilities. This was used for a number of successful scientific experiments and ionospheric exploration campaigns over the years.

3. The Final IRI (FIRI) is the final build of the IRI. It has 180 antenna units, organized in 15 columns by 12 rows, yielding a theoretical maximum gain of 31 dB. A total of 3.6 MW of transmitter power will feed it, but the power is focused in the upward direction by the geometry of the large phased array of antennas which allow the antennas to work together in controlling the direction. As of March 2007, all the antennas were in place, the final phase was completed and the antenna array was undergoing testing aimed at fine-tuning its performance to comply with safety requirements required by regulatory agencies. The facility officially began full operations in its final 3.6 MW transmitter power completed status in the summer of 2007, yielding an effective radiated power (ERP) of 5.1 Gigawatts or 97.1 dBW at maximum output. 
see: HAARP

With the tuning and operation of the HAARP progressing from summer 2007 onward a new epoch of tears began around the world.  

September 12, 2007

Sumatra, Indonesia

2007 Sumatra earthquakes


May 12, 2008

Sichuan, China

2008 Sichuan earthquake


January 12, 2010




February 27, 2010

Maule, Chile

2010 Chile earthquake


March 11, 2011

Tōhoku region, Japan

2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami


 See: List of earthquakes

With the USA being one of the hotspots for horizontal plate motions, one shouldn't be surprised if the HAARP agitated North American Plate will have its day soon in its contest against the Pacific Plate, especially now that the Pacific Plate has been rattled with major shocks, and with the HAARP singing its deeply intrusive song that is designed to finds a responsive chord in the ground, by which the 'glass' breaks. 

The San Andreas Fault

The San Andreas Fault, a 1,300 km long fault line, and is a volatile one with parts of it that haven't moved for three hundred years, and there is a pushing going on, vertically and horizontally.

San Andreas Fault

The University of California study on "the next big one"

A study completed by Yuri Fialko in 2006 has demonstrated that the San Andreas fault has been stressed to a level sufficient for the next "big one," as it is commonly called; that is, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or greater. The study also concluded that the risk of a large earthquake may be increasing more rapidly than researchers had previously believed. Fialko also emphasized in his study that, while the San Andreas Fault had experienced massive earthquakes in 1857 at its central section and in 1906 at its northern segment (the 1906 San Francisco earthquake), the southern section of the fault has not seen a similar rupture in at least 300 years.

If such an earthquake were to occur, Fialko's study stated, it would result in substantial damage to Palm Springs and a number of other cities in San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial counties in California, and Mexicali municipality in Baja California. Such an event would be felt throughout much of Southern California, including densely populated areas of metropolitan Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Ensenada and Tijuana, Baja California, San Luis Rio Colorado in Sonora and Yuma, Arizona.

"The information available suggests that the fault is ready for the next big earthquake but exactly when the triggering will happen and when the earthquake will occur we cannot tell," Fialko said. "It could be tomorrow or it could be 10 years or more from now," he concluded in September 2005.


The Cascadia subduction zone

Also referred to as the Cascadia fault, stretches from northern Vancouver Island to northern California. It is a very long sloping fault that separates the Juan de Fuca and North America plates.

The Cascadia subduction zone can produce very large earthquakes ("megathrust earthquakes"), magnitude 9.0 or greater, if rupture occurs over its whole area. When the "locked" zone stores up energy for an earthquake, the "transition" zone, although somewhat plastic, can rupture. Great Subduction Zone earthquakes are the largest earthquakes in the world, and can exceed magnitude 9.0. Earthquake size is proportional to fault area, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone is a very long sloping fault that stretches from mid-Vancouver Island to Northern California. Studies of past earthquake traces on both the northern San Andreas Fault and the southern Cascadia subduction zone indicate a correlation in time which may be evidence that quakes on the Cascadia subduction zone may have triggered most of the major quakes on the northern San Andreas during at least the past 3,000 years or so.

The last known great earthquake in the northwest was in January 1700, the Cascadia Earthquake. Geological evidence indicates that great earthquakes may have occurred at least seven times in the last 3,500 years, suggesting a return time of 300 to 600 years.
See: Cascadia subduction zone

The Big Indian Ocean Quakes (Sumatra earthquakes)

Early in the HAARP timeframe the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was an undersea megathrust 9,1 magnitude subduction earthquake.. The northern section of the Sunda megathrust, which had been assumed dormant, ruptured at a length of 1,300 km (810 mi). The 2007 Sumatra quake Magnitude 8.5 occurred the lower section of the Sunda (Java) Trench, as did the 2005 quake of 8.7 in magnitude,

United States Geological Survey

The 2011 Earthquake in Japan was likewise a subduction zone earthquake. The 2011 Japanese quake seems to suggest that in the Age of the HAARP the historic repetition rates do no longer apply. A new factor has altered the scene. By timing, the HAARP appears to be that factor.

What will the future bring?

The only thing that is most certain about the entire vast increase in earthquake activity in many areas around the world, is that Sun does not carry the blame for it. It didn't in Japan. The solar flair arrived a day too late for that. But the HAARP system had already been transmitting the day before the first 7.1 foreshock occurred two days before the big one, and one day before the solar flair graced the Earth. With the big subduction events in the Indian Ocean and off Japan indicating the start of a new trend, the song of the HAARP will likely be felt in a big way all around the world, especially when the Cascadia zone is triggered together with the San Andreas fault erupting into a single cascading mega event far greater than magnitude 9.

Will we have warnings? Before the big one happened in China in 2008, great masses of frogs left their ponds collectively and went hopping away. Were they irritated by 0.9 hrz Alfven Wave that was built up? We have seen similar strange happening in in the oceans along the US West Coast, events of mass-dying of fish, and also strange events on land. Are some of the animal species and fish more sensitive to the ELF waves then we are? Evidently so.

Whether the HAARP will be silenced before it silences many more people in the Epoch Of Tears that is no upon us, remains yet to be seen. If the HAARP system is silenced worldwide on the basis of the already massive evidence in increased earthquake activity, then an admission would be evident that the experiment was a tragic error rather than being the outcome of intention. But this may not happen.

What the above data does not prove, is that malicious intention caused the observed increase in earthquakes. Most likely history will reveal some day that the global HAARP type projects have been nothing more than an unwise and dangerous undertaking. The boast of an "earthquake machine" that Benjamin Fulford said Japan had been confronted with, doesn't prove anything. It might have been a mere bluff of the type that is typical in the high-stakes games of modern irregular warfare. Seeing evidence of a coming earthquake two days before it happens may well be within the range of possibility. Such knowledge would then likely have been abused for extortions in the games of irregular warfare. 

However, in the age of modern irregular warfare the most unlikely scenarios, such as producing earthquakes by intention, are nevertheless possible, and some of the conspiracy theories about them may well be true. Empires run on a platform of conspiracies for control over over individuals and nations, which leaves the scene wide open for conspiracy theories until the conspiracies become exposed. Irregular warfare is itself a conspiracy.

The age of irregular warfare takes us back to the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln and McKinley and other assassinations, like the one that was carried out with the sinking of the Titanic to remove three men from the scene who would have stood against the Federal Reserve Act and might have prevented it. Conspiracies on any scale do happen, and in order to sent the message across that resistance against the wishes of empire is futile, the sinking of the Titanic had been arranged to coincide with the anniversary day of the assassination of President Lincoln. (see: Individual responsibility) 

Modern conspiracies theorists have numerous tales to tell of terrible things being done by the hands of power, and some may well be true, since we live after all in the age of Modern Irregular Warfare where anything is possible for as long as the principle of plausible deniability is adhered to, or the secrecy of National Security classifications hides the show altogether. The resulting train of tears won't end for as long as the system of empire rules the world. Whether or not this breakout to freedom will happen is a question of individual responsibility. Here grave doubts arise.

The epoch of tears related to earthquakes, is actually a rather mild one. The totally of all the earthquake deaths of the last thousand years won't tally up to more than a few tens of millions of victims. This is a small figure in comparison with the death-toll that is resulting every year from the 'burning of food' in a starving world for the production of biofuels. The amount of agricultural land that is devoted to producing the feed-stocks for biofuels would easily feed 100 million people. This is probably the current annual death-toll from starvation related causes among the billion people in the world who are condemned to a life of chronic starvation. And this vast holocaust against mankind, producing potentially a hundred million deaths per year, is not perpetrated by invaders from other worlds, or solar forces and even galactic forces, or even by the natural forces of the dynamics of our Earth, but is perpetrated right in the open in nearly all regions of the world with the full cooperation of the people and their governments.

Once we begin to look at these far greater tragedies honestly, and respond accordingly and honesty, and this becomes reflected in politics, and in science, and in the corresponding human and economic development, maybe then, will we have a case for looking forward to a near end of the epoch of tears that is still before us. 

In this case we will begin to recognize the evidence that we live in an electrically powered Universe were powerful electric phenomena are a major element of the dynamic system that our Earth is a part of, with energies that we have the power within us to link ourselves up to for an energy-rich future for all times to come.

CONTINUE with more on the subject - with more details. See: HAARP abuse of the ionosphere??

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International leaders of  the unfolding Electric Universe Concept

Serbia's Milutin Milankovitch - pioneer of the (Milankovitch) orbital cycles
Norway's Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland
- pioneer of modern space electricity research.
Sweden's Hannes Olof Alfven - pioneer explorer of solar plasma physics and the electric sun.
America's Raph Juergens - pioneer of the electric sun model.
Australia's Wal Thornhill - founder of the electric universe concept.
Germany's Johannes Kepler
- "father" of modern science.

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While the technology does not yet exist that enables mankind to tap into the galactic electric energy that surrounds our planet and is evident in so many ways, a breakout can be enabled that gets the needed development started. One of the big blocking factors here, is the iron-clad hold on science that the masters of empire exercise, who would loose their control over mankind if real scientific development was to happen

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