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Free Electric Energy on Earth

illustration by Abestrobi

inexhaustible, self-renewing, non-polluting, galactic, electric energy

the same energy that powers the Sun surrounds also the Earth

The electric energy the powers the Universe 
that lights up every sun 
is abundant on Earth 

The case of lightning

That a vast electric potential exists between the ionosphere and the earth itself is evident in the below photograph of electric currents flowing into a cloud, with the electric currents extended below the cloud in the form of lightning. 

credit: university of Alaska Fairbanks - credit Eastview

The real life photograph, photographed from an airplane, contains all the phenomena extending downwards from the ionosphere, that were previously theorized, and observed in part in recent times, but were rarely brought together in a single photograph. 

In real terms the Earth is attracting the same kind of electric current flow as the Sun does, except on a smaller scale. The Earth's gravitational attraction is small in comparison with that of the Sun, fro attracting electric plasma. Nevertheless the Earth attracts a significant amount of the galactic plasma which interacts with the Earth's magnetic field and with the outer layers of its atmosphere where a charge separation can be observed, causing visible electric current flows between the ionosphere and the Earth's surface and the various regions of the atmosphere in between.

Typically the ionosphere extends from about 60 Km to nearly 1000 Km above the surface. The region of high electron density begins above 70 to 80 Km and peaks at 300 Km with a 100 times greater intensity. The bottom line is that there is lots of electricity in the ionosphere. However, lightning is not the only phenomenon by with the electric energy surrounding the Earth is tangibly evident.

Moving the Great Ocean Conveyer Belt

One form of evidence for the Electric Earth can be found in the dynamics of the Great Ocean Conveyer Belt. The Great Belt is a system of warm ocean currents that flow into the Atlantic Arctic where the water is cooled and increased in salinity by evaporation. The increased density of the water causes the cold water to sink and form a deep flowing cold stream that flows all the way to the Antarctic. Surrounding the Antarctic, two ocean currents have been observed, a deep cold current and the surface warm current, which both move in the direction of the rotation of the Earth, and by which the entire belt system is driven.


It has been previously assumed that the belt is exclusively powered by the weight differential of the waters in Artic Atlantic. The larger evidence however suggests that the main driving force is an electric engine. The above image shows the Antarctic continent being encircled with both a warm water stream and a deep-layer cold water stream, both of which flow in the direction of the rotation of the Earth, and flow thereby faster than the rotation of the Earth itself, which means that the Great Ocean Conveyer Belt is actively powered, and is powered by the same process that powers the jet streams, which move in the same direction, and also the rotation of the Earth itself, so that a single electric process evidently powers all three phenomena.


The homopolar motor

jet streams

An extremely simple universal principle exists that makes this type of phenomenon possible. This principle is the principle of the homopolar motor. A homopolar motor causes mechanical movement of an electric conductor that crosses a magnetic field and has an electric current flowing that at some point is not parallel to the magnetic field (though ideally perpendicular). This very condition exists at Antarctica. At the distance of the ring around Antarctica, the Earth's magnetic field lines are offset against the electric flow, flowing into the Earth, causing the rotational movement of the ocean currents and potentially the rotation of the Earth itself by the same principle. The homopolar motor was the first device ever created (by Michael Faraday in 1821 at the Royal Institution in London) to produce rotation from the interaction of an electric current with a magnetic field. Faraday used mercury for a conductive liquid instead of water as in the case of the Great Ocean Conveyer Belt, but the rest was essentially identical, though not in scale.

The immense power that is evidently driving the three different phenomena indicates somewhat the magnitude of the electric emery flow that is observed in this evidence. We are literally surrounded by this immense power of inflowing electric energy.

The Earth's magnetic field

The immense magnetic field of the earth is another item of evidence that vast electric currents are flowing into the Earth.


The Earth's magnetic field resembles that of an iron bar magnet, with great closed loops near the equator and open field lines near the poles. Scientists call such a field a "dipole." The Sun has a similar dipolar field that is about 100 times stronger. What precisely causes the magnetic field is not yet understood, however, it is understood in basic physics that magnetic fields are exclusively the result of electric currents in motion. Without the active flow of electric currents, the Earth would not have a magnetic field. However, with inflowing electric energy, towards the Earth, concentrated near the equator, a strong magnetic field would result the creates the dipole effect along its central axis, and would further explain the homo-polar-motor effect of the rotation of the Earth. 

That this effect is real is indicated by what happens what it is missing, as in the case of the planet Venus that has an extremely weak magnetic field and rotational speed so slow that it takes 243 days to complete a single revolution on its spin axis. Why Venus has almost no magnetic field is not known. It may be related to the composition of its atmosphere. The Earth's moon has no atmosphere, no magnetic field, and no axial rotation.

Surrounded by static electricity

That the Earth is surrounded by a static electric field appears to be universally visible in nature. The growth patterns of plants and trees have a striking similarity to the discharge patterns of lightning, which seems to suggest the growth pattern is to some degree influenced by the electric field distribution surrounding a plant. While this field is extremely weak, it may be sufficient to influence the mechanism that determines DNA expression.

Compare this picture to the lightning strike below and note the structural similarity.

Lightning striking a tower in BanskŠ Bystrica, Slovakia.

Or compare it with the 'lightning' artificially preserved in a block of clear plastic.

Lichtenberg electric discharge figure.

The case of high power-density

While the lightning strikes on earth are generally small in scale, sometimes demolishing a tree, or a house, or killing a bystander, sufficient evidence suggests that larger discharge events in distant time, left huge scars on the terrestrial landscape, like the one below that cut deep across a mountain range with a patterns that is typical for electric discharge events, only this time on a larger scale, as shown by show fields on the higher elevations. The pattern shown is that of the Grand Canyon. The canyon was deemed to have been cut by water erosion. Except how does water flow uphill over a mountain to start the erosion process.

The Grand Canyon from space. Credit: Rick Searfoss, retired Space Shuttle commander

See: The Grand Canyon: Part One - The Grand Canyon: Part Two

An estimated 1,300 cubic kilometers of rock has been removed by this very large electric discharge event, indicating that there is a lot of electric energy in space. NASA had unexpected run-in with the phenomenon when its tether experiment failed as electric currents had melted its 12 Km long tether, by which it broke. 

That the Grand Canyon is not an isolated case of evidence of large scale electric discharge arcing is evident in the shape of two ajacent crators of the Lake of the Wood landscape.

Lake of the Woods

Note the semi-circular shaped edges. Compare those with the Grand Canyon, which is full of these shapes.


Grand Canyon Arizona

We see this kind of electric scarring not only on earth, but also on all the planets in the solar system that have their surface visible, with Mars being the most famous, with its great canyon, the Valles Marineris that extends for 3,000 kilometers, spans as much as 600 kilometers across, and cuts up to 8 kilometers deep. In comparison, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is puny - a mere 800 kilometers in length, 30 kilometers across, and cuts a only 1.8 kilometers deep. 

The Lightning Scarred Planet Mars -- Part One

Debunking Misconceptions About the Electric Universe

Both canyons are located near their planet's equator where the high-current plasma appear to be concentrated as NASA is able to see them.

NASA Plasma Bands

And it gets bigger still - The Sahara Desert

Evidence suggests that the Sahara was once a green place, and that it was 'dusted' over with sand from space. It is by far the world's largest desert, covering nine million kilometers with sand dunes reaching up to 600 feet high. Was it all caused by wind erosion? The Sahara died out abruptly about 5,000 years ago.

The African Sahara Desert. Composite satellite image  -  NASA.

"Where did the Sahara sand come from? It did not exist 6,000 years ago. Experts are proposing that vast oceans of sand formed in less than 3,300 years. This is impossible because Saharan sand is some of the oldest on the planet.  When you have an highly charged object like a comet coming towards the earth, before it strikes the earth there will be an electrical discharge between the two bodies and that discharge will usually be of sufficient magnitude to destroy the incoming object - so you end up with a shower of sand and stuff like that." - See: The Sahara Desert

Large-scale electric activity is nothing unusual in our solar system, shaping their landscapes, like that sandy dunes on Mars. see: Oceans of Sand on Rocky Shores

Our terrestrial landscape too, abound with evidence of large-scale electric activity surrounding the Earth, and affecting it. In comparison with these enormous electric events involving unimaginable levels of energy, the global energy needs of mankind are rather puny. In fact, we should utilize this enormous electric energy resource that exists all around us, to repair the damage that it had done to the Sahara in the course of protecting the Earth from incoming space junk.

Continue: Galactic driven terrestrial evolution


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While the technology does not yet exist that enables mankind to tap into the galactic electric energy that surrounds our planet and is evident in so many ways, a breakout can be enabled that gets the needed development started. One of the big blocking factors here, is the iron-clad hold on science that the masters of empire exercise, who would loose their control over mankind if real scientific development was to happen

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