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Electric Energy 
in the Cosmos

galaxy cluster ACO 3341

the entire cosmos is electrically bound
with galaxies existing like beads on a string

The binding phenomenon in the magnetically organized electric plasma structure, called the Birkeland current. 

It creates a self-confined power stream, caused by the magnetism of its own flow. This natural principle that is reflected everywhere in the universe is named after Norway's Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland - pioneer of modern space electricity research, who first discovered the principle. It is a natural principle that enables concentrated power streams for long-distance electric power transmissions in plasma. The common lighting reflects this principle in the small, just as vast Birkeland current filaments perform the same function on the galactic scale (see below) powering nebulas, or on the cosmic scale (top image) where they form vast networks of strings of galaxies. 

The string-like structures are visible throughout the universe. They are visible in string like arrangements of networks of stars in our galaxy, as is seen in the background in above photograph, just as galaxies are seen to be so aligned  in the above (top) image of the galaxy cluster ACO 3341, a sample ofthe  collection of the first images obtained with VIMOS of ESO. The galaxy cluster ACO 3341 is located at a distance of almost 500 million light years.

This means for us, that the electric energy that powers our Sun, is the same universal electric energy that powers or galaxy, and powers the Universe as a whole. This also means for us, that for all practical purposes the sky is the limit, and this sky is rather big.

Click here, to view a part of the Capodimonte Deep Field
a view of 35,000 galaxies


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Norway's Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland - pioneer of modern space electricity research.
Sweden's Hannes Olof Alfven - pioneer explorer of solar plasma physics and the electric sun.
Australia's Wal Thornhill - founder of the electric universe concept.
Germany's Johannes Kepler
- "father" of modern science.


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