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What came first: the Universe or the principles by which it exists?

The science of nuclear physics tells us that the Universe exists as a construct of a vast array of intelligently arranged, harmonizing universal principles, without which it would not exist. It thereby tells us that the Universe and its principles are One, and that this One is Intelligence expressed, with a harmonizing Spirit that may be termed Love. Herein we find the ultimate definition for the term God.

Can we say then that God is Spirit, Love, Intelligence, the one primal and eternal 'Mind'?

Absolutely! What other concept would qualify for the definition of God, without which the Universe would not exist? 

Here is what nuclear physics can tell us. It tells us that the Universe is a 'miracle.' It tells us that the entire Universe contains not a single speck of matter, not even as the smallest part of the smallest atom. It tells us that all that exists is but the dynamic construct of fast moving points of energy arranged by principles that interact in a harmonizing manner towards a singular constructive purpose which reflects the intention for the Universe to exist. If one single principle was missing, our would be counteracting, we would not have a Universe, but a dark, empty void.
(see more on the subject of nuclear physics and the Universe being a 'miracle' of intention by the Mind that is Love.)

The proposition of the science of Christianity is: 

  • that God is Mind - divine Principle - the creative and enabling impetus; the all-ennobling, enriching, beautifying, empowering, protecting, producing, healing, freeing, enlightening, expanding, and harmonizing presence that is power - divine Truth;

  • that God is Spirit - divine Soul - the infinite stage of progress where the harmonizing divine Spirit that is Love enable wisdom, purity, loving, strength, holiness, spiritual understanding, spiritual power, and unity without distance;

  • that God is Love - divine Life - that enables generosity, humanity, honestly, affection, compassion, hope, faith, kindness, temperance - opening the gates to heaven, harmony, and all good.

These are all aspects of the holy sacrament of God being with us, or Christian Science being understood. With these, the sacrament unfolds as Truth (reality) being acknowledged. If elements of our sacrament are missing, such as generosity, humanity, honestly, and so on, there is something spiritually lacking in our experience and life is correspondingly emptier than it could be.

  • To the degree to which the sacrament unfolds, holiness becomes wholeness. Wholeness is manifest in health. It is manifest in life as boundless being.

  • In divine Science, God - Mind, Principle, Truth, Live, Soul, Love, Spirit - and humanity are understood as One (Principle and its idea is One) - one in quality and in being, though individual in action and infinite in scope - and this One (not one of a series) is God. 

The quality of Good as divine

The quality of Good and an aspect of God, rests thereby not in the human mind as a personal quality, but rests in the divine Mind that is universally manifest individually. This type of individualization of the universal and divine, bestows on mankind a quality that is rooted above itself, that is divine and renders mankind as co-creators with God, one in quality, and existing laterally with God in a harmonizing side by side relationship, rather than in a hierarchical relationship as ancient religions have assumed. This puts us onto the top of the scale, into the lateral domain, identified as pink in the above illustration. The infinite divine Mind enables wholeness, the complete expression of all that God is and is reflected in mankind and civilization..

Healing is possible on this platform, even the healing of physical diseases. The mental healing of disease in nothing new of course. It has been a feature of shamanism throughout the world and throughout the ages primarily in association with various types of mysticism. It became the feature of Christianity through the healing work of Christ Jesus who raised the platform to the scientific level. While much of his exemplary work became obscured when Christianity became a religion in the service of empire as the Church of Rome in the service of Rome, the healing impetus and its principles did not become extinguished, but have remained.

Modern Christ healing

In more modern time, in 1866, a woman who lay dying from a spinal injury, recalled the healing work of Christ Jesus, and as she did reasoned that since miracles don't happen in the real world, so that the miraculous seeming healings that were attributed to Jesus were not a gift to him, but reflected an underlying principle that enabled the healings, which he understood. She reasoned that though ages have passed, the same principles would still apply, and with the same efficacy, and that these principles are knowable and demonstrable, and teachable. Along this like of reasoning she found herself suddenly well. She stepped off her death bed and opened the door to the preacher who had come to bury her. She determined to discover the underlying science for the process that had healed her nearly instantaneously. And this she did. And she did more. She applied her discovery to the healing of others, and began teaching her science to others who became healers likewise, both of themselves and others.

The Science of Christ healing

Over the span of nearly a decade she wrote the textbook of her discovery. She wrote in it (p. 107) that God had 'graciously prepared her during many years for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing - the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, which she named Christian Science. Her science quickly spread into many lands, churches for it were created, and individuals were able to heal themselves and their families, often by nothing more than their dawning recognition of the science contained her textbook. In later additions she included a 100 pages of people testifying to their experiences of healing, as did people in the churches on every Wednesday in testimonial meetings.

Over the years, following her death in 1910, her science gradually faced from view as medical healing became more prominent, and her name Mary Baker Eddy reseeded into history. However, her science wasn't confined to the healing of bodily disease only, but also appears to have been focused onto the healing of civilization that is currently 'sick' with many diseases. As if it were for this larger healing she quietly incorporated a scientific structure for spiritual development into the pages of her textbook and other writings. She outlined this structure extensively and designed all of her major works as contributory elements to it, including her textbook itself, but she never wrote a word about it explaining its utility, nor did she ever speak of its existence, perhaps recognizing that the science of the Christ could only continue on the platform of continuous discovery and development. 

Discovering Infinity

I have documented extensively what came to light from the 1980s onward, on the line of discovery of Mary Baker Eddy's structure for scientific and spiritual development associated with the term Divine Science. The documentation is available in book form as Volume 3a and 3c of my 6-part science research series Discovering Infinity (available for free online). While she never referred to directly, to her outlined structure for scientific and spiritual development, she may have done so indirectly with the use of the term Divine Science (with both words in capital form as for a title). She used this form only twice. 

The leaven which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, is Divine Science; the Comforter; the Holy Ghost that leadeth into all Truth; the "still, small voice" that breathes His presence and power, casting out error and healing the sick. (Miscellaneous Writings p.274)

In the words of St. John: "He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever." This Comforter I understand to be Divine Science. (Science and Health p.55)

The Principle of Universal Love

Since the Spirit of the Universe is Love (from its minutest aspect to its largest Intention) I began writing a series of novels on the subject from the mid-1980s on, as an exploration platform in dialog form for the discovery of the Principle of Universal Love expressed in the human dimension. 

The focus in the work is not on emotional loving but on the principle of Love itself and its essential universal dimension as a spiritual quality that is inherent in all mankind. I named the series of novels (a series of 12 novels) in acknowledging Love's universal dimension manifest in our humanity:  The Lodging for the Rose.

Christian Science in limbo

In terms of the two aspects of Christian Science - the faith based Christ Science that is primarily focused on individual bodily healing, and the Divine Science aspect of it that is focused on spiritual scientific development past the faith based level towards an advanced understanding and the universal acknowledgement of it - the current scene is all but dead. 

The faith-based aspect fading into oblivion. More and more churches are closing, while the scientific aspect of spiritual development has not yet taken off. Instead of it being developed, it is deemed not to exist. We are at a twilight stage in this respect with the evening fading and the morning not yet on the horizon. This is so, because a vital dimension of science is being denied.

The world in limbo

What is on the horizon, which nobody likes to see or acknowledge, is the return of the Ice Age glaciation that brings to a close the current warm interglacial climate that almost all of the world's agriculture depends on. While the astrophysical change that affects our world with radically colder climates doesn't spell doom for mankind, because scientific and technological means do exist and are within reach for placing the global agriculture into the tropics, afloat on the oceans, there is no willingness evident for a response in this direction. In this arena we at a twilight stage too. The Old World is fading and the New World is still denied, even while the crop losses are already mounting up. The transition that the world is facing, from the current warm climate to the next glaciation cycle, is deemed not to exist in spite of the evidence at hand. And so, the world remains in limbo while the future of mankind hands in the balance. Here too, a vital dimension of science is being denied.

Ending the twilight stage

How soon the twilight stage will be left behind cannot be determined. The breakthrough might be near on both counts, and possibly by the same cause. 

On the spiritual scene the apparent paradox is due to the nature of Christian Science itself. It appears to be a leading edge aspect in mental development that emerged when the cognitive capacity of mankind was at a higher level than it is now. Long-term history tells us that many of mankind's great geniuses had lived in periods of colder climates with correspondingly greater cosmic ray density, which suggests a connection between the two. Mary Baker Eddy fits into this pattern. She was born in a high-intensity period and wrought her great achievements in such a period. (see: Mankind: Children of the Universe)

If the pattern holds true, however, we should see significant advances in scientific and spiritual development becoming realized in the near future since the world is drifting back once again into this high intensity type of environment. This does not mean that we are mentally dependent on environmental factors. The coincidence however suggests that we are far more capable in stepping up to higher levels of thinking than we tend to believe ourselves to be, and therefore tend to close the door to it.

It will likely be on this basis, or cosmically induced development, and our intentional self-development, that the great collective problems that beset the world today will ultimately be resolved and overcome. 

One thing is certain. Civilization cannot survive much longer under the current trend where increasing insanity is tearing the global house down in the shadow of imperial looting, war, terror, economic destruction, with cries for depopulation getting ever louder. Christian Science has the potential to become a trend-setter out of this mess. It promises the potential to spark a real revolution for the renewal of civilization, without war, terror, thievery, killing, and destruction. Nor does this recognized potential appear to be an empty promise. The historic timeframe between Mary Baker Eddy's discovery of Christian Science in 1866 and her death in 1910, was one of the rare timeframes in modern history with nearly complete peace in the world and with the greatest development of prosperity. While it is impossible to prove the existence of a link between Mary Baker Eddy's daily work for the world and the course of history, the coincidence is nevertheless noteworthy and its promise worth pursuing.

A path located in Science

The top-of-the-page illustration indicated the logical path the Mary Baker Eddy had recognized for getting out of the twilight with the power of real scientific development - far from what we see happening today. 

Mary Baker Eddy's structure crosses four levels that she has divided into three zones, the top being the lateral zone, the divine zone, where were God, man, and all things of Spirit exist side by side. The lower two zones are hierarchical, pivoted from a center line - the moral line that is a transitional line - leading upwards in scientific development where science becomes our gateway to reality; and downward from the moral line - in the form of perversion of science and truth - leading to the hell of depravity, the sewer named empire, the home of the sewer rats. 

The entire development scene is then divided into four separate development streams for which Mary Baker Eddy defined the orientation, north east, south, and west (according with the cycle of the sun over the space of a day; from dawn in the North, to the sunrise in the East, and the heat of the day in the South, to the golden sunset in the West). Is she saying with this, that spiritual development is an ever-ongoing process? Nothing ever stands still in universal development. Development progresses daily, hourly, and continuously. The power is in the movement, the movement of the mind, manifesting the qualities of infinite Mind.

Mary Baker Eddy also divides the four columns into two halves, right and left, to which the concepts of 'temple,' and 'church,' may apply. The temple is a place for celebration and the church a workhouse. We seem to need both of them. Civilization appears to be build on both. In like manner a bird has two wings. Civilization soars on the wings of celebration (acknowledgement) and on work (discovery).

The dark before the dawn

Right now the temple and the church of Christian Science stand empty and dark, and civilization fares not much better as society support structures that are breaking down. Mary Baker Eddy suggests to society to step away from the darkness to higher ground. She writes, "take away wealth, fame, and social organizations, which weigh not one jot in the balance of God, and we get clearer views of Principle. Break up cliques, level wealth with honesty, let worth be judged according to wisdom, and we get better views of humanity." 

Right now the world is far from realizing the freedom its has to power to grasp, and with no intention to get to this point. Indeed, why would anyone bother to step up to higher ground when living in the 'sweet' smell of the sewer is universally deemed to be bliss? 

Thus, here we stand. The future lies in our hands. With the next Ice Age fast a approaching the current lack of movement threatens the collapse of civilization for our future. Thus, the challenge of the future should drive the present. If it would, it would pave the way to brightest renaissance ever, both in Science and in civilization. Isn't this where we would want to be? Isn't this also what we have the capacity already at hand, to attain?.


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