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2011 - Free Electric Energy (Home)

Free Energy visible on Earth

Free Energy visible in the Sun

Free Energy visible in the solar system

Free Energy visible in the galaxy - apocalypse NO! Ice age YES!

Free Energy visible in the cosmos

How to Know the Truth



2011 - Nuclear Fusion Power Delusion (Home)

Nuclear-fusion power, a dead-end pursuit

Six strikes against nuclear-fusion power

The political driver for dead-end fusion-power

Nuclear-fusion experiments - NIF, ITER

The nuclear-fusion energy is destructive

The paradox of the nuclear-fusion fuel

The paradox of nuclear-fusion power

MSR/LFTR Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor



2011 - Ice Age anew & Renaissance (Home)

The Milankovitch (26/41/100,000-year) Cycles

The active climate factor: Cosmic-Ray density

What causes unpredictable short term temperature swings?

How solar variation cause mayor climate variation?

Of critical importance for our climate on Earth.

CO2 and the Ice Ages

No manmade global warming 

Mass Protest by the Scientific Community

If we err by not making the preparations

The moral imperative

The coming Ice Age Renaissance


2011 - NAWAPA (Home)

1. NAWAPA under the principle of basic economics? 

2. Enabling the building of NAWAPA dams

3. Saving the pipeline, saving NAWAPA

4. Would Canada benefit from NAWAPA?

5. NAWAPA Atlantic distribution system

6. NAWAPA Floating Agriculture

7. NAWAPA Least Action Principle

8. NAWAPA efficient option

2011 - Industrial Revolution (Home)


2011 - Universal Love (Home)

Let's drink to the truth

A girl named Lianhua

Love: The Thing - I had a dream

Saying Grace

The Healer

Land of Four Rivers

Queen of the New Law

The voice of a bird woke me

The Royal Dance

Love Among the Stars

Reindeer Research

Harvest is Seedtime

Love: Home Page


2011 - Empire Religion (Home)

Religion: Creation Myths

Religion: Abraham Legends

Religion: Moses Legend

Empire Religion - New Testament

Religion: Christ Jesus Truth

Religion: Gospel of St. Thomas

Religion: The Decalogue

Empire Religion - Adultery

Empire Religion - Biofuels Depopulation Genocide

Empire Religion - Food Genocide


2011 - Empire Wars (Home)

2011 - New Science (Home)

2011 - Christian Science (Home)






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mp3   Flight Without Limits - (science fiction)


Brighter than the Sun - (in the shadow of nuclear war)

 "A series of novels: 
The Lodging for the Rose"

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Book1 - Discovering Love  *


Book 2A - The Ice Age Challenge *


Book2B - Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World *


Book3 - Winning Without Victory *


Book 4a – Seascapes and Sand  *


Book4b - The Flat Earth Society


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Book 6a – Endless Horizons


Book 6b – Angels of Sex in Queensland


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Book 8 – Lu Mountain

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Intro: Roots in Universal History

1a: The Disintegration of the World’s Financial System 

1b: Crimes Against Humanity

2a: Science and Spiritual Healing

2b: The Lord of the Rings' Metaphors

3a: Universal Divine Science: Spiritual Pedagogicals
3b: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in Divine Science
3c: Bible Lessons in Divine Science: 1898
3d: Living in the Sublime
4: Light Piercing the Heart of Darkness
5: Scientific Government and Self-Government
6a: The Infinite Nature of Man
6b: Leadership



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