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Empire vs Civilization 

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

  what are their horizons?


Empire: Warring Against the Nations
with videos attached

Empire: The Common Enemy of Mankind 

A Sense of The Nation

The New Economics - ending thievery...

Empire Objective: Depopulation

Attempts to Silence Civilization

Three faces before the bombing

The inhuman face of empire

Message delivered by a Servant

Sake Bottles

Attacking a Nation from Within

The Axis of Atlanticism

Russia's Hamlet

The 'Ides' of September 

Trapped by the White Spider

The tide is coming in

North, East, South, and West

Standing Tall

The erotic temples of Kahjuraho

Reaching for the sky

The American Declaration of Independence

Republic vs. Democracy

The Circumcision

The Black-Hole ecliptic 2012-apocalypse theory

The Planet-X (Nibiru) theory

Playing the HAARP

The Dinner Party (Judy Chicago)


Living Anti-entropically (part 1)

Living Anti-entropically (part 2)

Living Entropically

What is the 'moral' dividing line? 

Is ignorance really bliss? 



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mp3   Flight Without Limits - (science fiction)


Brighter than the Sun - (in the shadow of nuclear war)

 "A series of novels: 
The Lodging for the Rose"

* - 2011 Edition


Book1 - Discovering Love  *


Book 2A - The Ice Age Challenge *


Book2B - Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World *


Book3 - Winning Without Victory *


Book 4a – Seascapes and Sand  *


Book4b - The Flat Earth Society


Book 5a – Glass Barriers


Book 5b – Coffee Sex and Biscuits


Book 6a – Endless Horizons


Book 6b – Angels of Sex in Queensland


Book 7 – Sword of Aquarius


Book 8 – Lu Mountain

Stories from the novels


Research Books
"Discovering Infinity"
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Intro: Roots in Universal History

1a: The Disintegration of the World’s Financial System 

1b: Crimes Against Humanity

2a: Science and Spiritual Healing

2b: The Lord of the Rings' Metaphors

3a: Universal Divine Science: Spiritual Pedagogicals
3b: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in Divine Science
3c: Bible Lessons in Divine Science: 1898
3d: Living in the Sublime
4: Light Piercing the Heart of Darkness
5: Scientific Government and Self-Government
6a: The Infinite Nature of Man
6b: Leadership



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Morning Prayer Hymns




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