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Meeting the Ice Age Challenge with a Renaissance

The Earth has been in an Ice Age Epoch for 2 million years, called the Pleistocene Epoch. The long Ice Age is periodically interrupted with nicely warm interglacial pulses that shower us with idyllic warmth. In order to be able to live in the coming glaciation environment with a radically dimmer and cooler Sun, we need to create new agricultural resources that are far out of reach of the deep Ice Age cooling.

How does it feel to be a murderer of millions?

Historically, starvation has been used as a death sentence. Today 'chronic starvation' affects about 925 (2010) million people, or about 14 % of the world population, which, for many, is a death sentence. The most tragic impact on this scene stems from the brewing of biofuels. Immensely increased worldwide starvation results from the massive burning of food for the silent holocaust that may be killing 100 million people each year.

Food and Genocide at the Twilight of Civilization

A fictional story situated at Lake Baikal in Russia: focused on food and genocide at the twilight of civilization. The story is an exploration of the subject in my novel, Coffee, Sex, and Biscuits  (Chapter 19, part 2, written in 2009)

Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance - DIAR

Universal World Development - Dynamic Systemic Change - The Ice Age Challenge becoming met - The Reality of our Humanity unfolding before us

Can One be Certain About the Timing of the Near Ice Age?

The timing of the start of the next Ice Age is probably the most critical scientific question of our time, about the impending resumption of the normal climate of the Pleistocene Ice Age

NAWAPA - the New American Water Agriculture and Power Alliance

The old NAWAPA is focused on diverting water from the high North into the southern U.S. and Mexican desert regions. The impending near Ice Age disables this dream by disabling the regions outside the 40-degree latitudes. A new NAWAPA is needed that is southward oriented, focused onto the tropics with floating bridges and floating agriculture built with new materials, new industrial processes, and new, infinitely available, energy resources.

The Challenge of Leadership - 14 Dimensions  

The human realm is alive with what is mathematically indefinable. Spiritual and scientific development has created a phase shift in the dimension of life that no other species has developed, such as the capability to create a whole new world with resources that do not exist naturally. This is what humanity has achieved. Humanity comes to light thereby as a profoundly unique species with a near infinite potential. The potential renders humanity an infinite species.
(written in the context of my 14 novels)

The dangerous folly of the Carrying Capacity Doctrine

Is humanity a danger to itself by its over-use of the environment? The Carrying Capacity Doctrine is built on the platform of the animalistic self-limiting model. But does this model apply to human culture? We, humanity, are our own proof that the Carrying Capacity model does not apply to us.

The ONLY dangerous effect on humanity of the Carrying Capacity Doctrine

The ONLY dangerous effect on humanity of the Carrying Capacity Doctrine is the Oligarchic Predatory Effect. The Carrying Capacity Doctrine applies here, and it will destroy humanity if oligarchic predatory practice is not blocked.

Freeing science and Glass Steagall

The logic for re-instating Glass Steagall is irrefutable, is it not? The Glass Steagall law was repealed to legalize the private right to steal, and to deny the right of government to block the private right to steal. In the wake of it up to $50 trillion in bailout funds had to be flooded into the feeding trough for the thievery, in order to keep the dying thievery system alive. The failure for restoring Glass Steagall reflects the impotence that typically results from hypocrisy. This failure is threaded through much of the modern scene of science, even at the leading edge, which has become highly hypocritical.

Here the non-truth of Global Warming begins

Yes we have been in a long-term global warming trend, but this trend is not manmade, as the Earth has been recovering from that last Little Ice Age, beginning in the 1700s. We are presently still far below the medieval optimum and even farther below the much earlier warm periods during the current, the interglacial optimum that occurred more than 5000 years ago. 

The worldwide opposition movement in the scientific community

A long string of Worldwide Climate Change Opposition has developed over the years, as a movement of opposition in the sciences to the numerous Climate Change and Manmade Global Warming doctrines that are conjured up for political games, including the depopulation objectives to reduce the world population to less that one billion people.



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