The Third Period of Christian Science
The church-building period



The third period of Christian Science, the church-building period, began in 1891 with the publication of the 50th Edition of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This revolutionary revision placed the Platform of Christian Science and Recapitulation fully into the "City of God" with 32 elements for the Platform and 24 elements for Recapitulation. It is interesting to note that the 50th Edition, and the 48th Edition in 1889 already leading up to it, had the two double questions already included that enabled the 26 Bible Lesson topics to be interfaced with Recapitulation, and thereby with the "City of God". However, it appears that before the universal Bible Lesson topics could be established, a lot of church-building had to precede it. In this sense, the 50th Edition unshed in a new era, that one might call the third era, the church-building era.

The developments in this era include the publication of Christ and Christmas, the building of the original church edifice, and the publication of the Church Manual.

It appears that Christ and Christmas played an important role in this period. It was created before the church edifice was constructed, was withdrawn during the construction period, and was re-published later, in the year prior to the startup of the universal Bible Lessons.

The church expanded tremendously in this period, so much so that the building of an extension edifice with a seating capacity of 5,000 was voted up in 1902. By the year 1900, the church had so expanded that 105 new churches and congregations were formed. The Extension Edifice was build and completed in 1906, fully paid for by donations. 30,000 visitors had come to the dedication celebration, both from the USA and from many other lands. The dedication of the Extension edifice concluded the church-build period, a period spanning another 15 years.