First Period of Christian Science - 1866 to 1881 (15 years)


The first development period of Christian Science culminated in 1881 with the chartering of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in which Mary Baker Eddy taught over 4,000 students in the following seven years. The year 1881 is also significant for the publication of the (milestone) Third Edition of Science and Health, in which Mary Baker Eddy published her class book, and with which she published her first cross and crown seal, shown below. In the design of her seal, published in 1881, the first metaphors appeared that link the Glossary (called Key to the Scriptures in 1881) to the "City of God." The great seal (on the left) appeared on the cover of the textbook for over 400 editions of the book, till 1908, the year in which the Christian Science Monitor was launched. The year 1881 stands out as a significant milestone in the unfolding of Christian Science.