A New Foundation for Christian Science


Near the end of the second period

Near the end of the second period, Mary Baker Eddy closed the door on every structure that she had created that stood on a corporate, corporeal, or personal platform, and dissolved it, or requested that it be dissolved. This includes all corporate and personal structures that she had organized, even those that she had personally served over the previous 23 years since her discovery of Christian Science. They were all resolutely dissolved in 1889.

She looked at the future, at where the church needed to be, and recognized that one cannot build a spiritual platform for an endless future by building on corrupt foundations. If the goal is to bring the divine infinite into expression, every concept and convention that is encumbered with material and personal limits, personal conflicts, is therefore a 'poison' that needs to be left behind, in order for the field to be open to God, the infinite. The filter that blocks the poison, is Soul.

Personal teaching; personal preaching; organizational dictates; oligarchic practices; none of them make the grade. As Mary Baker Eddy saw it, they had to be dissolved before a higher-level building process could begin. Her take was that material dissolution fosters spiritual evolution. She had reached a point in the development of Christian Science in the world, where the old simply had to be put aside. She took the 'diapers' off, because they were no longer useful and had become a hindrance.

She said in essence, that we have become adults in Spirit. We are the children of light, let us walk in the light - or as Paul had put it, let us put off the old man - for we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face.