Electric Galaxies and Solar Systems
  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Electric Galaxies and Solar Systems 
by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
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One Principle, One Universe, Many Expressions

In electric cosmology all evidence points to a single principle expressed in galactic systems, solar systems, and planetary systems. Contrary to Old World doctrines the uniting universal principle is not King Gravity, which plays only a minuscule role, but is the electric force that is expressed in plasma that pervades all space. Plasma streams and their manifestations that together make up 99.999% of the mass of the Universe, are the 'creators' of galaxies and planets, not Big Bang cosmic dust. The universe is dynamically powered by electric processes that are expressed in the very large scale in galactic systems, on a smaller scale in solar systems, and on the 'tiny' scale in planetary systems. We live in a universe that operates as a  single unit that is so immensely efficient that it actually functions.

You are invited to explore a revolution in cosmic science that opens up a fundamentally New World in perceiving the physical universe that redefines the boundary between what is tragically practical and what is inherently efficient. The New World cosmos comes to light with several types of laboratory experiments and explorations that reflect in the small the observed features on the gigantic scale. Nor is the exploration merely hypothetical. It reveals the scientific foundation for the startling recognition of the beginning of the next Ice Age in 30 years with a 70% weaker Sun that promises to alter the world more deeply than anything experienced in the history of civilization, which in the same context promises to inspire a revolutionarily uplifted expression of our amazingly capable humanity as we respond to the Ice Age challenge.


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