Climate Change Action and Cosmic Dynamics 
  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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The lesson should have been learned at the Paris, U.N. Climate Change Conference, that what it seeks in its dreaming - a world without manmade global warming - is already, demonstrably, reality. 

The fears of an overheated world, are fears in dreams where nothing is actually real. It is a well-established fact that the global warming of the Earth that ended the icy climate of the Little Ice Age of the 1600, was not caused by human action, industrialization, or energy utilization, but was measurably caused by the Sun, by increased solar activity.

Yes, the intensity of solar activity can be measured. It can be measured in Carbon-14 ratios, and also in Beryllium-10 ratios. The ratio of these isotopes is directly reflecting the intensity of solar cosmic-ray flux impacting the atmosphere and the Earth. In times of high solar activity, the cosmic-ray flux is low, which produces lower ratios of these rare isotopes that have no other natural cause. Their ratios are measurable. The measurements follow the known temperature trends in both cases. The measurements also prove that changes in cosmic-ray flux directly affects the climate on Earth. Even minute forms of weakening on the Sun can thereby have large affects on the cosmic-ray flux streaming from the Sun, which causes large changes in cloudiness on Earth that changes the amount of the radiated energy from the Sun that is reflected back into space, which thereby becomes lost to us.

All this is known. The Little Ice Age resulted from extremely low solar activity, and inversely, the global warming afterwards resulted from increased solar activity. We have proof for both in the isotope ratios.


With the measurements, we have concrete evidence that the global warming from the 1700s till about 2000, are not caused by changes in human activity and fuel burning, but was caused directly by the Sun. We also have an element proof thereby, that CO2 affects nothing, and that the rising CO2 density is not manmade, but is simply a natural reflection of the long transit times in the global recycling system, of the high CO2 volumes that were absorbed into the oceans during the cold period of the Little Ice Age.

The official denial of all of these known facts places the Carbon Global Warming scare cards into the deck of the terrorism of modern irregular warfare against humanity, and its war against science and truth.

The video also includes an overview of the opposition-consensus to the climate fraud in the science community.

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