Absolute Climate Change 
  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Absolute Climate Change 
by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
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The exploration presented by this video stands as a contribution for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 or CMP 11, in Paris from November 30 to December 11.

While it is the goal of the U.N. conference to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in order to limit the global temperature increase to 2 C above pre-industrial levels (the level of the Little Ice Age), it is rarely ever recognized that the total greenhouse-gas emissions are already being dramatically reduced by natural processes in the solar system, way beyond U.N. expectations, so that the feared global temperature increase is a none-issue as it simply cannot materialize. If this becomes recognized in Paris, the world will have cause for great celebration. May this video contribute to the celebration of the truth.

If the most widely accepted perception of the Sun was correct - as a sphere of hydrogen gas with nuclear fusion occurring at its core - the above scene of common flowers bathed in white sunlight would not be possible. The light-emission spectrum of hydrogen gas is too sparse to produce white sunlight, even to activate the green chlorophyll molecules that nourish plants and plankton with atmospheric carbon gases. Without the green plants, life would not exist on Earth. We would not exist. But we do exist, and so does the full spectrum of the sunlight. Thus we face the greatest-ever science paradox.

The paradox is resolved with evidence of the Sun being externally powered with electric plasma fusion occurring on its 'surface' where all natural atomic elements are synthesized. The production of white sunlight becomes possible on this basis, and not otherwise. Likewise the production of solar cosmic-ray flux becomes possible, that has an enormous effect on the climate on Earth and its massive fluctuations. Atmospheric CO2 is not a climate factor on this gigantic scale of cosmic dynamic fluctuations. In the ever-varying dynamics of interstellar plasma streams, ice ages result as natural consequences, with rapid transitions to glaciation occurring potentially in the 2050s, according to evidence, and with a 70% weaker Sun.

The video presents the scientific alternative to the currently widely accepted false theory about the Sun that all known fundamental facts and physical evidence render to be absolutely false, including the much debated current climate models that are built on the false model for the Sun.

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