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 Ice Age in 30 years (science series)

 Ice Age Canada

 Ice Age Ahead (intro videos)

 Global Warming Climate Change

 Kepler, Culture, Science, Revolution

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Ice Age in 30 years (exploations)
from videos



Floods and Ice Age

Ice Age Startup: Phase I - 45% Complete

Titanic World Ship is Sinking

Black Holes Under the Stars - Introduction

Black Holes, Part 1, Orbiting Stars

Black Holes, Part 2, Manmade Global Warming

Black Holes, Part 3, Dark Energy

Black Holes, Part 4, Holes Dreaming

Black Holes, Part 5, Bending Universe

Black Holes, Part 6, Gravity Waves

Black Holes, Part 7, Neutron Paradoxes

Black Holes, Part 8, Super-massive Holes

Black Holes, Part 9, Star Eaters

Black Holes, Part 10, Star Explosions

Black Holes, Part 11, Universe Exploding

Black Holes, Part 12, Black Holes in Science

China  and the Ice Age Recognition

The Incredible Experience vs. Ice Age

Climate Change Actions and Cosmic Dynamics

Absolute Climate Change

Climate Change in the Sunlight

New Ice Age Near - 58 part evidence (full)

New Ice Age Near - 58 part evidence (1)

New Ice Age Near - 58 part evidence (2)

New Ice Age Near - 58 part evidence (3)

Galactic and Solar Systems, with Ice Age Evidence

The Greatest Science Challenge in the History of Civilization 

Gate Crashers and Constitution 1773-2015

The Economic Miracle

70th Anniversary of Nuclear War

Ice Age of dimmer Sun in 30 years

Part 1 -  Introduction

Part 2 - The Primer Fields

Part 3 - Digital Ice Age

Part 4 - Primer Fields dynamics

Part 5 - Dansgaard Oeschger oscillations

Part 6 - The UFO phenomenon

Part 7 - Orbit dynamics

Part 8 - Humanity, Civilization, God

Part 9 - Giza pyramids and Stone Henge

Part 10 - Politics versus science

 (old version-full)


Celebrating the Near New Ice Age (full)

Celebrating the Near New Ice Age (1)

Celebrating the Near New Ice Age (2)


Electric Cold Fusion Sun intro

... Fusion Sun (1) a plasma star

... Fusion Sun (2) plasma versus Big Bang

... Fusion Sun (3) historic evidence

... Fusion Sun (4) solar winds and Ice Age

... Fusion Sun (5) evidence in CO2

... Fusion Sun (6) solar-wind 'steam' diminishing

... Fusion Sun (7) a spiritual issue

Our Electric Fusion Sun

Electric Planets, Sun, and Sunspots

Electric Mars, Electric Earth


Energy Forever - Our Energy Future (full)

Energy Forever 1 - Energy Future

Energy Forever 2 - Alternate Energy

Energy Forever 3 - Spiritual Energy


Fresh Water Unlimited (full)

Fresh Water (1) from the Oceans

Fresh Water (2)  Canada without fresh water

Water Crisis Freshwater and Technologies

Water Crisis Healing the Colorado River

Will Canada Russia Europe and China cease to exist


Ice Age 2050s Certainty

Knowing the Truth Absolutely

Dark Matter Discovered

Seeing the True Sun


   Big Bang Blow-Out 

...#1 Entropy vs Anti-Entropy

...#2 Entropy - Empire - Economics

...#3 Lord of Rings & American Paradox

...#4 Colonial Age & Glass Steagall Compromise

...#5 The Need for Looking Forward

Ice Age Canada
from articles

(source articles)

Ice Age Canada - Understanding our climate future

Ice Age Canada - Climate History vs Climate Present

Ice Age Canada - Failed Ice Age Theories

Ice Age Canada - Ice Age Planning is required

Ice Age Canada - Industrial Revolution Potential

Ice Age Canada - Is Canada a nation without a future

Ice Age Canada - Canada's Future Hangs in the Balance

Ice Age Ahead
intro videos

(source video)

New Ice Age Ahead - Lead-in


(source video)

Ice Age Precursors (full)

Part 1 - Ice Age Climate, Normal Climate

Part 2 - Dynamics vs Mechanistics

Part 3 - Cosmic Electrodynamics

Part 4 - protecting our food supply

Part 5 - Political Dynamics

Part 6 - Social Dynamics


(source videos)

Ice Age Breakout (full)

  - Part 1 - Dynamics of Care

  - Part 2 - Dynamics of Predation 

  - Part 3 - Dynamics for War

  - Part 4 - Dynamics for Depopulation

  - Part 5 - Dynamics for Freedom

(source videos)

  - Part 6 - Breakout from the Terror Train

  - Part 7 - Ice Age Breakout Revolution


Global Warming Climate Change
from videos



Absolute Climate Change

Climate Change in the Sunlight

(source video)

Man-made Global Warming Impossible

  - Part 1 Climate and the CO2 portion

  - Part 2 The real climate forcing

  - Part 3 Arctic Warming Paradox

  - Part 4 Assumptions choking science

  - Part 5 Ecological uplift - 10-fold CO2


(source videos)

Global Warming Doctrine

  - Part 1 - The Grand Deception

  - Part 2 - Terror against our children

  - Part 3 - Beyond Terror, War

  - Part 4 - Becoming Free

  - Part 5 - Science Opposition

  - Part 6 - Climate Change Carbon Politics

  - Part 7 - Mass Murder with Biofuels

  - Part 8 - Climate Science vs Politics

(source video)

 - Part 9 - Danger, Apocalyptic Fiction


Kepler, Culture, Science, Revolution
from videos


Johannes Kepler Today

  1 - The Science Revolution

  2 - Science versus nuclear war

  3 - Scrapping Mutually Assured Suicide

  4 - Arresting the Infinite Crime


Mozart Revolution

Mozart and the Christ (full)

Mozart and the Christ - Seg. 1

Mozart and the Christ - Seg. 2


Mozart, Ice Cream, and Wine (full)

Mozart, Ice Cream, and Wine - Seg.1

Mozart, Ice Cream, and Wine - Seg.2

Mozart, Ice Cream, and Wine - Seg.3


Mozart, Figaro - Mind and Man is One

Science Decapitated 
with a New Ice Age near (full)

Part 1 - Resistance NOT futile

Part 2 - Science Politics Economics activated 

Part 3 - We have a choice 

Part 4 - New Ice Age Now Science 

Part 5 - Human World Development 


The Alternate Jesus
from videos

Science of the Decalogue - The Ten Commandments


The Alternate Jesus (full)

  - The Triply Divine

  - Anatomy of a Car Crash – The Case of Justice

(source videos)

  - Part 1 - Healing History

  - Part 2A - Enthusiastic Exuberance – virgin birth

  - Part 2B - Enthusiastic Exuberance – in academy

  - Part 3 - The Spiritual Academy

 - Part 3B – The Model of Man

The Model of Man (new additions)

Video 1 - Why Build and Model?

Video 2 - Building the Great Model

Video 3 - Christ Science

Video 4 - Healing ADAM and EVE

  - Part 3C – Trapped Children

  - Part 4 – Crucifixion and Completion

  - Part 5 – Books of Ancient Wisdom

  - Part 6 – The Academy Continues 



Love is Life

Homosexual vs heterosexual love

Love vs sexual hate campaigns

Universal Love and our Third Sex

The Circumcision

Born into a fascist world - I was there

Financial values in the Sublime


Christian Science

Christian Science Academy

source videos

In Mother's Academy (full)

 - Part 1 - The 5-fold divine

 - Part 2 – The Christly Biblical Adam

 - Part 3 – Adulterous Adultery

- From the Letter to the Spirit Unfolding


Science of The Lord's Prayer

Marriage on the Infinite Plain

Christ and Christmas


Christian Science Healing

source (articles)

 - A human miracle occurred

 - Ask Mary Baker Eddy

 - Collapsing USA, Christian Science, and Man

 - Dynamics of Prayer

 - God’s Money vs My Money

 - Healing the house of empty hands

 - Is Prayer Effective on the World Stage

 - Manual for Civilization

 - Mary Baker Eddy’s Science Revolution

 - Me, a Church of Christ, Scientist

 - Mental Malpractice & Animal Magnetism 

 - Stemming the Collapse of Civilization

 - The God Fields

 - The Lateral Lattice of Hearts

 - The Value of God

 - What is God

supplemental on Christian Science

What is God that man is the expression of?

Sublime Science

Divine Science

The divine factor

Dynamic Lord's Prayer

Rivers of development

The science of the moral line

Alternate healing

Our healing resources

A life dedicated to celebrating God

Morning Prayer Hymns

A Shine of Rainbows

Manual for Civilization

The Power of 56


Divine Science Master Index

The Moral Ground

Christ and Christmas by Mary Baker Eddy

Symbol of Our Heritage

Intimacy and Christ and Christmas


Mary Baker Eddy

Discover and Healer

A brief history of Mary Baker Eddy's church

The Mother Church of Christ Scientist

The triangular plot for the Mother Church edifices

Court case to annul Mary Baker Eddy's church


The Dialogs Theater


My novels in PDF - Rolf A. F. Witzsche (C)
 - copying and sharing permitted for personal use

novel - Brighter than the Sun

novel - Flight Without Limits

novels: The Lodging for the Rose

volume 1 Discovering Love

volume 2a The Ice Age Challenge

volume 2b Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World

volume 3 Winning Without Victory

volume 4a Seascapes and Sand

volume 4b The Flat Earth Society

volume 5a Glass Barriers

volume 5b Coffee Sex and Biscuits

volume 6a Endless Horizons

volume 6b Angels of Sex in Queensland

volume 7 Sword of Aquarius

volume 8 Lu Mountain

My research books in PDF - Rolf A. F. Witzsche (C)
 - copying and sharing permitted for personal use

The series: Discovering Infinity

volume ii Roots in Universal History

volume 1a The Disintegration of the World Financial System

volume 1b Crimes Against Humanity

volume 2a Science and Spiritual Healing

volume 2b The Lord of the Rings Metaphors

volume 3a Universal Divine Science Spiritual Pedagogicals

volume 3b Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in Divine Science

volume 3c Bible Lessons in Divine Science 1898

volume 3d Living in the Sublime

volume 4 Light Piercing the Heart of Darkness

volume 5 Scientific Government and Self-Government

volume 6a The Infinite Nature of Man

volume 6b Leadership

my novels and books online for free

Flight Without Limits - (science fiction novel)

In Print

Brighter than the Sun - (shadow of nuclear war)

In Print


 "A series of novels: 
The Lodging for the Rose"

volume 1 - Discovering Love

In Print

volume 2A - The Ice Age Challenge 

In Print

volume 2B - Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World

In Print

volume 3 - Winning Without Victory

In Print

volume 4a – Seascapes and Sand  

In Print

volume 4b - The Flat Earth Society

In Print

volume 5a – Glass Barriers

In Print

volume 5b – Coffee Sex and Biscuits

In Print

volume 6a – Endless Horizons

In Print

volume 6b – Angels of Sex in Queensland

In Print

volume 7 – Sword of Aquarius

In Print

volume 8 – Lu Mountain

In Print


Supplemental science e-books


the Ice Age challenge

Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance - DIAR
(Universal World Development - Dynamic Systemic Change - The Ice Age Challenge being met - The Reality of Humanity unfolding before us)

NAWAPA - the New American Water Agriculture and Power Alliance

The Unauthorized Solar System - Electric Astrophysics (Updated Oct 24. 2011)

The Electric Galaxy - Dynamics and Apocalyptic Mysticism 

The Wrong NAWAPA based on apocalyptic mass-extinction cycles

Can One be Certain About the Timing of the Near Ice Age?

The Challenge of Leadership - 14 Dimensions - (in the context of 14 novels)

The Unauthorized Hurricane

The ONLY dangerous effect on humanity of the Carrying Capacity Doctrine

The Amazing Electric Universe (Updated Sept. 25 - 2011)


the mythical world
of nuclear-fusion-energy 'science'


The North American Water and Power Alliance  (NAWAPA)

Intercontinental Floating Bridge

1960s NAWAPA (lead-in) an exploration of the 1960s plan

NAWAPA Dialog - how to raise NAWAPA to a higher level?

NAWAPA - H. G. Wells or FDR? - contrasting orientations

FDR Style NAWAPA - how would Franklin Delanor Roosevelt have responded to the challenge?

NAWAPA Existentially Critical

A New NAWAPA part 1 - greening the deserts

A New NAWAPA part 2 - infrastructures for the Noosphere

A New NAWAPA part 3 - the cheap way or the powerful way?

The Great NAWAPA Renaissance

Building NAWAPA (lead-in)

NAWAPA under the principle of basic economics? 

Enabling the building of NAWAPA dams

Saving the pipeline, saving NAWAPA

Would Canada benefit from NAWAPA?

New NAWAPA Atlantic distribution system

New NAWAPA Floating Tropical Agriculture

NAWAPA Least Action Principle

New NAWAPA efficient option



new industrial revolution 
with the New Ice Age ahead

The Dimension of Principle

Industrial Revolution  (lead-in)

On the subject of Basalt Technology


the Electric Universe 
and Free Energy


Free Electric Energy  (Lead-in)

Free Energy on Earth

Free Electric Energy powering the Sun

Free Electric Energy in the solar system

Free Electric Energy in the galaxy - apocalypse NO! Ice age YES!

Free Electric Energy in the cosmos

How to Know the Truth




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