studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

  A bird soars on two wings, each is made of two parts.
The bird needs both wings intact, and both fully applied,
or it perishes - and so do we!

Let's explore the wings of civilization

Two thousand years ago a scientific thinker appears to have recognized the dynamics of 'flight'. He created a structure of 2 wings (4 parts). He also recognized that a bird's wings are applied differently according to the prevailing flight conditions. Thus he squared his 4-part structure, by dividing it into 4 levels. The result became a structure of 16 parts that can be seen as 4 columns of upward movement, which are themselves progressive towards the right. 
The outcome is that the structural ordering enables a high degree of discipline in scientific perception. (more below).

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 It is tempting to assume that the development in each of the 4 columns is powered from the bottom upwards, such as by breaking out from small-minded thinking to higher-levels of perception. While this is evidently true to some degree, evidence also suggests that the main motivating force is located at the top, by which every aspect in the column is being pulled upwards by it, so to speak.

The evidence for this dynamic action from the top is explored under the heading:  City of God


The man who pioneered this amazing foursquare discipline in scientific perception, didn't lay claim to it.  He referred to his discovery as a "city" that is originating with God for humanity. Simply put, it may be termed The City of God, as I shall refer to it throughout this presentation. 

The man who pioneered the "City of God" concept lived 2000 years ago. He is known as John, the Revelator, the man who had authored the closing pages of the Christian holy book, the Bible. He presents his scientific-discipline structure at the very end of this book, as if to herald the next step onward. 

The "City of God" concept is applied here to locate the 16 major elements that are focused on at this website. The description for the columns and levels was pioneered in principle by Mary Baker Eddy in the late 1800s. The term "divine" was chosen for the top level in recognizing that in the highest sense, man is divine as the tallest and most capable expression of Life on this planet by far, with even the mental capability to recognize the next Ice Age on the horizon that will not erupt for another 30 years, and to master the challenge it presents, beginning in the present. 


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