studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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 - Dynamics of Love -

Economics exists for meeting the human need in the most efficient manner, and for the most powerful living that is possible for humanity. To achieve this end is the great debt that society holds to itself and to God. This debt becomes extinguished when the obligation is fulfilled. Thus, economics has nothing to do with monetarism and money values. These become factors only in the process of meeting the human need.


Economics is rarely seen as a means for extinguishing the only type of debt that society owes to one-another, the debt of meeting the human need. That's the principle of economics and its objective. The rest is secondary to facilitate the process. If the secondary issues are all that remains in the box of small-minded thinking, the secondary issues often become overwhelming, for the lack of higher values uplifting the scene. Most economic issues are of this type. The Glass Steagall fight for example, revolves around the question of whether the banks should be securely regulated or be allowed to freely engage in the speculative looting on a grand scale, of society, which is then required to bail out the banks when their game goes sour as it often does. When the game went sour in 2009, the American society stepped up to the plate with a $25 trillion gift to the banks to prevent the thieves from going bankrupt. This is what the Glass Steagall law had prevented, until it was repealed. In a world of real economics the restoring of the Glass Steagall law would be an issue at all. Grand theft on any scale, much less on the present gargantuan scale on which it is practiced today, would simply not be allowed, because real economics is focused on producing and creating to meet the human need. A great deal of spiritual development is evidently required for society to get to this point. And this has to take place within society. Society needs to uplift itself to uplift its civilization. This process apparently hasn't even begun.

Let me give you an example from Mary Baker Eddy's church. One finds in many churches an inscription on a wall, that "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." In addition, the statement is read each Sunday as a part of the Lord's Prayer, that (divine) Love is reflected in love. But when it comes to the subject of money to meet a human need, the need generally remains unfulfilled, as if to say, let God help the needy, I don't want to be a part of the process. 

This appears to be the general trend throughout society at large. Even the most basic need, such as affordable housing in line with the prevailing income levels, remains increasingly unmet. That's not progress. It's a shame! Thus the debt that society owes to one-another, becomes monumental, all for the sake of a closed hand. On this basis it will be forever impossible to meet the Ice Age Challenge. This challenge is huge. In order for all the northern nations, in Canada, Europe, Russia, even China, to be able to relocate themselves, complete with their agriculture and industries into the tropics where life will continue, more than 6,000 new cities will need to be built, for a million people each, with their agriculture becoming placed afloat onto the tropical seas for the lack of suitable land in the tropics. None of this will be possible on the present low-level self-perception of society, which in many cases makes a mockery of being human. Thus, a far-flung scientific self-development of humanity as human beings becomes absolutely essential in the near term. And this means, extensive spiritual development on a scale not seen before. Also, here, 'failure is not an option.' To fail, means committing our children to death.

Some time ago I produced a wide-ranging study of what is involved in stepping far away from the trap of small-minded notions that have been cultivated to give the forces of empire free reign, especially in the arena of economics, to build and create and develop, that results inevitable when we usher in a new dawn in the self-perception of humanity.

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The LaRouche Political Action Committee also has produced a number of video studies centered on breaking out of the box of small-minded (falsely termed) 'economics' that unfolds as fascism rather than Love.

Link to the LPAC videos: Group 3 - Economics (Love)



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