studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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The Alternate (real) Jesus

 The real history of Jesus had evidently unfolded on a much- higher foundation than had been recognized by the writers of the man's story, and perhaps in part intentionally so. 


The 8-part series: The Alternate Jesus, with introduction.

The official history that is termed the gospel-truth, is a tale created in the box of imperial religion that is rooted in dogmas mandated in the service of an empire-state that requires a docile and submissive society rather than a society of leading edge thinkers that would challenge the imperial box. Thus, in order to discover the real story of Jesus one needs to step out of the low-level box, and once free of it, one needs to scientifically rediscover what the man's story might have been, based on the tallest conceivable spiritual platform that is known today where the human being comes to light as a divine being, the tallest manifest of life on our planet.

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