studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Novels and Research Books

Designed from the standpoint of PARTICIPATING
 in the divine design of man and the Universe

In the quest for truth, it becomes important how well society stocks up its reading rooms. Are its shelves empty, or are they filled with books that are empty themselves as many have become in modern time? 


My novels and Science Books


My books, especially my novels, are designed from the standpoint of individual participation in the divine design of the Universe and Man. This rare focus on participating in a dimension that is ultimately real, is the one, single, extraordinary factor that places these books among the rarest in modern literature.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Education too, has become rather empty under the modern cultural warfare environment, by often teaching politically correct facts that are far removed from the truth. Education was once focused on the art of making discoveries of fundamental principles that challenged the imagination by which students became developed into geniuses. When literature doesn't have this effect, what good is it? 

When culture doesn't turn the conventional upside down, how can it foster an escape from conventional thinking that has become small-minded, languishing in a tight box without the type of great paradoxes that call the pioneers to attention?

Literature too, is not exempt from standing in conformity with the scientific discipline imposed by the "City of God" principle. Long after I completed my series of 12 novels, The Lodging for the Rose, which is centered on the Principle of Universal Love - the most challenging principle in the social landscape for participation - I discovered to my surprise that my series of novels unfolds closely in conformity with the design of the "City of God." The interrelationship is shown in the tables below the sequential list of the novels is followed up with their placement into the landscape of the "City of God."


 The series of novels: 
The Lodging for the Rose


Book1 - Discovering Love  *


Book 2A - The Ice Age Challenge *


Book2B - Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World *


Book3 - Winning Without Victory *


Book 4a – Seascapes and Sand  *


Book4b - The Flat Earth Society


Book 5a – Glass Barriers


Book 5b – Coffee Sex and Biscuits


Book 6a – Endless Horizons


Book 6b – Angels of Sex in Queensland


Book 7 – Sword of Aquarius


Book 8 – Lu Mountain
mp3   Flight Without Limits - (science fiction)


Brighter than the Sun - (in the shadow of nuclear war)
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The alignment of the novels:

The table below shows how the 12 novels of the Lodging for the Rose, in the sequence in which they were written, matches the dynamics of the four development streams, just as one would expect for a progressive structure. 

It is interesting to note that the correlation wasn't intended. The fact that the result closely reflects the "City of God" dynamics, seems to suggest that the "City of God" idea is not something artificial, but reflects an underlying platform that is deeply natural, on which civilization unfolds.

  dawn sunrise noon golden sunset
Divine 2b Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World 4b The Flat Earth Society 6a Endless Horizons 8 Lu Mountain
Spiritual 2a The Ice Age Challenge  4a -Seascapes and Sand   5b Coffee Sex and Biscuits 7 Sword of Aquarius
Moral  Discovering Love 3 Winning Without Victory 5a Glass Barriers 6b Angels of Sex in Queensland

part 1 opening  - Flight Without Limits part 2 opening  - Brighter than the Sun 

My series of research books "Discovering Infinity" follows the same principle in essence, though this series is smaller is scale. The research series follows the pattern established by the great poet Dante in his epic poem, the Divine Comedy. Below the sequential list of the books, is followed by the 2-wing principle applied to the books.


The Research Books
"Discovering Infinity"

Intro: Roots in Universal History

1a: The Disintegration of the World’s Financial System 

1b: Crimes Against Humanity

2a: Science and Spiritual Healing

2b: The Lord of the Rings' Metaphors

3a: Universal Divine Science: Spiritual Pedagogicals
3b: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in Divine Science
3c: Bible Lessons in Divine Science: 1898
3d: Living in the Sublime
4: Light Piercing the Heart of Darkness
5: Scientific Government and Self-Government
6a: The Infinite Nature of Man
6b: Leadership
The alignment of the research books:

The 6 groups of research books come to light in a progressive structure, like the novels, though at a lower level.



The morning wing

The evening wing

Volumes 3

Volumes 6


Volumes 2

Volumes 5


Volumes 1

Volumes 4


Each volume of the series pertains to a unique level of thinking, in a special way. This special classification was used by Dante Alighieri in the 14th Century with his three-part epic poem, The Divine Comedy. In the poem Dante takes us through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise in three successive steps. Thus, the 3-part sequence corresponds to Volumes 1-3.  However, Dante takes two persons through the 3 stages, simultaneously: a pilgrim and his guide. Thus, the Volumes 4-6 represent the progressive journey repeated, but from the higher standpoint of the guide.  (More about the series)

Mary Baker Eddy's work can also be seen as reflecting the global division of the "City of God" into two halves, according to the two wings of a bird> The first half stands for individual development, as related to the concept of Temple; and the second half stands for universal development, as related to the concept of Church.


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