studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Science Revolution

The minimal platform that humanity needs as a starting platform for attaining a high level of truth in civilization, is the platform of scientific honesty, especially in the science relating to the power of our humanity.

The power of our humanity has been made small in recent years, much of it in the service of the system of empire that requires society to be small in its thinking in order that it is more easily enslaved, looted, and controlled. No empire can exist in the light of a highly developed, spiritually empowered, intellectually accomplished society claiming its freedom as divine human beings, rather than living as feudal underlings to dictatorial rule that is often cleverly imposed with convoluted language that hides the ugly scene from view.


Science is often abused for destructive agendas, such as the Global Warming doctrine that is deployed to prevent human progress and to murder the nations in a process of depopulation that turns humanity into murderers against itself. An example of the abuse is the biofuels hoax.

In the current world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation, the burning of food in the form of biofuels amounts to the greatest fascist assault on humanity in the history of civilization. The amount of agricultural land and farming resources that are diverted from food production to biofuels production would normally nourish an estimated 400 million people. As the result of this massive sequestering of food resources, for no significant benefits whatsoever, 100 million people are silently starved to death worldwide every single year. This immense assault on human living pales Hitler infamous holocaust that killed 6 million people over 6 years, into insignificance in comparison. This huge fascism is supported by the so-called global warming science, which itself is sheer fantasy, and nearly the entire western society plays an active role in the holocaust by consuming the biofuels-diluted gasoline, etc.. Also, the tragedy is just one example of many.

The modern assault on humanity reflects in principle the historic persecution of the Christ idea by the empire of Rome. Rome had evidently recognized that the dawning divine identity of humanity, which Jesus represented, is the deepest-cutting threat to the system of empire and oligarchy that endangers its very existence. Thus Rome persecuted Christianity for more than two centuries. And when this failed, Rome took it over and turned it upside down into an instrument that would serve the imperial objectives.

It will take some rather extensive, honest, scientific development efforts to repeal the long-standing imperial assault on the face of humanity. The lack of any significant movement on this front has opened the door to the immensely huge biofuels holocaust, and the long-prepared nuclear war that threatens to eradicate the whole of humanity.

Some time ago I produced a wide-ranging study of what is involved in stepping away from the trap of small-minded notions in the arena of focusing on scientific truth as a national effort.

See: Dynamics of Revolution and betrayal

The LaRouche Political Action Committee also has produced a number of video studies centered on the sense of science revolutions, which I have grouped together for this purpose. One can see Science, in the larger sense, as a people's focus on what is Truth.

Link to the LPAC videos: Group 2 - Science (Truth)

The fact that the coming Ice Age is not recognized on the horizon almost universally at this low level, gives us some faint indication of the vast distance that must be traversed from the current low-level stage until the Ice Age Challenge becomes acknowledged and is fully mastered.


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