studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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The Ice Age Science

By us being the tallest expression of Life on our planet, we have the capacity as human beings, individually and collectively, to recognize and understand the operating dynamics of the solar system and the universe. With this capacity we can look into the future, and let the needs we see in the future determine the policies in the present in order to assure that the needs will be met. This quality of the human genius renders us truly divine. It renders us with a beauty that no eye can ever behold, though the mind can, which is a beauty that can transform the world with its unfolding.


Yes, the Ice Age is near. It cannot be avoided. However, we can respond to it in such a manner that its effects on humanity can be avoided. This is a power that we have as 'divine' human beings. It is a power that no other form of life has. It, all by itself, defines us as being human, and of course as also being divine.

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