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The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Water Systems
Power Systems

True or false? The world is fast running out of freshwater resources and energy resources. The answer is: False on both counts.

While increasing drought conditions have devastated the freshwater supply in many regions of the world, resulting from fringe effects of the ongoing transition towards the next Ice Age, the freshwater shortages that have occurred are artificial in nature. The shortages occurred by a lack of attention to the changing climate dynamics that are knowable and could have been responded to with society producing is own freshwater by building large-scale deep-ocean reverse-osmosis desalination systems. Our freshwater resource is essentially infinite.

The same goes for energy resources. Our coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power fuels are being rapidly depleted; some in 60 years, some in 100 years, some in 500 years. Then what? The next Ice Age, all by itself, promises to be upon us for 90,000 years, which we hope to survive and live far beyond that. What will power our infinite future, with all coal, oil, gas, and nuclear fuels depleted? The answer is that cosmic electric energy will power our infinite future, because the cosmic electric power resource can never be depleted by its very nature. We have no need to manufacture energy artificially, when we have the option before us to plug into the vast cosmic energy system that powers the Sun, to meet our comparatively minuscule needs on Earth.


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