studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Science versus War

How can science prevent war? Science, at its most basic root, requires one's honesty with oneself. If one wants to discover what is true, being honest with oneself is a good start. That's what the German astronomer Johannes Kepler did in the 1600s. He said in essence, let's be honest. Let's look at what is real. His great discoveries were the result of it.

Kepler was not a politician, but his honest focusing on the truth in the field of science had apparently spilled over into politics and ended a hundred years of war in 1648 with the greatest peace treaty of all times, the treaty of Westphalia. When honesty was allowed into the halls of politics, it became quickly obvious that war is to no one's advantage.  Thus, they turned the ship around, and instead of pursuing what is devastating to the other, which is what war is all about, they committed themselves to what is of advantage to the other, their honesty caused them to realize is to everyone's advantage. That's how a peace was won that lasted for half a century (a record for the time) and how a foundation for civilization was laid, based on the respected sovereignty of nations, that stands to the present day. Science and Kepler played a decisive role in this. We should try this again in our time. It would be to our advantage.


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