studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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The City of God


As I stated in the introduction, the "City of God" is an ancient idea. It was introduced in the form of a four-square structure that demands a high degree of discipline in the scientific ordering of concepts that are critical for civilization, such as for individual development, scientific and technological development, and for advanced spiritual development that opens up a the horizon to a new world that on the primitive level of thinking cannot even be recognized to exist.


The foursquare structure can be seen in terms of four columns of concepts that together, in an upward oriented manner, function as development streams, each pertaining to an area that is critical to civilization. The columns themselves need to be seen as progressive towards ever-higher concepts of advanced forms of freedom and power in living. 
The man who had first presented the idea, named it in essence the "City of God," and suggested that all pioneers would bring their "glory and honour into it."

Dynamic action from the top

The concept of the foursquare city as a model for perception was developed in a period of the Earth's history when certain astrophysical factors where more strongly expressed. The factors are of a type that appears to have a powerful effect on cognitive and spiritual development. It has been recognized that the great cultural and scientific advances in civilization have originated in these exceptional periods, so that a connection appears to exist. The two videos below explore this potential astrophysical connection.


The coinciding of great cultural developments, such as the development of written languages, and later the Golden Renaissance, suggests that the amazing cognitive development of humanity itself, which made us specifically human, may be the result of the high cosmic-ray flux that occurs during ice ages. Cosmic-rays induce an effect into the biological system that appears to aid the complex neurological processes. It may be for this reason that the dawn of humanity did not occur until the 'modern' ice age epoch occurred. This current ice age epoch appears to be the only ice age epoch in the last 450 million years in which the Sun goes inactive with a resulting large increase in cosmic-ray flux-density. If this was the case for the dawn of humanity, the start of the next ice age promises to give our civilization a tremendous boost in human development. In this sense, help may indeed come from on high with the potential to pull up the entire human landscape to higher levels of humanity. And more than that, this upwards-motivating effect may be itself but an expression of the self-developing intention of the universe, which is constantly developing.

This does not mean that our own footsteps in scientific development that break us out of the box of small-minded thinking, has no great effect on the human landscape. To the contrary, these steps do have a tremendous additional effect. The various factors that affect the development of our humanity appear to go hand-in-hand. 

I have produced a study of this combination of actions under the title Dawn of humanity, civilization, God.

The above study is Part-8 of the video production Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years? (clicking the image links to the write-up and transcripts)


What we call civilization appears to be the outcome of effects at four different levels.

The Top Level 

The top-level, that represents the principle or all-encompassing INTENTION for universal development, may correspondingly be termed, for the lack of a better word in language, "THE DIVINE." One might also call the motivating force at this level the "divine Spirit. "

The Second Level

At the level below the divine, we are concerned with the expression of it, the expression of the Spirit of development, the expression of the divine Spirit, in the course of which humanity came to be. The second level therefore represents a SPIRITUAL process in which physical factors play a role that give the high-level intention its expression. One might call this level, correspondingly, the level of the EXPRESSION of Spirit, the SPIRITUAL domain. 

We can see this domain as the expression of the intention of the universe to be forever developing itself as a fundamental principle. 

The Third Level

With the "City of God" concept unfolding within this multifaceted higher-level context, John the Revelator may well be justified in saying that the 'city' of concepts that he was working with, reflects the universe. It came from God. It is a scientific idea that motivates us to become more spiritual ourselves, in our perception and action. Spiritual values are being recognized in this context by a process of REFLECTION. One might call this spiritual motivation, in which scientific development takes place in the search for what is truth, the MORAL domain.

As my afore-mentioned study of this background indicates, America's spiritual pioneer of the late 1800s and early 1900s, Mary Baker Eddy, grew up in an environment where one of the exceptional astrophysical factors was stronger. But she didn't just sit back and enjoyed the ride. Instead of merely 'riding the train' she moved forward on it with a tremendous initiative of her own, for her self-development in which science war brought into the picture as a power-tool for her self-development. 

In the course of her resulting progressive movement, she came to recognize the value of what the ancient pioneer had placed before humanity as the "City of God" concept for scientific ordering and discipline. Subsequently, she did what the ancient pioneer had suggested would happen. She brought all of her works into the 'city.' She did this in the most extensive manner possible. She placed her entire life-work into it, not just a single aspect of it. She built everything on it, building on this foundation. 

Thus, after 44 years of her working in this field, every major element that she has worked with and has created for the advance of scientific mental healing, stands today as an element of that "City of God" that by her work had grown immensely in dimension and significance. The image below illustrates to some degree how richly encompassing her contribution to the "City of God" became. The terms themselves are specific to her work.

Mary Baker Eddy never actually used the term "City of God." She used a more obscure term to refer to it, as evidently no one was 'alive' enough in her time to deal with spiritual and divine concepts in a scientific manner. 

She used the term "key of David" instead to refer to the "holy city." This term is contained in a quote from the Book of Revelation where the "City of God" is introduced. And as, if to assure that in later years scholars of her work would recognize the foundation that she has built on, she used that quote twice as a header in her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. She used the term once to head up the second part of the book, named Key to the Scriptures, and then again to head up the Glossary of it that contains 144 definitions for spiritual concepts that precisely populate the entire 'city' with 9 concepts per element. 

The measure 144 is referred to in Revelation as a measure of the 'city.' It is as if Mary Baker Eddy was saying to society that in order for anything significant to be achieved, an ordered, disciplined approach to scientific development is essential. By utilizing this approach herself, her Church Manual, for example, became far more than just a collection of bylaws, but became developed as a high-level scientific platform for the building of an advanced civilization on. (see more at: Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science)

It is interesting to note that Mary Baker Eddy did not claim ownership of the foundation that she placed all of her works on. In the spirit of John before her, she referred to this foundation as "the city of our God." 

At the present time extremely little of this 'city,' in terms of her contribution, is known. It is largely deemed not to exist for the simple reason that one cannot see far enough from within the 'box' of regimented religiosity to behold the scientific imperatives. Consequently, the scientific foundation that she has built on, which had made her the most successful scientific mental healer in history, together with Christ Jesus, remains obscured to the present day. It remains obscured, even while it stood right in the open for all to see for more than 100 years already. 

Nevertheless, though being obscured, the high-level foundation that she has built on, remains to be a highly valuable foundation for establishing a richer and more secure foundation for civilization in our time, which is applicable to every critical arena, including the Ice Age Challenge, the greatest challenge in the history of civilization, which is likewise deemed not to exist.

The Fourth Level

The fourth level may be the most-critical level. It is the level of humanity's INTENTIONAL PARTICIPATION in the dynamic processes by which it exists. This means playing an active role in all the higher levels. Playing an active role in the advance of civilization is extremely challenging.

It means that one plays an active role in assuring that the Ice Age Challenge will be met in a timely fashion to assure the continued existence of humanity, which may otherwise not happen. It means that the truth be sought out in human history and man, and be expressed in social, national, and global relationships, and become reflected in deeds. It means that economics be given a divine face, expressed in meeting the human need, as divine Love actively expressed as universal love to one another. It also means that we honour our own humanity as human beings as the active expression of the divine Being.

Our benefit lies in PARTICIPATION

Tragically, one sees little movement towards active participation happening on any of these fronts. The common response is, NO: "leave me out of that," "I don't want to participate," "let God master the Ice Age Challenge, that's not my concern," "and who cares about the truth in history and in culture, especially that of other people?"

On the economic front, people laugh at the notion that divine Love be actively reflected in the world and be given universal expression in meeting the human need. People say, "I don't want to participate," "I don't want to be a part of any of that." They say, "count me out, I have a business to run," and so on, "let the poor die in the gutter whose food I am burning in my automobile," "let them die in the streets if they can't keep up with the housing inflation, and food price inflation," "let them eat dirt, for all I care." 

Tragically, the refusal of society to participate in real economics expressed in meeting the human need, has many faces. As for the Ice Age Challenge, people commit their children to death, rather than acting to master the challenge. That's the near universal response.

Most tragic, of course, is the refusal by people to participate in the divine design of humanity, by simply amputating what reflects this design, thereby becoming a self mutilated society, a circumcised society, a fascist society, a destructive society, a looting society, even a war society, which it becomes to support its looting habit by force.

On the fourth level society is trapped by its smallness in thinking, which is basically a refusal to participate in the dynamics of the universe. In this trap the destiny is collapse and extinction, such as by nuclear war. 

The actual beauty of the fourth level is that we do have the power as human beings to break out of the numerous traps and become active participants at the higher levels. This breakout is critical. Many cultural, scientific, political, and religious efforts are indeed made towards gaining freedom from the traps. To the degree to which some succeed, or get us closer to succeeding, the horizon begins to look bright. And I am happy to note that there is at last some significant movement beginning to happen on this front.

I also found the foursquare "City of God" concept useful in applying it to the dimension of our modern 'landscape,' as shown below.


developing means: soaring upwards
a bird soars upwards on its two wings


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