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The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Mother's Academy

It is reported in a series of reports, named "Collectania," that Mary Baker Eddy once said to her secretary, "You are Spirit." He said in reply, "No I am spiritual," and he was right in saying this. She repeated in response, emphatically, "You are Spirit!"

The apparent paradox can only be resolved in the context of the "City of God." The secretary answered from the passive standpoint, while she was evidently speaking from the standpoint of active participation. The difference is so great that the participation-aspect that makes the difference, is generally not acknowledged to even exist.

It is unknown whether her secretary recognized the fine point of difference that is actually monumental.


Mary Baker Eddy has laboured 44 years to get such critical points across, which likely no one got more than just a faint inkling of, which obviously also were pioneering territory for her. The 44 years of her life since her discovery of what she called the "absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing" (S&H p.107), were for her years of continued discoveries, building, practicing, setting up trial balloons, taking them down, and so on, until a firm foundation was established, with a firm structure erected on it. 

I have created 3 videos exploring Mary Baker Eddy's development period, spanning roughly 15 years each. I drew into their context some of Mary Baker Eddy's most revolutionary concepts, specific to each period. 

I named the series, "Mother's Academy" in acknowledging her own revolutionary name for the church she founded, which she gave the spiritual title, the "Mother Church." She, herself, was often referred to, affectionately, as "Mother." Some say that the term "Mother" simply signifies that the church has branches in many parts of the world. However, if one brings the term into the context of the "City of God" idea, the term "Mother" likely signifies her participating in the creative divine design that has its expression on the second level. She acknowledged thereby to having had an active part in participating with God in the expression of divine Sprit. With this in mind, I am keeping the term "Mother" alive.

Also, Mary Baker Eddy never operated a formal institution that she called an Academy. I chose the term to signify an environment, rather than a place, where discoveries are made and shared, where active participation makes the grade, something on a higher level than teaching.

Mother's Academy

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