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The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Freedom from Empire

 - The trap of emptiness -

The dawn of a new mankind

Breaking out from the trap that has chained humanity for millennia, is hard, but to muster the intention is harder still.  The intention requires committed action. It is far easier to stay latched onto the easy chair and watch the world drift by.

If a New Dawn is required for humanity to survive, we have no option but to make it so. Peace is never a passive thing. It must be actively created. Freedom from empire is not a state of civilization that can be granted, but it can be achieved by raising ourselves out of the sewer of empire to higher and sweeter grounds. Freedom is an active achievement. It unfolds as we raise ourselves and our civilization to divine heights,


Small-minded thinking and acting is anti-human. Scientific and technological progress, in contrast, is intrinsically human. The capacity for science divides us from the animal world, and the higher this platform is developed, the greater our capabilities become. Science and technology have enabled advances in communication, culture, music, and literature, and these in turn have enabled us to reach for the stars.

Empire is determined not to allow this to happen. It intervenes to prevent scientific progress by whatever means this progress can be prevented. The intention is to stop the advance of science. For this reason, evidently, astrophysics is smothered with doctrines that keep the 'box' small, and the lid on it, tight. The chokehold of empire on science is presently so grim that 99.999% of the universe is kept outside the sphere of what is allowed to be recognized. The lid is so tight that even the would-be champions of science can't see what is already ominously visible on the near horizon, such as the electric ice age that will likely commence in the near future, possibly in the 2050s, if not sooner.

It will likely take a lot of discipline in scientific development, which is also a form of spiritual development, to open the box of small-minded science. This breakout too, must be achieved, and be achieved quickly, or else humanity will have a critical portion of its wings remaining dysfunctional. 

Some time ago I produced a wide-ranging 4-part study that includes the exploration of what is involved in stepping far away from the entrapping force of empire in order for society to build itself a new world.  Here is the result of the high-level overview study:

See: Celebrating the Inevitable Destiny of Mankind: Freedom from Empire

The LaRouche Political Action Committee also has produced a number of video studies centered on the sense of a science revolution trying to break out of the small-minded box., I have grouped the video titles together as they relate to this purpose. 

Link to related LPAC videos: Group 4 - Empire (emptiness)

In real term, the breaking out of the box of small-minded thinking has barely begun. Far too many small-minded tragedies remain protected, rather than being challenged. It is difficult to break away from what one believes to be reality, even while what one perceives as the truth is but a dream. Plato has illustrated the difficulty involved, in his allegory of the cave in the book, The Republic. The video below presents the allegory almost near the beginning of it..

One of the most protected dreams that conjure up a golden landscape that does not exist as reality, is the myth of the widely believed beneficial effect of the sexual circumcision, which is practiced for religious imperatives and other forms of cultural warfare. 

The circumcision is a type of  mutilation that amputates a large portion of a victim's sexual sensitivity that in a normal society enhances the bonding between people, reflected in increased social caring, family unity, community commitments, all the way up to the forming of a national culture based on the principle of the general welfare. When this pyramid is broken at the foundation that it is built on, the entire structure becomes fragile. Civilization becomes fragile thereby. This breaking down of society at the root, by its own initiative, has long been 'imposed' by imperial systems, as broken societies are more easily controlled, enslaved, looted, or exploited. In addition, the inflicted mutilation itself leaves in its wake a long string of traumatic stress disorders that have deep-reaching lifelong consequences, which are likewise valued by the imperial masters, who therefore promote the process. (See my study The Circumcision

The circumcision has deeply ancient roots that is even reflected in ancient wisdom, such as when it was said in a matter-of-fact way: "how else can one enter into a strong man's house and steal his goods, except by first binding the strong man? Then one can steal unhindered" (Mark 3:27). Small-minded thinking falls into this category of "binding the strong man." It is a form of circumcision. It has the same effect. 

In many cases the mental circumcision that creates small-minded thinking is carefully crafted to have the crippling effect that gives empire the freedom to steal. 

Fascism too - some call it high-minded thinking - is a cultivated form of mental circumcision that amputates a victims humanity and leaves in the wake a wreck that tends to be destructive in the world. The victims in this case become masters of war, speculative financial looting, food-burning, depopulation genocide, and so on, even nuclear war. There is nothing natural about this rampage of stealing, destroying, and murdering that the mentally amputated pursue, who were required to throw their humanity into the trash can before entering the halls of 'power.'

The various forms of the circumcision tend to be linked as they typically occur in unison, with the sexual circumcision leading the trends.

How deeply destructive the multifaceted 'invasion' of the human system can be, with the effects of the circumcision being linked in numerous ways, is dramatically illustrated by the cultural collapse of the USA during the postwar period. In the 1940s the circumcision-rate was extremely low in the USA. At this time the USA was the most prosperous and the most admired nation in the world. Roosevelt had intended to wipe the still ruling empire, the British Empire, off the map, by ending colonialism, freeing the nations, and helping them to develop themselves, ending poverty and hunger. He stated his intention to Churchill. The empire responded with 'binding' the strong man. During the postwar period the circumcision rate in the USA increased from almost nothing into the range of 70% to over 90% today, in some areas, while in this period the nation has become the most debt-choked, despised, and war-mongering nation in the world. 

Of course the striking coincidence does not prove that the circumcision is the causative factor of the modern tragedy that now threatens the very existence of humanity with nuclear war. It is interesting, however, that an alert writer from ancient times, scripting the stories of deep history, has presented the same coincidence that we see today. His story appears to pertain to the very beginning of the oligarchic system that later became the system of empire. The writer in (Genesis 34) cites the circumcision by name, as the causative factor of gross intentional deception, economic looting, and brutal fascist genocide, the same that we see massively unleashed in our modern world in many places, such as in the Middle East were extremely circumcised cultures converge in war instead of joining hands for cooperative, mutual, economic development.

In the context of the "City of God," the sexual circumcision amounts to a protest against God, a refusal to participate in the divine design. The self-mutilation is carried out by society in blind obedience to the 'dictates' of the thieves who beg humanity to become "little people."

The point is that it is extremely difficult for society to get out of this type of entrapment, especially when the trap is imagined to be a blessing, even when the outcome of the refusal to participate in the divine design is destructive to the very fabric of civilization, to the point that nuclear war is now threatening the very existence of humanity itself. 

It is interesting to note that the Cold War was foisted onto the world by the USA at the time when the massively circumcised boomer generation took over the reigns of political power. The official plan became, to wipe the Soviet Union off the map with a devastating nuclear strike that might have caused several hundred million casualties. Fortunately for humanity, the Soviet Union had been able to develop a counter measure in time, the H bomb, which prevented the plan from being carried out at the time. 

In real terms the plan still remains on the agenda, to wipe Russia off the map. Nuclear war hasn't been taken off the agenda to the very day, and will likely remain there for as long as the American landscape remains highly circumcised and inflicted with its devastating consequences that are of a severity that now threatens the very existence of humanity. Nuclear war, when it erupts, is unsurvivable. In a normal human landscape this horrid situation would have never developed. Nor will the horrid scene likely change until the underlying failure is corrected that is presently not even recognized to be a failure. Nothing less than the greatest possible scientific and spiritual development effort has any chance of pulling humanity permanently out of this potential death trap that is not really a political issue. The potential start of the next Ice Age in 30 years may be a big-enough incentive to get some movement happening on this front, by addressing the core issue.

We face a paradox here. We have a long road ahead of us on this critical front, while the Ice Age Challenge timing leaves us little room for time to heal what has been left unhealed for far too long already. A concerted effort in scientific spiritual healing may yet bridge this gap with a little help from on high. This is in essence what this 4th column represents.

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