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The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Sublime Science

Mary Baker Eddy, America's pioneer in applying science to spiritual perception, has utilized the "City of God" concept that John the Revelator has placed before humanity, who predicted with it that the "kings of the earth" would "bring their glory and honour into it."

Mary Baker Eddy did precisely that. She has placed every major aspect of her scientific, spiritual work into this city, evidently in order that none of the four elements that make up the two wings of her science, and its applications as Christian Science, becomes neglected, whereby the whole would become dysfunctional.


The following is a list of the items of her work that Mary Baker Eddy has brought into the foursquare "City of God" concept, which demands a high degree of scientific discipline. The structured discipline guides scientific development, and with it also guides scientific progress. While science reflects what is spiritual, it lays the foundation for meeting the Ice Age challenge in a down-to-earth physical manner. It bridges the gap between what is fundamentally a spiritual issue, and the necessary thinking that makes the challenge a cultural issue of scientific recognition. 

The Ice Age is a mortal danger for humanity only in the 'box' of small-minded thinking where society see itself as impotent and reality is out of reach and largely out of 'sight'. The most-needed healing for society, thus, is to get itself out of its box, the mental death-bed of small-minded thinking. That's possible on the path of Sublime Science.

These include the 16 chapters of her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; the 16 parts of her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas; the 16 segments of the Manual of the Mother Church that she has established; and includes even the Lord's Prayer that is originally presented in 8 parts, which she expanded into 16 parts with a spiritual interpretation of these. And and the heart of it all, which may be termed the foundation for the "City of God" as a science construct, she provided a glossary of 144 distinct concepts that provides 9 concepts for each element.

As a structure of 16 elements, the "City of God" can be seen in terms of 4 rows that represent levels of perception; and it can be seen in terms of 4 columns of upward progression on a specific theme.

 In addition, Mary Baker Eddy's applied "City of God" concept has two two unique platform groups attached to it, as if to give it wings. One group consists of the 32 parts of her Platform of Christian Science (2x16) that she has established, and its 16-part counter-platform "Mortal Mind". The other group is a unique group that is shaped by the number of weeks in a year (2x26 weeks), which provide the basis for 26 specific lesson subjects for the sermons and contemplation throughout the year. She also provided a counter-platform for these with her 26 parts of the definition of the name Adam. These two structures are linked to the "City of God" via a the 24 part platform that is based on her class manual for teaching the science of Christ healing for practical applications.

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